Monday, May 30, 2011

The Dic-Pic Seen Round The World

Here is the penis pic sent out over Twitter by New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner by way of a link to his yFrog account.

And here is the college student, Gennette Nicole Cordova, to whom he sent it.

Weiner is of course in denial, as is the young lady, one of a very few people who followed Weiner, and whom Weiner simultaneously followed on Twitter-along with a high school girl from Delaware and a porn star.

So what's going on here? I think Weiner sent the pic by way of DM (direct message) onTwitter, which is a private communication tool on the site. When she received it, it looks to me like she copied and pasted the DM onto a public tweet, and tweeted it off to her own specific followers, which would include Weiner, even going to the trouble of typing @RepWeiner on the tweet.

This is significant as, unless things have recently changed, the only way the @ appears next to your name on your Twitter timeline-or homepage-is if someone sends you a public tweet, or if they reply to one of your own public tweets.

Unfortunately, there was at least one person, probably the only person who followed both Weiner and the young woman in question. From the moment he saw the tweet, the fun and games began.

Gennelle furiously scrubbed not only her Twitter account, but all her other social networking accounts as well, including her FaceBook page. Even her by-line has been removed from The Horizon, the community college student newspaper she has worked for. Under the scenario I outlined, this could have been to prevent others from looking at her subsequent tweets as well as those of her mutual followers who would likewise have received the tweet with the link to the offending pic. Do note that as of this writing, none of Weiner's followers have stepped forward to comment as to whether they, too, received the dic-pic. Which is odd, considering that if it had been sent publicly by Weiner, tens of thousands of his followers would have received it as well as her. This makes it more likely that the recipients are limited to only her followers, probably a few hundred at most.

Weiner, in the meantime, has likewise scrubbed not only this but all his other pics from his yFrog account, while steadfastly claiming he is the victim of a hacker. Even if it were possible to hack into a Twitter account while the person who owns the account is actually on it (which I am told it is not) I would like to point out to those eager to cast aspersions on USAPatriot76 and even on Andrew Breitbart and other so-called #TCOT Bloggers that Weiner's Twitter account would be as likely, if not more likely, to be hacked by a fellow progressive or liberal Democrat as by a conservative.


1. Weiner has been laying the groundwork to run for New York City Mayor for more than ten years now. Running for the NY Mayor's office will make you some bitter, determined enemies, mostly among your own party if you are a New York City Democrat.

2. The naturally combative Weiner was a supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries, and at one time got into such a heated argument with Obama supporter Ben Afleck that people in the vicinity considered stepping in between the two of them before it turned physical.

3. Weiner, a Jew and unabashed supporter of Israel, was so determined to prevent the Palestinian delegation from appearing at the UN, he made the statement that they should "take their little Palestinian terrorist bags back to where they came from". That is a pretty intense, provocative statement, especially coming from a liberal Democrat.

The point being that Weiner has probably as many determined enemies among the left as he does the right, so liberals should think carefully before they start casting aspersions and making accusations.

But of course, its all bullshit. Nobody hacked Weiner's account. It looks to me like he made the mistake of getting just a little too friendly with somebody that was lacking the maturity to keep their private communications private. He has only one person to blame for that, and his name is Anthony Weiner.

As for Ginger Lee, the porn star that Weiner is following, her loyalty is perhaps more touching. She considers receiving tweets from Weiner akin to receiving them from the Buddha. And the high school girl from Delaware? She also locked up her Twitter account, but since the initial shock wore off, she's back on. She insists that she didn't do anything wrong.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finally, At Long, Long Last-A Much Needed Federal Government Program To Deal With The Insidious Problem Of Childhood Fidgeting

And so far, according to Sundries Shack, this early learning initiative its only going to cost a mere 500 million dollars.

And really, what else can you do. If you are Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Health And Human Services, you know you have to tackle the problem at its source-those formative years starting from birth, which culminate in the manifestation of five year old children who fidget in kindergarten classes. Sometimes these unruly tykes just can't seem to sit still.

But thanks to the wisdom and munificence of the federal government, and by way of your tax dollars, there is hope. Your child can be reprogrammed.

Sundries Shack addresses the real problem here-

The telling word in the story is “problems”. To Sibelius and her fellow progressives, it’s a problem if 5-year-old children act like 5-year-old children. And in classic progressive fashion, her answer is not to alter our educational system to account for this but to “solve” the “problem” with an expansive and expensive government program to reprogram small children so they all act the way Kathleen Sibelius believes they should

I think I agree with Sundries proposed solution to the problem. Somebody needs a spanking.

We know this is folly, which is why we must pry their greedy and delusional hands from the levers of government power every chance we get. If we can’t manage it, we’re going to get more of these lunatic experiments and both we and our children will suffer.

Indeed, until discipline is restored in our school systems, they will continue to spiral out of control, until they are dominated by intellectually lazy and emotionally shiftless bullies who will continue to discredit our institutions of education at all grade levels. Our schools are already plagued with far too many of these immature and incoherent denizens of chaos who have turned our education system into a crumbling failure. By the way-I'm not talking about the students.

Our school system has degenerated to such an extent that, in some of the more extreme cases, by the time a student graduates, if he or she is lucky said student might have picked up some good coping and survival skills along the way to balance out the PTSD. Some of the more determined students might even learn to write their names.

But take heart. According to Kathleen Sibelius, its not really the fault of the school system. It's societies fault, for not taking charge of your fidgeting while you were in your formative years. But this 500 million dollar program should enable us to find ways to address this issue. Then again-

Here’s one last thing to ponder. How much of this $500 million will go toward actually educating children and how much will go into salaries for brand-new school administrators, high-dollar outside consultants, and more cash into the coffers of teachers’ unions?

A good question, but it doesn't really stop there. The real question should be, how long before the five hundred million dollars is increased to five billion dollars, and beyond?

If you ever wondered why there has been such an increase in known psycopaths and sociopaths over the course of the last four decades, you need look no further than America's school system. And its high time we actually did something about it.

This is not the time for fidgeting.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Objective Media, Or Media Objective?

Tigerhawk makes an apt comparison of the media treatment of Sarah Palin to former Senator and VP/Presidential candidate John Edwards, now facing federal prosecution for misuse of campaign funds.

Edwards got a complete pass from the media for years, which avoided reporting the details of his illicit affair for as long as they could, which was until the National Enquirer released the news. Even then, the liberal Democrat base screeched that it was a personal matter, until the news surfaced that Edwards was paying his mistress hush money with campaign funds funneled through an adviser, a man who falsely claimed to be the father of the illegitimate child fathered by Edwards in order to protect the then presidential candidate.

The story eventually made its way into the mainstream press, which pursued it mainly for the human interest of Edwards wife Elizabeth going through this humiliation while simultaneously battling the breast cancer that eventually killed her.

Yet, even at this, the press was remarkably restrained and incredibly objective in reporting these details, and certainly did not dwell on them for an inordinate amount of time.

And this brings us to Tigerhawk's comparison to the Palin coverage.

I have long thought that the media's disparate treatment of John Edwards and Sarah Palin was the most powerful evidence of structural bias toward the left. Edwards was having an affair and the media turned a blind eye. Palin was pregnant by her husband, and the media accused her of faking it and swarmed Alaska with investigators. Edwards had no useful experience -- he was a trial lawyer, which is training for essentially nothing important, and a one-term Senator -- and nobody in the press questioned his qualifications. However one might weigh Palin's resume, she was no less experienced than Edwards (that would be difficult) and the press hammered her constantly for it. Edwards was vain as can be and the press did not even suggest that he was a narcissist (which he obviously is). Palin bought some better looking clothes for campaigning and the whole press pool jumped on it. Edwards could not make a speech without reminding us he was the son of a "mill worker" who had gotten rich and the media ate it up as evidence of humble beginnings. The Palins actually built a successful small business and the media mocked it as a stunt. One could go on.

The disparate treatment of Edwards and Palin is a warning to all Republicans, or at least Republican women -- the non-Fox mainstream media will pretty much do anything it can to destroy you.

Truer words were never spoken. In fact, its so obvious the media doesn't really even try to deny it anymore. Its almost as if they feel if you aren't with them, they don't give a damn what you think. That's the sign of a media that's brought and paid for. And that begs the question, who's writing the checks.

China, India, And Pakistan-The Possible Road To A Nuclear Rumble

Watch this leftist loon reading the news of China's defense of Pakistan and promises of support in the wake of the Bin Laden killing. Even though he's British, he hopes this will all somehow lead to the destruction of Britain, and the US, by way of nuclear attack. He's in love with somebody according to his YouTube homepage, but evidently is having a hard time convincing the girl in question he's the right man for the job. I'm reasonably certain this guy has never been laid, which would explain a lot. But in the meantime, as far as he's concerned, the US and Britain are responsible for all the world's ills.

Ironically, this is the kind of person who is most responsible for the downward spiral of both Britain and the US, but he and his ilk insist on projecting their suicidal impulses onto the rest of us in expiation of their obvious self-loathing. In this case, an unhinged man displays his lunatic evil for all the world to see.

He is referring of course to the recent announcement by China than any further encroachment on Pakistani soil, by the US or by anyone, would be interpreted as an assault on China itself.

In the meantime, China has been steadily strengthening its relationship with Pakistan, in terms of trade, mutual defense and international cooperation, including against India, as explained in the post from the Times of India, linked above-

In its zeal to protect Pakistani rulers, China even indicated it would not pressurize Pakistan to hand over the perpetuators of the Mumbai terrorist attack to India.

The most ominous sign therefore may not be how this applies to Sino-American relations, but to Chinese relations with bordering India, with whom both China and ally Pakistan have had a long and tumultuous relationship which has numerous times led to open warfare.

Now China has extra cause for concern, in that by any objective measurement the economy of India has substantially outgrown the economy of China.

As if it were not bad enough that they are therefore trade rivals, there is also the old border and territorial disputes, which also involves Pakistan to some degree, and which are significant, as they involve more than just a little bit of territory.

Then there is the recent acquisition by China of Gwadar, a Pakistani port on the Indian Ocean. The following paragraph sums it up-

Pakistan's Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar has said China is to take over operation of the strategically positioned port of Gwadar. The announcement has yet to be confirmed by Beijing, but if true it will see yet another addition to China's 'String of Pearls', a group of Indian Ocean ports that China has been developing, ostensibly for commercial use, but which could also have military purposes. CFW believes that a Chinese naval presence in Gwadar would greatly enhance Beijing's ability to project power into the Persian Gulf for the first time in the modern era, and would allow it to guard the western part of its crucial energy supply chain.

Note that this has strategic and military as well as commercial trade implications.

Bear in mind that these three countries together comprise almost one third of the population of the world, they are all three nuclear powers, and one is a sworn enemy of the other two, who are now seemingly joined at the hip in mutual cooperation on trade and defense issues.

Yet, the gravity of the situation seems to have escaped the attention of our government, for the most part. But it is an unfortunate truth that the US position has become so weakened over the years that the Chinese leadership knows they can do this with impunity, while publicly threatening our elected leaders with what can only be interpreted as a swift and strong response should we ever again deign to violate the sovereignty, as they see it, of Pakistani territory.

That means we are no longer evidently allowed to operate predator drones in the northwest territories without the express permission of the Pakistani authorities we have also supported financially, lest any forget, to the tune of billions of dollars yearly.

But more importantly, perhaps, is the implications pertaining to the long-running border disputes between the three nations. India will feel like its in a bind and must now negotiate from a weakened position.

Or at least that's what China hopes. It might not work out that way. I hope it doesn't. I hope the Indians stand firm and doesn't cave in to any demands or provocations, from either the Chinese, the Pakistanis, or both.

But I am certain the Chinese are right about one thing, at least-the Obama Administration will be less than useless to India, regardless of what happens.

In a sense, the man in the video is right about America and Britain's responsibility for all that's wrong with the world. Just not in the way he thinks he is.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Palin Wins Ace Of Spades HQ Straw Poll-Ron Paul Excluded From Poll

Despite the fact that she hasn't declared yet, Sarah Palin has not only won Ace's Straw Poll, but she did so quite handily, at 34.88% of the vote coming in over ten points ahead of her closest competitor, Herman Cain, who polled a respectable 26.08%. In third place was former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, with 23.5%.

Everyone else was left in the dust, including Mitt Romney, who polled a mere 4.56%, coming in fifth behind Minnesota House of Representatives Member Michelle Bachman with 6.29% in fourth place.

In sixth place, curiously enough, was former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson at 2%, polling ahead of former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum at 1.5%.

Coming in with less than one percent of the total was former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and, coming in dead last-Newt Gingrich, who might as well have hung it up before he ever got around to shooting himself in the foot while simultaneously cramming it in his mouth.

Now admittedly this is not a scientific poll, but I think its pretty accurate for a number of reasons. For one thing, Ace has a wide readership among conservatives and Republicans, and his site is in fact probably a bell-weather insofar as current Republican divisions and sentiment goes.

The second thing that makes this poll likely a credible reflection of GOP voter mood is that, although you can vote as often as you want in the poll, only the first vote is included in the final results.

Finally, the most fun part of the poll is the fact that the Paul-bots were excluded from skewing the results of this poll, as they have been so wont to do in so many others, in favor of their Messiah, Texas House of Representatives member Ron Paul.

Despair not, however, as if Paul was included and his numbers were an accurate reflection of his actual support, he would not move the numbers beyond what might well be classified (if this were a scientific poll) as the poll's margin of error.

And its always fun to make the Paul-bots fume and wack out, just for the comic relief, which is something we can all sometimes use.

In the meantime, since its starting to look more likely that Palin is getting ready to run, one can only wonder how her number will look when she does declare.

Obama's Israel Problem, And Why The Progressive Solution Can Only Lead To Failure

A lot has been made out of Obama's speech calling for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, with the pre-1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations. Its hard to make sense out of Obama's statements, but I think Netanyahu gets it. And he's made it crystal clear that he's not having any of it. And for his efforts at standing strong for his nation while trying to very diplomatically help Obama save face, he is now the newest political rock star, possibly the biggest since Clinton, or maybe even Obama himself. His reception first at AIPAC, followed by an appearance before a joint session of Congress, was a triumphal appearance by any standard.

That has to be a bitter pill for Obama to swallow, but if you saw the video of the photo-op White House press briefing with him and Bibi, it was obvious that Netanyahu had Obama on the verge of tears. It was an embarrassment for Obama, the President who first entered the White House under the aura of a cult of personality that was unprecedented in American politics, to be literally scolded by a foreign head of a dependent allied nation, right in the White House, all covered on live media.

So how could Obama overstep his bounds to such an extent? Did he honestly think killing Osama Bin Laden bought him that much political currency? Or is he just an incompetent fool.

The answer is, both reasons are true, but it goes beyond that and strikes at the core of the Progressive's, and liberal Democrats, views of the nation of Israel.

Remember, Israel is first and foremost a democracy, but it is also by definition a Jewish state. According to leftist definition, it is therefore by virtue of its Jewish character, a racist state. But it goes beyond that. By occupying land that it took in the 1967 war, it is also by definition, according to progressive ideology, an apartheid state.

That is the real sticking point, and further goes a long way towards explaining the unfathomable degree of support the Democratic Party yet commands among the American Jewish population, most of whom are progressives.

So when you hear a progressive like Obama, Kerry, or Clinton talk about protecting Israel, guaranteeing its security, and defending its right to exist, they aren't so much lying as they are blinded to and by their own ideological hang-ups.

Ask any non-politician progressive how they feel about the issue and they will tell you straight up, they should return to the pre-1967 borders, but even more importantly, the Israelis should agree to the "Right of Return", meaning the right of the sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of Palestinians exiles from the current state of Israel, to return to the nation they hold was unfairly taken from them.

Only then, they argue, can there be peace. They know of course that this would be a demographic time bomb, but far from being a problem, they see this as the solution. Remember, to them Israel is a racist state. By engendering a majority Arab population at some point in the future, the twin problems of racist policy and especially apartheid will come to an end, and with them, any need for further agitation.

Once this is all settled, then the soon to be minority Jewish population will, they are sure, live in peace with their Arab majority overlords.

It's called magical thinking, which is about the best way you can describe leftist ideology. Perhaps a more accurate term for it would be insanity manifest in the form of mental rot and moral equivalency. The Palestinians, you see, are murderous only because they have had this position thrust upon them. Give them what they, and progressives, feel is their just compensation for years of what they insist is a grave, multi-generational imposed injustice, and they will no longer feel the need to act out in savage, murderous fashion.

In other words, its an extension of the same kind of failed, progressive hug-a-thug policies that encourage you to think that criminals only commit crimes due to negative societal influences, and that with a few years of enforced, intense therapy, most of them can be totally reformed, and go on to lead normal, well-adjusted lives as good citizens and contributors to society. They just need a second chance, although admittedly in some extreme cases, they might need a third or a fourth chance. But we need to help them because, by golly, its just the right thing to do.

Progressives, liberal Democrats, and all of their ideological brethren, just don't want to admit, at least not openly, that there are some people that are just beyond reform or redemption. There are a great many, unfortunately, with whom you can and should only deal with in the harshest possible terms. When you find yourself put in that position, then you have no legitimate choice other than to act with firmness and sometimes without mercy. You must do so for the sake of you, your family,friends, and community. Sometimes it becomes necessary even for the overall well-being of any civilized society, to destroy them utterly.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Muslims Are Glad The Jews Are In Israel

You don't believe me? . There's probably a lot more of them than you might think. The following video is proof that, yes, they are out there.

H/T Sister Toldjah

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Progressive Media Cult Of Obama Chastises A Heretic

Its an open secret within the media, and without, that if they want to stay in the good graces of the Obama Administration, they have to toe the orthodox Democratic Party line. If they don't they could find themselves left out of the loop. Banned, like The Boston Herald, from covering the White House, excluded from press briefings or any other official White House functions.

Since this threat hangs heavy over the the editorial boards of the nations media organizations, and has not an insignificant effect on even hard news coverage, then it only stands to reason that a compliant media outlet would police its individual members. If one were to stray too far from the herd, he might well find himself in the unenviable position of editorial cartoonist Ted Rall. He could find his work facing constant, on-going rejections.

Rall is open about his problem with the many left-of-center, as he calls them, magazines and newspapers who, having once eagerly accepted his work during the Bush years, now reject it out of hand, due to his criticisms of Obama. He has even shared some of his responses, some of which are as follows-

A sample of recent rejections, each from editors at different left-of-center media outlets:

· “I am familiar with and enjoy your cartoons. However the readers of our site would not be comfortable with your (admittedly on point) criticism of Obama.”

· “Don’t be such a hater on O and we could use your stuff. Can’t you focus more on the GOP?”

· “Our first African-American president deserves a chance to clean up Bush’s mess without being attacked by us.”

I have many more like that.

So there you have it. Admittedly, what he calls "left-of-center" are such progressives magazines as "The Nation" and "Mother Jones", but it doesn't take much of a stretch to apply it to the more mainstream media, both print and broadcast. In fact, the atmosphere has been so poisoned with it you could cut it with a knife.

And remember, Rall is basically a free-lancer, although his cartoons are syndicated in many papers. Imagine what it must be like for a relatively unknown young journalist struggling to make a name for himself.

You are always conscious as to who and what provides the bread and butter.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Media Jackass Fellates Obama, But This Time Swallows Too Much Wad And Chokes

From Newsbusters-

Watch David Gregory, moderator of NBC's Meet The Press, make a total jackass out of himself on MSNBC's Morning Joe. First he says Obama's speech-about Israel and how its pre-1967 borders is the correct starting point for any future Israeli-Palestinian negotiations-enjoyed widespread agreement and support in Israel. But when questioned about this, he stammers and can't come up with one single name. Here's how it went down, courtesy of Ace of Spades HQ-

DAVID GREGORY, �MEET THE PRESS� HOST: I just want to make a point here. Joe, I disagree with you. This is not just the view of the White House in terms of what they think Israel ought to accept. This also reflects prominent views within Israel that this speech was actually good news for the Israeli government for some of the points that have already been laid out here.


JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: Obviously, we talked about earlier, on the minds of a lot of people inside the White House and the state department is the U.N. vote coming up this fall, David, and this is seen as leverage obviously for that. We�ve talked about that. But you said this is also seen as good news for some in Israel. What major Israeli public figures have come out supporting the President's speech?

GREGORY: Well, I (stammers), I don't think there have been major public figures that have, but some of the commentary that�s coming out of (stammers) the commentary in the press there and others who are looking at the situation are, are recognizing that some of these factors diplomatically are actually positive for Netanyahu.

See, when these motherfuckers tell you something, you're supposed to be stupid enough to just take their word for it. But if somebody, in this case program host Joe Scarborough, calls them on it, they can't deal with the contradiction. That's because in the case of Gregory, and plenty of others of his ilk, they are so arrogant it would never occur to them to be prepared in the eventuality somebody calls bullshit. This is especially true in the case of fellow journalist Scarborough, who I have to admit much of the time is about as big an asshat as Gregory. This isn't so much about Scarborough being a good, honest journalist as it is about him being off his game to the point he went off script.

Of course, to those of us who make the effort to pay attention, this comes as no surprise and is almost not really noteworthy. It's just too bad it happened on MSNBC, whose viewership doesn't pay attention, and more to the point, doesn't care. If it happened on Meet The Press, now that would have been a noteworthy embarrassment to Gregory's career as Democrat ass-kisser, which yes, is about what it amounts to.

Every time David Gregory is around Barak Obama, he should seriously have his stomach pumped afterwards. You can catch a disease doing that, especially if you have ulcers.

H/T The Other McCain

Friday, May 20, 2011

RIP Macho Man

Bullshit or not, Macho Man Randy Savage was arguably the most entertaining professional wrestler of all. Dead now at 51, from an auto accident in Florida. I guess those fucking Slim Jims are only good for so much.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama To Redistribute American Wealth To The Muslim World As Creeping Shariah Infiltrates The US Executive Branch

Creeping Shariah is gaining yet another foothold, in the US Executive branch, particularly the Justice and Homeland Security Departments. No longer can federal investigators enter a Muslim home to question a Muslim wife outside the presence of her husband, while an Arab mosque will now be, for all intents and purposes, the equivalent of an embassy. In order to insure that all federal officers are properly trained, a training video has been made to help our beleaguered officers conduct themselves properly-

“The First Three to Five Seconds: Arab and Muslim Cultural Awareness for Law Enforcement” is an outrageous example of the U.S. government appeasing the very worst elements of Islam, even at the expense of our own laws and values. This training film not only instructs law enforcement officers to obey Sharia gender rules when conducting investigations, it’s also a flagrant piece of pro-Islamic propaganda that presents Muslim gender discrimination as proof of Islam’s “strong connection to God.”

“The First Three to Five Seconds” was initially developed by the Department of Justice, and it’s now used by both the DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security to train all of their law enforcement personnel. “The First Three to Five Seconds” is described on the DHS website as a film that “introduces law enforcement officers to basic principles of the Arab American and Muslim American cultures.” However, the DHS description hardly does this instructional film justice.

In the closing credits of the following film, one of the organizations thanked for its assistance in the making of the film is the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, the Hamas-connected mosque at which current al-Qaeda commander Anwar al-Awlaki served as Imam. You can also view the film at the Department of Homeland Security website, where you will be asked to fill out a form after viewing the video.

In the meantime President Barak Obama, in a speech due sometime today, Thursday May 19th, 2011, will announce a multi-billion dollar aid package intended to primarily benefit the nations of Egypt and Tunisia.

The package will consist of one billion dollars in debt relief and another billion in loans, with several billion more to be funneled through the World Bank. It is intended to promote jobs for Muslim youth, and to push for democratic reforms. Obama hopes this will increase America's prestige abroad, particularly in the Muslim world.

Of course, once the spigot is turned on, it will be next to impossible to turn it off, or for that matter to even slow it down. It will be expected to continue from now on, until the end of time, i.e., when the US economy completely collapses.

You can also expect an increase in the uptick of Muslim immigrants to the US. And of course, all of us will as always be expected to learn to be sensitive to raghead Muslim sensitivities.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Necrophilia-Now It's Halal

That means it acceptable for an Islamic man to have sex with the corpse of his dead wife. It's also acceptable, provided it's possible, for an Islamic woman to have sex with the corpse of her dead husband.

But hey, don't take my word for it, take the word of Sheikh Zamzari Abdelbari, an Islamic scholar and Imam from Morocco. According to him, the marriage bonds are not severed by death. That is because the Koran explicitly states that a man and his wife-wives where applicable-will be together in paradise after both have died. Therefore, they are still married, even during that time when one might be separate from the other.

Now, granted, it is disgusting, he concedes, and should be avoided-but there it is. It is halal, and thus acceptable. And not to put too fine a point on the matter, but he didn't say all this in the course of a casual conversation over some hookah at a local Casablanca juice bar. No, this declaration comes from the imam in the form of a a fatwa.

But naw, we shouldn't worry that these people might take the words of the Koran too literally, or maybe completely out of context, should we now?

Pima County's Democrat Sheriff Dupnik Strikes Again

Remember the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords by Jarod Loughner, and how Sheriff Dupnik blamed it on conservative political rhetoric? Then it turned out that he dropped the ball with the troubled Loughner, whose mother was a county employee and colleague of the sheriff. I went so far as to propose that Dupnik might even have been tacitly involved in the shooting in a move to replace Giffords, a Blue Dog Democrat, with a more progressive House Representative with whom he might exercise more influence.

Admittedly, that was more a matter of spit and vinegar on my part, although I did think the theory had at least some merit. Now, after what recently happened just earlier this month, I am more convinced than ever that Dupnik is one evil motherfucker.

A Pima County Swat team, on the 5th of May, acting on what I have to suspect were trumped up charges of drug trafficking, attacked the home of Jose Guerena-a former Marine, a veteran with no criminal record. They went in with guns blazing. By the time it was over Guerena, their targeted victim, was dead, shot multiple times.

According to Guerena's wife, the Pima County Sheriff's charges are without merit, but the SWAT team removed what they alleged was "evidence" from the home, including a computer.

Dupnik recently survived a recall effort in Pima County, and I have to wonder if this might have been an attempt to stage a warning to his enemies-"don't fuck with me". It might also be a way to make him look tough on Latino drug gangs. The problem there is, while Guerena was Latino there is no evidence he was ever involved with any Latino gangs, or for that matter, drugs of any kind. No, he appears to have been nothing more nor less than a hard working husband and father of two who never knew why he was being targeted by the Pima County fascists that pass for a Sheriff's Department.

Or maybe he did. Maybe somebody at the Department had it in for him. Maybe it was personal. Or maybe it was professional. And maybe, just maybe, that person was Dupnik.

It also bears noting that none of the usual leftist suspects, including the Three Sonorans, are raising a ruckus about this, despite the fact that here is a Latino murdered by an Arizona Sheriff's Department. Not only are they not complaining, or so much as asking questions, they as of yet haven't mentioned it at all, nor has any of the liberal progressive bloggers in the Tucson area. But of course, Guerena was a law-abiding American citizen, while Dupnik is, after all, a liberal Democrat.

Do you even want to imagine what their reaction would be if the victim was an actual Mexican drug smuggler, and the Sheriff's Department was, say for example, that of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The wolves would be descending on Phoenix and foaming at the mouth as I type this post.

Unfortunately, the video I attempted to embed here will not work right, but if you go to the post linked here you can get a sense of just how suspicious this whole sorry affair is.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Warning To America

From Geert Wilders, courtesy of The Brussels Journal. It's a sobering read. Wilders speaks from experience. He's lived the life of a modern European who is ruled by political correctness, and whose rights are trampled under a hateful regime of hate speech laws regarding expressions of opposition to the growing encroachment of Islam is Western countries. Of course, to the left, Wilders is a symbol of "Islamophobia" and "intolerance".

In my opinion there is arguably one thing worse than Islamists, and that is the non-Islamic American leftists who are their apologists and enablers. To the Islmists, we should shut our doors, but only after we have opened it wide enough and long enough to give their leftist supporters the heave-ho.

But whatever you do or now believe, read the article.

Do We Really Need Another Amityville Horror?

I don't think so, but get ready for The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes. Leave it to Hollywood to milk anything that's remotely successful for all its worth, as opposed to coming up with an actual original idea. In this case, its even worse than that. This is not only a rip-off of the first movie, already the subject of a reboot a mere six years ago, but this sequel is based as much on Paranormal Activity, a more recent successful horror film.

The whole premise is stupid to begin with. A young no-account murders his entire family and is sent to prison, whereupon a new family moves in the old house a few years later. The place proves to be haunted, whereupon it is eventually ascertained that the horrific poltergeist activity is the result of the house having been constructed over an ancient Indian burial ground. The restless spirits want revenge for whatever killed them, and so they take it out on the family and, as fate would have it, on the previous family, whose murderous oldest son was influenced by the other-worldly spirits of the dead.

Only it all turned out to be a big scam. The book by the author, who was the head of the family portrayed in the film, in fact perpetrated a hoax, and not a very good one at that. Not only was there never an Indian burial ground, but come to find out the Indian tribe in question never lived in the vicinity.

As if that were not bad enough, the movie all but ignored the fact that the original residents of the property, the DeFeo family, had connections to the Genovese crime family. Ronald DeFeo, the drug addled maniac who murdered his entire family, was the grand-nephew of Peter DeFeo, a Genovese caporegime. Ronald in fact initially alleged that his family was murdered by a hit man in the employ of the mobster, whom he claimed to fear.

In reality, Ronald murdered his father following a dispute, with some evidence suggesting his sister Dawn was a co-conspirator, though he claims to have murdered her after she took it on herself to murder the younger siblings, which he denies having wanted to do, and which he claims angered him. There were two other conspirators, one of whom is now dead, the other one who is now in Witness Protection, although it is unclear as to whether this is because of this case or something else.

It looks as though Ronald hoped to collect the insurance money and use his uncle as a fall guy, but it didn't work out. The police (some of whom might have been on the Genovese payroll to begin with and might have even been a direct associate of Peter DeFeo) saw through the lies due to repeated inconsistencies. Ronald DeFeo, now sixty years old, is still in prison where he will probably and should remain for the rest of his life.

But none of this is any more than an interesting side story in the book, and to all intents and purposes all but ignored in the films.

There are two ways of approaching this story. In point of fact, there is a documentary of the story which started filming last year, which should be interesting, while a fictional film based on the actual facts of the case might also be good, if done right.

For that matter, a film with the supernatural elements would be justified on the grounds of artistic license, but it should be woven around the actual true history of events. The fact that it would depart from the cannon of the original book and film is irrelevant, seeing as how it was all based on a corrupted version of historical events to begin with.

Hollywood is supposed to thrive on creativity, or so you would think, but the reality is, the bottom line business-end barely tolerates creativity. Films like this, like so many others, is a sure sign that their bread and butter is more aptly described as fluff.

Granted, if this film is done as good as can be expected on a technical level, It might take courage for some poor souls to sit all the way through it. But it takes a pure coward to make a film like this one.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Head Of The IMF And French Presidential Candidate Arrested In New York For Sexual Assault

His name is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and he was arrested in New York City for sexual assault, attempted rape, and unlawful imprisonment of a 32 year old female housekeeping employee of the Sofitel Hotel, where Straus-Kahn was lodging at the time.

According to the official NYPD police report he emerged naked from his room and chased the female employee down the hallway. According to his attorneys, he will plead Not Guilty.

Of course, his supporters are already claiming that he was set up. After all, prior to this he was most often touted as the most likely potential candidate to defeat Nicolas Sarkozy in the latter's re-election bid as President of France. He is also listed in The Jerusalem Post as one of the world's 50 most influential Jews, coming in at number 6, ahead even of Michael Bloomberg and David Axelrod. Something tells me his ranking in that regard is going to drop like a rock, probably faster and lower than his standing in the French presidential polls.

Here is his Wikipedia entry and, well well well, what do you know, he is a member of the Socialist Party of France.

As appalling as this story is, what I find most disturbing is the idea of a socialist in charge of the International Monetary Fund. To my way of thinking, that would be tantamount to making Al Capone the CEO of Brinks Security.

Yeah, this guy as President of France. There's not just one joke there, that's a whole Book of French Jokes, Volumes 1, 2, & 3.

Bill Clinton and Juanita Broderick were not available for comment.

H/T Simply Jews

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tucson Elementary School Book Teaches Latino Children To Hate Anglos, Advocates Violent Overthrow Of The US Government And Capitalism

UPDATE-A commenter just informed me that the video I had originally posted, of the Tucson School Board meeting at which sections from an anti-American school book were read aloud, had been removed from YouTube. I then learned this was done at the behest of The Three Sonorans, a pro-immigrant group which flagged the video on the grounds of copyright infringement. Having found and read their site, Tucson Citizen, their complaint at the video's content seems to be that it is taken out of context. They are complaining about the recent firing of teachers involved in an ethnic studies curriculum that has been controversial in the Tucson area. They are especially opposed to what they call the "TEApublican" member of the school board, interestingly enough a Democrat named Mark Stegman, who they claim stepped outside the bounds of parliamentary procedure in calling witnesses that represented his point of view, which the Sonorans like to paint, in typical fashion, as "anti-immigrant".

I've been around the tracks enough to know that what they call "anti-immigrant" is probably more accurately described as "anti-leftist", and more to the point, "pro-American". To avoid confusion, I have posted their own nearly identical video in place of the original, now removed one.

As recorded in the video below, a concerned citizen from the Tucson area brought the schoolbook to the attention of the Tucson Board of Education, where at a meeting she read aloud several of the offending words and phrases that promotes the philosophy of Aztlan, teaching violent overthrow of the US government and the destruction of capitalism while blaming the Anglo for the problems of Latinos, including poverty and the drug problem. There were also obscenities present in the book, including the Latino word for "fucking".

In a moment of unintentional hilarity, one of the school board members objected to the repetition of the obscenities on the grounds of the presence at the meeting of some children. He was quickly reminded that this was being read from a schoolbook which was read to and by children in the Tucson public school system, for instructional purposes.

Of course, since any and all schoolbooks issued to children of a school system usually have to meet the approval of the School Board to begin with, one can not help but wonder whether the member's objection was not so much that the words from the schoolbook might be heard by the children, but by the parents present at the meeting.

EPILOGUE-Below is the originally posted video, which you can tell has now been removed by the Sonorans. They claim copyright infringement. I think they just don't want you to see the video posted from the perspective of an opposing viewpoint, which I have no doubt is the correct viewpoint. They would prefer that, if you see it at all, you see it under the aegis of their self-serving attempt at damage control. These people would probably also tell you Santa Ana was a progressive, peace-loving man who just wanted what was best for all of his people, until those pesky, racist white gringo Americans invaded and stole their land. I think you can safely take their perspective with a heavy dose of epsom salts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Am Now Officially A Republican

It's been too long coming, but while taking care of some business matters yesterday, I took the time to change my registration. Unfortunately, too late to be able to vote in Kentucky's gubernatorial primary this May, but that's all right. I feel like a heavy weight has been taken off my shoulders.

I was a registered Democrat for a long time. I used to be a somewhat liberal Democrat. But there was always that seed of discontent. It started out with a resentment of Democrats hypocrisy when it came to free-speech issues, the group-think, the political correctness, the corruption that spilled over from time to time into the public consciousness.

But the more I started looking into what Democrats really stand for, in relation to the Constitution especially, the more discontent I felt. I started to look at everything objectively, as opposed to the rose-colored glasses served up by the party elites with the aid of a complicit media. The more I strengthened my position on a variety of issues I had always been at odds with Democrats over, such as gun control and the death penalty, crime and the justice system in general, as well as matters of national security and defense, the more I found myself questioning their stand on other issues. On all but perhaps a relative handful of issues, I found myself agreeing more and more with the Republican position, and seeing the Democratic position for what it is.

This is not to say I'm happy with the Republican Party. My late conversion to the rank-and-file of the GOP yesterday was not accompanied by a celebration. It was more like a mixture of death and rebirth.

But at least I can look at the GOP and say they do try to represent close to the original intent of the founding fathers, flawed though they might be in some respects. Had it not been for the emergence of the Tea Party as a factor in national politics, I might have been content to remain a registered Democrat, to be blunt. While I have come to realize that the best Democrat is not quite as acceptable as even the worse Republican, that in itself was not enough to win my loyalty. It was the Tea Party that has given me hope that the GOP can be reformed, and dragged kicking and screaming to be the party it should be, one that champions liberty, individual and property rights, and promotes small but efficient government that is kept in check, and serves the people and the national interest, as opposed to regulating and controlling the people, dividing them along class, racial, and gender lines, and promoting the special interests of the leftist progressives that have come to constitute their elite corps.

Like I said, its been a long time coming, a long journey. Someone recently stated that I should change the name of my blog, that I am not truly a pagan. Of course, he's a leftist, an admitted socialist whose only complaint about the Democrats are they aren't progressive or socialist enough. This is the kind of person, like the vast majority of leftist progressives, like the majority of Democratic Party officials-and more and more, the Democrat rank-and-file, I'm afraid-who wants to force the American people in general to be subjugated to their own interests, and who want to use the government to do so. That is their objective. To be perfectly blunt, it is a traitorous goal, in my honest opinion.

The Democratic agenda is basically an attempt at enslaving the American people by making them dependent on a large bureaucratic government supported by a plethora of groups who want to drain the country's treasury, and who have in fact in doing so for decades contributed to the debt crisis we face today, and probably for decades to come.

I like to credit my pagan beliefs with giving me the impetus to look into all of these things, and to seek out and find the truth, about the progressive left, the socialist who control the agenda of the Democratic Party.

Besides, the very idea that a pagan must be a liberal/leftist/progressive/socialist, or he's not really a pagan, is just the proof I'm talking about that these people are, at the very corps, fascist and totalitarian in nature. I can no longer in good conscience be associated with them by having my name attached as a member. To this day, the memory of the time that I was so affiliated with them is a cause of shame and embarrassment.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Restoring Faith In American Exceptionalism

For that feat, I want to thank Courtney Messerscmidt, who blogs as GrEaT sAtAnS gIrLfRiEnD, and who in an interview for Foreign Policy explained why so many of her peers expressed joy and gratitude over the death of Osama Bin Laden.

I don't want to discourage you from reading the article, so I'll just give you the short, condensed version. Basically, Bin Laden was an asshat who deserved his fate for the evil he committed and represented. And even better, most Americans are down with that.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world seems to feel differently. The UN wants an investigation into the death of the Al-Queda boss, and most Europeans are simply aghast at American displays of wanton joy at his demise. Not all, to be sure. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, also expressed her happiness at the terrorist bums death, but unfortunately, she seems to be in the minority of Germans. One judge has even gone so far as to threaten prosecution on the grounds that Merkel's reaction was tantamount to rewarding and approving a crime, while further calling her remarks "tacky and undignified".

Meanwhile, the majority of Germans, according to one poll, considered her remarks to be "un-Christian and vengeful."

And as though to rub salt in the still painful wounds of 9/11, the nation of Pakistan, while denying that it aided and abetted Bin Laden, is still angry over the operation, and has even hinted at retaliation.

Such is the worthlessness of the world we have been defending for the last seventy-plus years. The reaction of American citizens to the death of Bin Laden, minus a few notable assholes like Michael Moore, should be at least understandable.

Ironically, people like Courtney would probably be among the first to disagree with me when I say we should remove our troops from most foreign areas and leave these people to their collective, well deserved fates. I might not necessarily cheer and dance in the streets when they met that fate, but I wouldn't waste so much as one sheet of Kleenex over it either. Its just been coming for such a long, long, long, long time.

No Ride List

Senator Charlie Schumer has just proposed a No-Ride List for Amtrak, in order to keep terrorists off the trains. At first glance that seems fine. There's a No-Fly List for planes already, why not have a similar system for Amtrak and any other passenger trains, or subways?

The problem is, just the difference. No-Fly lists tend to work on a basis of international security cooperation. Trains are not international. What passenger trains still exist tend to have very limited, regional routes here in the US.

Now if we know who these people are already, and we know enough about them to deprive them of the right to ride a train or any other kind of public transportation, then what the fuck are they still doing here?

Here's an idea-how about a "Get The Fuck Out Of This Country" List?

Or, even better, how about a "Target" List, complete with "Bullet Points".

For the time being, if you ride the train or subway, you might want to take your kids off to the side and explain to them that the man in the funny looking uniform isn't trying to feel them up for sexual reasons, he's just trying to keep us all safe from the terrorists from those same Arab countries some their fellow passengers have come from. You know, the ones that are rarely if ever checked.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers Day had its origins in ancient Greece, in a festival in honor of Rhea, the wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus, and his brothers and sisters. The festival continued in adapted forms throughout the days of the Roman Empire, and on down through the ages, celebrated in England as Mothering Day. It wasn't until after the Civil War that it was revived in America, where it has continued to the present day.

And so, in honor of all mothers everywhere, both human and divine-Happy Mothers Day.

Stand By Your Man

For our final post in celebration of NATIONAL OFFEND A FEMINIST WEEK, I submit this as my nomination for theme song of the event. The song of Good Wives everywhere.

Progressive Rank-And-Defile


You know that progressive feminists aren't very secure in their femininity, or for that matter their humanity, when they can't keep from attacking even the children of their political opponents. If anybody can tell you that, its the Palins. Since Sarah was chosen as John McCain's VP running mate, she herself was attacked, mercilessly, even though she stood up to the oil companies and a crooked GOP machine in her home state of Alaska-things that would have guaranteed liberal Democrats would sing her praises if she were a Democrat. Unfortunately for her, she's a Republican. Worse, she's a devout Christian who wouldn't even consider aborting her Down's Syndrome afflicted newborn son.

But of course it didn't stop with her. Her husband has been attacked, as have her children. Bristol has especially been the recipient of progressive and Democrat loony leftist ire on a number of occasions, most recently for being one of the spokespersons for The Candies Foundation, an organization that tries to work to reduce the number of teen pregnancies.

Their problem with Bristol is that, instead of focusing on birth control, she promotes abstinence. Yep, nothing will raise a feminists, or any liberals ire like encouraging teenage girls to NOT have premarital sex.

Then they took another line of attack, when it was learned Bristol was paid a hefty salary for her work with the foundation. What they are ignoring is that Bristol's fame will raise the profile of the Candies Foundation in a way an ordinary spokesperson could never do. Why shouldn't they pay her for her time and effort?

Nevertheless, the feminists at the feminist web-site Fisting-oops, my mistake, that's Feministing-are incensed at Palin, for both preaching abstinence, and for taking a large six figure salary-but mainly for being a conservative Christian and daughter of Sarah Palin.

I think their point is that Bristol sounds elitist in her ads. Now being as these are progressives, you are kind of tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt, seeing as how they should be experts at what constitutes elitism. But let's look at this carefully and thoughtfully.

Bristol says in the ads that she came from a privileged background with many advantages that many other girls might not have, and that in such cases an unwanted pregnancy could in effect be a severe hardship.

See, that's the difference between Progressives/Liberals/Democrats-and Human Beings. If you tell the simple truth, it sounds elitist, smug, or hateful.

But when they tell a fucking lie, and screech at the top of their fucking lungs about it, and make veiled and not so veiled threats of violence, then you are any number of vile things if you disagree with them, even if you do so in a relatively civil tone of voice or writing style.

Of course, nobody would listen to a girl like Bristol Palin when she warns her peers not to make the same mistakes she did. But evidently they'll listen to some three time loser who tells them the proper way to put a condom on their boyfriend, and how to go about getting ab abortion if the condom breaks or the pill fails to work.

But, I guess that's the essence of being a "real woman" in today's feminist world. Whenever you see a gutter, don't walk away-by all means, jump right in.

A Good Woman Knows Her Place


It's official, Pope John Paul II is now officially an almost Saint. I guess that means that if you ask him to intercede on your behalf with the big guy upstairs, he'll get back to you as soon as possible. Seriously, whether you believe in the beatification of dead people or consider the Catholic process to be a "cult of Saints", it is nevertheless a nice gesture on behalf of a man who spend a large portion of his life and career as a staunch anti-communist and advocate for old-fashioned values. While contributing to no small measure to the demise of the Soviet Union and freeing Eastern Europe from the grip of communist tyranny, he never missed an opportunity to advocate against abortion and birth control. He was a fierce warrior for traditional marriage and the rightful role of women as wives, mothers, and homemakers. Not bad for an organization that is on balance progressive-which makes his stance on the role of women even more infuriating to his fellow progressives.

John Paul and his successor, Benedict XVI have made it clear the Church will never change its stand on these important issues, but will be a bulwark against the ever-encroaching culture of immorality and death.

As such, Benedict too is to be commended for deposing Bishop William Morris of Australia, for stating he would be willing to allow women to be Priests. Married men, too. Gays, even. Who does he think he is, Rowan Williams?

Look, the Catholic Church is what it is. What would it look like if a pagan used Near Beer to attune with Dionysius, and denounced the consumption of alcoholic beverages? What if someone arbitrarily decided Artemis, as a lover of animals, demanded her adherents become vegans? It wouldn't make a lot of sense, would it?

Well, then, you shouldn't expect the Catholic Church to suddenly start passing out condoms and giving pregnant teens vouchers for Planned Parenthood. And you should not, under any circumstances, expect the Church to suddenly start ordaining women for the Priesthood.

That's just not a woman's place.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Momma, Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Dancers


The following public service announcement from Romanian television warns of the potentially catastrophic results when women insist on competing with men in the work force to such an extent they neglect to spend the proper amount of time educating their children-especially their daughters, who need a mothers guidance. Far too many women are content to let strangers teach their daughters or, as seen here, allow their children to watch far too much television. This all too often results in young girls learning the wrong values, which can lead to dire consequences.

The onus then is on the mothers of a family. If you have young daughters, perhaps you should consider quitting your job in order to devote your time to raising them properly. Otherwise-

Friday, May 06, 2011

Sometimes Even The Best Of Husbands Just Need A Piece Of Strange


One of the best written, acted, and directed prime time dramas on network television might be The Good Wife which, though it takes place in the modern era, in many ways portrays characters with good old fashioned values. This is especially true of the title character, Alicia Florick, wife of Peter Florick, recently elected to a new term as States Attorney of Cook County (yeah, Chicago) after serving a stint in jail on corruption charges.

He also slept around, despite being married and with two dependent children, while serving his first term as States Attorney. In fact, he paid prostitutes with taxpayer money. Putting aside for the moment that he is obviously a Democrat (and therefore such behavior is to be expected on that basis alone), I think we can agree that Peter Florick, under any reasonable criterion, can be considered a cad.

Yet, wife Alicia does not leave him. She gets a job at a prestigious Chicago law firm, yet not only does she not file for divorce, she takes Peter back in when he is released from prison, and further gives him comfort and encouragement when he decides to seek to regain his old political position.

Unfortunately, over the course of time, she discovers that he once slept with her now best friend, Kalinda. So now, as seen in the clip below, she is ready to at last call it off.

What can you say? Hoooo boy, women will be women, huh? Alicia is obviously wanting to begin a new relationship with her boss at the law firm, and is using this "news" of her husband's infidelities, with a woman she didn't even know when it happened, as an excuse.

If this show continues down this path, it will prove to be yet another example of television turning its back and thumbing its nose at good old fashioned family values.

Men need to get a strange piece of pussy every now and then. It's a part of their DNA. Its all a part of their inborn hunting instincts. No, women aren't supposed to be happy about it and just put up with it. Of course they are supposed to resist, put their foot down, and insist on fidelity. That's who they are. And its also appropriate that they should dish out punishment, but to within a reasonable extent.

But ending a marriage over something that is a matter of human nature, well that's just a bridge too far.

Write, phone, or e-mail CBS. Tell them to keep Alicia Florick a devoted "Good Wife". as an inspiration to all the other young girls and women who might also be thinking of leaving their husbands for no good reason.

Aubrey Plaza-Pregnant With My Child?

My personal goal for NATIONAL OFFEND A FEMINIST WEEK for Friday, May 6th, 2011 is to be a responsible baby daddy. It's not going to be easy, but I have to do the right thing. The responsible thing. I have managed somehow to impregnate not just any woman, but Aubrey Plaza, star of the NBC sitcom Parks And Recreation. I met her in a bar here in Kentucky a few weeks back and took her to a motel room. After a night of wild sex, she left the following morning while I was barely half awake. I was so hungover I stumbled around for half a day trying to pull myself together, but didn't really give it much thought otherwise, until I watched P&R last night. Sure enough, she looks pregnant to me. She has that glow.

Now of course, I don't KNOW that she is pregnant, and if she is, I don't KNOW the child is mine, but if that turns out to be the case, I owe it to the child, to me, and to Aubrey, to marry the woman and be a good baby daddy. I will not run, hide, obfuscate, deny, and I will not support any ideas of aborting the child.

I didn't even recognize Aubrey when she first come in the bar. Like most celebrities, she evidently tends to disguise her appearance while out in public. Suffice it to say, when I first saw her, she looked something like this-

But after I was there for a while, I started noticing something strange about her. One beer followed another, and as I relaxed I began to see through Aubrey's clever disguise. By closing time, and my fifteenth can of Bud, she had evidently dropped all pretenses, as I sat gazing at the smiling face of Aubrey Plaza-

So as you can tell, my options are limited. I will, I must, do the right thing by her. Its just a good thing I had a lot of beer that night, otherwise I would never have known who she was. A great big thank you to Budweiser. And to those other beer brands which do their part to keep us acting honest and responsibly, as seen in the following Tuborg commercial, reproduced in yet another video I discovered courtesy of the depraved mind of Stanley Kowalski.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Woman In Search Of A Worthy Master


Emilie Simon wants to be somebody's dog? Frankly, I doubt this video is what Stacy McCain had in mind, but whatever else it is, it should certainly be offensive to feminists, certainly the old school variety at least.

You have to hand it to Emilie, though. It takes a woman who is secure in her own femininity to hear this old song by The Stooges, and say in effect, "hey, you know something, that song is so me, I will make it my own."

H/T-Stanley Kowalski. Somebody please shut up and get that fucker a beer.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Justified Season Finale-Bloody Harlan

If you haven't been watching Justified on the FX channel (Wednesday Night 10:00 pm) you are missing what is probably the best show on television in quite some time. Special kudos to Jeremy Davies as Dickie Bennett, and who formerly played Daniel Faraday on Lost. I was going to put two different videos from both shows that featured this actor's respective characters, just to show the range of his acting ability, but unfortunately that's impossible due to copyright problems.

But take my word for it, he's just one of a slew of fine actors that enhance a great story, plot, and production values that make you think you are smack dab in the middle of Appalachia. If you watch it for the first time tonight, you will be sorely tempted to buy the season DVD.

Well, here's a clip of Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday on Lost.

Coffee With Zilla


Back in the good old days, a woman knew her place, and despite feminist propaganda to the contrary, her place wasn't just in the bedroom and the kitchen. WTF, are you kidding? That woman had a whole fucking house to clean, toilets to scrub. But granted, the most important place by far was in the kitchen, where a woman fulfilled what was arguably her most important role-cooking. And nothing ranked higher in the life of her man than in making sure before he left the house to go to work, she was ready with a fresh pot of steaming hot, black coffee.

If she was lax in the performance of this vital duty-well, there could be a price to pay for that.

Nowadays, of course, women have "grown" and don't feel as though they have to fulfill a traditional wife's duties.

Fortunately, even in this modern age, there are those women who appreciate tradition, including the traditional role of a good housewife, who knows that cooking, cleaning, and otherwise being a good, devoted wife is what makes a happy home.

I want to give a shout-out therefore to Zilla Of The Resistance. Visit her blog and show her you support her stance as a strong, courageous, conservative woman and traditional wife.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Women Who Lie About Rape


President Obama has promised he will veto HR 3, a bill designed to deny federal funding for abortion on the grounds of any but "forcible rape". Critics of the bill stress that this would in effect change the definition of rape, which currently includes statutory rape. Of course there is more, much more, to it than that.

Also excluded would be alleged, so-called "coercive" rape, such as when women are "taken advantage of" by giving them drugs or alcohol. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that when one of them gets me so high on drugs or alcohol that they seem to look a hell of a lot better that night than they do the next morning, that would be a kind of rape as well. Poor things, they have unleashed my inner cad. It's not their fault, they just wanted another drink, and someone to talk to. Maybe some money to pay the rent. And there I go, insisting on a piece of ass.

Can you really blame them for lying and saying they were raped? I can't. But should the federal government pay for it, meaning the tax-payer? No, no, a thousand times no. That kind of thing just encourages girls to be irresponsible with their bodies, and encourages me to make damn sure the women I fuck are well into their forties.

That's all right, a few drinks and I swear, they do look like they're in their twenties. Bonus points to the ones with dentures.

Monday, May 02, 2011

In His Last Moments On Earth, Bin Laden Hid Behind A Woman

In other words, even Osama Bin Laden, at the very end, celebrated National Offend A Feminist Week.

Then again, he celebrated it every day. In fact, most Muslims, even the alleged moderates, live their lives in a way that most feminists would certainly find offensive if their acts were committed by non-Muslim Americans.

As it stands now, most American feminists will probably not feel as offended at Bin Laden's last cowardly actions at hiding behind a Muslim woman as they will feel absolute outrage that one of our soldiers killed the unfortunate woman in order to get to Bin Laden. The fact that Osama was himself armed and certainly capable of firing off rounds from behind his human female shield of choice would be as irrelevant to them as the prospect that the female shield might well have been a willing participant.

But there you have it. The 800 pound gorilla in the room is that modern American and European feminists are not offended by the actions of Muslim males towards their women folk, except in those situations where it becomes politically expedient to express such outrage.

And that, my friends, is seldom if ever.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day Gift-Bin Laden Dead

No links yet, no verification, that's just what I've been seeing on Twitter. If true, great. If that's not reason to extend the dance around the Maypole a few extra days I don't know what is.

UPDATE-I'm going to go ahead and call it authentic. According to Ace, it was a firefight outside a mansion in Islamabad, Pakistan, that resulted in Bin Laden dead with a bullet through the head. What's more, the US is in possession of the body.

Joy and cheers all around. Kudos to whoever got the honor of ending the worthless scums existence. May he be followed by millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions more, if that's what it takes, until all the radical Islamist scum are eradicated from the face of the earth.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Yep, Happy Beltane.

What A Real Woman Should Be (Hint-Not A Shrieking, Leftist, Feminist Harpy)

National Offend A Feminist Week begins on May 2nd. What better time than Beltane to announce support against a movement that wants to twist the traditional definition of womanhood into something it was never meant to be and to turn women into shrieking harpies of leftist progressive castration fantasists.

Here is what a real woman is. This is what a woman should be proud to be, or at the very least, render deserved respect unto the women who are secure enough in their femininity to be-well, real women.

In honor of National Offend A Feminist Week, I hereby announce as my official blog policy that the phrase "Ms." is officially banned from my vocabulary. If you are a married woman, you are a "Mrs.". If you are a single woman, you are a "Miss".

And if you are a feminist, well, you are probably a "Cunt".