Friday, December 30, 2011

A God Is Called To His Eternal Reward

You probably wouldn't be backward or naive enough to believe me if I told you I knew a person who never in his life ever had to go to the bathroom, that never once in his life did he ever have to defecate. More than likely, you would tell me that he or I one was full of shit.

And I think that was probably the reason this myth of the late Kim Jong Il was removed from the North Korean website. Not that anybody really told them that. Some things don't require a direct rebuttal, you just say them and watch the automatic reaction you get.

Some myths, however, die hard, and there was plenty of mythologizing during the life and relatively brief tenure of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il-the Dear Leader who left this mortal vale sometime in the wee hours on the 20th of December.

His very death was the stuff of myth. Turns out he was too superhuman to die by any ordinary means. Hell, this was a man who who drunk north of 70,000 gallons of Hennessy Cognac a year with no ill effects. But die he did, from overwork on behalf of the people of North Korea whom he so dearly loved.

And the people of North Korea dearly loved him as well, as witnessed the countless throngs of North Koreans who turned out for his funeral procession, crying, some stomping the ground in agonizingly intense sadness, expressing pangs of remorse, and even guilt. Here are some of them expressing their profound grief, as a giant smiling picture of Kim Jong Il beams down in heavenly radiance from on high, watching them with that laughing, mirthful expression which was his wont.

You see, Kim Jong Il's moods controlled the weather. If it was a bright, sunny day, that meant that Kim was happy. If it was foggy, he was sad. If he was raining, he must have been crying. And so on and so forth.

Some western wags had the temerity to suggest that the expressions of grief at Dear Leaders funeral were staged and choreographed. But how then did they manage to choreograph displays of grief from Nature itself? Explain that one! Who made the ice crack open on the mountain where he was born? Who choreographed the owls who grieved at his death? Who stage managed the dove that appeared on his statue in a loving attempt to kick the snow off the shoulders of the image of Dear Leader?

Kim did not merely perform miracles. His life was one on-going, never ending miracle, beginning with his birth, which transpired under a double rainbow and heralded the birth of a new star.

Courtney at GrEaT sAtAnS gIrLfRiEnD provides documented evidence of the greatness of Kim Jung Il which even preceded the death of his godlike father, the late Kim Il Sung. The junior Kim told his great, magnificent father that he would destroy the world because, after all, what use would the world be if North Korea ceased to exist.

But Kim Jung Il was more than a mere godlike warrior bent on sacred war. He also enjoyed divine pursuits of a more peaceable nature. The first time he went bowling he made a perfect score of 300, and the first time he played golf, he achieved seven holes in one.  

There is more to his legacy, of course, much much more, but there is one thing he accomplished for which I, for one, shall be eternally grateful.

You see, Kim Jung Il, the light of the world-invented the hamburger.

Yes, you read that right. Kim Jung Il, who was born in 1942, invented the hamburger, for which western imperialists tried to deny him the credit by ridiculously fabricating stories of its supposed invention by debauched western capitalists in the nineteenth century Haw Haw Haw Haw. Some people will swallow anything.

Thankfully though Kim's legacy is sure to live on, through the documented evidence in possession of the North Korean government. And he also has devotees outside the advanced nation he ruled and strengthened for so long. For example, here is a picture from the website Kim Jong Il Looking At Things which catalogs Kim's overseeing of all aspects of the Korean nation, including its economy, manufacturing and production, always eager to pronounce his blessing on all endeavors that might contribute to the betterment of his country and its people.

"Ahhh, so here is this so-called toilet paper I've been hearing so much about"

Naturally, there are still those skeptics who deny Kim's superhuman attributes, cynically asserting it was no more than a way for the North Korean regime to keep its people in thrall by means of a state sanctioned cult of personality.

But Caleb Wilde, an evangelical Christian, points out that there may not be a lot of difference in the devotion with which North Koreans have been instilled from the earliest ages towards Kim Jung Il and his family, and that which many Christians have been raised to hold towards Christ himself, and that we should not assume the North Korean people are any less sincere in their degree of devotion or their exhibitions of same.

Luckily for the people of North Korea, the death of Kim Jung Il need nor herald the end of all they hold near and dear. The fact that it occurred so auspiciously close to the New Year may indeed herald the dawning of a New Year, and a New Age, one in which their fortunes will be overseen by the ascension of a new God in the person of Kim's son, Kim Jung Un.

Yes, Kim is gone, and its a New Year. But for the people of North Korea, it looks like nothing will really change at all.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Got For Christmas-No, Anne Coulter, I Will Not Settle

Rick Santorum is supposedly surging in Iowa, according to one poll (CNN/Time) so Robert Stacy McCain, who has been promoting Santorum ever since his first favored candidate Herman Cain fell out of contention, is one happy camper in the Hawkeye State.

As for me, I have stood steadfastly in Bachmann's corner ever since Palin announced her decision not to run. I still say she's the best of the bunch. She is knowledgeable on all matters, foreign and domestic, as a President should be, and at her best she has a certain Kennedyesque air about her. Unlike Cain, she has been involved in national politics enough to know what she's doing, and talking about, and she doesn't pander even at times when I personally think that might be the best, most practical course of action. For, unlike all the others, she hasn't been absorbed into the political world and its toxic environment long enough to qualify as a career politician. Just long enough to know what needs to be done, and changed, what needs to be retained and/or reformed, while maintaining the dedication and determination to fight for her principles, constitutional principles of small, limited government, federalism, and pro-growth economics. She's also every bit as much of a social conservative as Santorum while not making that the centerpiece of her campaign, which may or may not be smart for the Iowa caucuses, but like I said, she doesn't pander. She'll look you or anybody else dead in the eye and tell you the recent deal to retain the payroll tax cut was a mistake. Which it was, in all honesty, though as a practical matter-well, there you go.

I've resigned myself, almost, to the likelihood that she will not be the GOP nominee, which is a hard pill to swallow. Another thing that would be good about her, like Palin, is that it would be great if the first woman President (and you know that eventually there will be one) were a conservative Republican, one who could be a great role model to counter-balance and possibly even negate the years of insufferable leftist progressive feminism which has plagued the nation for decades now.

But you know something? I know now how Anne Coulter felt when it finally sunk in that Chris Christie, her seemingly first and one true love, would not be the GOP nominee. Anne has settled for Mitt, as a way of staying close to Mitt's supporter Christie, again her one true love.

Well, I won't go that route. I will not "settle". Thanks to the loving, compassionate kindness of a concerned, well, let us call him a "family member", or maybe just a good friend, one whose name I swore I would never divulge, I received a Christmas present that will help me make it though the dark days ahead and see me through what seems destined to be a grave disappointment.

I got it just two days before Christmas in fact, too late to use for a Yule ritual, but not too late to help me celebrate the period of the Nuevo Saturnalia holiday I kind of made up for myself out of thin air.I was going to keep this to myself, and in fact I was strongly advised to do so, but I can't help myself. Allow me to introduce to you my new toy. My new love. My-

Anatomically Correct Battery Operated Full-Sized Michelle Bachmann doll.

So Stacy can keep his Santorum. Let him keep right on bragging of his candidates poll surging. From here on out, every night will see a pole surge for Bachmann. As for Anne Coulter, she can stew in frustration that no reputable company, anywhere, ever, would even think of making a Chris Christie blow-up doll. But hey, who knows, on second thought, maybe she might find somebody willing to produce a custom made job just for her. After all, it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be anatomically correct, does it? I mean, if they make it to her specifications, let's just say I'm sure it would be able to see its own dick, well, if it were alive. Hell, she could have them make her a thinner, a leaner and meaner Chris Christie, as far as that goes.

Let's face it. In this day and age, when you can find a company willing to produce John McCain pornography, you have to be willing to concede that anything is possible.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Steampunk Corset And Other Kinda Semi-Bare Naked Goodness

Via Soylent Green who has more and who you should visit, but I have to share this one, because its still the Holiday Season, and I want you to feel it just like I do. Just remember no matter how often your caress her she can't feel you through your monitor.

Monday, December 26, 2011

#Occupy Christmas Hams

If you're one of these naive sorts all congested with the sickly sweet syrup of the milk of human kindness towards the #Occupy Wall Street movement,Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away has the perfect expectorant, a video from the #Occupy Nashville movement of two fat heifers fighting, on Christmas, originally uploaded to YouTube by Weasel Zippers. One of them, the one in green, is three months pregnant, which is coincidentally about the amount of time these morons have been "Occupying" Nashville. It is never made clear in the report exactly what these two fat bitches are fighting about. From the looks of the two of them I'm guessing maybe a ham hock. 

Other than this, the group as a whole celebrated their Christmas in style, with more naive types, or perhaps kindred spirits, stopping by to donate foooooooood-which is something I doubt any of this bunch has ever had to go very long without, despite all their bullshit rhetoric about the so-called one percent hogging all the wealth. Let's face it, one look at this video and you start to get a good idea as to why any place there is an #Occupy movement, restaurants are forced to shut their doors and food vendors flee in apparent fear for their lives. Or at least their livelihoods.

One things for sure, from the looks of some of these fat asses, the #Occupy movement is not such a recent phenomenon. Many of them look like they've been in the habit for some time now of "Occupying"  the booths of any McDonalds they come across.

Elf-Christmas Horror Short

New video from Meoshabean.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Reasoning For The Seasoning

The Flying Spaghetti Monster got his own Nativity Scene at the Leesburg Virginia courthouse. How cool is that? Well, lots of folks think its cool, but others think its not cool. Not cool at all. I guess I see their point. It's seen, probably with some merit, as an attempt to make the Christian faith look foolish and superstitious.

 I can put myself in those shoes. Suppose instead of swallowing a rock disguised as the infant Zeus, Rhea had gifted Cronus with a steaming hot plate of spaghetti monster. He never would have gotten sick and vomited up Zeus's brethren, thus the Titans would have ruled the universe from thenceforth.

Then again, who knows, maybe Cronus would have mellowed out some and demanded continuous servings of spaghetti monster with garlic bread and would have gotten so obese he would have been helpless to defend himself against a grown and matured Zeus. Yeah, that's probably how it would have turned out. All the same. Even the other elder gods might have eventually made their escape, albeit perhaps in somewhat less dignified fashion.

When all's said and done, there's always room for more, and really, how serious a threat to Christendom can one little old spaghetti monster be, even a flying one? It could be worse. Muslim extremists could have easily demanded a Nativity Scene featuring the prophet Mohammed skulking around some alley whispering to the eight-year old Aiesha, the future bride of the prophet, something to the effect, "Psssst, hey little girl do you wanna see something big?"

Chill, people, learn to laugh at yourself, that way it won't sting so bad when others do so. Plus it makes it even funnier when you laugh at them.

Support Lowes

Real world obligations got in the way of my posting over the last couple of weeks, which made me late for Yule and Christmas postings. So its too late now for me to encourage you to do whatevetr Christmas shopping at Lowes as would be practical. But its not too late to urge you to do other off-season shopping at the home improvement giant retailer who has been threatened by Congress over its recent decision to pull advertising from the TLC program All American Muslim. I won't comment on whether Lowe's was justified. Their explanation sounds reasonable enough, that the program is a propaganda piece aimed at promoting the cause of Islam while not addressing the real concerns Americans might have and the conflicts between the values of the religion with traditional American values. Others assert that Lowes is merely kowtowing to the demands of social conservatives in particular a group called the Florida Family Association. What I do know is there is nothing that warrants or justifies Congress or any branch of government threatening Lowes or any other business with sanctions for refusing to advertise for any program, whatever their reasoning.

As might be expected various Muslim groups have called for a boycott of the store. Well and good, no one can force them to shop there. But no one can force you not to shop there either. Here's a good place to start. I didn't know Lowe's also sold Keurig Coffee Makers.

Who needs Starbucks anyway?

Christmas On The Western Front, 1914

Slayer Does Christmas As Only Slayer Could. Or Would

H/T Suicide Girls

You Asked For It

 Grace Jones sings Little Drummer Boy-to Pee Wee Herman

H/T Suicide Girls

Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

Richard McEnroe  of Three Beers Later has discovered the perfect satire of what is possibly my all time favorite Christmas song. I would imagine that with this, Melissa McQueen has very much earned herself a place on Ron Paul's naughty list. If I hadn't already been circumcised I'd be willing to go through the ordeal for any one of these ladies, including the old fashioned way via the sharp edge of a stone. 

H/T The Other McCain

If Your Christmas Present Doesn't Seem To Be Working All That Well

Just ask yourself, was there a flaw on the production line. Or was it delivered by FedEx?

H/T Ann Althouse

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have a Cool Yule. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

American Horror Story-The REAL Secret Of The "Murder House"

Tonight's the night fans of the show have been waiting for, while wondering what could possibly happen that would top everything that's come before in the course of this crazy first season? Both Violet (Taissa Farmiga) and Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) are dead. In one of the worst kept secrets in television history, Violet committed suicide whereupon her ghostly psychopath boyfriend Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) hid her body in a crawl space of the Murder House. Previously, as a favor to one of the houses original occupants, Nora Montgomery (who desired even in death a baby to replace her murdered child Thaddeus) Tate raped Vivien and managed to impregnate her while she was also pregnant with a child by her husband Ben (Dylan McDermott). Vivien died in the house giving birth to the twins, the fully human one being supposedly stillborn. Or was it? In that house, how could you possibly know? You would have to wait say three or four years, when you would finally figure out that it was still, you know, a baby and stuff.

Which brings me to the secret of Murder House. Everybody that dies in the house or on the property seems to be trapped there, forever. Or that is, their spirits stay trapped there. This has been an ongoing phenomenon since the mid-twenties, when Doctor Charles Montgomery, then a world-famous "Surgeon To The Stars" built the house for his wife Nora. However, Montgomery's business suffered when he became first a drug addict, and then, well, somewhat unhinged, performing ghastly experiments to graft animal body parts together in vain attempts to create reanimated hybrids. When Nora came to the finally finished home and saw what was going on, she out his ass back to work-as an abortionist for girls wanting to be stars but who had gotten themselves "in trouble".

This went on for some time, until one of Montgomery's patients spilled the beans to her boyfriend, who took revenge on the Montgomery's by kidnapping their son Thaddeus, killing him, and chopping the poor tyke up in pieces, which is how the Montgomery's received his remains-in pieces in a box.

Driven even further insane with grief, Montgomery stitched the pieces back together and combined them with the heart from "one of our girls" (apparently an aborted fetus) and possibly some animals parts, and succeeded in bringing the infant back to "life", which turned out to be the life of a blood sucking monster. When it tried to take blood from Nora, she tried unsuccessfully to kill it with a letter opener, but it got away. Nora then killed her husband, and then herself. Poor Thaddeus apparently died of his wounds later, after some time spent living off the blood of insects and opossums. 

Charles and Nora's spirits remain trapped in the house to this day, as does Thaddeus, as indeed do the spirits of anyone else who subsequently died in the house, which would seem to include most of those who ever lived there.

So what then is the true secret of Murder House? There seems to be two different types of ghosts, those who died there and whose bodies were discovered and buried (or whose bodies were at least removed elsewhere) and those whose bodies were hidden and remain somewhere on the premises.

The latter include the following, with some caveats-

Thaddeus-assuming he actually died.

Moira the maid-who was killed, shot through the eye, by Tate's mother Constance Langdon (Angela Lange) when she discovered her being raped by her husband (who she also murdered, ground up, and fed to her dogs), and who she buried secretly on the grounds of Murder House.

Hayden-A former lover of Ben's who was the reason the family left Boston to begin with. She followed Ben there and threatened him with the news she was pregnant by him, whereupon she was killed by Larry, yet another victim of the House (one of the few surviving ones, though scarred for life by a fire inflicted on him at the hands of Tate), who prevailed upon Ben to bury her with the long buried remains of Moira, then covering them with a gazebo he constructed himself.

Violet Harmon-daughter of Ben and Vivien Harmon, she committed suicide via drug overdose. Tate, her ghost lover, hid her body in a crawl space. She did not know for some time she was dead, having forgotten her own attempt on her life. When she was unable to leave the house, Tate told her the truth and showed her own own decaying remains.

An exterminator who discovered Violet's body in the crawl space and who was subsequently killed by Tate, because Violet realize she was dead and he was waiting for the right time to tell her.

Add to this the fully human son of Vivien, and possibly the unborn child of Hayden, and you have an interesting subset of ghosts. But what is so different about them in comparison to the others?

Well, the others remain stuck at the age in which they died. But the ones whose bodies remain there seem subject to the ravages of aging. Moira, for example, was murdered as a young woman in her prime, yet appears to be now a woman past middle age, well into her fifties or possibly even sixties.

Her she is as a young woman, played by Alexandra Breckenridge. This was her age at her murder, and is the way she appears to Ben and to any man she tries to seduce.

And here she is as she appears to all others, at the age she would be had she not died, and which is apparently her normal appearance, played by Francis Conroy.

As for the Infantate, though he still wears the period clothing of an infant of the twenties, and remains that basic size, he nevertheless presents the appearance of a wizened old man well into his eighties. In fact, here is a photo of him.

Everybody else listed was of course recently dead, so it is too early for any aging to be apparent. However, I am struck by something Constance said to Moira in one of the earliest episodes. She in effect warned her that "I'll kill you again".

So it could be that a ghost whose body remains at Murder House might not just be subject to the ravages of aging but of death as well. If so, is it not about time the Infantate, or Thaddeus, die a normal death of old age? And perhaps more to the point, is it possible that all the problems caused by the vicious Hayden might be solved simply by, well, killing her?

I won't speculate any further, because with this crazy ass show, just about anything is possible. But I did want to put that out there, as I have never seen any speculation as to the reason for the aging process of Moira other than that she is an "old soul", one who nevertheless can appear in the form of a beautiful, voluptuous woman, at the age at which she was murdered, whenever it suits her. And no one has ever commented on the apparent advanced old age of Thaddeus, the Infantata.

Maybe tonight on the season finale, we'll get some answers. But probably a whole lot of other questions as well.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tebow Time

Tim Tebow and the Broncos finally lost after a six game winning streak, but they lost to the greatest team of the last decade, led by the greatest quarterback in that time frame. But though they lost handily by a score of 41-23 they didn't do so bad at that, all things considered. They kept it close until near the end of halftime, when they were only behind by one point, 17-16. Tebow even ran the pigskin in for a touchdown once after the half.Yet Brady's Patriots pulled away and stayed in control of the second half. So the Broncos lost, which means Tebow the prayer warrior lost. And while this will doubtless make the left happy, it really surprised no one, including the right, and most especially the gamblers.

I just don't get what all the controversy is about. So Tebow takes a knee sometime before the game (or is it after? I'm not really sure), and thanks his "lord and savior Jesus Christ". Let the record reflect he also gives a shout-out to his teammates, who he seems to rally every game. He is a proven leader and is likely headed down the path to an exceptional career.

I can understand why people might think Tebow's public prayer service is silly. or a distraction, or why they just don't like it, feel its inappropriate, whatever. But is it really that big a deal? I think this is just another ginned up media controversy myself. It's not like he's really praying for God to give him a win. He's just, you know, thanking him and stuff?

Nevertheless, you get fools like Bill Press chiming in, and you realize what its all about. In his and probably many other cases, it's likely just another way for some mediocre hack to draw attention to himself, and then whine about the lack of respect for his First Amendment rights when he is criticized, even though he is being purposely strident for that very reason. And let's face it, you don't get much more strident than telling somebody to "STFU about Jesus", as Press put it. Now you even have some idiot Rabbi inferring that if Tim Tebow were to somehow win the Super Bowl (which is not going to happen-sorry, not this year), it could lead to the Holocaust.

So far of course all that's happened is some high school kids took a knee in the school hallway between classes, which lead to an in-school suspension for the two brothers who instigated the "Tebowing" incident. Well, you know, you have to get to these potential brown-shirts while they're young, because otherwise, you never can tell. One day its praying in the hallways, and the next thing you know, its Krystalknacht all over again.

What really bothers the left, of course, is that Tebow is so widely admired by conservative Christians, who see him as a spokesman for Christian values, such as the pro-life movement. In other words, a repudiation of leftist "values". In fact, this so bothers the left there is a movement called 10 For Tebow that encourages donations to Pro-Choice causes every time Tebow scores a touchdown.

But leftists can relax a bit for now. Again, Tebow lost tonight to the Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady, who in 2004 supported the re-election of George W. Bush.


It's too bad I never had the talent to be an NFL quarterback. I could envision myself offering the sacrifice of a pig to Ares at the start of every game, and pissing off as many aggrieved groups as I possibly could. Not only due to Christian sensibilities regarding pagan rituals, but Muslims and Jews would find it doubly offensive due to the use of the pig. Vegetarians and animals rights groups would also have me in their cross-hairs, and by invoking Ares I can be sure to piss off the peaceniks as well. By that time I'd have managed to infuriate every other special interest group due to the solidarity of the left, sort of like a group of brain dead zombies in a George Romero film, folks who, having that one thing in common, exercise a kind of unreasoned, even nonsensical cohesiveness.

But at the end of the day, most people would only give a damn about how I played the fucking game. And that's the way it should be.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Invasion Of The Booger Eaters

People should be concerned about the recent rise in the polls of Texas Congressman Ron Paul who is currently polling in second or third place in Iowa, in some cases with more than twenty percent support. Can it hold? I doubt it, but every time a candidate rises, he either crashes and burn like Rick Perry, or his support leaks out as from a balloon, as is the case currently with Newt Gingrich. When this happens, people give somebody else a look, and right now, Ron Paul seems to be the main beneficiary of Gingrich's loss of support.

This is mainly disturbing in view of Paul's core group of supporters, who tend to be mainly comprised of Nazis, Klansmen, and not a few booger-eating conspiracy theorists. Then you have those who seem to gravitate freely amongst all groups of Paul supporters, such as is the case here.

Some Paul supporters are undoubtedly intelligent, thoughtful, and well-meaning, but make no mistake, what will wreck Paul's campaign in the long run are those "others". The American Thinker compiled a list of them as far back as 2007. Reason Magazine also came out with a post that identified the author and ghost-writer of many past Ron Paul newsletters, racist and antisemitic screeds which have been denied by Paul supporters and by Paul himself. But it turns out they were according to many reliable sources penned by none other than Lew Rockwell, a longtime Paul friend and supporter on up to this day.

But if you still need convincing, look no further than the horses mouth, the well-known Stormfront, where there is still no shortage of expressions of loyalty to Ron Paul. Interestingly enough, Paul refuses to disavow the support even of radical Neo-Nazis and Klansmen such as this, and gladly accepts donations from them as well.

Does this mean Paul is himself a racist and antisemite? No, I don't think so. They support Paul mainly because of his opposition to the federal reserve and his intention to end the welfare state in the course of slashing government spending. They also object to the Neocon policies that put America in the position of being the "policeman of the world" as Paul puts it. Do you see the problem here? If a Klansman or Nazi said it was raining in the middle of a thunderstorm, or declared support for the death penalty against rapists and murderers, one would be hard pressed to argue the point. But it would still be an embarrassment.

Yet, surely you can agree with even the most loathsome of people over specific issues without accepting their political support and endorsements, and taking their money. Paul has not yet learned that lesson, which is precisely what brings his integrity into disrepute.

Moreover, some of Paul's policies go beyond borderline racist into a dangerous naivete. The recent interception by Russia of radioactive materials targeted for transfer to Iran, as described at The Other McCain proves that point. Yet Paul insists to this day that Iran could be our friends, if we would only reach out. You know, sort of like Obama did when he first ran. How did that work out again?

To paraphrase an old saying, the Paultards would be dangerous if they had brains. Unfortunately, they seem to have one brain collectively among them, in the form of an octogenarian, naive libertarian idealist whose reasoning power is questionable at best. They will follow him to the gates of hell. And they want to make you follow him too.

Unfortunately, while he will not win the GOP nomination, he could indeed cause problems with perception for the Republican brand. Or more precisely, his followers could. Make no mistake, their legions might not be so huge as their passion infers, but they are out there (way out there).

And they are amongst us. Some of them are racists adherents of the Klan or some other neonazi organization or ideology. And some of them are merely the kind of deranged neurotic, possibly even psychotic type of person who genuinely believes the government planned out 9/11 possibly with the aid of Mossad and even members of a complicit media, for some mind-numbing purpose I have never completely been able to comprehend. These are the kinds of people who've spent their whole lives thinking somebody, somewhere, in some cases possibly from a galaxy far, far away, have been out to get them. And of course, all of us. They've just been smart enough to figure it out. And their leader, their savior, is Doctor Ron Paul.

Because Dr. Paul can make things right, you see. He can, yes, make it all right for them to step out of the shadows, lo, after all this time of living in fear and shame.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Shameful Example Of Child Exploitation By Homosexual Activist "Parent"

Michelle Bachmann was at a book signing appearance in South Carolina when she was approached by this little boy, Elijah who, obviously at the urgings of his "mother", whispered in Bachmann's ear "My mommy's gay and she doesn't need fixing". It's painfully obvious the little boy didn't want to do it, was uncomfortable enough that he had to be urged to repeat the message by his dyke mother. Even Bachmann, sensing the boys discomfort and probably legitimately concerned for him, motioned him close enough to her to where he could whisper the message to her. Bachmann was clearly shocked and taken aback by "his" message.

The main point to me is that this proves beyond any and all reasonable doubt homosexuals should be kept as far from children as possible. In a sense, though, Elijah might be very, very fortunate that his gay "parent" isn't a male homosexual IYKWIMAITYD

Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Cain Train Wreck-We Just Couldn't Keep From Watching It

The question now is how everything shakes out. So says Donald Douglas at American Power about the recent announcement by Herman Cain that he is suspending his campaign. Robert Stacy McCain deserves a measure of respect and sympathy for the way he has steadfastly supported the Cain campaign almost from the beginning, while stoically ignoring my efforts to torture him with what has now become a kind of gallows humor on my part. But make no mistake, the Cain campaign became a walking corpse about two weeks ago. McCain himself got no respect for his efforts, as he himself has come to realize. He blames Cain's staff, a certain one in particular. But indeed this very post points out the systemic problem with Cain's campaign. It almost looks like its being conducted on the fly. But really, whose fault is that? Isn't Cain the guy who claimed he knew how to hire and surround himself with the right people, the kind of people who knew what they were doing, and who could give him the right kind of advice? Well, if his campaign turned into a clusterfuck based on Cain's hiring decisions, what ever would his presidency have been like?

Let's face facts here. Some people claim that Cain was promoting his book the whole time, and there might be a great deal of merit to the charge. But I think he was also and perhaps chiefly angling for an appointment. Possibly Secretary of Commerce, or possibly even as the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve when the next appointment comes up, assuming it will be under a Republican Administration. That does make sense, as Cain is a former Fed governor in the Kansas City Office. Hell, his whole 9-9-9 policy might have been an audition to head the IRS, or possibly even for the big prize, Secretary of Treasury. But I don't believe for one minute he seriously thought he had a shot at winning the GOP nomination. When he shot up in the polls after the implosion of the Perry candidacy, probably no one was more shocked than Herman Cain. It probably speaks volumes as to why Cain treated many of his biggest supporters in the blogosphere so shabbily, including even McCain, his most devoted blogging advocate. Any time Stacy reached out Cain probably secretly said "Hasn't he caused enough problems?"

But now it's all come to naught. And as far as I'm concerned its just as well. It's all well and good to point to Ronald Reagan as an example of a President who made decisions based on the expert advice of his staff. But hell, if that's the criterion, I or anybody else could be a great President. Unfortunately, you have to know how to pick the right staff. And perhaps more importantly, you have to know what the fuck they're talking about when they're advising you.

The whole damn thing has been a big waste of time and a distraction from valid candidates who might have had a legitimate impact and had a chance of winning, like Bachmann or Santorum. It still might not be too late, but I'm very much afraid we're nearing the end. But it could have been worse. Imagine what it would have been like if Cain's personal failings and general incompetence for high office had not come out until he had amassed a significant number of delegates, or conceivably even won the nomination.

As a general rule when you want to run for office, you start out small. Cain could have got Tea Party support for a run for House, Senate, or maybe Governor. But arrogance does strange things to people. It makes them think they should dream big even against all realistic odds of success, or even common sense.