Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Day Festivities-Don't Let The Unions Tell You Who To Support And Not To Support

Tomorrow, for May Day, labor unions are pushing for a nationwide boycott of businesses that are known to have supported Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, going so far as to urge their supporters to go into grocery stores and place stickers on products produced by the offending companies.

Including in this attempted boycott drive are Coors Beer, Sargento Cheese, Johnsonville Brats, and Angel Soft toilet paper.

Aside from the fact that this is wrong on so many levels-and probably illegal to boot-there is something you can do if you celebrate May Day and are a conservative, a Republican, or for that matter just a decent American. Instead of sitting back and doing nothing while these companies are targeted by union thugs, you can strike back. You can go out of your way to patronize these fine companies, as I decided to do for Beltane. But don't limit your patronage to just May Day. Continue your support in the weeks and months ahead. Show the union thugs that you do not approve of them, their goals, and their tactics.

So for May Day tomorrow, enjoy a nice meal of Johnsonville Brats, washed down with some good Coors Beer, along with a nice after dinner snack of Sargento's cheese.

Then, at the end of the day, when it comes time to take a healthy shit, make sure you wipe your ass with a heaping helping of Angel Soft Toilet Paper.

We Have A Winner

Herman Caib Wins 2012 Presidential Forum In Manchester New Hampshire

So says 69% of the respondents in the poll which saw Tim Pawlenty finishing a distant second, while Mutt RomneyCare floundered and flubbered.

Although I'm still basically a Palin supporter at heart, I have to admit it would be poetic justice if the failure Barak Obama, Presidential White House Lawn Jockey of the race-baiting Democratic Party, was replaced in the Oval Office by Herman Cain, the black Republican who would go on to the be the howling success as President he has been in every other area of his commendable life and career. Not as a black President, but as an AMERICAN president who just happens to be black. You know, the way it should be.

Whatever the future holds, one thing you can be sure of-Herman Cain will be a factor, and an influence in public life and the affairs of the nation for some time to come, long after Barak Obama has retired to a private life of deserved relative obscurity.

Making Lemons Out Of Lemonade-What Else?

This has got to be one of the all time great commercials. Sure, the premise is silly. In between the time dad leaves for work in the morning and comes back home apparently that same evening, little Susie gets funding from venture capitalists for her lemonade stand business, and in the space of a few hours oversees the construction of a multi-story skyscraper for her new business headquarters. By the time poor dad makes it back home and asks where Susie is, he's asked if he has an appointment by a little boy Susie has hired as her secretary. It ends with Susie standing in front of her completed headquarters with a triumphant expression. All of this made possible because dad let her use his Verizon smart phone.

Its silly, but at the same time, its upbeat and positive, as well as funny. The look the little boy secretary gives the father when he asks if he has an appointment to see Susie is priceless.

Unfortunately, in real life, Susie would be in a world of trouble, with the FDA, the EPA, the Labor Department, and God only knows what else. And of course, by the time the fucking IRS was done with her she would wish she had just stayed in her room and played with her dolls that day.

I Want Candy

Mitt Romney Makes Serious Gaffe Against The Democratic Party's White House Lawn Jockey

Since we are now into the Beltane Sabbat, this might be an appropriate time to look to see who is for now the most likely nominee to lead the Republican Party against Obama next year. So far, there is no clear front-runner, but it could well be that there is one person we just might be able to eliminate from contention-former Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney, who says we should hang Obama with his policies.

He then backpedaled from that, insisting that he was talking metaphorically. He knew he had just stepped into deep shit, but as one wag so eloquently put it-

Mitt Romney was backpedaling after suggesting it was time to “hang” President Obama. Actually, Romney meant to say Obama’s policies were the linchpin… no wait, he should have said Obama must to be whipped into shape… that is, Americans shouldn’t be slaves to the Obama administration’s… um, or maybe Obama is a cotton-picking… oh, never mind.

As far as I'm concerned, Romney's only mistake was in referring to Obama's policies as a rope. That fucking rope would be so damn long there's no way you could hang him with it, unless you hung him from the top of the Empire State Building.

Blind Date

I love this commercial. It's cool as hell, but its also just creepy as fuck. I love how "Todd" shows up at the end driving past the woman's home, like some thug cruising for a piece of ass. One hand on the stirring wheel, one hanging out the window-and one on the rear-view mirror.

Is Donald Trump Trying To Be The Post-Modernist Harry Truman?

I don't think even "Give 'Em Hell Harry" would call the Chinese motherfuckers. Certainly not in public, while making a speech and openly mulling a run for the nomination of his party for President. Incidentally, I'm still not convinced Trump isn't, like Truman, a Democrat at heart. He once considered running as a Democrat (I think this was in 2004, but it might have been earlier) and he has a habit of donating to Democrat causes and candidates. I think he's basically a limousine liberal, maybe more of a Blue Dog Democrat. Granted, anything would be am improvement over Obama, but I just don't think Trump is what most of his supporters think he is. Just too much doesn't add up. For one thing, despite what Trump says, the Birth Certificate issue is not that important to most Tea Party people now, nor was it ever. I think he just assumed it was based on media charges. Also, his angst over the Chinese and the Saudis is boilerplate populism that you're just as likely to hear from a Democrat as from a Republican. Remember, unions are upset over the loss of good paying jobs, to the Chinese, and most liberal Democrats resent our ties to the Saudis, who they see, with a great deal of merit, as an oppressive regime that has kept up bound to oil. If we could ditch the Saudis, we would have no choice but to move toward green energy, to their way of thinking. Also, if we left the Middle East, we would have no vital reason or interest to be involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict-something else Trump has been strangely silent about.

I'm starting to think Trump is not to be feared. Over time, he will show his true colors. He probably knows its useless to try to take the Democrat nomination from Obama. Otherwise I have no doubt that he would go that route. But since he probably feels that is a lost cause, his only options are either to run as a Republican, or as an independent. The good news is hopefully that after a few weeks, and months, have passed, it will be much more clear where he's coming from. And, if he does run as an independent, I think there's a pretty good chance he'll pull much more votes from the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party-the moderate to conservative and Blue Dog wings-than he will from the GOP.

Friday, April 29, 2011

You Just Can't Be Too Careful

It looks like the wedding of Prince William to his bride Kate Middleton was a howling success, thanks in no small measure to the security steps taken which resulted in more than fifty arrests.

The Brits certainly had their work cut out for them. There were of course the usual concerns regarding Islamic terrorism, but in addition to that, they are always mindful of the sizable percentage of natural born British citizens these days who are leftist radicals. They run the gamut from Islamic sympathizers to environmental extremists. It would be a simple matter for them to mix with the crowd and wait for the most opportune time to work their mischief.

In fact, one of them was spotted fairly quickly. Here he is pictured below.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama, The Shoe-Shine Boy

Obama's Birth Cerificate, Reproduced In Full

I just don't see what all the controversy is about. It looks authentic to me. Well, put it this way, it looks as authentic as anything else that's ever come from Obama. You be the judge. If you can buy his health care bullshit, his immigration nonsense, his taxing and spending atrocities, and his environmentalist abominations, you should be able to accept anything. If you can't buy into any of that stupid leftist horseshit, then this should come as no shock either.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guess Who's Been Receiving Death Threats

Sila Shain, pictured above, is a Turkish Muslim actress from Germany who recently posed for Playboy.

This isn't even the best picture of her. You can find that one here.

Oh, and those death threats? Unless you're a leftist or a Democrat, or some other snake who's been living under a rock for the last twelve years or more, its probably not even necessary for me to have to tell you where they're coming from.

Obama Born In America After All

As if there was any legitimate question about that in the first place. I will give kudos to Donald Trump for making Obama move to have his long-form birth certificate released by the state of Hawaii, which deserves the lion's share of the blame for this shit to begin with. It is a state law that long-forms can't be released. The state's position is that the short form is standard procedure for attaining driver's licenses and any other matter than requires personal identification. But this should have been an exception from the beginning. It has been a federal law from the foundation of the country that a person who runs for the presidency must provide proof of birth in the US. Period, end of story. What constitutes proof in Hawaii need not be accepted readily outside the state.

But anyway, its over now, so its time to put the Birther BS behind us and focus on real, legitimate issues. It was always a distraction at best. When the best is a distraction, you should know right away nothing good is going to come of it.

Now it's time to concentrate on putting an end to Obama's leftist progressive, big government agenda, hopefully forever.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Boeing Boeing

I've been steaming about this for a few days, and I still don't know what to make of it. How can Obama, and the National Labor Relations Board, possibly justify filing a lawsuit against a top employer like Boeing because they are planning to open a new plant in South Carolina, which is a right-to-work state? It's not as if they are closing down a plant with union workers in order to open one there. And by the way, even if they were, there wouldn't be a damn thing anybody could legitimately do about it. Companies relocate to friendlier business climates all the time. But its beginning to look like Obama plans to put a stop to that for good.

Nevertheless, this is not the case here. The company's plant in the state of Washington is still going strong. Actually, I think it just expanded recently, or not too long ago. No workers are being laid off. The plant in South Carolina is meant as an expansion, not a replacement. So what gives?

As if that were not enough, the new plant in South Carolina will, or would, make use of green energy in the form of sixty acres-yes, I said sixty acres-of solar panels on the roof of the plant. The way Democrats carry on about environmental issues, you would think they would hail this development as an example to emulate. But of course, the corrupt labor unions, one of the special interest groups to whom Barak Obama is nothing more than a mutually owned White House Lawn Jockey, are adamant. South Carolina is joining forces with Boeing in an attempt to hurt the unions, and union workers. Therefore, the NLRB is also filing suit against Governor Hayley and several of her appointees and other government officials on the grounds of-get this-violations of the First Amendment guarantees of Freedom of Association.

Nikki Hayley, the newly elected governor of South Carolina, is incensed at the NLRB's latest action and is going to fight it, as well she should. But let's face it, its going to take more than politics and the courts to settle this nonsense. The only thing that's going to put a stop to this kind of egregious, over-the-top abuse of the free enterprise system by an increasingly monolithic and dictatorial government bureaucracy is one thing and one thing only.

The citizens of the US need to go on "strike". I recommend a boycott on any Made In America product that is made by union labor. "Shop At Walmart" and "Buy Chinese" should be the orders of the day. Not only would that hurt the labor unions and their political lackeys where it really hurts, but it might forestall the latest threats by the Chinese to dump the two trillion dollars in US debt that they currently hold.

Sometimes you have to be willing to surpass the enemy when it comes to dirty, sleazy tactics. Yes, it would add to unemployment and cause grave overall damage to the national economy, but let's face it, we are on the way out now anyway. We are teetering closer to the edge of insolvency, of bankruptcy, and possibly a great Depression like nothing we have ever seen before. Democrats either don't get it or, as I actually suspect, want it to happen so they can impose a more socialist vision on the rest of us, in a way that would be impossible to forestall or resist.

By boycotting union products, we could not only destroy the unions and their stranglehold on our nation and its leaders and bureaucrats, we could actually bring Obama's rotten Administration crashing down to the ground before it brings the whole damn country crashing down with it.

"Look For The Union Label".

Then, buy something else.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Crazy John McCain Conducts His Own Maverick Brand Of Foreign Policy

John McCain has gone to Libya to meet with the rebels opposed to Qaddafi, calling them his "heroes". For now, I'm going to contain my response to a copy and paste of the comment I made at Weasel Zippers-

Wouldn't it be hilarious if they were to kidnap McCain and hold him hostage with demands that we go all out to depose Qaddafi? After that, they could keep him and demand we get the hell out of their country. Then demand billions of dollars worth of foreign aid, etc. McCain's only hope of ever being freed might be through the Israelis. Of course if they kill one civilian doing so, they'd be harangued by this White House. And probably by McCain.

I urge you to go to the linked post at Weasel Zippers, not so much for the post as for the other comments. Like this one-

I hope McCain is captured and tortured..

muslims will soon find out that real Americans wouldn’t trade McCain for a bag of chips… not that muslim terrorist prisoners are worth more than that..

But here's probably my favorite-

John McLame, a man whose time has passed. Why don’t you just switch parties and get it over with Johnnie. The cat’s been out of the bag for awhile now. Take off your burqua of Republicanism and be what iy is that you really are: a stupid liberal Dhimi-rat.

BTW, I’m sure that the folks who served in Iraq will be real happy to learn that a fellow vet is doing all that he can to aid and abett the very people that were killing them in Iraq.

Those are just two of many comments (21 so far) that express similar sentiments about Crazy John McCain. And this is a conservative blog. More importantly, these are conservative commenters.

There's a lesson there, or should be, for the National Republican Party.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rebecca Black-Death Threats

When you're fourteen years old, the last thing you think about is the possibility of receiving death threats. Yet, unbelievably, YouTube video sensation Rebecca Black, pictured above, has recently experienced this. Not once, but twice, she was recently threatened with death unless she desisted in posting her music on the internet. The Anaheim police are taking the threats seriously enough to put this kid under protective surveillance.

I will not link to her video, "Friday". I did listen to it one time, just to see what all the controversy was about. Frankly, it is indeed an execrable piece of work. Once was more than enough, and I would frankly discourage anyone from viewing it. Just as I can do that in good conscience, anybody else can opt to not listen to it at all. You can take my word and avoid the experience all together, and you can damn sure choose to not view it a second time. If you persist, you have only yourself to blame.

But death threats? Aren't there plenty of crappy adult artists you could threaten? Come on-she's a fucking kid. What the fuck kind of people exist in this world that think its all right to e-mail death threats to a teenage girl just because they think her music sucks?

Frankly, if I were that low down a person, I would hope somebody would intervene, maybe convince me that if my life was that shallow, that worthless, maybe I should just get it over with and shoot myself in the head.

Once in the temple, once in the forehead, and once through the roof of the mouth.

Ready, Aim-Fire!

Republican Representative Darrell Issa of California wants to know why the ATF went out of its way to supply Mexican gun cartels with firearms purchased by smugglers in the US, but he is being hamstrung in his efforts. One of the obstacles sits on his own committee (House Oversight And Government Reform), a Democrat named Elijah Cummings, who insists that revealing any information might compromise several on-going investigations. The Obama Administration, meanwhile, has flat out refused to cooperate, leading Issa to threaten contempt proceedings.

Obviously, Obama feels he has something to hide here. I think he might be looking for an excuse to clamp down on gun sales across the country, using the situation in Mexico as an excuse. Unfortunately for him, agents of his own ATF blew the whistle on their bureaucratic masters con game, so its now pretty much out in the open. They sat back and watched as the guns, purchased at US gun stores, made their way to Mexican drug cartels. When the game was discovered, their lame excuse was they were trying to monitor to see who got the guns, but unfortunately, the trail unexpectedly went cold, and the guns just disappeared. Yeah, right. Too bad they suddenly reappeared at the scene of several murders, some of which were of American citizens, but what the hell.

I already posted about this matter, and mused that it might well be grounds for impeachment proceedings. But I will be satisfied with contempt, for the time being.

Maybe Obama has ironically provided us with the way to cut this federal bureaucracy down to size. If we can't reduce the size and scope of the federal government through legislative means, maybe we can do it through the justice system-one contempt citation at a time.

H/T Ace of Spades

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If The World Was One Giant, Smelly, Lice-Infested Enviro-Hipster Commune

It wouldn't be worth saving, because this is probably what it would look like.

I do admit, I will be on the lookout for that little hitchhiker chick. But I will be damn sure to carry some condoms. Not recycled one, either.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Democratic Hypocrisy-The Twilight Zone Was Never This Surreal

Two interesting stories have recently come to light. The first concerns former Army Private Lynndie England, a former Abu Graib prison guard who was prosecuted and imprisoned for prisoner abuse related to the Abu Ghraib prison scandal during the Iraq War. After she served her sentence, she was released from prison in 2008 and given a Dishonorable Discharge. She has lately gone on the lecture circuit. Yet, staffers at the US Library of Congress cancelled a recent planned appearance there by England due to concerns arising from death threats aimed at the event.

Imagine my surprise then when I first read that the Texas Democratic Party might be running Rick Sanchez for the US Senate. Maybe there's some mistake, I thought. Maybe its actually former CNN anchor and leftist loon Rick Sanchez whom they are running. But no, evidently they really are going to support the candidacy of former Iraq commander Ricardo Sanchez, whom Democrats once upon a time raked over the coals for his conduct during the Abu Ghraib controversy. Red State ponders the irony-

A 2004 panel that investigated prisoner abuse found Sanchez, once the nation’s highest-ranking Hispanic officer, was derelict in overseeing Iraqi detention. According to a classified report by three Army generals, Sanchez approved the use of harsh military interrogation techniques that were once limited to prisoners held at facilities in Cuba and Afghanistan.

The irony that Democrats who once raked the lieutenant general over the coals now view Sanchez as their savior will no doubt be a hallmark of the campaign.

Senator Patty Murray, who steers the Democrats’ Senate campaign arm and vaguely teased reporters earlier this week of a top Texas recruit, said in 2004 that all those responsible for Abu Ghraib — no matter where they fell in the chain of command — must be held to account for their actions.

“These actions are a disservice to the thousands of American soldiers in the region who serve us honorably each and every day, and, sadly, are likely to make their efforts to calm a troubled region even harder,” Murray said of the controversy.

Red State goes on to suggest that it would not be easy for Sanchez to gain real traction, but I'm not so sure. They forget the heavy Hispanic turnout which is likely to go ten percent or more higher for someone of the status of Sanchez than they normally do even for a more traditional candidate from the Democratic Party, which typically out-polls Republicans among Latinos by a two-to-one margin as it is.

And that's not counting the very real possibility of illicit voting by illegal immigrants, something that has been a grave concern over the last decade.

Democrats are also probably intent on trying to position themselves yet again as, laughably, patriotic Americans by running Sanchez, a man they once excoriated and wanted to prosecute. After all, they used to say that the whole mess was his responsibility as commanding officer, and as such he, and everyone else up the chain of command should suffer the same fate as the lower soldiers involved in the scandal, who like England were prosecuted, imprisoned, and suffered the ignominy of a Dishonorable Discharge.

Well, since Ricardo Sanchez has now gained their approval and earned their respect to such an extent, what about those lower rung soldiers? What about Lynndie England? Can we soon look forward to the day when Lynndie will be forgiven her sins, baptized into the leftist progressive movement, and atone through a life of public service? Why the hell not? After all, Democrats always said she was no worse than Sanchez. You could make the argument in fact that he, as commanding officer, was worse, whether he was personally complicit, or incompetent and derelict in his ignorance of the matter.

So since he is going to be running as the Democratic candidate for the US Senate from the great state of Texas, why not Lynndie England as a Democratic Party candidate for office from her home state of West Virginia? If not Senator, then maybe the House of Representatives, or maybe even Governor. I think I've got her campaign poster all picked out for her.



The Latest Environmental Fad

Some environmentalists figure, well, since bugs are a delicacy in some parts of the world, as well as being great sources of vitamins and protein-why not eat them here in the US and the West? It would be much better for the earth, they assure us. So, instead of cattle, pigs, sheep, and chicken, why not grasshoppers, and-spiders, like the two tasty tarantulas pictured below.

Just think, with a little imagination, you can turn your head, hell your entire body into your own personal, portable family farm, and not have to be tied to one particular plot of land.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jesse Jackson-"That's Not Gay, That's Surviving"

If you're gay, working for Jesse Jackson might not be your best career move. According to one former Jackson staffer, he was abused and disrespected by Jackson and by many of his associates, though Jesse himself established a somewhat dependent relationship with the man. For one thing, he acted as Jackson's procurer of women. But it didn't stop with women.

He also claims that Jesse asked him to apply a cream to an area between his legs where he had a rash and that one night he was summoned to Jesse's hotel room at 1am to take "notes" but he could see that Mr. Jackson was aroused. Sigh....

He also shared this gem of a story that claims Jesse was partaking in sexual relations with men himself:

"Rev. Jackson stated that he played football and there was a gay high school teacher who took Rev. Jackson under his wings and told him that he needed education to go along with football. Rev. Jackson said, '[F]rom that gay teacher, I got a good grade, I got to use his car, I got ten dollars and I got my dick sucked.' Rev. Jackson said, '[T]hat's not gay, that is surviving.'"

Anything you say, Jesse Jackson, you old fucking pole smoker you. No wonder you threatened to cut Barak Obama's dick off. You just wanted it. You really, really wanted it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Joke Of The Week

QUESTION-What do you get when you cross Barak Obama's COCK with Michael Moore's MOUTH?

ANSWER-The absolute WORSE, most FUCKED UP cheese coney in human history.

Inspired by the fellating awesomeness that is @MMFlint.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So You Want To Raise A Sociopath

You might want to consider the case of San Francisco native Kelly Campbell, who zealously looks out for the interests of her eight year old daughter Britney by giving her Botox injections and Virgin Waxes.

The waxes will keep her from growing pubic hair when she goes through puberty and the Botox-which Kelly purchases on-line and injects herself into Britney's forehead, eyelids, and lips-will insure that her daughter will stay baby-faced longer than usual. This will help her win child beauty pageants on her way to becoming an eventual superstar.

And I'm sure it will keep her attractive for a longer period of time to the men, and women, who are judges and habitues of child beauty pageants, where children Britney's age and younger are paraded like little sex symbols.

If its any consolation, Britney seems fine with all this. Then again, she is only eight years old. Not quite marrying age yet, but it probably won't be too long before she has her own entourage. I'm sure Kelly can be trusted to screen them for the most promising marriage prospects. Pussies without pubic hair seem to be all the rage these days.

H/T-The Other McCain

Monday, April 11, 2011

Former Muslim Terrorizes New York State Senate Hearing With A WMD Called "The Truth"

When a person leaves Islam, he or she will do so secure in the knowledge that there are numerous former fellow Muslims who will exact a most terrible judgement, by taking the person's life. This is a well-know fact, and as such, you would think that when a person such as that has something to say, their words would be worth listening to and giving all due consideration and respect.

Such a person is Nonie Darwish, the director of Former Muslims United, who spoke at a New York State Senate Committee hearing recently, and who raised eyebrows when she said that, as a Muslim child, she was taught to hate America, as well as Israel and the West. She also raised some voices, one of them a New York State Senate Democrat, who while brandishing a Koran, blared that she was spreading "hate and poison", that her presence was offensive to the hearing (which was ostensibly held to discuss how prepared New York is for another potential terrorist attack), and that "this is not our enemy", apparently referencing the Koran.

Miss Darwish continued her train of thought, insisting that not only what she said was true but that it was not a secret, which made the New York Senate Democrat, Eric Adams from Brooklyn, even angrier. He was interrupted by a couple of Republicans who mainly insisted he stop playing to the cameras and let the woman speak. One Republican commented, in an apparent effort at compromise, that Miss Darwish spoke only for herself and her own life experience, and not for the many good Muslims in the US and the world.

And so it goes. Politicians either want the truth or they do not. The truth should never be manipulated, or hidden, to spare the feelings of constituents or to ease their fears. Far too many politicians want to avoid the truth, or outright deny it. Or they want to compromise with it. Even when it comes to this deadly serious issue, once that might well put many lives at risk, they can't stop the games and political correctness. That is because they think they cannot trust you-we, the people-with the truth.

And it is like that throughout the corridors of power, from state legislators to those who hold the highest national office. A case in point here would be Lindsey Graham, who recently proposed that there should be limits on free speech when it amounted to offending the sensibilities of the many Muslim thugs who make up at least a large minority of the Muslim world where moderation and tolerance is discouraged and is in fact seen as a weakness, and even as evil, possibly Satanic.

In fact, Muslim moderates, if they exist at all, say very little in opposition to the radicals, for the very good reason they don't want to come home one day to find their families slaughtered. Not by some relatively small group of thugs, but by any number of devout mainstream Muslims just carrying out the fatwas of their local religious leaders.

It's a very real hazard, and for a bunch of corrupt politicians to denounce a woman who went out of her way to testify about the reality of these dangers and at great personal risk to her health and life, is beyond the pale.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wisconsin-"The People Have Spoken"

The Wisconsin State GOP, and really, every true conservative across the country, just learned what its like to close a car door on your hand. It hurts like hell but when you get your hand free, it feels soooooo fucking good. And so it was with the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court race between liberal judge Kloppenburg and conservative Justice David Prosser.

For a short time, Kloppenburg was a scant 240 votes ahead, with ninety nine percent of all precincts reporting, yet felt confident enough to declare victory (a very important point about this later). It should have come as no surprise that Prosser did not concede, and promised a recount, yet liberals and Democrats throughout the country declared that Prosser should get out of the way of progress, and that it was counter-productive for him to demand a recount, and for others to allege that there might be misconduct on the part of the Democrats.

Suddenly, a seeming miracle. Waukesha County had previously tallied their votes, yet due to some unforeseen clerical error, all of the totals had not been recorded. There were more than fifteen thousand of them, more than ten thousand of which went for Prosser, which netted him a more than seven thousand vote advantage over Kloppenburg. As such, Prosser's victory was now complete, assured, and insurmountable. Suddenly, all ideas as to the negativity of charges of voting fraud were off the table.

If you could ever hear the sound of hot air being let out of a lead balloon, I think it might sound a lot like Michael Moore on Twitter. His acerbic wit was finding everything from Osama Bin Laden to WMD on the computer of the offending Waukesha County Clerk who discovered her error.

Unfortunately for the leftist spoilsports who creep among us, the error of Kathy Nikolaus was noted by others before she herself. Notable among them is Anne Althouse, who followed the race while posting in real time, and even commented as to why the Waukesha totals remained the same throughout the night after other precincts added their votes to the previous totals.

Be that as it may, though Democrats hopes are dashed, I have to wonder about their true intent from the beginning. Kloppenburg's unseemly declaration of victory, so quickly, and with such a slim lead to that point, is suspicious and makes me wonder about the last votes tallied for her. I have a strong idea that the last two hundred, three hundred, four hundred votes for her might turn out strong evidence of foul play which her union backers as well as possibly some state election officials hoped to conceal by urging a premature victory concession from Justice Prosser. And as might be expected, leftist groups across the country, as well as blogs like The Daily Kos, took up the demand for Prosser to step aside as quickly as possible.

Republicans shouldn't mind at all being accused of being poor winners if they insist on an investigation. After all, Moore has gone so far as to suggest that Obama should even impound the ballets cast for Prosser from Waukesha-which by the way should give you a pretty damn good idea as to what kind of power socialists would accede to a President that met their approval under their own fucked up system.

If I'm right, evidence of ballot tampering and outright fraud by the Democrats and their union thug bosses should not be hard to uncover and should lead to hard prison time for the culpable parties. Its time to pound a stake through the heart of this vicious vampire because let's face it, this is not the first time Democrats have engaged in voting fraud, nor is it the first time this has been done in collusion with the unions, both of private and public employees. Its time to set an example by making examples out of these pirates.

Some enemies need to be utterly destroyed. Symbolically speaking, of course.

Or maybe not.

But at least for the time being, we are justified in exercising our right to gloat.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Get 'Er Done-Or, Shut 'Er Down

It looks like we are heading for a great big ol' gubmint shutdown here in a day or so, unless the Republicans and Democrats can come to an agreement. Wouldn't that just be a crying shame? Just think-no EPA, no FDA, all the other government agencies and cabinet departments we Americans have come to trust and depend on to keep us all honest and keep everything aboveboard. How could we ever survive?

Well, in my opinion, I think we can muddle through somehow. In fact, I think we might just discover that we never needed the motherfuckers to begin with. And that's really the last thing the Democrats want, so there's no way they want to shut 'er down, but they're in between the proverbial rock and a hard place, because they know they're going to have to give up something, otherwise they'll never be able to proceed with their plans to collapse the nation under a mountain of debt. That of course would be a requirement if they intend to forge ahead with their plans to "spread the wealth".

After all, once we are collapsed into bankruptcy, what choice will we have but to accede to their demands to tax (soak) the rich, for the benefit of all those cute little Democrat special interest groups-international organized labor and their blood brothers the Muslim jihadists, along with Latinos and other illegal immigrants, the progressive black voting bloc, the gays, the feminists, and of course and all their other internationalist partners in crime.

So what do they do? They respond by accusing the Republicans of "ideology" Ha Ha Ha.

The only thing the GOP is doing that is slightly wrong is putting too much emphasis on ending federal funding of abortion. Not that they shouldn't end it, but they should make it plain that their objections to government spending goes way beyond that, because otherwise the Democrats will try to define them as acting against abortion rights-excuse me, I mean "women's reproductive freedom"-and all of those poor impoverished children and the elderly the GOP will put on the chopping block.

The Republicans need to stick to their guns and stay on message, and remind the people that, if they really do want to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, worrying about the government being shut down isn't the most sensible thing in the world to be worried about.

In fact, it should be something to look forward to.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Bad Karma

Oprah Winfrey's new exercise in hubris, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) isn't doing so good in the ratings, coming out at number 40 among cable channels and number 41 in prime time, so she's decided on what seems to be a stroke of desperation in order to save her bacon and the billions of dollars of her personal fortune she's invested in the ill-advised venture. Pulling out all stops, she's hired none other than Rosie O'Donnell to host what she hopes will be the flagship day time talk show of the struggling enterprise.

Rosie O'Donnell-the woman who launched her own magazine, which failed miserably, and then invested much of her own personal fortune in a Broadway show about, and starring, Boy George, the creature with whom she is pictured below, an endeavor in which she might well have been victimized by what was possibly the biggest entertainment scam of the century.

This is a woman who is universally loathed, by almost all accounts, by the people who made up the staff of her own previous talk show venture, her one claim to an all too temporary success. Yet, Oprah seems to think so little of her own staff that she would subject them to this creature.

Did Oprah not learn from not only the things I have listed, but the broadly-held disdain with which O'Donnell is held due to her crazed leftist bent, which was fully on display in her one harrowing season on The View, as well as all her other public outings-or nearly anytime she opens her fat flapping mouth?

Oprah may have revealed her true colors with this move. Moonbats of a feather do tend to flock together. Soon, they might well have more than just their moonbattery in common however. They might also soon share another title-failure.

US And Saudi Arabia-The Deal

I was hoping I could get away from this subject, but to paraphrase Michael Corleone, "Every time I try to find something else to blog about, they drag me back in."

Well, it is a doozy this time out. According to this report from the Asia Times, a deal was made between the Obama Administration, through Hillary Clinton's State Department, and Saudi Arabia. The gist of it is, the Saudis would agree to coral Arab League support for the Western "kinetic military action" in Libya if the US would support them invading Bahrain for the purpose of putting down the revolt of the country's majority Shi'ite population.

It gets better. According to the report, less than half the Arab league ever supported the establishment of a No-Fly Zone over Libya. In fact, out of the 22-member organization, only six of the nations supported the move. Evidently, the rest abstained from the vote. If there ever was a vote to begin with, that is.

The report starts to descent into leftist lunacy at this point, which makes one wonder about the validity of the report in general. Supposedly, this is just another western plot to control Arab resources, in this case Libya. Then again, this might not be so far fetched, when you consider the energy needs of the European Union. In fact, we could be seeing a general realignment of resource allocation, with the European Union taking the lion's share of Middle Eastern resources, while the US generally backs away from the region (and its support for Israel), and concentrates its energy needs on subsidized green energy production at home, and new foreign sources for crude oil, such as Brazil, though this would be mainly as a sop to take the edge off exploding energy prices on the way to the new domestic Green Revolution.

Under this scenario, NATO would play a greater role in Middle East stability, while the US would greatly reduce its role, and its energy access.

In other words, a recipe for real disaster, for Israel, for the majority of the citizens of the EU who do not have a clue as to the problems this will cause them domestically and economically-and for the US.

In the final analysis, my only real quibble with the report is the Asian Times seems to hold that there ever really was a legitimate pro-democracy movement among the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa to begin with. I think the whole thing, from beginning to end, was maneuvered and manipulated by the west and the Obama Administration.

If it had just been one or two countries, I might consider the possibility that things are the way they have been presented. But the entire region, one country after another.

Sorry, this has foreign intrigue and subversion written all over it. The only real question is, who and why? It shouldn't really be that hard to figure out.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Confession

Just a trailer to for the web series, but if its as good as it looks here, worth checking out.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Things That Make You Go WTF?!

Caption the freak below if you wish.

The picture is of a man in the process of changing to a woman, complete with fake breast implants, on a daily dose of female hormones. Now, however, he might be spending the next couple of years in jail for child abuse. He abused his own kids because they refused to call him mom. His girlfriend, who witnessed the abuse, is also in trouble.

I wonder if he's going to bitch if the judge refuses to send him to a female prison. One thing though, if he goes to a prison for male offenders, he shouldn't have any problems with his fellow cons not recognizing him as a female. In fact, I have a suspicion he'll get to be very familiar with the Korean word for bitch.

The Truth Hurts

When a former CIA analyst talks, you listen out of the sheer sense that there's a pretty good chance he might just know what's he's talking about. The video below is notable for far, far more than the way Michael Schuerer criticizes CNN's Christine Romans for "carrying Obama's water". Notice how he explicitly states that the American involvement in Libya is the work of Hillary Clinton, and-John McCain, two people who just can't seem to help wanting to intervene in the affairs of foreign nations. McCain is a doddering old fool who, had he won the election and lived, would have done incalculable damage to the country, which would have likely been permanent in lieu of the irreparable harm he would have done to the Republican Party, which remember at the time was already practically on life support.

Now he is in the Senate insisting that we need to do something about the situation in Libya which we should have kept at far greater than arms length from the start. Arizona made a grave mistake by returning this crusty old RINO to the Senate. For all his flaws, J D Hayworth would have been a vast improvement.

As for Hillary Clinton, she's always been arguably a bigger snake than her husband, and twice as venomous.