Sunday, August 12, 2012

Congestive Heart Failure

That's what I got, and that's what I'm laid up with right now at University of Kentucky Hospital at Lexington Kentucky. If I hadn't made it to here when I did, there's a very good chance I would be dead by now. Even worse, almost nobody knows where I'm at. Luckily, a very kind and helpful nurse has allowed me use of a computer with which I've managed to send a message to my sister, but I don't know if she'll get it in a timely manner.

Just be ready with your expressions of get well wishes or, failing that, condolences. Hopefully I made it here on time, whether anybody else knows where I am or not. A good rule of thumb is have family addresses and numbers where they are easily accessed.

And also, if you do call UK Hospital with expressionjs of best wishes for one Patrick Kelley, bear in mind they are unlikely to tell you anything.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The First Amendment, True Christian Values(tm), and Capitalism

I've been waiting for the dust to settle and the wind to clear following the recent Chik Fil-A controversy, but unfortunately some eruptions leave some things buried out of sight. One of the victims of the controversy might be the recent report that the current modern methods of raising chickens might be contributing to the development of a bacteria which breeds a urinary tract infection, mostly in women, a superbug that might be untreatable by current antibiotics.

It was not too long after this report was issued, making local and national news broadcasts, that the Chik Fil-A matter exploded in earnest, driven in large measure by former Arkansas Governor and current Fox News host and analyst Mike Huckabee, who staged a wildly successful Chik Fil-A appreciation day.

The recently expressed health concerns were quickly forgotten, and for the most part still are. But at least PETA, who have been warning about the dangers of current chicken raising techniques for years, can take comfort that they can now stand proudly amongst the membership of the Broken Clock Brigade.

As for Huckabee, a more cynical person might well suggest that, while certainly on the side of the First Amendment and True Christian Values, he might even be more concerned with sheltering and protecting the economic interests of his home state, long dependent on agriculture, and especially the chicken breeding industry. It has in fact long been home to Tyson Chickens, the nations largest breeders of chicken.

Makes you wonder where Chik Fil-A, like KFC, Saxby's Lee's etc., get their chickens from.

Friday, August 03, 2012

My First Choice For Romney's Running Mate

Just something to think about.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Heart And My Soul

It's been some time since I've blogged, for good reason. I've either been too busy, too ill, or too exhausted (or some combination thereof) to even think about it, let alone go to the effort. Also, I find myself veering more and more away from paganism, which has lost almost all its luster for me. It would not be going too far as of now to say The Pagan Temple is in fact a symbolic term at best.

And now this. For some reason, this old song from 1969 popped into my head, and its been impossible to shake it.

Now not even I have the hubris to imagine that some ancient pagan goddess somewhere is desperate to keep me in the pagan fold. Thus, I can only assume that legions of The Pagan Temple fans are waiting breathlessly for my return to the blogosphere.

And granted, there are some things I have to say, about such subjects as the Roberts Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act; Operation Fast And Furious; my recently kinder and gentler view on Immigration Reform; recent events in the Middle East, especially Egypt; what happened today in Aurora Colorado; who should Mitt Romney choose as his running mate; and perhaps most important of all-

Who had Tony Soprano whacked?

I'll get around to them all eventually, provided I can muster the strength to once again type whole paragraphs..

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Android Prostitutes Of The Future

Makes sense to me. Unlimited earning potential. No STD's. No lost work due to illnesses. No aging. No drug addictions. No theft of customers. No holding back money. Unlimited use and programming potential. Kind of like the future Energizer Bunnies of the sex industry. You know its going to happen sooner or later. But, unfortunately, it won't come about until about 2050, so I wouldn't get too excited, unless you're like between the ages of two and twelve.

H/T Blogging Isn't Cool

BTW, do watch the video, it's worth the price of admission even if you have zero interest in the prospect of android prostitutes. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Egypt Legalizes Sex Between Muslim Men And Dead Wives-Hillarity Follows

UPDATE-According to The Volokh Conspiracy  the story probably isn't true, but a rumor started by Egypt's military regime, possibly acting in conjunction with the Saudis in an effort to discredit the Muslim Brotherhood. This has been asserted by the Egyptian Embassy in Britain in a report in the Daily Mail.

Two points about this.

One, I wonder why the initial report specified it would only be legal for a man to have sex with the body of his dead wife for up to six hours after her death, but not after that.

Two, what about the report lowering the legal age of marriage to fourteen.

Three, my jokes are still funny, so there's that.

(End of Update)

Granted, its only allowed for up to six hours after the pronouncement of death, but according to this post from The Other McCain, it is now the new law in Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egypt. A way for the bereaved husband, to, uh, well, say goodbye with one last and final, uh, well, you know, what the fuck? But again, and I can't stress this too much, he can only do this, legally, for up to six hours after his wife has died. But not to worry. As compensation for his loss, he now has improved chances of finding a new love, as the marriage age has now been lowered to-fourteen. And yes. This calls for a joke. Actually, a bunch of them.

*Why did the Muslim man have sex with his dead wife? Hey, at least she didn't have a headache.

*Why did the Muslim wife commit suicide? She was tired of being neglected.

*What can you say to make a Muslim husband jealous? She looks so natural.

*Why was the Muslim man so turned on by having sex with his dead wife? It was the first time he'd ever seen her undressed.

*The jokester Muslim teens decided to play a joke on their father by hiding a walkie talkie under the head of their dead mother. They hid in the closet and waited until, sure enough, father entered to have sex with his wife's corpse. Before he mounted her, one of the teens groaned in a voice of passionate ecstasy.

 "You-can communicate with me?" the stunned man asked.

"Yes, I want you, my husband", came the reply.

So he cut her head off.


I know, I'm such an insensitive bigot.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Modern Myths

There's absolutely no truth to the current rumor that President Barak Obama once said- "The dog is a useful animal. But who would ever eat one?"


Monday, April 09, 2012

Justified-Season Finale Predictions

My Death Guess List-

Duffy-killed by Quarles, along with, maybe, his ever-present, seldom speaking hired gun. Even though Quarles is quickly losing his grip on reality, it will not have eluded him that Duffy was behind the failed attempt on his own life.

Erroll-played by an actor who next year will be a co-star on a new series on Cinemax. He will be killed, probably by Limehouse for going too far off the reservation once too often, and maybe for spilling the beans about Mag's money to Dickie. Besides, Limehouse has got to use that damn meat cleaver on somebody at least once;

Trooper Tom-presumably shot by Quarles at the end of episode twelve last week, but we never saw this. There is a theory that he was actually shot by Boyd, but I'm predicting it will actually turn out to be Arlo, who thought he was shooting Raylan, his own son. Remember, prior to this Arlo was hallucinating about the dead Helen, and locked Ava up in a room, and then made off into the night, determined to take part in a bank heist which never happened, and which was a set up by Limehouse in an attempt to get rid of all the players he thought represented a threat to him and to his beloved Noble's Holler.

Limehouse himself, I'm guessing at the end in an explosion (Mykelti Williamson said the finale would be a cliffhanger that would leave some things "up in the air"), in which Boyd and Raylan will also be present, and in which Limehouse lays out a truth about their shared past.

This has to do with an advertised surprise about Boyd, which will have nothing to do with shooting Trooper Tom. Instead it will come when Limehouse reveals to Raylan and Boyd that they are in fact half-brothers.

Though I think its an obvious assumption Quarles will be killed, I think there's a decent chance he is taken by Tonin back to Detroit, where he goes back to being a male prostitute not just as a punishment but to make amends for his prior misdeeds. Of course, he could also be killed by Arlo in the act of saving son Rayland. And I know that sounds contradictory in the face of the previous prediction involving Trooper Tom, but remember-Arlo is dealing with an advancing case of dementia and is off his meds. As such, he is very unpredictable.

Well, there you have it. I'll probably be wrong about every damn bit of it, but I guess we'll see tonight. Tuesday 10:00 pm on FX.

UPDATE: I forgot to add, about the money Limehouse is seen in the previews trying to give Boyd ('there's even a little interest"), this might be the same money, "46,000 dollars and change", with which Limehouse twice earlier in the season tried to placate Dickie. (CORRECTION-I forgot that money was confiscated by Tim and Rachel in episode eleven) My guess is it will turn out to be marked money, maybe from a robbery someone "deposited" in Limehouse's "bank", and is just another way he has of getting Boyd out of his hair, like Dickie before him. Of course the minute anybody tried to spend any such money, they would be busted, or eventually would.

UPDATE: Much has been said about the finale ending in a "heart-wrenching" way for Raylan. This will probably have a connection to the time his mother, in an attempt to get away from Arlo, left him (and by extension her young son, Raylan) to seek refuge at Noble's Holler. We'll learn the full story behind this, which is where I'm guessing Raylan might find out he and Boyd are half-brothers.

At the same time, wouldn't it be something if it turned out she's been alive all this time, a decrepit old woman, as riddled by dementia as Arlo, or worse-and still in Noble's Holler? Granted, I never saw the first season of Justified, so I might have missed something, but in these last two seasons I've never heard her death explained or for that matter stated, nor have I seen a grave.

UPDATE: It's starting up here in about ten minutes, and I've been wondering. What if Raylan is forced to kill Arlo in a gun battle, and right before taking his last breath, Arlo repeats the same thing he said earlier to Boyd? "I'm proud of you, son."

Yep, that would be a tearjerker for Raylan all right.

At any rate it all starts to unravel here in a few.

HOW IT TURNED OUT: Well I was wrong about most things, but I called it on Erroll getting killed (though by Quarles, not Limehouse, though I was right about Limehouse deciding to rid himself of Erroll. He just told him to leave the Holler).

Most importantly, I was right about Arlo being the one who killed Trooper Tom, which seemed so obvious to me I'm surprised nobody else figured it out, at least no one that I know about.

Oh, and Limehouse did finally use that damn meat cleaver on somebody. He divested Quarrels of his left forearm with it. And it was right after this, in fact, that Quarrels told Raylan it was Arlo, not himself, that killed the Trooper.

The supposedly heart-wrenching finale was overblown. It was just Raylan realizing Arlo thought he was shooting at him when he killed Trooper Tom. Because of the hat Tom wore. That and he did it to save Boyd, who told Raylan that Arlo was not part of his crew, he was like family.

So much so that not only did Arlo admit to killing Tom, he took the rap for the murder of Devil in episode four, also to protect Boyd. Yeah, all this might appear heart-wrenching, but not necessarily to Raylan, who while disgusted with his old man, and with Boyd, was not surprised enough to be truly hurt. Other than of course by the death of Tom, a good friend.

As for the rumored big surprise about Boyd, the only thing I can think of is it turning out his cousin Johnny has been a snake in the grass the whole time, was in fact the one who plotted with Limehouse to destroy Boyd, in part by informing him of the murder of Devil, and the location of the body, which Limehouse finally revealed to Raylan in another attempt to placate the Marshall.

But hey-at least I got some things right, for once.

Friday, April 06, 2012

No Reflection

New video by Marilyn Manson

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ann Coulter-The Ugly Inside

Coulter is at it again. This isn't the first time she's insulted Sarah Palin, just the latest. Michelle Malkin jumped to Palin's defense and accused Coulter of joining in a "war against conservative women", pointing out Coulter's friendship with leftist Bill Maher. But I will repeat, this is not the first time. I don't remember exactly when it was or where it happened, but it hasn't been that long ago that Coulter joined in a rant against Palin with fellow harpy Laura Ingraham.


So what's going on here? Personally, I don't think its as complicated or insidious as Malkin thinks it is. In fact, I think there is actually a pretty simple explanation. A sad one, but simple nonetheless.


 If that seems a little simplistic, take note of what Michelle Malkin reports about yet another diss of Palin, by Coulter, at a recent Lincoln Day Dinner event, courtesy of The Shark Tank-

 “One of the ones promoting that [a brokered convention] is Sarah Palin, who has suggested herself as the choice,” Coulter said. “I think as long as it’s between us girls — I’ve been observing something about her. I don’t think it’s likely to happen. I don’t know what these people are cheering for. As I wrote in a column a few weeks back, who is this dream candidate we’re hoping to get from the convention, because Rick Perry used to be the dream candidate. Can we see them in a debate first?”

 …Coulter said that might be a weakness in the Republican Party as a whole — that certain individuals become celebrities and are allowed to profit off that status and yet still interfere in GOP politics, which Democrats have been able to avoid. 

“And just a more corporate problem is I think our party and particularly our movement, the conservative movement, does have more of a problem with con men and charlatans than the Democratic Party,” she said. “I mean, the incentives seem to be set up to allow people — as long as you have a band of a few million fanatical followers, you can make money. The Democrats have managed to figure out how not to do that.” …“The one pledge I support and I think I’m going to draft it up is for all Republican nominees for president — I want them to sign a pledge saying, ‘If I lose the nomination I pledge I will not take a gig with Fox News or write a book.’” Write a book?

Fox News? Make money off fanatical followers? Certain individuals become celebrities and yet still interfere in GOP politics?

 Projection, thy name is Coulter.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Top 25 Political Moms Of 2012

UPDATE-The voting is now over, and Zilla unfortunately fell down to sixth place. But hey, at least she made the top ten. Congratulations to The Lonely Conservative who won first place quite handily. Always next year Zilla. Get your asses over here and vote for my friend Zilla Of The Resistance, and do it every day up to April 4th, when the contest comes to a close. You can vote for each contestant once each day, so while you're at it also vote once each day for The Lonely Conservative, who as I write this is hanging on to a slim lead over uber-leftist blogger Monologues of Dissent, to whom I will not link out of spite (plus well I'm just too lazy to copy and paste more links than necessary). It would be nice to see a conservative mommy blogger win, so I intend to vote for The Lonely Conservative, although I am still holding out hope for Zilla to win it. In fact, Zilla is now in fourth place, ahead (though barely) of Pam Gellar and not that far behind Michelle Malkin. Nothing against those two fine ladies, but I'm limiting my vote to Zilla, who deserves the win.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Down On The Clown

Ronald McDonald, evil clown pimp

Unfortunately, I can't find a pic of Shelley Lynn Handley, former wife of a McDonalds franchise owner who is filing a lawsuit against her former husband, and McDonalds. She claims that he, and McDonald's minimum wage and anti-union policies, forced her into a life of prostitution. From what I've been able to ascertain, she is somewhere in the neighborhood now of 58 years old, which would have put her squarely in her mid-thirties back in the mid-eighties.This would have been the period of time she-started worked at McDonalds; began dating and eventually married her former husband; said former husband arranged to have her fired; former husband took her to Las Vegas and brought her a house; and then forced her to work at a brothel where on some night she serviced up to twelve clients; and then they separated and divorced.

She might have a case against her former husband, but Keith Handley was his own boss, a franchise owner, not technically a McDonalds employee, so I don't see how her suit against the company could have any merit, unless there was something in his background they should have known about. Evidently not, as Handley still owns the franchise, and his own company.

Reuters has the best break-down of this bizarre case I have yet seen, including the bizarre claims that Handley in fact was in love with another man, and wanted a sex-change operation.

Oh Mommy Where Art Thou?

WARNING-Don't Try This At Home

Unless of course you're either a real expert singer, or in the case of Smitty of The Other McCain, a real expert dad. It takes a special touch to put a kid through something like this without leaving him traumatized. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some Serious Allegations

Who says kids today have it all that bad. Many of them allegedly have it pretty rough. But actually, some of them seem to have it pretty darn good. If you're lucky, and you go to a certain school in Edgewood in Northern Kentucky, for example, you might be lucky enough to have a Bengals cheerleader as one of your teachers. Maybe even a Ben-Gals cheerleader squad captain, like Sarah Jones.

This would be her, right here.
And that's not all. If you really work hard and play by the rules, you might even get to have an affair with said Bengal's cheerleader. "Allegedly", of course. Hell, her mother, the principle, might even "allegedly" aid and abet by covering up evidence. Assuming she's reinstated, that is. Just hope the two alleged venereal diseases Sarah has been alleged to have are actually, not allegedly, cleared up.

H/T Ben Swann WXIX

Right On, America

Soleday O'Brien, the unabashedly leftist progressive host of CNN's Starting Point With Soleday O'Brien, has a bit of a problem. The ratings of her show is in the gutter, prompting such descriptions by media observers as "brutal" and "an epic ratings collapse" according to The Other McCain, which reports that it is- the cable network’s lowest ratings for that time slot in more than a decade. Fewer than 100,000 adults 25-54 tuned in to O’Brien’s program on an average day, according to the latest quarterly Nielsen numbers. In the meantime, by contrast Rush Limbaugh announced that his ratings are now soaring on 600 stations. This despite the loss of some advertisers over the ridiculous Sandra Fluke flap. This of course could mean a number of things. For example, it could mean that Americans on the average don't really care much for sluts. Or for bitches. Or, perhaps more to the point, they're just simply sick of leftist hogwash.

And Now, A Word From Alexis

No, I'm not a Ron Paul supporter, but this is just too cute to not post.

H/T Ben Swann

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boyz In Da Hoodies

Say goodbye to the sweater vest, Santorum supporters. Right Wing Stuff at Cafe Press has your latest in Santorum campaign fashion accessories-I call it The Ricky Poo Hoodie.

After all, since Santorum has recently come out on the side of the racebaiters, hustlers, and poverty pimps-like "President" Barak Obama, Al Shaprton, Jesse Jackson, The New Black Panther Party and Spike Lee-in pronouncing guilt on George Zimmermann for the death of Travyon Martin (without knowing jack shit about the facts of the case), then it only seems right that Santorum join in solidarity with the Hoodie Nation of America.

BTW-a great big H/T to Zilla Of The Resistance for providing the Daily Caller link. I know it was hard for her, as she has been a long-suffering, devoted Santorum supporter for some time, and unlike other Santorum apologists like Robert Stacy McCain who continue to deny reality as they whistle past the graveyard of the Santorum campaign (while pretending its not a graveyard but a festival), she deserves kudos for having the intellectual honestly and insistence on moral clarity to call, well, a spade a spade.

But hey, at the same time, you can't blame a losing candidate for trying one last desperate Hail Mary. Who knows, maybe Santorum can draw enough of the black vote in Maryland, Wisconsin, and other states to overcome Mitt Romney's at this stage nearly insurmountable lead. Hell, if he's steadfast enough, he might even draw some of the black vote in the general election. He might even cut into Obama's vote in the hard-core urban black Democratic areas. Don't laugh, it's not impossible that he might draw something like 0.00000000001 percent of the black Democrat vote-otherwise known as "you blind drunk old fool you punched the wrong chad, nigga!".

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Death Of Love

One of my favorite recent commercials, a couple looking to save money on a home security system discover that adopting a "Rescue Panther" might not have been their best move.

Actually, I have my own rescue panther though admittedly its a miniature version. Here she is getting ready to maul the hell out of two shoe-strings tied together.

So, These Black Panthers Were Walking Down The Road

Rep Allen West is one of many who reacted strongly to the initial news of the shooting of Florida High School student Trayvon Martin. Yet, as is so often the case, it could well be that George Zimmermann, the man accused of shooting the teenager who allegedly did nothing but walk through a neighborhood at night dressed in a hoodie and carrying nothing but a bag of Skittles, may indeed turn out to be the victim of a gross injustice.

Never mind that the Rev Al Sharpton and other notorious race hustlers are calling for Zimmermann's blood. Even the President of the United States has gotten into the act, leading to two contenders for the GOP Presidential nomination, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, to accuse him of turning it into a political issue. This lead in turn to one of Obama's staffer David Plouffe to attack the two candidates, calling their remarks irresponsible, reprehensible, and hard to stomach, according to The Other McCain

And of course, this has lead to more predictable calls for gun control laws, including a call for an investigation of Florida, and other states,  Stand Your Ground laws, a demand recently made by no less a figure than New York Democrat US Senator Chuck Schumer.

Now come to find out Martin may not have been so innocent after all, while Zimmermann may indeed have acted in self-defense, according to one eyewitness, which is now rumored to be why Zimmermann was not arrested at the scene to begin with. In fact, it is now being reported that Zimmermann desisted in following Martin at the urgings of 911 dispatchers, whereupon Martin attacked him from behind and was on top of him on the ground, beating him.

Nevertheless this has not dissuaded Sharpton, nor has it convinced any of the other race-hustlers and race-baiters of either race. In fact, just recently came the news The New Black Panthers offer 10,000 dollar reward for capture of Zimmerman  

As if this was not enough, Zimmermann's address was tweeted by no less a public figure than film director Spike Lee .

Moreover, there is even some suggestion that Martin's photo might have been altered in order to make him look less intimidating, a way for the media to engender wider sympathy for Martin and further stoke the fires of populist rage. Well, hell, those papers aren't going to sell themselves, you know. Sometimes it takes work. An artistic flair, so to speak.

As might be expected, Obama and the Democrats have remained strangely silent about all these latest developments. But on the other hand, hey-spring is in the air, and there's an election right around the corner. Nothing to gin up the old liberal base quite like a good old fashioned racial controversy. And if it leads to riots, mayhem, destruction of property, or even the murder of a certain "white Hispanic" with a Jewish sounding name, what the fuck? Anything for the cause.

As for me, whenever I see a number of "urban youth" dressed in hoodies approaching me from down the street, I know what to do, now more than ever.

Cross the fucking road.

We Are All Little Breitbarts, In Our Own Little Ways

 Of all the deaths of all the people I've never known, probably known have impacted me as much as the death of Andrew Breitbart. He was a true pioneer and warrior in the quest for truth and excellence in journalism. And of course, because of this, he made an abundance of enemies, probably more during his all too brief career than any one hundred people amass over the course of their entire lifetimes.

Since I never personally got to know him, I will send you by way of link to somebody who did. Robert Stacy McCain, who wrote about Breitbart shortly after his death for The American Spectator 

It was McCain, in fact, by way of his blog The Other McCain who posted the following video, in which Breitbart displayed his wicked sense of humor at the expense of Charles Johnson, long at enmity with the two individuals who appear beside Breitbart in the video, Robert Spencer and, especially, Pam Gellar

Breitbart was so hated by the left that rumors surfaced that he might have been murdered. I myself considered the possibility that, in an attempt to embarass Breitbart, his enemies might have drugged his drink, which might have resulted in his death. But in all likelihood Breitbart, who lived hard and relentlessly in all areas of his life and in fact never slowed down, was a literal heart attack waiting to happen, suffering as he did from a bad heart.

Yet, his death was met by joy from the Left, and not just by the leftist mob, but such well known figures on the Left as Matthew Iglesias, who noted on his Twitter account-

The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.

I meant to include some links from earlier blog posts that I did on Breitbart, including his seminal work on such matters as ACORN and The Pigford Sttlement, but unfortunately, the links have been taken down, and clicking on them now takes you straight to Breitbart's homepage. As such I instead draw your attention to the Breitbart memorial compiled by Zilla Of The Resistance which contains innumerable links related to Breitbart.

Finally, I draw your attention to the on-going website of Breitbart, which carries on his work through its various sections, known as The Bigs-Big Hollywood, Journalism, Peace, and Politics. There is a meme going on throughout the conservative blogosphere where bloggers proclaim "I Am Breitbart". A nice sentiment, but in reality, he was one of a kind. And though his work will live on, there are very few individuals who can or will rise to that standard of dedication and excellence. However, there are three things we can all do to keep his legacy alive. Its not really that difficult. I call them the Three L's-Look, Listen, Learn. The truth is useless if you're not open to it.

When Bristol Talks, Obama Should Listen

Of course Obama is a fucking fool, so he won't, and you know, maybe that's just as well. But in a recent open letter to Obama on her blog Bristol wonders, probably in vain, when she'll get a phone call from our dipshit President (my words) to commiserate with her over the abuse she has taken from the likes of million dollar Obama donor Bill Maher and others. Britstol points out that Obama is the President of all Americans, including conservative Republicans, not merely the libtard fucksticks like Sandra Fluke, to whose defense Obama jumped after Rush Limbaugh foolishly called her a slut.

On the other hand, Bristol pointed out something which I never knew, or maybe I just forgot. Back during the 2008 Presidential campaign, when Bristol was being maligned mercilessly by the Left for being an unwed mother, Obama actually did defend her, saying that she and the children of all candidates should be off limits. As she recalls-

After all, I’ve always felt you understood my plight more than most because your mom was a teenager.  That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.
Yet I wonder if the Presidency has changed you.  Now that you’re in office, it seems you’re only willing to defend certain women.  You’re only willing to take a moral stand when you know your liberal supporters will stand behind you.

The answer, of course, is no, the presidency has not changed Obama. His earlier defense was a mere political calculation, something that sounded good when Obama was trying to shore up his support among independents and conservative Democrats-especially former Hillary supporters who were still stung by the primary contest between Obama and Hillary-and in the meantime he hoped to pick up a substantial number of moderate Republicans.

Now of course Obama feels no need to reach out to these people, because now he understands it is imperative that he shore up the lagging support among his own base. He can't do that by coming to the defense of any of the hated Palin clan.

In other words, the candidate of hope and change has proven what many of us knew all along. He's just another political bullshitter.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

I've been juggling too many things lately to post much, even without the flu that swarmed in and kicked my ass for about a week, something I still haven't completely recovered from. Be that as it may, better late than never, including my postings related to the Spring Equinox. But then again, all my Sabbat postings have fallen by the wayside over the last year or so. Still, when you feel inclined to play catch-up, its nice to find somebody who has actually done your work for you. One case in point would be a recent post by The Troglopundit about all the fattening, high calorie foods that are so bad for you when eaten to excess, yet which taste so damn good life wouldn't be the same without them.

Now I won't steal all the Trog's good hard work, but I will post a few samples, a few of the better ones. After all, though the Equinox has come and gone, spring is still in the air. And nothing is more inspiring than when you read about how the First Lady was recently booed by schoolchildren during one of her matronly lectures on the importance of eating healthy foods.

Now don't get me wrong. I am a big proponent of eating healthy, well-balanced meals, but at the same time, I am also an advocate of eating foods that bring you nothing but pleasure, so long as this is not done to excess. And no time is better to do so than during the early days of spring. And so, without further ado, I present these three samples of some of the better offerings proffered by the Trog.

Let's start out with our appetizer.

I've done forgotten what this is or where it came from, but doesn't it fucking look good? I think its onion strings and jalapeno poppers, but don't quote me on that. All I know is there's some cheese involved somewhere. And nothing is more magical than feeling the sting of jalapeno through your farts. Eat up, wait an hour, and then move on to the main course.

Now this is from Quiznos, but trust me, its not for babies. This is what you call a Grilled Chicken Honey Mustard Flat Bread Salad. I don't want to even think about the calories we've ingested so far, especially since we're not exactly done. Hey we need something to wash all this down with, right? And what better than-

The Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, a Boch beer to die for. Trog included some other offering, including one from an old Pagan Temple favorite, The Heart Attack Grill, a coffee from Starbucks, and of course, some dessert. But why go there? After all this, who has room for dessert? Shit, this was dessert. Just kick back, enjoy, and have a joyous, bountiful spring.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Manchurian President-A Tragic, Treasonous Tale In On-Going Episodes

The Manchurian President is a book that details President Obama's past radical associations and how it has shaped his life and influenced his political philosophy and his presidency. However, there might well be a more literal component to the title that is just as if not more accurate than the premise of the book.

Consider-Obama has gone out of his way to limit and in some cases kill oil exploration and development, both off shore and on government owned lands. And while he swears he has done nothing to curtail development on privately owned lands, there is little doubt that his EPA has done everything within and beyond its legitimate power to hamstring such efforts with its oppressive regulatory burdens.

Then of course there's the Keystone Pipeline, which he killed with little fanfare or explanation, ostensibly at the behest of radical environmentalist interests. And while he has since probably for political reasons fast-tracked development of the southern end of the Pipeline, from Oklahoma to the Gulf, the curtailment of the Canadian Pipeline, which spent years in negotiation in order to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, can only be seen as a disastrous consequence of an environmental and an energy policy that is at odds with any reasonable development or expansion of energy derived from fossil fuels.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that while this hurts the US, it does not hurt Canada, who will now have another partner in the Pipeline venture, while will now veer east towards the Pacific, the main beneficiaries being now the Chinese.

And incidentally, it is the Chinese who most stand to benefit from the tax dollars Obama poured into Brazil's development of their own oil reserves. It's also worth noting here that Obama is also pouring US tax dollars into Brazil's fledgling nuclear energy industry. 

And as has been pointed out, the Obama Administration's recent threat of a lawsuit against the Chinese over their cutback in export of raw metals imports can probably be seen as political posturing in an election year, after which it is highly doubtful anything significant will come of it, other than possibly some agreement which is already in the bag.

Everything Obama has done in fact seems to be for the benefit of China's energy needs at the expense of our own, while in the meantime Obama continues to pile up ever more massive debt, while demanding ever more. Debt which will likely be purchased in large part by-the Chinese.

It's not a pretty picture, but the sad, tragic fact seems to be that Obama's most successful capitalist initiative might well be his on-going efforts to buy us all, and then sell us-to China.

Music Of Ancient Rome

Easter Is Coming-Hey I Know, Let's Have A Used Rubber Hunt

Those little rascals are becoming a real problem. In fact, they're even approaching ecological disaster stage at Chinese Universities. And its gotten so widespread, a Chinese daughter bought her single-parent father a box of condoms for his birthday.

And then there was the time a four year old found a used discarded condom in a hotel room and, thinking it was a balloon, tried to blow it up, resulting in his contracting genital herpes. In his mouth.

They are everywhere, and not just in our back alleys and dumpsters either. They are in our public parks. They are on our beaches. They are everywhere. So what can we do? I call on GOP candidate Rick Santorum to speak out on this matter. Since he said that Protestant Christians who practice birth control aren't truly Christian, he should take the lead. Instead of passing out Etch-A-Sketches at Romney events, why not have a national drive to collect used condoms? Since Easter and the Vernal Equinox are both at their core fertility festivals, what better time to establish a nationwide used condom hunt? We could probably collect tens of thousands or more in no time flat. Then comes the fun part.

With DNA analysis being at its current state, it should be no problem to determine the identity of both sexual partners, though it might be difficult to determine the female's identity in those cases where the used rubbers have been left out in the rain. But in those cases where both partners can be easily determined, we give them a choice. Either pay a hefty fine, spend some time in jail, or agree to have the discarded semen inseminated inside the vagina of the woman in whom by all rights it should have been entered. I call on Rick Santorum to make a clear, concise, principled stand. After all, each drop of cum in a condom represents potentially thousands of human lives that have just been heartlessly, callously discarded. Don't get me wrong. I know its not going to be easy. After all, humans have used condoms since ancient times.

  But that's all the more reason why we need a man of vision to lead this important mission. A man named Santorum. Come on Rick. Let's show some leadership on this vital issue.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Resistance Is Not Just Futile-It's Meaningless

I've bitched and moaned for years about the great Romneylan Empire and the determination of its leader to annex this quadrant, but there comes a time when enough is enough. Romney is going to be the GOP nominee, barring, well, an act of God. For me, that act would entail everything at the GOP convention in Tampa falling apart and going straight to hell, whereupon a brokered convention results in a draft of Sarah Palin. She accepts, not out of a sense of duty, but out of a sense of inspiration.

Or, if not Palin, maybe Bachmann. Or even Perry.

But Santorum, or even Newt? Sorry, that's just not happening and its delusional to believe otherwise. And frankly, at this stage I wouldn't even give a shit if it did happen. It wouldn't be an act of God, that's for damn sure. Do the math there.

But barring a real miracle, we now have two options. Support Mitt, or stay home this year and wait for 2016. Just ask yourself, can we even afford that later option?

With this in mind, I am here to reluctantly announce-

Beam me aboard that old Romneylan Bird Of Prey.
Sorry folks, its time to accept reality and move on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fuck You Too Jesse Waters

I'm no big fan of any university in or out of the Ivy League, but when Jesse Watters said tonight on The O'Reilly Factor that there wasn't exactly any Mensa members represented in the SEC, that wasn't just a slam at the SEC, that was a slam at Middle America. He singled out in particular The University of Kentucky and the University of Alabama. If the little prick had bothered to do some research he would know that UK is a top research university.

But hey, why let facts get in the way of a few cheap laughs? The problem is, there's nothing remotely funny or even slightly humorous about "Watter's World". Stupid questions delivered in an edited montage aiming at the lowest common denominator while obviously encouraging vapid responses, and always interspersed with irrelevant film or tv clips, all of which falls flat as an exercise in humor.

O'Reilly should be ashamed of himself, and he should apologize for the actions of this fucking little jerkwad.

By the way, go on the O'Reilly Factor Fox website at your own risk. I started to provide a link to the clip in question but it made my computer crash, so fuck that. Take my word for it, Jess Watters is a banal little prick, he's not funny, and Bill O'Reilly looks like a big enough jerk on most nights without having this little piece of shit make him look even worse.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here Comes-The Governor

And you thought Hershel was an idiot?

Well its not really that bad. The little girl zombie being kissed by The Governor isn't really his daughter, its actually the reanimated cadaver of his former niece. Besides, hey, he pulled out all her teeth first. The Governor may be a lot of things, but he is no idiot.

And now, we know for a fact that he will be a central character and the major villain of the sixteen episode season three of The Walking Dead. In fact, a top-notch British actor has been cast for the role of the loathsome villain. His name is David Morrissey.

So fans of The Walking Dead comic book series will have at least one of their top ten wishes fulfilled for the television series.

And there's even a rumor that another fan favorite, Michonne, might make an appearance here soon, possibly in the up-coming season two finale. If this is true, and the tv script is at all faithful to the Robert Kirkman comics, it does not bode well for her character, or for the governor.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daytona 500-It Wasn't About Danica Patrick

And that makes me happy, because I've already about had it with this broad. She's all about marketing and self-promotion, which is why if you even know who she is you probably know what ninety percent of her body looks like. And hey, that would be fine, except for the unfortunate fact that well, frankly she's not all that. Now if she marketed herself as an example for "full-figured" (ie, "fat") women to emulate, she might do all right, because this chick is, let's face it, rather "big-boned". Her ankles are like a cross between Hillary Clinton and a baby elephant. In other words, invisible. Not her legs though, you can see those tree trunks just fine, thank you. And she's god damned determined that, sooner or later, see them you will, and eventually everything else that goes with them.

Yet, she has the chutzpah to get all huffy about being referred to as sexy, that she doesn't want to be thought of that way (no worries here, sweet cheeks). One sports reporter called her a bitch. Hey, bitch is as bitch does, but regardless, he felt obliged (probably forced) to apologize.

Then she had a wreck during a qualifying run for the Indy 500 and got pushed to the back of the pack. A couple of days later she wrecked again in a practice run, and in an obscenity-laced tirade blamed her teammate. (the only thing she could blame for the first accident was the fucking wall she crashed into), Despite all this Danica has her defenders, one of whom blamed the Daily Caller and Smitty of The Other McCain for her misfortune. Why? Okay, if you insist. 

In a bout of what is probably serial cluelessness, she recently answered a question by The Daily Caller about the recent health care insurance, contraceptive imbroglio by saying she trusts the government to make the right decision. Not much room for interpretation there. She is either somebody who really believes the government should have that kind of power, or she actually thought that would be the best way to dodge the question and possibly alienate her legions of fans, including evidently a good many horny men who probably haven't had a piece of ass aside from their own hands in years.  Whatever the case, Smitty also jumped on the critical bandwagon, along with some others, and according to fanboy slim this was probably all on her mind and caused her misfortunes on the track. Yes, seriously.

By now, I was hoping for the first time for somebody to come in dead last in a sporting event. I didn't get that wish. Oh, she didn't win. Matt Kenseth was the winner, edging out Dale Earnhardt Jr who finished second. Danica, who started out at number 36, got pushed back to 40 (after being involved in yet another accident during the second lap of the race), and managed to claw her way back to number 38. Like her overall career both as an Indy and as a NASCAR driver-and for that matter as a nearly nude model-a lackluster, mediocre performance at best.

No doubt Troglopundit and myriads of others who insist she is "good for NASCAR" will try to blame her poor showing on the accident, or these other distractions. But I have to wonder-if she is this easily distracted, maybe she should find another line of work. Maybe a hostess. Not a waitress, though. The last thing any of her hapless male worshipers need is a pot of hot coffee dumped in their laps.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sacramento Teen Janelle Kelly Missing, Please Help Friends Find Her

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flying At About Half Mast

Dayum, Whitney looks better here than she did for some time.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Taste Worth Dying For

We are rapidly coming up on the one year anniversary of the death of Blair River, former spokesman and possibly first known victim of the Heart Attack Grill. He appeared in ads for the restaurant, such as the one featured below. At over 350 pounds, he was entitled to eat free at the establishment and, true to the restaurants slogan, it may well have contributed to his demise.

The Heart Attack Grill almost claimed another victim when one of its "patients", dressed in the establishments traditional hospital gowns provided by the restaurant, suffered a heart attack. When the owner, "Doctor" John Basso, realized it wasn't a prank, he called 911. The man at last account was in the hospital, recovering.

As you might expect, Basso defends his restaurant, and the right of its patrons to eat what they want. And as you might also expect, Basso and his establishment has more than its fair share of detractors who question whether he should close the place down.

But let's face it, it would be hard to argue that customers are lured into the place on false claims of health benefits. Here are a couple of menu items. Note the names.

The restaurant also offers french fries deep fried in pig lard, and milkshakes made with pure butter. All served to you by a pretty "nurse".

Come on, you get what you pay for. If somebody tells you flat out their food might damn well kill you, well that's what I call full disclosure.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Made In New Jersey

What the hell is wrong with you people who disagree with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision to lower the flags of New Jersey to half mast in honor of recently deceased Whitney Houston? After all, the woman was a fucking icon, so of course Christie is right. Fly the flags half mast? Hell, that's not going nearly far enough. She should have her picture on all New Jersey license plates. Nothing says Jersey quite like a strung out, coked up, washed up, has-been black woman who wasted her money and her life on drugs, ultimately killing herself in the process. Shit, the woman wasn't just *from* New Jersey.

She *was* New Jersey.


Friday, February 10, 2012

French Kisses

 H/T to Ace of Spades HQ for a very interesting article from the Wall Street Journal by Pamela Druckerman entitled Why French Parents Are Superior.

Believe it or not, she makes an excellent case, which boils down to, pretty much, French parents don't spoil their children by making them think they are the center of the universe. Far from it, it is the French parents themselves who are the twin stars around which all relevant worlds revolve.

When I saw this article, it reminded me of a French song which I decided to share with you, a charming little number by wholesome father-daughter duo Serge and Charlotre Gainsburg who here dramatize in video format the top ten French hit-Lemon Incest.

Still Waiting (In Vain) For The Catholic Church To Call For The Repeal Of Obamacare (Not Just The Parts They Don't Like)

Archbishop Timothy Dolan is grabbing the olive branch the Obama administration extended on birth control, saying he’s happy to offer the feds a “graceful exit” from the election-year uproar.

Yeah, I bet he's just as pleased as punch. So when is the motherfucker going to stand up for my rights to not be burdened with all the myriad mandates of ObamaCare, and the consequences thereof?

Oh, that's right, he's not likely to do that, because, well the son-of-a-bitch is to a great extent responsible for the passage of Obamacare. He lent his support behind Obamacare, helped to get it passed, him and a good many others amongst the vaunted Catholic leadership.

But hey, he doesn't have to worry. He's on his way to a cushy appointment at the College of Cardinals, while the rest of us schmucks, including his fellow American Catholic parishioners, are left to pay the price of his advocacy. 

So, what do you think are the chances that Archbishop, soon-to-be Cardinal Dolan will come out in favor of the repeal of all of Obamacare? What do you think are the chances him and all the other Catholic leadership will repent of their sins, and decide maybe they should respect our rights to not have this terrible, oppressive law forced down our throats?

Yeah, me too. 

That's why I say, keep the mandates in place. If I'm getting screwed, Dolan and his crew needs to get good and fucked as well. It's only right. He and they wanted the fucking law. I damn sure didn't. I fought it. He supported it. But THEY get  do-over?

And come to think of it, there are valid health reasons to offer contraceptive coverage. After all, what if some poor beleaguered worker in some Catholic charity comes down with a nasty case of endometriosis? Wouldn't it be, well, sinful to deny her treatment for such a painful, debilitating disease, which happens to be treated by-you guessed it-birth control pills? Hell, don't stop there, make them fund abortion coverage as well. Why should the rest of us have to live with the consequence of the Chruch's action while they fucking skate.

Of course, the good Cardinal and his crew might want to consider another way out of this hole they've dug for themselves. Catholic charities could, simply, stop taking federal money. Yeah, how likely is that? But hey, there's an old saying that applies to this, something about lying down with dogs. Maybe sleeping with the devil would be more appropriate. And by the way, do you know who agrees with me on this? Rick Santorum, that's who. 

While siding with the bishops’ recent opposition to President Obama’s imposition of abortion upon Catholic hospitals, Santorum nevertheless stated bluntly that the Church “had it coming.”

(And this is not a new shtick on Santorum’s part:  He is a long-time critic, for example, of the government-funded, secularized Catholic Charities USA.)

Indeed, Dolan and all the other Catholic leaders might want to consider that, when it comes to the federal government, and especially the likes of Barak Hussein Obama, trusting people like this to take care of your needs, and keeping their promises, might be a whole lot like adopting a rescue panther.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Some People Have Their Damn Gall

Everybody's talking about how the Obama Administration is trying to find a way to walk back its recent ruling that Catholic charities have to offer insurance that covers birth control. To which I say, well, isn't that special.

What I'd really like to know is, when the fuck do the rest of us get a do-over? If you think the Catholic Church has suddenly awoke to the dangers posed to the Constitution and conservative values by ObamaCare, think again. And they damn sure aren't concerned about the encroachment on our Federalist principles. No, they just have religious sensibilities to abortion and birth control.

All well and good. And, you know? I don't give a good fried fuck. I care about their so-called religious liberties about like they care about mine. Maybe I have my own set of ethical standards, maybe even religious values, that make me strongly opposed to ObamaCare and other liberal policies shoved down my fucking throat.

Do you think for one second the Catholic Bishops Conference among other Catholic groups, including some groups of nuns, gave a big rats ass about my values, my rights, my concerns, or for those of any of the rest of you, when they threw all of us under the bus and supported ObamaCare? Hell fucking no they didn't care, and I'll be damned if I give a big shit about them now.

It's not like they didn't know what kind of person Obama was. This is the most openly, actively pro-abortion President we've had yet. This is a man who, as an Illinois State Senator, couldn't be fucking bothered to vote half the time, other than as "Present", but he damn sure made sure to vote against the Born Alive Act, over the course of his career offering as many as 10 different reasons he voted against this law that tried to mandate saving the life of children who were born alive during the course of a botched abortion.

He has no problem now funding Planned Parenthood with federal tax dollars, or with supporting even third-trimester abortions. But yet, the Catholic Church, whose membership voted for Obama by about 54% despite knowing full well his history, are upset that he turned around and stabbed them in the back? Fuck them, I say good enough for them. I hope Obama doesn't walk it back. I hope he sticks to his guns on this. I hope he keeps right on rubbing their fucking faces in it. Maybe it will teach them a god damn motherfucking lesson.

I doubt it though. Come the next election, they'll probably still vote for him, and won't have any fucking problem whatsoever promoting and supporting more leftist policies that fuck all the rest of us. The nerve of these cocksuckers!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Almira Fawn Update

Some might recall a post I did sometime back about the murder of Indonesian immigrant Umi Southworth, a murder for which her husband Donald was eventually charged, and just recently found guilty. The Southworths were the parents of a talented young singer-songwriter by the name Almira Fawn, who has since been adopted by her Nashville manager.

Thankfully, she seems to be doing quite well, and in fact, here she is some five months ago at the Nashville Teen Hoot, singing a song she wrote called "Somebody's Little Girl".

Allergic To Living

Your Peanut Allergic Kid Is A Goddamn Little Sissy is meant to be a humorous post by Maty Beckerman, but there's probably more than a little truth there. Maybe we are overprotective of our kids. A commenter at the post made the point that he made sure his kids spent the day getting good and dirty because, well, that's what kids are supposed to do. It helps their bodies adapt to germs, and therefore helps them fight them off. Makes sense, especially when I consider the case of a cousin who died of exposure to a germ common in wood that humans developed a natural resistance to probably hundreds of thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, an earlier auto accident which almost took his life destroyed his spleen, and thus wreaked havoc on his immune system. Why it is that children suddenly developed allergies to peanuts over the course of the last three decades remains a mystery. Who knows, maybe it has nothing to do with the protective cocoon so many parents keep their kids enveloped within. Whatever the case, whoever thought this might be the stuff of children's nightmares?
Whatever the case, read the post on Beckerman's website. It might make you smile, it might really piss you off, but one things for sure. It will make you think. H/T to The Other McCain

Cunts And Assholes-The Dangers Of Toilet Paper

They Raise 'Em Right In Texas

Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Coming Of The Greens

Is it possible the presidential election could hinge on how well the Green Party performs? Admittedly, this is not likely, but you never can tell, especially if they nominate someone of the stature of Roseanne Barr. Rosie seems to adhere to the Robespierre wing of the Green Party.

Unfortunately, even though she has officially filed to run for the Green Party nomination, and actually won 29% of the vote in a recent Green Party on-line poll, Rosie recently stated on her Twitter account that she will probably support Jill Stein, who got well over 60% in the poll and will probably be this year's Green Party nominee. However, she is running mainly to help promote and build the party.

So why does this matter, this apparent vanity run by a celebrity candidate? Because I can envision a scenario where Roseanne Barr could take enough votes from Obama to cost him some states which would ordinarily be safely blue states, or purple states where it might be really close. Some that come to mind include-Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, and even the President's home state of Illinois.

You will be hearing more about this, perhaps, if you frequent enough of the right kinds of conservative blogs, such as Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, although his purpose, based on a suggestion from a commenter at Legal Insurrection, is somewhat different in scope from my own. The suggestion here is for conservatives to vote Green in the Presidential race, as opposed to some conservative third party, in order to help the Greens qualify for federal matching funds for future elections, and thus turn into a permanent thorn in the side of the Democrats.

That's fine, but its a long shot at best, requiring years before it pays off to what little extent it might. As you can see here, I prefer to dream big.

Roseanne's campaign slogan-Vote For Me, I'll Fix This Shit!

Monday, January 30, 2012


If you are living in Florida and are thinking about voting for Mitt Romney tomorrow (or living elsewhere and thinking about voting for him at some future date) you really should see this video. It will go light years towards explaining why so many of us have such grave reservations about him. And by the way, the ending of the video alone is worth the price of admission.

H/T Legal Insurrection

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mike Huckabee, Former Baptist Preacher, Blazes A Path To Hell Paved With Lies

Professor Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection has posted a video recorded during the 2008 primaries in which former Arkansas Governor and 2008 Republican presidential primary candidate Mike Huckabee claims quite blatantly that Mitt Romney is a liar. It was quite a famous ad in its time. Huckabee didn't have the money to run the ad on Iowa television ahead of the Iowa caucuses, so campaign manager Ed Rollins hit on a brilliant strategy. He called a press conference, where he showed the ad. The media televised it as part of their news cycle, at no expense to the Huckabee campaign. In fact, the ad has been credited in no small measure with helping Huckabee win the Iowa caucuses in what was a stunning upset to the Romney campaign. In fact, even though Huckabee did not go on to become that year's GOP nominee, it might well have helped John McCain in the end. Here is the ad, which quite clearly targets Romney as a liar, and a purveyor of liberal ideas, including co-pays for abortion, and gun control. And of course, RomneyCare.

Seems pretty clear, doesn't it? Apparently though, not now to Mike Huckabee, who insists the ad has been characterized by the Newt Gingrich campaign in a deceptive manner. Huckabee has demanded that Newt stop using the old ad and has denied that he was talking about Romney. Huckabee has issued the same denial and assault on the Gingrich campaign via his HuckPAC. Again, you can watch the ad above and see for yourself.

So, what exactly is the big deal? More to the point, since its so blatantly obvious that Huck is referring to Romney, why would he deny it so strenuously? I suggested to Professor Jacobson that it might have something to do with the fact that Huckabee is currently employed by Fix News, which has him under contract, and that Fix News is itself in the tank for Romney. He responded to me with a link to Roger Aisles Twitter account, specifically a screen cap to a Tweet which, while not exactly a ringing endorsement of Romney, certainly makes plain his dislike for the candidacy of Newt Gingrich. It reads in full-

Can't blame Newt G too much. He was carpet bombed with negatives by Romney. Brilliant, visionary but just too much baggage! And erratic.

It would seem as though Fix News is fair and balanced to all sides, except to true conservatives. But hey, maybe the Republican elites know best after all. Maybe we shouldn't feel so badly that Fix News, like seemingly most of the Republican Establishment, are so thoroughly in the tank for Mitt, who evidently has no baggage worth noting,

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hillary Clinton To Resign From State Department

Although not totally unexpected, this is still big news. Clinton made it clear she will stay on as Secretary of State until Obama appoints a successor, and seemingly made it just as plain that she expects this to not happen until Obama wins a second term. But it does leave open the possibility that Obama could go ahead and make the appointment sooner rather than later, which would free Hillary to replace Biden as Obama's running mate in the 2012 election. This is something I predicted from the very beginning of Obama's presidency, but Clinton has of course denied any such intentions lately.

I find it difficult to believe that its not under serious consideration. Biden adds nothing to Obama. He's probably the most insignificant VP since Dan Quayle, in fact. And its not like Obama needs Biden to shore up his support in Delaware with its measly little three electoral votes, nor does Biden really help Obama that much in Pennsylvania at this stage. Clinton could help Obama in multiple states, and the two might prove an unbeatable combination. It depends, sadly, on the state of the economy by then. I say sadly, because if the economy improves significantly, Obama could start rounding up conservatives and shipping them off to Guantanamo on the grounds of their opposition to him being based on "racism" and thus a violation of his civil rights to be loved and respected as the first black president. He could mandate hands-on sex training in public schools by way of executive order on the grounds of public health concerns. He could mandate a government policy to reach a goal of one same sex marriage out of every one hundred by 2050, and one interracial marriage for every twenty by the same time period. He could do all this and even worse, and he would still be guaranteed at least 46% of the vote.

But that would be provided, of course, that we have a good economy. If he was to replace Biden with Hillary Clinton-arguably the closest thing to a Stalinist First Lady and Secretary of State the country has ever been burdened with-this would be seen as a "moderating" influence.

We are just plainly fucked.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do We Really Have A Voice?

So far I've looked in vain for any information as to who decided Mitt Romney was the right man to give the "Prebuttal" to last night's SOTU by Obama. I can only assume this was done at the behest of the RNC. Well, somebody had to give the go ahead, right? I suppose Romney could have purchased the air time, but wouldn't that in itself be news? Maybe I'm missing something here.

I doubt that though. The GOP almost had Obama surrounded last night. All that was missing was another candidate, or potential candidate, making faces and obscene gestures during the middle of the presidential address to both houses of Congress.

The Republicans decided, evidently, the Prebuttal should be by their preferred candidate. That of course is Romney. Never mind that, as of now, Gingrich is ahead in delegate counts and the polls in Florida are close enough between Gingrich and Romney as to fall squarely within the margin of error. The Republican Establishment has decided they want Mitt this year.

They are actually pissed, and concerned, that its not all over yet. But Gingrich is still going strong, and Santorum and Paul are also still in the mix. It's not over by a long shot. So what does the GOP do? They try to reassert Romney's aura of inevitability by giving him this prime speaking slot.

But just to be on the safe side, they appoint Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels to deliver the traditional rebuttal following Obama's address, the day before this putting out a trial balloon trying to gauge potential support for Daniels among the GOP electorate.

Isn't it strange that the party of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan always wants to promote its moderates, even its liberals. They want no truck with a Sarah Palin, who I believe they pressured out of this year's race. But they will go back and forth multiple times to encourage somebody like Daniels, or Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie. And they're so dense one resounding no isn't enough for them. They have to hear it over and over again. It wasn't but two or three weeks ago they were floating the Jeb Bush trial balloon for the third or fourth time, and now its back to Daniels, again. I guess in two or three weeks it will be time to float the Chris Christie balloon, yet again. 

It's fucking sickening. If the GOP wants to go back to the days when nominees were decided by party bosses and precinct captains, they should just come out and say so and quit wasting our fucking time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Future Shock

Come to find out, Newt Gingrich and Al Gore have one thing in common-a mentor by the name of Alvin Toffler.

I'm not sure if I should be worried, but I am. Admittedly, not for the same reason others are.

Kelleigh Nelson has a provocative two part history of Gingrich, here and in the second part she details Gingrich's adherence to Toffler's theory of the Third Wave.

And this is not something that has just bobbed up to the surface. Enter Stage Right posted this article way back in 2001 about the implications of Newt Gingrich and the Third Wave philosophy of Toffler. Basically, Toffler states that time and progress is not linear, that it can move forward, backwards, or sideways, but that it moves in waves. According to Toffler, we first had an Agricultural Wave away from the original Hunter-Gather societies of the distant past. The Second Wave was the Industrial Age. The coming Third Wave, which has actually already commenced, will be Post-Industrial. He holds that it will be marked by technological advances, but also by many other aspects, in the fields of business, medicine, and education.

Some people see it as a capitalist tolerant version of communism. I don't know about that, but what I do know is it doesn't seem to have much to do with the ideals of Federalism and limited government.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that anytime anyone anywhere preaches the gospel of greater government power and  control, they always couch it in terms of humanity, equality, fairness, and all the other buzzwords which imply you are a hateful bigot, racist, misogynist, etc., if you don't play along. Then they try to feed you the carrot of promised greater potential for prosperity, security, and independence. Later of course they play the patriot card.

If this is the kind of thing Newt Gingrich is selling, I'm not buying. The unfortunate thing is, as of now he might still be the best bet of a bad lot.

I used to think things were as bad as they could possibly get. And then I remembered something-

I'm not exactly sitting on top of the heap.

UPDATE-Thanks to Charles Martel, a commenter at The Other McCain who provided me with a link to an Ann Coulter article which goes into some detail about the Gingrich-Toffler connection. This might go a long way towards explaining the stridency with which she seems to oppose Gingrich, though I still strongly disagree with her support for Mitt Romney, to say nothing of uber-liberal Chris Christie. It makes you wonder why she doesn't point this out in her appearances on television. Is there some unwritten, unspoken rule that mention of the Tofflers is bad form or something?

Monday, January 23, 2012

PETA Wants A Murder Museum

And since it is currently undergoing foreclosure, PETA has their sites set on the Florida home of OJ Simpson, now currently serving thirty-three years on charges of kidnapping and robbery committed by Simpson in an attempt to retrieve sports memorabilia which had belonged to the Hall-Of-Fame former NFL running back. The items in question were being auctioned off to meet the terms of a court settlement, a substantial sum owed the families of former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, both of whose murder Simpson was guilty of according to the judgment of the civil suit brought against Simpson by those families.

So why exactly would PETA want this home in particular, the former abode of such a notorious figure in American history? Apparently, their aim is to draw a correlation between Simpson and his violent tendencies with the habit of eating meat. As they say in the article at The Post Game-

(Simpson) was outspoken about his consumption of meat, coupled with the fact that he was a spokesman for a chicken restaurant chain, and owned two restaurants and a stake in HoneyBaked Ham stores. 

So because of his avid consumption of and promotion of meat, Simpson became a bloodthirsty, violent double-murderer, and later kidnapper and robber. What better place than the former home of such a person to have a "Murder Museum" which would teach visitors that "Murder begins on our plates"?

And of course the publicity value of such an acquisition would go without saying, and if anybody knows publicity, you can rest assured that PETA knows publicity.

Only time will tell how this proposed purchase unfolds. PETA would like for the bank to donate the premises, but are willing to pay a nominal sum. My worries for the neighborhood are based on some awareness of the groups overall philosophy. They don't even believe in killing vermin, to the extent they at times seem squeamish about the prospect of killing even head or body lice. I hope no one ever clues them in to the fact that microscopic bacteria and viruses are life-forms and thus technically "animals", but I'm sure its only a matter of time before they start picketing hospitals and doctor's offices.

In the meantime, PETA is probably at the forefront of insisting that DC's rat population should be "relocated in family units" as opposed to killing them. Come to think of it, what rat family wouldn't love a new home in sunny Florida?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If It Seems Like Fox News (And The GOP Establishment) Is In The Tank For Romney, Well

CORRECTION-Apparently I jumped the gun in identifying Fox News as a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, not Clear Channel, although I'm still not sure whether Murdoch might be part owner of Clear Channel as well. I'll look into that. For now, the controversy seems to be the zeal with which several conservative talk radio hosts, notably Rush Limbaugh, jumped to Romney's defense over questions concerning his conduct at Bain Capital.

Clear Channel Communications is owned by Bain Capital.

There is another story, though far murkier, that blames Gingrich, and possibly Dick Armey, for the suicide death of Sandy Hume, the son of Fox News analyst Brit Hume. Apparently, there was a move to oust Gingrich from the Speaker's Chair in the nineties led by Buffalo Representative Bill Paxon. When Armey learned Paxon and not he would be the new House Speaker, he may have leaked the news of a homosexual affair between Paxon and Hume. Or it could have been Gingrich. Or maybe Gingrich and Armey acting together. Whichever was responsible, the result-allegedly-is that Hume killed himself, and Paxon left the House.

Here is the whole nasty story which was slated to be the subject of a conference call hosted by the Romney campaign with two surrogates, former Rep. Susan Molinari and former Sen. Jim Talent. Whether the details will be released publicly is questionable, and doubtful, due to the obviously sensitive nature of the discussion. Incidentally, it so happens that Molinari is the former wife of the aforementioned Bill Paxon.

Read more here:
Sandy Hume, who was at the time a reporter for the Hill, penned the following missive in covering the attempted coup on Gingrich-

"There is a concerted effort to take Bill Paxon out before he becomes a bigger threat to Gingrich than he is," Hill reporter Sandy Hume reported at the time, according to this Arianna Huffington. "Paxon and Armey haven't been on speaking terms since the coup."

It was shortly after this that Hume committed suicide, because of the rumor of the gay relationship with Paxon, according to many. It is also interesting to note that Joe Scarbrorough blamed Dick Armey for the rumor, which was intended to derail Paxon's efforts to overthrow Gingrich.

Like I said, murky and uncertain. But it does go to explain, to some degree, a good deal of the Republican establishment hatred toward Newt Gingrich. When Gingrich was eventually successfully removed and replaced as Speaker by Dennis Hastert, the GOP took on an entirely different persona, one in which big government conservative during the Bush era became the predominant norm, until a disgusted Republican electorate removed them from power in 2006.

It is frankly clear to me that a Mitt Romney presidency, though slightly an improvement over Obama in some regards, would in many pertinent ways amount to just more of the same.  They know the conservative base doesn't want it, but they are determined to force-feed us the Romney medicine anyway.

Why? Because they think that, now more than ever, we'll put up with it.