Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Vacation Guide To Aruba

I have an idea that all the news reporters and pundits of cable news channels, and other media outlets in addition, have a weekly lot drawing contest every week, probably on a Monday, to see which one will get to go the next week to this beautiful Carribean Island off the coast of Venezuela. Ostensiby in search of a month long missing student from Alabama, more than likely long dead, and in hopes of a media exclusive. Perhaps in the hopes of solving the mystery of who committed the crime, and why. Or, rather, of proving what everybody seems to think they know, as to the guilt of one Joran Van der Sloot, with possible aid after the fact from his father Paulus, a "Judge in Training". All they have done so far is got in the way of the investigation, and frankly, enough is enough. Even the normally fastidious Bill O'Reilley, of Fox Channels "The O'Reilley Factor", has gotten caught up in this ratings bonanza.

They just can't help themselves, probing and prodding, knowing full well that, according to the islands laws, which seem to be modeled after that of The Netherlands, of which Aruba is a protectorate, the police are obliged to keep all pertinent information as regards the investigation secret. Any leaks of any consequence would result in the case being thrown completely out of court. Still, Greta Van Sustern, Bill O'Reilley, Joe Scarborough, etc., etc., keep shooting at the walls of the dyke. And Natalie Holloway's mother, step-father, and other relatives, are encouraged to keep digging, keep probing, until they find the truth. This was understandable at first, as it was beginning to look like the authorities had bungled the investigation, and there might even have been a hint of favoritism going on. And I'm not suggesting that the media should totally back off. But they should moderate their stance somewhat. Otherwise, the girl or her body might never be found. Worse, there may never be a criminal case. Now that would be a bungle of monumental proportions.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Bread Basket Of The Middle East

It just occurred to me, in addition to being one of the wealthiest states in the world in regards to it's oil reserves, Iraq could well revert to it's ancient status as a land of fertility and abundance, with just a modicum of help from us. Of course, first we have to ensure a peaceful existence for the people before any kind of economic vitality can take hold. But Mesopatamia, Sumer, ancient Assyria and Babylon, was long noted as the "Fertile Crescent", as the rich soil that lay between the Tigris and Euphrates provided the nourishment for the developing of the worlds first, most ancient of civilizations.

Three thousand years later, of course, the land may not be that fertile, through centuries of overuse, and out and out abuse and neglect. But this fertility might be restored, with scientific and technological aid from the U.S. This is an important point to consider, as well as the prospect of resettling what may hopefully be left of the so-called "Swamp Peoples" so brutally displaced by Saddam throughout the years of the tyrants reign, despite the fact that these were indigenous people to the land between the rivers since time immemorial. If at all possible, care should be taken to revive this ancient and time honored tradition, in addition to restoring the abundance potential of the region.

This would be important to us, as well. As it would provide an agricultural trade base for Iraq throughout the whole of the Middle East, and serve more than anything to demonstrate the benefits of economic as well as political reform, and could provide a partner in the much needed relief efforts in regards to the famines that, at one time or another, seem to ravage the general area of Africa and South Central Asia.

Of course, efforts have to be made to get this off the ground, after peace and security is established. A good start would be in opening up contracts to companies outside the U.S., and others in the U.S. Caterpillar, for example, as well as John Deere, in addition to other agricultural and construction corporations. By allowing contractual bidding between different corporations, the U.S. can still assist the Iraqis in providing security and oversight, and in more importantly ensuring that the people of the country don't get hosed by crooked would be robber barons who might make crooked back-room deals with the inevitable corrupt politician. As well as providing potential havens for would-be saboteurs and political buccaneers. These problems taken into consideration, it could only be beneficial to opening up the bidding for business contracts, and perhaps more importantly, opening up the flow of capital in the form of loans and grants to qualified entrepreneurs within Iraq, who might help to build the nations economy for the benefit of, first and foremost, the Iraqi people.

I can even envision the return of the ancient splendor of Nebudchadnezzars "Hanging Gardens of Babylon", and maybe even a return to the old days of paganism, in it's more positive aspects. Of course, I realize that would doubtless be expecting way too much. For the time being, at least.

We've Got To Pay For This One Day

Another troubling aspect of the Iraqi War is the funding, which is surely, and not too slowly, draining our reserves, our financial ones, that is. We are going more and more into debt everyday. All because our buffoon of a president, who got us into this mess to begin with under false pretenses (possibly knowingly, but that's another issue) further refuses to fund the war. With this in mind, I have come to the conclusion that there is one, and only one, solution to this dilemma. And that is simply to do something Bush has sworn to never do, which is, raise taxes. Not on the middle class. Not on the working poor. But, quite simply, on those who make more than 200,000 dollars a year. They should be hit immediately with a special ten per cent tax, to fund the war. And, in order to prevent them from passing this tax along to the consumer, we may have to initiate a temporary Price Control Agenda. Not by law, but by levying a further tax on any business or corporation that raises it's prices, or cuts back on it's work force, in the aftermath of this.

If the nation would do this, if Congress would pass this law, which they might have to pass over Bush's veto with a two thirds majority (which might not be all that hard to accomplish as one might initially think) not only would the war be adequately funded, we could probably in the meantime keep all over necessary spending sufficiently funded, and at the same time ensure that the war would soon be brought to a reasonable conclusion. In fact, if this were made the permanent law of the land, I have a feeling the nation would find itself embroiled in very few, if any, wars. And what wars we were to become involved in,you can rest assured, would definitely be necessary.

Moreover, this would be one way to equally share the burden of war, as for the most part it is the sons and daughters of the working poor and middle class who fill the ranks of the military. The wealthy are seldom to be found on the ground in military conflicts. Yet, they seem to be the ones who are the quickest to push for military action. It is the big business corporations who profit in the way of military contracts, but it is the blood of the poor and middle class that is being shed to fight the wars. This policy would eliminate that disparity.

If a policy such as this isn't enacted, on the other hand, the mountain of debt that will be accrued over the years might turn this nation into just another Third World debtor nation, where the wealthy lord it over everybody, and there is no middle class to speak of. Just islands of serfdom in an ocean of feudalism.

Guantanamo-The Perfect Training Facility

I feel that a great many of detainees of Guantanamo could probably be allowed to leave. Some, for example, that were merely innocent bystanders in Afghanistan, citizens of that place, or even those that may have been low level soldiers or mid-level officers of the Taliban. Sure, it would be taking a chance, however, it would at least be an effort on the part of the U.S. to show some kind of conciliatory move, even if some of these folks had indeed taken up arms against us. After all, how would we feel if suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by an invading army from another nation?

On the other hand, there are those that should be brought to trial. Not in our court system, however, but through the use of military tribunals, if there is evidence to warrant this. An example would be fighters who were taken on the fields of Afghanistan, who were from other nations, such as Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Whether they are Al-Queda members or sympathizers, or higher level Taliban members, they should be brought to trial, with of course some judicial oversight and review.

As for those who might have pertinent information, we have every right to extract that information by any means available, in my opinion. They are combatants who target civilians, who are not legitimate members of a recognized military or nation. Therefore, their rights under our constitution, and as far as I'm concerned under international law, ends where begins my rights to live my life in safety and security, for myself and my family. Guantanamo should therefore be closed to any scrutiny by any outside entity, such as Amnesty International, The International Red Cross, or any other group, foreign or domestic, who deigns it fitting to interfere, on whatever pretext, in our national security affairs.

However, I do not condone excessive brutality, unreasonable torture. By the same token, there might be a better way, a way to totally break their spirits. Simply make Guantanamo the training area of choice for the future Iraqi Army. Once the incarcerated terrorists see the resolve, the dedication, that the average Iraqi civilian goes about the process of training in order to protect the security of their state, the love and patriotism they exhibit for the prospect of finally living in an open, democratic society based on the rule of law, and equal protection under the law, of justice for all, a good many might come to see reason, if for no other reason than simple shame. If not, part of the Iraqi training can be in the area of enemy interrogation. The thought of suddenly finding themselves alone in a room of Iraqi military, American trained interrogators, might make some open up out of terror at the consequences, and others more out of the simple religious bonds that supposedly exist on at least a latent level amongst all Muslims.

If that fails, we can always go back to Christina Aquillierra.

The United States Of Iraq

Contrary to current belief, the American system of representative democracy would be the perfect model for Iraq, with only a small amount of fine tuning. There is good news here, possibly. The fact that Iraq is a multi-ethnic country could be a harbinger for true freedom, of majority rule with minority rights respected by law, and even allowances made for representation and participation. It doesn't necessarily have to be a harbinger for civil war, disruption, chaos, and an eventual Shi'ite domination over the minority Kurds, Sunnis, and others.

Hopefully, the nation will adopt a Bill Of Rights, guaranteeing freedom of speech, assembly, the press, and religion. And other legal rights guaranteed for all. Once this is established, it would be a simple enough matter to carve the nation up into a series of states, each with it's own equal number of Senators, and a House of Representatives commensurate with each individual states population. Some of these states will ofcourse be Sunni, others Shi'ite, still others Kurdish, and there should even be a state that is predominantly Assyrrian, and one more that is Chaldaean, or one that is a combination of both. There may be states with a mix of ethnicities, two or more, with none marking a clear majority. Such a state as this might prove to be the model of how well the future Iraqi State might function-or fall apart at the seams.

Whatever the case, the U.S. model might well be the only prospect for the survival and success of the future Iraqi State, and the only thing that might keep it from eventually descending into civil war, with an ultimate return to a tyrannical Ba'athist regime-or what could even prove worse, a Shi'ite (or for that matter Sunni dominated Islamic fundamentalist theocracy.

What Do You Say To A Potential Recruit?

Frankly, I tell them the way it is. I tell them, if you join the military, don't necessarily believe everything the recruiting officer tells you. Once your time of enlistment is up, it is a part of your military contract (one that no one will go out of their way to point out to you) that you will be expected to stay past that expiration time, if needed. In fact, you might even be expected to serve for two or three terms, maybe even more. Joining the national Guard and Army Reserves, in the meantime, is no assured way to get out of combat. It may have been at one time. But that was in the distant past. Now, it is almost a sure thing you will be called to duty in Iraq. As of the present, there is no end in sight to this situation. As a result of this, recruitment is down, across the board, in the traditional military, as well as in the Guard and Reserves.

Parents, as well as some peace activist organizations, have lately taken to protesting the presence of military recruiters on high school and college campuses. As a result, some of these groups are being branded as unpatriotic. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the war, but one thing I am definitely clear on. When a naive young man or woman, particularly one fresh out of high school, is led to enlist in the armed services of this country, be it for patriotic reasons, altruistic ones, or merely out of a sense of respect for family tradition, or even for the more selfish reasons a good many especially poorer recruits choose this route (see the world, education, job training-or simply for a temporary paycheck) then the military has a moral and ethical obligation-and as far as I'm concerned a legal one-to live up to the terms of their contract. By keeping these young people in past their originally agreed time of enlistment, they are breaking faith with their soldiers, their parents, and the American public. And it is counterproductive. They have made matters worse as far as enlistment goes by this action, when a simple substantial increase in pay would help to solve the problem. Ensuring that they are properly supplied with the equipment they need in a timely manner would help at least as much.

If it smells like a lemon, it only makes good lemonade with the right amount of sugar and water.

Bush Will Never Learn-Or Is He Just Drunk?

Drunk with power, that is. Down in the polls across the board, and particularly it seems over his handling of the war in Iraq, which most Americans now believe is not worth the cost, Bush insists that we stay the course, and not impose an "artificial time line" for withdrawal. Both of these points are certainly understandable from a strategic point of view, but then he veers off into the zone of the unreasonable by insisting that we do not need to send more troops. He asserts that if the generals conducting the war ask for more, they will get it, but goes on to point out that an increase might cause the Iraqis to think we are there to stay. He promises that the Iraqis will eventually be trained and equipped in sufficient numbers to defend their own country. But it would seem to me the best way to accomplish this goal, in addition to securing the country, finally, and making serious headway insofar as reconstruction goes, would be by doing the very opposite of what Bush promises, maybe even doubling the troop strength in Iraq, and giving them the tools they need to do the job. Then, getting out of their way and allowing them to do it. With an increased number of troops, the job of training Iraqis can be done more quickly, and more efficiently.

Of course, the true reason for doing this is probably because Bush understand all too well that, since this is an unpopular war, the American people would like to see fewer, not more, troops in the country. If so, this would be an abrupt about face for a president who once promised not to lead by following the polls.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Way-I Hope-To Stop Smoking

I used to smoke more than two packs a day, then I eventually cut down to a pack and a half. As of the last Summer Solstice, I finally decided, I've had it with this shit. From that time on, I've got myself down to between 16 and 18 cigarettes a day, down from between 26 and 30. In other words I've almost cut it in half, just over the last week. And it's not really been that hard, not hard at all. In the meantime, I've figured something out. There's only one way to stp smoking, and it's not cold turkey. Oh, sure, there's people that's done that. But I, for one, don't intend to go through the rest of my life fighting the craving for cigarettes. You see, I've figured out, in order to quit forever, you have to want to stop smoking more than you want to smoke. The minute a person wants to smoke more than he wants to quit, he is either going to go back to smoking, or he is going to remain miserable, to at least some degree. And I hate misery.

But the longer a habitual smoker goes without smoking, the more he is going to want to smoke. And the more likely he is to, in time, give in to that urge. Therefore, by cutting down gradually, you are keeping it on an even keel, keeping your desire to quit at least even with your desire to smoke, until, eventually, the desire to quit gets stronger and stronger. And then, hopefully, you can quit all together.

So, I am keeping it at the level it now is, until Lughnasadh (August 2nd) at which point I'll cut down some more. I'll keep at that level, then, until Mabon (Autumn Equinox), at which point I'll cut down then some more. I should be able to quit all together by Samhain (October 31st) or, failing that, by the time the sun reaches it's next conjunction with the planet Pluto, around December 12th of this year.

I've always thought this was a better plan than quitting cold turkey, I just never could stay with it. But then again, thanks to the deities, I now understand the mechanics involved, and knowledge is faith giving, life affirming, and, as they say, empowering. So that shall be my mantra. I want to smoke. But I want to quit more. I want to quit more than I want to smoke. As long as I keep it at that level, I should be okay. The minute I get myself to the level where I want to smoke more, say for example by trying to cut back too much too soon, until I have a build up of nicotine desire that suddenly explodes in full fury, it's back to square one. And two, and three, and four, even if I have to pick up discarded "squares" off the street.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Billy Graham And The Last Crusade

I thank the gods every day for Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and "Doctor" James Dobson. If these guys were like the Reverend Billy Graham, I might well have stayed a Christian. I mean, here is a guy that so obviously walks the walk as well as talking the talk, you have to be impressed, you even have to admire, and like, the guy. Here is a man that keeps politics out of his sermons. Here is a man that obviously feels called to spread what he considers the word of his God to every nation, race, color, creed, and political persuasion, regardless of sex, age, and it would seem even regardless of sexual orientation. When he says we are all God's children, and we are all sinners, saved by grace through the glory of God through the sacrifice of His only begotten son on the cross, you know he means exactly what he says. You take him seriously when he says through teary eyes that he loves New York. You understand that he feels every bit as kindly toward democrats and liberals as he does towards republicans and conservatives, whom you would automatically expect to be more open to his message.

You feel for the pain and suffering he is exhibiting with such unbridled courage and stamina, and at the same time are caught in the realization that here is a man on whom there is not the faintest trace of a scandal. No lingering suspicions of the slightest bit of hypocrisy. He is head and shoulders above even Pope John Paul II, whom Graham has expressed admiration for, in that the Pope could not rise above the political morass, interjecting his presence even into the sanctum sanctorum of American domestic policy, where he had no business whatsoever, in an effort to influence the American political scene in favor of what he euphemistically referred to as the "Culture Of Life" as opposed to the "Culture Of Death". One knew instinctively where Graham would stand on this issue. At the same time, you didn't feel he was inclined to beat you over the head with it.

No, once he is gone, which may not be long from now, he will be missed by people of good will everywhere. He will not be easily replaced. Though when he is, there are those who will stand at the ready to take whatever credit they can for it. Jerry Falwell has already positioned himself to take credit for whatever status three of Grahams children, and one of his grandchildren, might attain, as he recently pointed out that they are being taught now at his "Liberty University". The implication, obviously, is that Graham has entrusted him as, in a manner of speaking, the trusted guardian of the sacred path.

Like I said, I am glad for people like Falwell. Had I been exposed to nobody but people like Graham, I might still yet believe in an eternal, all good, all powerful creator god who has always existed and has never changed, one I cannot hope to understand, but must yet accept by faith. I might still hold fast to the fallacious doctrine of "Original Sin", and would believe that evolution is an evil concept, that in reality the world was created in exactly the same manner as portrayed in the scriptures. That the Bible is the literal word of God, and must be believed and adhered to, even when simple common sense dictates the opposite, as is more often than not the case. I might never suppose there was any other way to think, might never imagine that I should indeed think for myself, as opposed to the implications of miraculous stories that are little more than fairy tales. Might never suppose that even when the Bible is at it's best,at times it is more symbolic than literal in it's meaning.

In other words, if I had remained exposed to no one besides Billy Graham, or people like him, I might have become, and gladly remained, a sanctimonious, holier than thou, hypocritical religious fanatic and political religious would be Christian mullah. Much like the reverend Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and "Doctor" James Dobson. Kind of ironic when you stop to think about it.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bush And Hubble

I am madder than hell about the plans, or lack thereof, as regards the Hubble telescope. It seems that it has been decided to just let the telescope decay into total disuse, become a random piece of floating space debris, perhaps one day to come burning through the atmosphere and crash upon the earth, or the ocean, a useless, worthless wreck. The thought of it is to me worthy of criminal indictments.

Hubble has brought us closer to an understanding of the creation of the universe than had previously been thought possible, or even imaginable. We have seen images that first transpired billions of years in the past, through the magic of light speed travel, as we have captured these images, the light of which has taken billions of years to reach our range of vision. Almost like a movie recording of eternity. How could they possibly let it just decay into worthlessness?

Apparently, someone has decided it would be far too dangerous to the astronauts involved to fly to the Telescope to make the needed repairs. Well, maybe, and I could accept this, albeit grudgingly, if this were the case. But I think there is an untold story here. And I think it might have something to do with the Bush administration and more to the point, their blind obeisance to the Far Right, Evangelical, Christian Conservative supporters of the Administration, who are out for blood in the course of the on going so-called "culture wars". One of their obvious goals is to ensure the teaching of the fallacious theory of "Creationism" as a counter balance to the Theory of Evolution in public schools across the country, as the predominant belief as to the nature of how the Universe came into being. They want God to be taught as the master of this "Intelligent Design" concept, and will stop at nothing in order to assure this. If the truth were known, if they had their way, Creationism would be the only thing taught in schools, Evolution would at most be pointed to as an example of godless atheistic secular humanism, something to be ridiculed and despised.

One has to consider the prospects of Hubbles continuing and potentially improving or improved in order to retrieve further enhanced images, from further back in time than has of yet been the case. What images would Hubble then retrieve?

Would they see The Big Bang, or something similar to this? Or would they see a long bearded, robed figure holding out his hands, as we read his lips saying "Let there be light" immediately before the entire universe suddenly springs into being, as angels fly around him, seeming to be singing as they play harps? I honestly believe people such as James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, in addition to certain politicians such as Rick Santorum and Tom DeLay, had to have given this some thought. Seeing as how most conservative Christians have traditionally held that the world was created in a relatively short span of time, and only a few thousand years ago at that, I would imagine they are not too pleased with Hubble's track record so far.

Scientology-Cruise Needs A psychiatrist

I had to make a comment as regards the subject of the previous post. Cruise is obviously losing his mind, so it is only natural and perhaps fitting that he should grasp so whole-heartedly onto the Scientologist belief on the matter of psychiatry. There is something about religion as a general rule that makes a person so crazy he or she just has to "spread the word". I was this way when I first began my ventures into Wicca, which lead to my own Hellenic Pagan Path. It's an exciting new world, and you can't help but want to share it, sametimes to your own detriment. He will calm down in time, just as I did, as do most of us. In the meantime-

Cruise needs to consider the following facts. The brain is an organic part of the body, and there are times when certain medications may be vital to it's oerall functioning, the same as with all other parts of the body. Not to say that there are not abuses, there most certainly are. I myself have great qualms about the tendency of childrens' parents to put them on Ritalin when the fucking television doesn't seem to keep them out of their hair for very long at a time. Far too many kids are misdiagnosed, and I suspect a great breach of medical ethics here, as well as parental ones.

Nevertheless, there are times when it may be necessary, as is the case of prescriptions to anti-depressants, again a potentially dangerous and probably abused procedure. But Cruise wants to level a blanket indictment against all psychiatrits and their patients, and this is really unjust. He seems to think that a regimen of healthy food, exercise, and vitamin supplements will cure all ills. Prescription drugs, he claims, merely mask the problem. This is really quite extraordinary. I am a big fan of vitamin supplements, as well as herbs, minerals, and amino acids. Having researched these thoroughly, I can state with a degree of knowledge that vitamins and other such supplements can as well be abused. In fact, they too can mask the symptoms of illnesses by making the person who takes them feel better than may be the reality concerning his or her health. Somebody needs to explain this to Cruise. Then, somebody needs to slip him a good tranquilizer.

Saturday Random Mystery Tarot Reading

I won't even pretend to know for sure what this is about, but I am guessing, and gueSsing only, that it is about Tom Cruise. Anyway, here goes. The Significator is the SIX OF WANDS, covered by JUDGEMENT,and crossed by the SIX OF SWORDS. The crowning card is the THREE OF SWORDS, while the base of the matter, is DEATH. PassingInfluences is Six of Cups, while Up-And-Coming Influences is the FIVE OF SWORDS. The card of Where You Find Yourself is the TWO OF SWORDS. The View Of Others is EIGHT OF CUPS. Hopes and Fears is FOUR OF CUPS. The Final Outcome is the NINE OF PENTACLES.

This seems to suggest that Cruises movie (if this applies to him) will be at least initially a box office success, but that it will, when reviewed, be panned by the critics, for the most part. Because of this and other pressures, Cruise is likely to lash out at an iterviewer, or a critic, in the course of an interview, in such a way that will make him seem unhinged for sure, dispelling any doubts that may have lingered to the contrary. Following this, he will declare an end to all future interviews, and go into a state of solitude which may be seen by some as marking the beginning of a public declne and a private turnoil. Her engagement to Katie Holmes may in fact be termnated. On the other hand, she might well be the glue that holds him together. If so, it doesn't show here, in fact, this is a reading of a person who is bereft, totally alone. The Three of Swords may, in fact, apply to the break-up, while the lack of a Court Card could verify the suspicion in the minds of many that there was really nothing real about the relationship.

In time, Cruise will learn to moderate his personna to a greater extent, and will have to answer questions abotu his past behavior, but will be mindful of the image he presents. He will come to fear privately for his reputation and the overall effect on his career. But in time,. he will come to be satisfied with hi slife, and will keep his religous beliefs a private matter, though this will take some time, as the controversy he has stared will certainly not go away overnight.

Friday, June 24, 2005

A Crazy Sick Dream

This is really fucked up, and for once this is a dream I'm not sure I understand the meaning of. In it, I'm at this sort of combo bar/diner, it's a small place, not high class, but then again not exactly a dive, sawdust on the floor type of place either. It's fairly crowded, and here I am yukking it up with the bartender. Suddenly, off to my right, sitting on the far stool against the wall, is my sister, looking uneasy as she listens to our conversation. She seems to be wanting to say something to me, but she's wary of approaching me. The next thing I know, like out of the blue, we are talking, though not at the bar, but at a table in the middle of the room. The next thing I know, we're making out, and suddenly I have her on top of the table. Yeah, there I am, fucking my own sister, right in the middle of the bar/diner. And I can feel my hard dick, going inside her, really fucking her good. Suddenly, I'm looking around and in comes a bunch of cops in uniform, and they're approaching us at the table. They look more curious than angry at what they are seeing. So, I stop fucking my sister, before I even have a chance to come close to cuming inside of her. The scary part of it is, right after I woke up, I was still into the idea. It actually took a while before it started to sink in just how sick the whole thing really was.

So, that settles it. I must really need a piece of pussy, as it has been awhile. Hey, Jeanne, are you reading this? I sure as hell hope my sister never does.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fourth Of July And The Comet

I can't wait to find out the results of the Nasa experiment due to take place July 4th of this year, when a rocket is scheduled to slam into a comet. It is hoped that this will yield some as yet unknown data concerning the nature of comets, and possibly give some idea of their nature and function in the early creation of life on our planet, and potentially elsewhere.

I am expecting them to discover the element of mercury within the comet. I have a reason for believing this, but I'm not about to go out on a limb by saying why, not just yet. But if I am right, and it is shown that mercury is present in this comet, therefore by implication others as well, it might prove to provide a key to a mystery of some fifty years or more standing, which by then I will be more than willing to divulge. If not, then I guess I'll just shut up about it.

Andrew Young On The Killen Trial

I watched as Edgar Killen, after being convicted of the 1964 murders of three civil rights workers, slapped angrily at reporters microphones as he was being wheeled out of the courtroom, to await a potential sentence of anywhere from 3 years to 60 years for manslaughter. It had been justice delayed for 41 years for the former Klansman, part time preacher, and sawmill operator. But in the final analysis there was not enough evidence to convict him of the charge of murder, but only of manslaughter. His lawyers have promised an appeal of the verdict handed down by the Philadelphia, Mississippi jury of nine whites and three blacks.

But former U.N. ambassador and civil rights activist Andrew Young was circumspect at the decision. He referred to Killen as a "long lost soul", and derived "no satisfaction" from his conviction. At the same time, he stated that the event was "important for Mississippi". He expressed hope that it was a sign of the changing times in the state, and of the south in general. Noting the increase in black football and basketball coaches, as an example of the strides blacks have made in the south during the forty one years since the murder of civil rights workers
James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman, he said simply that Missisippians "may not believe in God, but they sure believe in football and basketball."

Michael Schiavo Should Sue The Schindlers

Most of even the supporters of Michael Schiavo seem not to have noticed the real story behind the efforts of the Schindler family over the last decade. A time line might prove helpful in discerning certain facts. The Schindlers first sued for custody of their daughter, Terri Schiavo, within a year of Michael Schiavo winning a lawsuit which netted him 1,000,000 dollars for the care of his wife. It is easy to see that, had they won this initial custody suit, Michael would have been obliged, potentially, to hand over the money he had won in this lawsuit. Now, here is the important thing to consider. It was not until three years after this lawsuit initiated by the Schindlers, that Michael petitioned the courts to remove Terri's feeding tube. Take the time to digest that simple fact. When the Schindlers started their shit, it was three years before Michael petitioned the courts to have the feeding tube removed. Here comes a chronology.

1992: Michael Schiavo wins settlement of 1,000,000 plus dollars for the care of his wife.
1993: The Schindler family initiates a lawsuit to gain custody of their daughter from Michael Schiavo.
1994: Michael Schiavo petitions the courts to remove Terri Schiavo's feedign tube.

So what was the reason for the initial lawsuit on behalf of the Schindlers. It can only be money. Of course, this money was long since dissipated in the course of the numerous lawsuits filed by the Schindlers, which Schiavo was obliged to fight. But the Schindlers cause became the cause celebre' of Right wing Christians and social conservative politicians across the country, so they received, I would suggest, a great deal of metary support for their continuing endeavors. Look out for the book. And for the movie.

Michael Schiavo is a hero in my opinion, one of the few true American heroes (a term which is oft used and abused). And now that the final autopsy report has been released, verifying that Terri was indeed in a persistent vegetative state, the Schindlers, as I predicted, could not let it go. They are still insisting the doctors are wrong, even implying that they are lying, or hiding the truth to protect their reputations, with the assistance, no doubt, of the courts and state agencies which were involved in the matter and had decided time after time on behalf of Mr. Schiavo. Other amongst their long-time supporters will hold fast to the belief that regardless of the veracity of the autopsy, it was still morally wrong to remove the feeding tube. And then there is Governor Jeb Bush, who, in an effort to regain favor with ths crowd, which was tested severely when he refused to intervene with an emergency order to prevent the tube from being removed, has now stated the time line should be investigated as to how long it took Michael Schiavo to contact emergency personnel upon Terri's collapse, implying of course the potential for foul play on Michael's part.

Yet, no one has questioned the Schindler time line, and their obvious, to me, grasping for money and influence. I would strongly suggest that Michael Schavo should sue the Schindlers, as well as several of their supporters, including possibly their priest. Jeb Bush, too, might be considered by some a tempting target, including me. What Michael Schiavo has been going through over the last twelve years amounts to libel and slander of the most obscene variety. A good stiff lawsuit against the perpetrators might send a well needed message to them, and to the right wing smear merchants in general. It's time to bring this shameful episode in American jurisprudence to a close.

Mercury And Autism-Part Two

About the recent controversy concerning the use of Mercury in childhood vaccinations, there is another aspect that is equally troubling, though as of yet it hasn't been addressed. This might, incidentally, explain why a good many liberal advocates have been wary of jumping on the bandwagon. What happens if this results in a massive lawsuit, on the scale of the tobacco industry controversy, or worse. A class action lawsuit, especially, could easily result in a settlement in the area of hundreds of billions of dollars, closing in on a trillion dollars or more. The question to be considered in this case is, who will pay for it?

Obviously, the price will be passed on to the consumer, especially the American consumer. What happens then? This could definitely put a damper on health care initiatives. It could, in fact, make them all but dead in the water, for a great amount of time, way into the foreseeable future, and beyond. The way the current health care initiative recently passed by the Bush administration is going, it is all ready expected to cost more than 700 billion dollars, far more than the roughly 200 billion it was initially estimated that it would cost.

Nevertheless, something will have to be done to address this. Especially since it looks as though this is not just an American problem, but a worldwide one, as American pharmaceutical companies have exacerbated the situation by deluging Third World nations with these vaccines, the populations of which are for the most part ill-equipped, if at all, of coping with the expense and inherent other problems of a widespread autism epidemic. And that is what it could amount to, in a sense, an epidemic. This is serious, as it could easily undermine our foreign policy efforts in all areas. It would be hard to explain the benefits of democracy and capitalism to nations who have suffered the adverse effects of a capitalistic system that has poisoned generations of Third World citizens, and of a political system that has allowed it to continue unchecked.

It could be that the pharmaceutical industry to a large degree might become bankrupted, and be forced to sell out in order to meet any potential judgments accrued in a class action or other type lawsuits. It is unlikely that the industry would be nationalized, though that might be the best and most efficient way of solving the health care crisis that could occur in the wake of this. One thing is certain, something will have to be done, something that will not condemn the American people to suffer from increased prescription drug costs. Something that will still make it possible to initiate broad based and comprehensive health care reforms. And finally, something that will insure that something like this will never happen again.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer Solstice

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, which of course is more than just the first day of summer, it is a Pagan High Holy Day. I'm, a solitary, of course, so I will have to do without the camaraderie that accompanies group events, but the idea is still there. Yep, the old sun god will be riding high, at the full force of his power, and the goddess will be-well, she'll do the goddess thing. Funny how with the advent of Christianity, the significance of the seasonal holidays were all but lost. But it is easy to see how ancient peoples would have been inspired by the recurring seasons, the return of the sun on a periodic basis, the phases of the moon, all those environmental and astronomical aspects that go largely unnoticed by non-Pagans.

It's fun being a pagan. You can smoke, drink, watch porn, jack off, or fuck all day, and it's not just all right, it's sacred. Provided you do it responsibly, of course. And, if somebody smacks you up the side of the head, you can knock his fucking teeth down his throat, and it's all right to feel good about it afterwards. Of course, none of this is what Paganism is all about. Paganism is all about the revering of nature, of the worship of nature and all the earth, of seeing the world, nature, and all of life as aspects of the divine. And of seeing the balance and harmony of nature as exemplified by the duality of the deities, the Goddess as well as the God. It is respect for the earth and nature, and all living creatures, yet not in a maudlin sort of way. It is a religion of practicality. Humans are, after all, at the top of the food chain, and I like a big juicy steak as much as the next guy. So to slaughter an animal for food, as long as that is the reason, and as long as you do it humanely, is fine.

It is about respect for the rule of law, yet it is about seeking positive change, be it politically, socially, or with ritual and magic. And it is about respecting all points of view, yet demanding the same consideration for yourself.

I can't wait for tomorrow. Hell, I can't wait for tonight. It's going to be a long, hopefully eventful, fruitful day. As such, it might be another day or two before this Blog is updated. But when I return to it, hopefully it will be with a fresh batch of inspiration, as well as a healthy dose of good old bull shit, just to round things out. Remember, it's all about balance.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

George Bush To Go On Drunken Binge, Might Have Affair

The following Tarot Reading is for George W. Bush. The thing about this reading is, I did it with no one in particular in mind. I just said to myself, now what is going to be news worthy here in the near future that is just now bubbling beneath the surface. The following is what I came up with.

The TEN OF CUPS is the SIGNIFICATOR, and speaks of a feeling of permanent attachment, which could describe Bush and his feelings in several ways, toward the nation, his wife and family, his moral and religious principles, etc. However, the COVERING CARD is the SIX OF SWORDS, which means that Bush is now on a hard but necessary journey in this present time of his life as regards to his feelings. Ostensibly, it is a challenge he knows he must face head on, and he is willing to do so. However, his CROSSING CARD is THE FOOL, which indicates a tendency to rush into making snap judgements and rash decisions. His CROWNING CARD is THE DEVIL, which might indicate here a sudden reversal of his prior life style changes, and a jump into binge drinking. This is something I have been expecting to occur for some time now, actually, as Bush has always seemed like a ticking time bomb to me. This might have all ready occurred, the thing of it is, Bush may not be an alcoholic in the way most people define the term. If he hasn't done so yet, this almost certainly implies he will shortly, and in addition, this might lead to a sexual liason, or vice versa. At THE BASE OF THE MATTER, we have the card of THE EMPEROR, which describes the forces at work below the surface of conscious awareness. In other words, this might be Bush's own stubbornness and arrogance getting the better of him. In other words, basically he will fall to this level of behavior just because he can (shades of Clinton), and Bush, maybe as much or more than anybody, is used to getting his way. A part of him wants this, and as a compensation for his recent failings and shortcomings, it is all the more powerful an inner drive. At the position of PASSING INFLENCES, we find the card of SIX OF PENTACLES, which means that e is feeling a slipping away of prior support, and this is or will be reflected in terms of a decrease in financial contributions to Republican and conservative causes. In UP-AND-COMING INFLUENCES we see the card of the EIGHT OF CUPS, meaning that Bush is going to feel more and more alone as the days progress, and will all but give up insofar as accomplishing certain items on his agenda. Suddenly, we jump to a period of about two months from now, where we find the card of THE MAGICIAN in the position of WHERE YOU FIND YOURSELF, indicating that Bush will suddenly reach out to the American people in more effective ways than previously has been the case. It is quite possible that he will give the best speech of his life during this period, and will make an emotional connection to the public in ways unseen since the days immediately following 9/11. The untold story, behind the scenes, could very well be that he is speaking and acting under the influence of alcohol during these times. But it won't be the tough guys, cowboy avenger that is speaking, but a more feminine aspect of his personality, and he will seem at first glance very appealing and likable. His poll numbers might well shoot up to the high fifties or even the sixties. This is all foretold in the card of KING OF CUPS in the position of VIEW OF OTHERS, which rules how others see you based on the way in which you see and project yourself. The card for the position of HOPES AND FEARS here is seen as the ACE OF PENTACLES, which might best be described as Bush seeking to capitalize on his newly regained popularity, and turn it into yet new capital with which to recapture the momentum toward accomplishing items on his agenda, and setting the stage toward a Republican victory in '06. However, disaster will loom in the form of the FIVE OF CUPS in the position of FINAL OUTCOME, which might suggest a betrayal of Bush by someone close to him. Whether this is his wife, or someone close to him in is administration, or the discovery of some form of shenanigans it is hard to say. But suffice it to say that it could very well, and probably will, drive a wedge between Bush and his supporters, and a rupture that will be hard pressed, if not impossible, to be healed.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Mercury And Autism

It has just recently come out that the CDC may have possibly been involved in helping certain pharmaceutical companies hide the effect of mercury in childhood vaccines. There has recently been a stir caused by rumors that the effects of Mercury may in fact be a contributing factor, possibly the chief if not the only one, in the sudden increase of autism among children, by some estimates as many as one out of every one hundred sixty six children born in the U.S. Also scrambling to protect the pharmaceuticals from any future potential lawsuits is U.S. Senator Bill Frist (R-Tennessee).

Environmental Attorney Robert F.Kennedy Jr. has been advocating research into this potential, and encouraging further investigations, and has given interviews to Rolling Stone and to, which are now available on the Internet. He has run into a string of bad luck, however, in getting any air time on the major media outlets. Appearances by him to discuss this subject have been canceled, by The Today Show, Good Morning America, and others. Equally disturbing is the lack of attention shown to David Kirby, author of the book Evidence Of Harm, which chronicles the use of mercury in vaccines and aerosols, and points to the potential that this may indeed be a contributing factor to a problem that is approaching epidemic proportions. It is as though Kirby and Kennedy both are persona non-gratis. But perhaps the scariest episode involves radio talk show host Don Imus, of Imus In The Morning (WFAN).

He has been pushing this issue, and an investigation of it, whereupon he himself recently became the subject of an investigation by The Wall Street Journal for allegedly misuse of donor funds to The Imus Ranch, a charitable endeavor run by him and his wife Deirdre for the purpose of providing a positive experience for children afflicted with cancer. There proved to be no substance to the allegations, and the investigation was therefore terminated, but the Wall Street Journal refused to print a retraction on it's front pages, where it first ran the story. Imus has intimated, in fact insisted, the entire episode was a sham, and was meant to be a warning to him. Don't mess with the pharmaceutical industry, or else.

It would be easy to dismiss this as a paranoid rant, if it were not for the cancellations of Kennedy's appearances, and the shunning of author David Kirby. Then, there is Chris Matthews who, on an appearance on Imus's show this morning, which is simulcast on MSNBC from 6 a.m. to 9: a.m.,brushed aside any suggestion that he himself might want to cover the promising scandal. And it is easy to see why, when you consider the amount of advertising money invested by the pharmaceutical companies in the television media, that a member of that media might be wary of tackling the issue, fearful of displeasing his corporate bosses. In fact, one wonders if perhaps the word might have all ready been put out. Don't touch this issue.

And, of course, we all know how close the pharmaceutical industry is to the Bush administration. But have they gone so far as to turn the CDC from watch dog to lap dog? It's a scary thought.

Peanut Butter And Pussy

I recently read a friend's on-line journal, in which she intimated, "I taste like peanut butter". Well, ever since I read that, of course, I've had a nearly uncontrollable craving for the stuff. I find myself wondering, too, does she really taste like peanut butter? How does she know? Did somebody tell her? I'll probably never work up the nerve to ask her what I really want to ask her. Which is, is there any possibility I can one day have a taste? Probably not. Be that as it may, I can see potential for a great magical ritual here. I think I've got it all figured out. Yes, you may try this at home, but I would advise not in the bed.

After a nice hot shower, in which of course the woman is sufficiently rinsed and dried, apply a thorough massage of warm peanut oil, all over the body. This should make her receptive. Then, a large jar of creamy (I do not advise chunky, for reasons that will soon be apparent), applied strategically, on the breasts, abdomen, lower thighs, etc., and of course reserve the greatest amount of the substance on the woman's pussy. Massage it in thoroughly. Then, slowly, exquisitely, suck it off, applying the appropriate amount of pressure. Of course, you should save the pussy for last.

It's almost like peanut butter was created just for this purpose. It's better than whipped cream, better than chocolate syrup, or any kind of fruit flavored ice cream topping, or any other such condiment. In fact, if used in just the right amounts, and of sufficiently high quality, it is more in keeping with the overall flavor and texture of the normal female bodily fluids which I assure you shall be produced in abundance, and yet the peanut butter will augment and compliment the flavor, even to the majority of those who are naturally squeamish about such activities as this. Such is not the case, alas, with the other more commonly used substances I have mentioned.

The thought of it makes me yearn for the days when the government passed out comodities, one of which included a delectable brand of peanut butter, which was in my opinion of the highest quality of any I have yet encountered. I have not seen this around, unfortunately, for several years now. It came in a large can and, when opened, the peanut oil was at the top, and had to be stirred in. But it was great, and would certainly be perfect for this purpose. Failing that, however, I suppose Peter Pan or Jif would do fine. Stay away from the off-brands, however, most of which are too dry, and otherwise of inferior quality.

And pussy, of course, deserves a condiment which is the highest possible quality. You should put as much as possible on it, as when you begin to eat it off, a great deal will inevitably be pushed up inside. Again, you should avoid the Chunky brands. Chase the peanut butter up with your tongue, as far as you can. Then, when you fuck her (which if you do all this with the requisite skill and yearning is a foregone conclusion), it could well be that there will be a secondary benefit. No condoms, in other words, may be necessary, for the peanut butter now up in the woman's pussy should prove as effective a sperm blocker (if not an actual spermicide) as any birth control device on the market.

Naturally, the woman should shower or douche or whatever to get it all out afterwards, if possible. But hey, women of ancient Egypt at one time used a douche of honey and crocodile shit as a spermicide. How bad can a jar of peanut butter be?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Michael Jackson Verdict Might Be A Good Thing

I hate grifters. It doesn't matter to me what their age, race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. When it comes to grifters, I am an equal opportunity hater. Therefore, I am happy, even relieved, that Michael Jackson was found Not Guilty on all charges (even though it went against my well thought out predictions to the contrary), even if he was in fact guilty of all of them, and then some. I would go so far as to hope he did it. It would be a kind of justice of it's own, and serve the little shit and his family right, especially the so-called "mother" of the so-called "victim".

For one thing, I have no doubt in my mind that if the prosecution's case had been successful in netting even one conviction, even on one of the lesser charges, it may have indeed opened the floodgates, and all celebrities, and indeed any person of means, would have become even more of a target than they all ready are. The way things stand now, this might put a damper on such activity. But I doubt that it will end it all together. In the meantime, legitimate victims of abuse are the ones who will suffer under unfair scrutiny. And by legitimate victims, I am not including those who go out of their way to set themselves up to be abused in order to profit from it, even if it just so happens they are indeed "abused" as the result. They had a nice ride off it while it lasted, so they got what they deserved, on every level.

Again, I hate grifters. As far as I'm concerned, they are responsible for about 80% of the problems with which the country is afflicted, from burglaries, to assaults, to arsons, to robberries, to murders, to drugs, and on down the line. They cost society dearly, in terms of police time spent and court costs accrued, and insurance money doled out. And a lot of the costs of these enterprises are passed on to the average American in the form of increased taxes, insurance rates, etc., to say nothing of the pervading fog with which society is afflicted due to them. They are more than simple charming con artists with a good line of shit. They are leeches on society, the dregs of civilization.

So what if they get hurt from time to time, sometimes seriously, as a result of their own misdeeds? It's a good lesson for the children involved, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a case like this might shock them to their senses. But it is doubtful. They will probably eventually find another mark, though now it might take them some time. They will be under scrutiny now, of course, as they should be. Hopefully, the children will be removed from the care of their mother. At their age, of course, the damage has been done, and will not be easily undone, if it can be at all. Too bad.

Grifters. If I had my way, it would be open season on them. A twenty dollar a year hunting license to the various states according to residence, and society might go a long way toward making up the cost accrued as the result of the action of these vermin, and at the same time, we can all contribute to thinning out the herd.

Kinky For Governor-Really Now

Sometimes comedians, like con artists, start to take themselves way too seriously, and it starts to show, it's almost a sign of a disintegrating personality disorder. Kinky Friedman is a 60 year old singer and comedian, and native of the Lone Star State, who has been involved in politics on various levels for years now. But it was always more or less taken to be a kind of satire, sort of like Pat Paulson's run for the Presidency during the 1968 election campaign. His forum at this time was the old Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. He seemed to be dead serious, in that deap-pan sort of way he had, but of course no one took him serious, even if at times you really had to wonder if he might have been.

With Kinky it's a different story. A good many of his positions belie any notion of seriousness. For example, his solution to the Mexican Border problem involves something called :The Five Mexican General's" Plan. As he explained this morning on radio's "Imus In The Morning", the plan is simplicity itself, and foolproof. You pay five Mexican generals to patrol five distinct areas of the Mexican/Texas Border, to the tune of a million dollars per year, for each general. You put this money into a special fund for each one, a fund to which they have no access until the end of each year. During that time, you subtract five thousand dollars for each Mexican caught at the border of any given general's jurisdiction. At the end of the year they receive the balance, at which point another million dollars is put into the fund for the next year.

He has a slew of celebrity supporters, many of whom he has promised to appoint to various posts of his administration. Willie Nelson, for example, he has suggested as the head of what would be the newly created department for the development of Bio-Diesel fuel. He has further promised that he would be the first Texas Governor to have an open telephone line. Any constituent can call him at any time he or she wants, to voice any complaints. Well, you don't say.

Don Imus, a long-time friend of Kinky's, seems to be struggling with the notion of making a political contribution, something he did once before in years past when "The Kinkster" ran for some minor post. He also seems to be struggling with the notion that this campaign might actually be becoming a serious proposition. After all, who could resist supporting a man who runs for the governorship of texas with complaints against the on-going "wussification" of Texas? A man who points out that, if elected, he would be the first independent Governor of the state since Sam Houston?

Your immediate sentiment is to support him, to hope that he wins, if for no other reason than to send a message about the political corruption and cronyism inherent in the states two party political process, enhanced and broadened over the years by career politicians and their big-money contributors, as well as the myriad of pencil pushing bureaucrats who are doing little more than living off the public dime. In the meantime, very little gets done, in texas, like in a great many other places. Maybe the recent elections of Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and Jesse Ventura of Minnesota before him, have emboldened the aging cult star. He does seem serious. But then again, remember, so did Pat Paulson.

In a way, I admit it, I hope he wins, even though I don't honestly believe he has a chance. At least I hope he manages to get on the ballot. If he gets the fifty thousand signatures he needs, which he has to accumulate after the up-and-coming party primaries in Texas, he is on. Of course, those who vote in the primary will be ineligible to sign his petition, and so, in what may be a concise clue as to the seriousness of his intentions, he is encouraging Texas voters to not vote in the primary, in order to sign said petition. I do hope he gets on, and I do hope he wins. If he is serious about running, there's a good chance he all ready realizes that being the governor of Texas is no laughing matter, though for a very short time it might be one.

Terri Schiavo-Autopsy Report Due Today

The Schiavo controversy may be due this day for a resurrection of sorts, when the final autopsy report is finally made public. There are hopes that the report will prove conclusively that Terri Schiavo was indeed NOT in the vegetative state that her husband, scores of doctors, and a variety of court judges decided that she was, before the feeding tube that kept her wasted body going was finally removed, resulting in her death some nearly two weeks later. But just who is it that hopes for this? Her family, of course-her mother, father, brother, and sister-and one would assume their myriad supporters among the politicos, pundits, and religious figures ranging from the catholic hierarchy, to right wing evangelists such as Jerry Falwell and Doctor James Dobson, to Jesse Jackson. In other words, all of them are waiting on pins and needles in the hopes that poor Terri did, indeed, suffer grievously during her final days and hours.

In the event this does indeed turn out to be the case, hold your breath-and your nose-for the release of the numerous prepared statements to the press excoriating the widower Schiavo and his supporters. In the event that the opposite turns out to be the case, you can count on a separate variety of prepared statements from the same circle of allies, only in this case it will probably be a play in two acts.

Act One will contain the story of how the courts, the media, and Schiavo's attorneys have doubtless all conspired to lie on the documents for political, monetary, and legal reasons. A type of cover-up, if you will. They might maintain that this conspiracy has been on-going from day one, from the day Terri first suffered the on-set of her mysteriously degenerating condition, in the case of Mr. Schiavo and his shadowy supporters. Others might maintain the cover-up came after the fact of the death, in the case of political considerations of a good many of Mr. Schiavo's political supporters. There will be accusations of bribery and corruption in high places.

Act Two will come somewhat later, and will develop into an excoriation of the all-pervading "culture of death" that is all too ready to end a human life at the first convenience, and on the slightest pretext. And, once again, the culture wars will be in full fury, with the smiling, unaware face of Terri Schiavo the poster child of the Far Right, invoking the kindness of compassionate conservatism.

Only this time, the play will be performed to a nearly empty house, and will close after a very brief run, in the event that Mr. Schiavo's and his supporters claims turn out to be verified. Still, in the unlikely event that it does indeed turn out that Ms. Schiavo suffered form excruciating pain and agony during her last few days, as a result of Mr. Schiavo and his supporters selfishly removing the feeding tube, and it is proven that Terri was not, after all, in a persistent vegetative state, but had minimal consciousness and feeling-then, the family of Terri Schiavo and their friends and supporters will have a reason to smile. Of course, they will try not to, but, like Terri, hopefully they would be unable to control themselves.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bars And "Real People"

I admit, I miss the bar scene. I miss the romance, the intrigue, the mystery, and even to a point the danger, that comes with going into a nightclub, mixing with the "folks", listening to the jukebox (while trying desperately to ignore the idiot that is always going to be around trying to impress everybody with how much they can "sing" like the artist on the record), sometimes dancing (sometimes with myself-talk about an idiot), and playing pool if there was a decent table handy, provided the person available to play with just wanted to play to pass the time, for the sheer pleasure of the game. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case way too often. At times, I like to just sit, and drink, and reflect, at other times I like to engage in the conversation, the off-color banter. And the women? What can I say? It really is true, they get prettier with each drink. Sometimes their quite pretty to start out with. I seem to have noticed another phenomenon, however, that seems to have gone unremarked. The uglier they are, the prettier they seem to get, while the prettier they are-well, you get the picture, I'm sure.

However, the drawbacks eventually drove me from the bar scene, and I have never returned. Most obvious is the drain on one's finances, as well as the threat to one's overall health, and safety. As for the disease potential, you really have to wonder about those cheesy looking little condom dispensers on the walls of the urine stenched bathrooms.

True, I do miss it, and every time I have the opportunity to go, I am told that I should go out more. Get to know some "real people". But the more I stop to think about it, the more they all seem the same. Face it, the more you see of any one person in any given bar, the more likely that person is to be a loser. I caught on to that pretty quick. And as they seem to have the most pull with the barmaids, for a variety of reasons, the presence of the "regulars" seems to permeate the atmosphere, and you either fit in or you don't. Whatever the case, no matter the bar, you are fitting in, if you do, with a bunch of losers, for the most part. Or you are not fitting in, which is a different story all together, and maybe not always a good one.

And so, I have to decide, alas, to decline any further opportunities to meet any of these regulars, these "real people". The real creeps, the real assholes, the real jerks, the real cutthroats, the real thieves, the real con artists, the real whores, sometimes with their real pimps, and all of the real marks, and finally, the real-well, the real drunks. I enjoy an occasional visit to a neighborhood bar, don't get me wrong, in fact, that's just the problem, maybe I like it too much. But sometimes, it is better for a real person to drink in the privacy of his own real home. Or in the company of those within his own circle of real friends and acquaintances. There are very few of these types, it would seem, to be found in a neighborhood bar, and even less hat are quite like myself. Strangely, what few times I meet such people as this, in a bar, I have no real interest in socializing with them.

Besides, I like to mix my own drinks.

American Soldier Victim At Guantanamo

You haven't heard too much about it over the media, if anything, but this could be the story that ends up blowing the lid off the Bush administrations insistence that all is well at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Try telling that to Sean Baker, a former soldier from Georgetown, Ky. During the course of a training exercise with military reservists from a Michigan Unit at Camp Delta, Baker was given the assignment of pretending to be a detainee. He was beaten severely, in fact his head was slammed to the floor multiple times, and he was stangled. When the code word "Red" didn't bring the proper response, he somehow managed to blurt out "I'm an American soldier. I'm an American soldier."

After a brief leave, he returned to light duty, but had to be heavily medicated. He began to suffer from severe seizures, and was eventually hospitalized at Walter Reed. Baker was eventually given a medical discharge, but it was denied that the incident had anything to do with it. Still, Baker is currently involved in the course of trying to file a lawsuit. The problem is, evidently it is in the military contract that the government cannot be sued for injuries resulting from the course of one's duties. Still, it looks as though Baker might get the green light to go ahead with his suit.

I wish him luck. Regardless of the legitimacy of the suit, this needs to be brought out into the open, into the light of day. After all, if we are to insist on transparency and humane treatments for suspected terrorists, whose rights to them are questionable, to say the least, then how much more so should we be on behalf of our young men and women who serve for the far greater part with honor, distinction, and a kind of bravery I can only wonder at.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson, Psychic Vampire

Since I like to dance out on a limb, and sometimes have been known to saw away while I am out there, I will go ahead and give my own prediction of the up-and-coming verdict in the Jackson case. I predict that jackson will be found guilty of one count of molestation, maybe two, but not guilty on all the other counts. He will probably also be found guilty of at least one count of giving alcohol to a minor, but only on one of the misdemeanor counts (probably the one witnessed by the airline stewardess). The felony count, which requires proof that he intended the alcohol consumption by the minor in question to be for sexual purposes, might seem obvious, and yet from a legal standpoint is probably a bit too nebulous to warrant a guilty verdict. Finally, and here is where I differ from the vast majority of pundits, I believe that as pertaining to the conspiracy charge of holding the family at the Neverland Ranch against their wills, scheming to remove them from the country, etc., I predict that this will be the one charge which will result in a hanged verdict.

Most people will probably be inclined to vote Not Guilty on this charge, but I am thinking there will probably be about three jury members who will not be swayed from a Guilty verdict on this charge as well. After all, just because a conspiracy is unsuccessful doesn't mean it was never put into motion. Also, the fact that the mother at least was allowed a little lee way-some might call it giving her enough rope to hang herself, in a manner of speaking-could be construed as a way of divining her exact intentions. They were obviously kept under close surveillance.

Now, it will be noted that I did not say whether I believed Jackson to be guilty of the charges, nor will I, save for the misdemeanor charge of giving alcohol to a minor, which is almost seemingly undeniable. Otherwise, I would not deign to speak with any certainty on the subject, certainly not on the molestation charges. However, guilty or not, one thing is certain. Mr. Jackson is-well, Mr. Jackson is different. And that is really the subject in chief of this post.

I have long maintained that Mr. Jackson is a kind of psychic vampire. This is of course not a vampire in the traditional supernatural sense of the word, but is instead a designation coined years ago to denote a type of individual who will by ingratiating him or herself with a victim by some triffling favor or flattery, establish a hold over the victim and thereby draining the victim of resources and energy, including mental and emotional energy. It seems to me that, the subject of sexual deviancies notwithstanding, Mr. Jackson fits the bill quite well in this regard. In fact, he seems to have become a vampire by way of being victimized by them. Now, it would seem that his life may have indeed come full circle, as he appears almost certainly destined to end by again being victimized by a family of grifters, psychic vampires in their own right.

One need only peruse Jackson's history to trace the origins of his condition. This is a man who, as a young child, was not permitted to have a childhood of his own, and, despite the manufacturd image of a close-knit, loving family, was subject to physical, mental, and emotional abuse by his father, a man driven to achieve success in the music industry by way of his children, a success he himself could not attain on his own merits. Michael's young life was forcibly devoted to hard work, training, and practice, and constant beratements toward the achievement of perfection in the craft that was foisted upon him.

Of course, as time went on, Michael went into puberty. Now, at this point, the young boy who was never allowed to be a child, was now becomming a young man who, it seems, was never allowed to grow up. By the time he was a fully grown adult, the psychic damage was probably irreversible. Most people would have totally disintegrated by the process that he had undertaken. But there was one thing that sustained him. His love for music, which he did indeed have a nearly incomparable talent for. As well as dancing, for which he was to all intents and purposes without peer in the world of pop and R&B. He was also a talented producer, and composer. And the fans. He had a way of reaching out to the fans, with his talent, and more, with his longing for acceptance, and for love.

This longing for acceptance and for love doubtless propeled him to make many unwise decisions, as regarding the multiple plastic surgeries, which have left him at last with the appearrance of a not very life like mannequin with a sound track. It was said at one time that, in order to maintain his popularity with his original fan base, he gargled periodically with bleach, in order to maintain the high falsaetto quality of his child-like vocals. He became white. He became Elizabeth Taylor. He became Dianna Ross. He became Elvis. But he never became Michael jackson. That was the tortured individual trapped in the body of a trained seal, but still yet the powerful overriding force who manipulated the other personnas like a maestro. It also manipulated the fan base. It craved the attention and the love of the children that he could never more than long to emulate, even when he himself was a child. In time, as he grew closer and closer to his fan base, and to the children that swooped into his orbit, he absorbed their childhood into himself. He drew on their energy, and he drained their essence unto himself. The money, time, and resources that he expended in the wake of this pursuit was to him a trivial matter. Like with all psychic vampires. What was so important about millions of dollars? After all, he was getting so much more in return. He was keeping his youth. He was Peter Pan. He was immortal. And, if it just so happenned that it might have in time escalated into the sexual domains of which he has been accussed, then he would have of course paid well for it. And he would have in the meantime been not only a sexual mentor to his young beloveds, but a spiritual mentor as well. After all, everybody has to grow up sooner or later, everybody has to have guidance, in all areas of life. Michael would be there to play the role. It was his calling.

Of course, as pertains to the sexual aspects, like I said, I can not be sure. I am only theorizing on the why's of the ifs. And to point out that, if it had not by now escalated to the point of sexual misdeeds, I have very little doubt that in time it would have. Whatever the caase, now that the stake has been all but driven through the heart of this psychic vampire-or at the very least, he has been exposed to the glaring light of a burning sun-it will be interesting to see if it might be possible to piece together the remants of this disintegrated personality. If there is anything that is left to piece together.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sex Slaves

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of young children, a brother and sister by the name of Groene, were kidnapped in the town of Couer De Lane, Idaho, and taken from their home while their mother, step-father, and brother were brutally murdered. The three of them were beaten to death. According to the latest forensic evidence the two youngest children, Shasta (aged 8) and her nine-year old brother, left no evidence that they were murdered-at least not at the same time, nor place. And so, hope is still being held out that the two children are still alive. But in all such cases, with the pasing of time, hope grows dimmer.

What is seldom if ever mentioned in all the news reports on the subject, at least insofar as I have ever noticed, is the history of Couer De Lane. In the not so distant past, up until just a few years ago, the town had the dubious distinction of being a haven for white supremacists. They were a quite controversial element of the society of the town, and were eventually run out on the figurative rail. But they had their following. They held parades in the town, which were the subjects of protests and controversies, yet it has to be noted, there had to have been an element of support in the town for the controversy to begin. So, what happened to them? I have been in theprocess of researching the subject , but as yet have no clear answer. Their leader was an old man, in ill health, and there was a lawsuit which resulted in the groups compound being taken. But, still, they had to go somewhere. I doubt that they went that far, nor do I doubt that they disbanded all together.

Add to this the mystery of the family's apparent involvement with methamphetamines, traces of which were found in the bodies of the two murdered adults, the mother and step-father, and a possible scenario presents itself. Being debt-ridden, to the tune of thousands of dollars, to their suppliers, they themselves presented the option or selling the two youngest children in lieu of paying off their sizable debt. The purchase was agreed upon, but this presented a problem to the drug pushers. The parents would have to report the children as missing, and these numbnuts would obviously raise enough suspicion to warrant a full fledged investigation, and would probably crack and spill the beans. The pushers would be in a position to lose a great deal if that were to occur. They couldn't take that kind of a chance. And so, after getting the children to a place of safety, they returned later in the night or early morning hours, and murdered the three. But why so brutally? Well, why not? After all, they had to leave an impression, had to leave a message. You mess with us, you welch out on paying us what you owe, this is what you get. Which, in that cae, would mean that there are people in Couer De Lane who have a pretty good idea of who the perpetrators might be. But nobody is talking. Especially about drugs. And they don't want anybody in the media talking about drugs, either. The father of the children, as well as other family members, made that all too pain, and complained about the drug questions by the media, live, on cable news outlets.

They don't want to focus on peoples past faults, they explain. Just like nobody seems to want to draw a connection to Coeur De lane's white supremacist recent past. It has never been mentioned, as I said before. But who else would take two small children, while slaughtering the rest? Maybe, just maybe, they were not taken for nefarious purpses of the sex-slave trade. maybe the people who murdered the otehr three, including a thirteen year old boy, the other childrens' brother, had just enough of a heart to want to see to their welfare, and try to provide a decent home, maybe in Canada. Some place where they would be in a clean, wholesome, drug-free environment. Yeah, that would be good.

Third World Debt Relief

I know that Bono means well, and I am aware that what I am about to say is probably going to sound harsh, and a little cruel. By the time I am finished, it will probably still sound harsh and cruel, and maybe even a little selfish, and possibly a trifle paranoid. But I think America and the EU might possibly be jumping the gun here, just a little bit. When you stop to think about it, just who are the Third World nations in debt to. I know that it sounds all good and altruistic, relieving these nations of the crushing burden of debt, and therefore helping them to pull themselves out of poverty. But will that really be the result? Shouldn't there be some insistence on some hard changes in return? When you consider the history of the process, it is true that they have been put into this position by years of abuse by the "civilized" nations of the world, with all their machinations and manipulations. They have been used, in some cases raped for all practical purposes, and then, like some worn out whore that has been all used up, just left by the side of the road, abandoned, to fend for themselves. They have been pimped, used up. But in a good many cases the "leaders" of the Third World have been the worse offenders. To an extent they have been the pimps, the civilized nations have merely been the johns. In the worse cases, the Third World Thugs, as I like to call them, have been blood thirsty tyrants, who have raped their nations treasuries, to the tune of millons, and even billiuons, of dollars, and left their own people destitute, and we have allowed it, on one pretext or another, usually for our own national security interests. In by-gone days it was to form bulwarks against the encroachment of communism. Partly as a result of the poverty and destitution of illiterracy and hopelessness that has ensued due to this, we have fostered the encouragemnt of terrorist enclaves.

It is good, and well past time, that we have acted in this small manner to address this. But there are still potential downsides, even in this best intentioned undertaking. For one thing, it could cause an explosion of pent-up hostility, once the masses see it is now safer to vent. Their demands could well exceed any sense of reasonable accommodation. There could be sudden uprisings, and potential blood baths, directed at those perceived to be the offenders, yes, but in the meantime there could be a loss of much inncent life, and mass destruction of property.

Finally, in the event that big business, and multi-national corporations, have to as a result of this relief, take a loss of any prior investments, who is going to make up that loss? The American and European consumer would seem to be the obvious answer. I will readily admit I am unaware of what role, if any, they play in this process, or what they stand to lose if they do. But shouldn't this be an issue that should have to be addressed? Otherwise, the price of goods could rise in unexpected ways, and the increase could be considerable. It would obviously cause quite a bit of grumbling. Look at how just the recent increase in the price of oil has affected the American economy, for just an example.

It is unfair, of course. The American and European consumer had little, very lttle, if any, say in foreign investments vis-a-vis America and Europe into the Third World. Yet, it will be they, doubtless, who will be expected to bear the brunt of it. It shouldn't be that way. The politicians and the multi-national corporations should have to take it on the chin. After all, it was their little chess game. We were all just strung along, spectators in a sport we had no role in, and little if any say, and what say there was was maniplated by emotional appeals to patriotism, God, and our basest fears. So they should bear the burden.

But don't expect it to be settled quite that way. Not when the debt, like the buck, is all so easy to pass.