Saturday, July 30, 2005

From Athens To Nashville With Severe Serenity

One of the places I want to visit, and soon, is Nashville, Tennesee. Not for country music at the Grand Ole Oprey. Nor for the Southern hospitality, or the cuisine, or any of the other myriad reasons most folks might normally flock to the capital of Tennessee.

No, I want to see the Acropolis. The Temple, that is, of the Goddess Athene. My Goddess, whose temple has been reproduced down to the most minute detail possible. Not the ruins that are left now in Athens, but the Temple as it actually was, right in the beginning. Before a great lot of the statuary was either lost, destroyed, or carted of to Great Britain (thankfully) sometime in the 1800's. Even the giant sized idol of the Goddess has been faithfully reproduced, and sits now as before, as though surveying her realm with her own unique aspect of severe serenity.

Severe serenity? I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but after all, Athene was the Goddess of War and Wisdom, among other things. This description is an apt one. Especially when you consider what she has been through over the last couple of millenia.

The descendants of her original devotees, after all, are either preventing her worship, or being prevented from it. An adherent to the religion of Hellenismos, during the recent Athens Olympics, was lowered to having to diplomatically describe his beliefs not as a religion, but as a "philosophy", while the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church bemoaned the general attention being shown to their own ancestral deities during the event.

Another current day follower of the ancient faith, has recently filed suit in court to demand the right to practice his faith, despite the fact that Greece, as a signatory to the EU charter, has in effect agreed to guarantee freedom of religous expression.

I am reminded that our own American ancestors came here to a large extent for precisely this purpose, freedom of religion, and that this was eventually put into our own Constitution. And so we have it. At least, on paper.

Freedom of religous expression. In all states, for all peoples. Not just Protestants, Catholics, and Jews, as a great many, though not all, of the proponents of the theory that our country was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles, would seem to imply. When you get right down to it, Jews and Catholics were not exactly welcomed here with open arms, at first. Though they were gradually accepted. Welcome, even. Now, they are as big a pain in the ass as the Protestants. As is the case with the Muslims. As no doubt will be the case with all who follow.

Well, I demand my right to be a pain in the ass. And I will do so. When I make my trip to Nashville, I will gaze in adoration up at the image of the Goddess, as I contemplate the true principles this country were founded on, and for. For democracy, for example, which was originally formulated in Athens, while our concept of the Seperation of Powers was formulated in the neighboring Greek city of Sparta. For the continuation of Graeco-Roman law and culture, ethics, and philosophy, by way of English comon law, the Rennaissance, and the Enlightenment.

Finally, among the other reasons too numerous to mention, it was founded on the principles of freedom of religion, including the minority ones such as mine. And I will thank for that not some insane Middle Eastern God whose adherents seem never at a loss to promote war, and tyranny, and oppression, including the suppression, not protections, of religions other than their own.

No, I will thank the Lady Athene, my Goddess of Severe Serenity, as I stand in reverence before her in her new Temple. Once my time there is over, I will doubtless vow to return, yet for now I will leave in a newfound sense of spiritual renewal, as I start on the return home, after stopping long enough perhaps to catch a glimpse of Shania Twain.

Vacation Aruba-A Real Crap Shoot

As soon as the Holloway/Twitty family offerred a one million dollar reward for information leading to the safe return of Natalie Holloway, and another substantial reward for information leading to any information that would finally solve the case, they should have known. After all, Aruba is an island dotted with casinos, and a good many of the foreign tourists, as well as the islands inhabitants, are gamblers. So it was no time at all before witnesses came crawling out of the woodwork, with sudden recollections of mysterious activities on such and such a date, at such and such a time, some times involving the suspects in the case. Perhaps they are sincere, but perhaps this is wishful thinking. Would Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe Brothers try to bury Natalie Holloway in a two inch deep stream, secure in the knowledge that a hurricane would soon turn this area into a deep enough pond that it would require draining over a three day period? Would somebody haphazardly take her to a landfill, and take the time to bury her in as deep a pile of garbage as they could find?

Probably not. But if it pans out, the reward is substantial. A crap shoot.

My opinion is the surest way to find out the truth of what occurred to eighteen year old Alabama High School student Natalie Holloway, who disappearred on the last night of her school trip to the island, would be by way of a confession by Joran Van Der Sloot. One way this might occur would be if the truth were beat out of him. Of course the police won't do this, but if he were ever eventually released, and caught out by enough of the right people at the right time, I have no doubt there are a substantial number of the islands residents who would eagerly do this. The Kalpoe Brothers might eventualy suffer the same fate, as far as that goes. Of course, another obvious avenue for closure in this bizzarre case would be if one of them, quite simply, were offerred the reward money, in addition to guarantees of freedom from all future threats of further prosecution.

But failing this, and assumming none of the myriad crap shoots that seem to be on-going as of now ever really pay off, it seems conceivable to me that the best answer, the most logical one, is as follows:

Natalie Holloway was pressured into having sex with Joran Van Der Sloot, and possibly the Kalpoe Brothers as well, once they got her out in a drunken state to a remote area, probably the area of the California Lighthouse. She wasn't actually physically raped, just more or less intimidated into acquiescing. Which is of course a kind of rape, but maybe not in the minds of three young teenage boys who are drunk, and high, and under the equally coercice influence of their own raging hormones, secure in the knowledge that the girl would be leaving the island the next day, and would probably be too humiliated to admit to what happenned, let alone complain or press charges. After all, she was drunk. She went there willingly. So, they got their rocks off, then took her back to the hotel area. Only now, an enraged Natalie Holloway threatened them, threatened to tell everyone what they had done to her, that she would accuse them of rape, that all would know what they were, what they had done. They would pay, and pay dearly.

At one point, she might have gotten into Van Der Sloots face, possibly punched or kicked him, or both. Angry, humiliated now, and afraid of the potential consequences, he strikes out at her, striking her with his fist, as hard as he can, in addition causing her to fall and hit her head. Or possibly one of the Kalpoes did this. Whoever did it, Natalie Holloway now lay motionless on the beach, the deserted beach, to all intents and purposes, no one around but the four of them. Only Natalie is no longer moving. She doesn't seem to be breathing. One of them shakes her, yells at her, to no avail. Try though they may, they can not revive her. She is obviously dead.

Joran calls his father, Paulus Van Der Sloot, who comes as quickly as he can. They drive to his house, where he tries to calm the boys. The dead girl out in the trunk of their car, he explains, can cause no problems if she is never found. She will just be assummed to have run away. Perhaps she might turn up in a crack house. She could conceivably have even been sold into sex slavery in Venezuala, so far as anyone knows. But you have to come up with an alibi, in the event questions are asked. You let her out in front of the hotel. She was drunk, and fell and hit her head, but got up, and was helped inside by a security guard, a black security guard. If her body is found, the fall would explain the injuries to the face. And to be on the safe side, you had all better admit that you had sex with her. As long as there are no obvious vaginal injuries, no one can prove the sex was accomplished through intimidation, and so not really consensual. In the meantime, we will do the best we can to try to make sure the body is never found.

And so, the body was taken, either by the parties involved or through hired confederates who could be depended upon (Aruban police officers friendly to Van Der Sloot, and very ambitous?)
to the most remote part of the island they could find, a place that was desolate of all human habitation, a place that would be seldomly visited, a place of wild and rugged terrain and dense vegetation, a place where a variety of wild animals would eagerly feed upon the dead and decomposing body of the unfortunate girl as she lay in the midst of dense bushes and foliage, completely hidden from human view, even were there happenned by that rare person who visited the area.

Within a few short days, the body would be completly torn and scatterred about, all but demolished by the combined ravages of the native island scavengers and the hot heat of the tropical Carribbean island. The perfect way to dispose of an inconvenient body in this type of environment. All they really needed was a few days time, a week, maybe two at the most, for the ravages of mother nature to complete the job.

This is my theory of what occurred to Natalie Holloway. Of course, there are other possibilities. She could have been put into an incinerator, for example, or cremated for a price by a bribed crematory operator, or for that matter buried in what might appear to be a legitimate grave belonging to another person. She could have been run through a scrap mnetal compactor, or dumped far out to sea, perhaps in shark infested waters to the east of the island.

There is also yet the ever fading glimer of hope she might yet be alive, sold into sex slavery in Venezuala or Columbia, or even being held in a private residence. She may have been kept in a drugged state for so long, she might be little more than a zombie who no longer even knows who she is, let alone where she is.

I know that the mother of Natalie, Beth Twitty, is holding out hopes that this is the case, which is ironic in the extreme. Why else offer a million dollar reward for her daughters safe return, were she not holding out this hope? As unlikely, to say the least, that it obviousy is.

I have a great deal of respect for Beth Holloway Twitty. In her own way, she is as beautiful a woman as I have ever seen. Her efforts on behalf of her daughter are indeed of heroic proportions. Unfortunately, this case has become a ratings bonanza for the cable news media in particular, and it has become very unseemly the way the case has been overcovered, in my opinion, though conversely, the coverage has indeed propeled the case up to this point.

I wish I could advise the woman to take a break from the case, for a mere couple of days. The first day to just wind down, perhaps seek spiritual counseling. The following day, to just stay to herself, for no other reason that to allow her spirit a chance to actually attune with the spirit of her daughter, with no interference from anyone, including her husband and other family members. After all, there is obviously a strong spiritual connection between this mother and daughter. The more I think about it, the more I think maybe a week of this would be even more appropriate than a mere day. A period of silent meditation and reflection could allow that spiritual connection to come to the fore. It may not give her the answers that she is searching for now. But it may at least give her some peace.

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Nra

The National Rifle Association recently announced it would not be holding it's annual convention in Columbus Ohio, as previously had been planned, and this is said to be due to the restricitve gun laws in Columbus. I don't blame the NRA at all for this, in fact, I would suggest a number of good areas for their convention, places that have reasonable gun laws, and could use the economic infusion that a national major convention might bring them. I'm a supporter of the NRA, that is one of my few pet conservative issues, as I am an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. Of course, it is not often that I engage in any kind of dialoque with any NRA members, in fact, I never do, because, frankly, I most generally otherwise don't fit in with these folks. They are usually conservative Christians, for example, and also mainly Republicans.

I remember a while back I was in Cincinnati, I attended an event at Fountain Square, run by some real far-right group. It was attended by a Congressman from the area, a Republican, whom the main speaker actually informed that he would be watched, in what was nearly a menacing manner. And no, he wasnt joking. This was a Pro-gun rights rally, among other things, mainly it was an anti-Clinton and anti-liberal rally, right before the 1994 mid-term elections, the one in which the democrats lost power in the House and Senate for the first time together in like sixty years. And they have yet to regain it. So you might say this period was a turning point.

Anyway, this guy, a militia type with military fatiques and a long pony tail, was speaking about the right to bear arms, and all the other stuff, when I was approached by this smiling man with dark hair, wearing glasses, asking me if he could give me his pamphlets. They were Christian pamphlets, tracts, about the usual shit probably, hell and damnation if you'r unsaved, no matter how good you are otherwise. I say probably, because I didn't see them, I told him I wasn't interested. I told him firmly, too. I had just recently converted to Paganism, and I was a real fire brand about it. I didn't talk to anybody about it in a preaching manner of speaking, now mind you, but I was really into it. Taken with it, all the way, and I wasn't going to hear any of this guys shit, or anybody elses like him. And I made damned sure they understood at least that much, if they ever approached me. So it was with this guy. I wasnt really hateful, I thought, though maybe I was, I just said plainly, I'm not interested. Then I turned back to hear the speech of the militia leader. I noticed this guy was nodding to an acquaintance, and indicated me, with a sneer. Suddenly, he started loking at me, up and down, walking around me a couple of times. I felt like he might start sniffing my ass any mintue, and in fact, I almost think he did. It was weird. Real weird, but I ignored him, and after a couple of minutes, he went on his way.

I wondered, what is he doing, throwing off on the way I was dressed, looking for cloven hooves and a tail, what the shit was this guys story? And it hit me. I didn't reject his God. I rejected him. That was the problem. And he hated me for it. I had humiliated him, and he couldn't deal with that. I then ignored him. I can only imagine how he took that. But he is I fear typical, all too so, of this crowd. Zealots. Fanatics. Better than Muslim fanatics only by a few degrees, and I'm not all that sure about that.

But I am a supporter of the Second Amendment, and as such I support the NRA, as they are the only organization of any note, in fact they are the only ones I know, who advocate for the Second Amendment. It's just too damned bad that their only supporters are nuts like the ones I had to contend with in Cincinnati that cold day in 1994.

Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams issued his declaration that the IRA will now lay down their arms, and work for reconciliation of all sides, as he expressed sympathy for the victims of both sides. George Bush described this as a positive development, but said it must be followed up with a declaration to refrain from all criminal activities. Of course, this has been in the works for some time now, since Bill Clintons famour visit to Ireland, following his controversial decision to invite Adams to the White House. Still, Clinton proved wildly popular in Ireland, and he was able to initiate real dialoque, for the first time in 36 years of sectarian violence that has causd the loss of thousands of lives. The dialoque of course did not always go smoothly, as promises to disarm were met by skepticism, and apparrent breakthroughs in discussions ended at times in those talks being arbitrarilly cut off by one side or the other.

But, in the case of the Muslim declaration which came later, in roughly the same hour, in fact, there must be a real good faith effort to work toward these conciliatory goals. Words are well and good, but there must be honest effort on both sides.

Unfortunately, the insanity of religous bigotry has fueled this situation in much the same manner as it has propelled the Middle East toward the cauldron of hatred that it is today. However, my ancestors were from Ireland, so it tends to hit a little closer to home. And it makes me wonder, yet again, why is it religion that causes all this grief, all this turmoil, all this hatred? Would it be any different if the Irish were to suddenly, by and large, decide they would return to their ancient Celtic pagan roots? I know that would never happen, yet if a large enough percentage of them did so, who knows, they might set an example of sanity in the middle of madness. I could never understand why people would want to willingly embrace a religion that was foreign to them. One that can not, in fact, be anything but foreign. It's my honest belief that when a person returns to the pagan roots of their ancestors, and their old pagan deities, they will never turn away from them, unless they are forced to on the surface for economic or other such reasons. Even then, they will not turn away from them inwardly. But if all peoples could return to their ancient roots, they can not help but be in tune with their ancestry,their heritage, and thus their own spirits.

To do otherwise is to live an illussion. And it is unfortunatley in the case of Christianity, of most major denominations, an illussion of violence in the pursuit of so-called righteousness. The ends justifies the means. Look at what's going on in the Middle East. Then look at the situation in Ireland over the past 36 years, which is fueled to a great extent by the rivalry between Catholic and Protestant. There is scarcely any real difference between the two of them.

The Recent London Terror Bonanza

I guess they finally got the guy by promising they wouldn't kill him as long as he behaved himself. Actually, I think he came to realize that they damned well were going to kill him if he didn't give up. The important thing, is they got him, and now comes the real truth about why it took so long. He was ashamed to come outside in his underwear. That's just the Muslim mind-set. That's why the Abu Ghraid prison photos were so scandalous to the Arab world. The very idea of a wicked American woman pointing and laughing at the penis of a godly Arab man. I am not being sarcastic either, I am being very serious. The Britsh, as well as American, authorities had better stop worrying about treating these fanatics with kid gloves and about the opinions of the far left with their absurd accussations of torture, and devise methods of dealing with these people. I propose you do the exact thing that seems to humiliate them so much. When guys like this are holed up and won't surrender, you can't take the chance that they might blow up an entire block just to satisfy the civil liberties crowd.Shoot gallons of urine and feces through the windows at them, and tell them there is more to come if they refuse to surrender. These guys aren't wrapped too damned tight, after all, it shouldn't take that damned much to crack them, but we have these idiots in our midst insisting we should play by the Marquis of Queensbury rules, on the grounds that we are "better than that". Speak for yourself, I'm not better than that, I want to win and I want this shit over with, and I want the fucks that want to kill us dead. Period.

We can start by not allowing anymore of these idiots in our repsective countries, just close the door to any further imigration, and whenever possible kick out the ones who are here that aren't American citizens. And keep a close eye on them. Of course,it's racist, some will say, but consider the following. The man that was arrested today, was a teacher of underprivileged children. He had even been interviewed on the BBC, not too long prior to this. No one would ever had imagined that he was a terrorist, or a terrorist sympathizer, as his mother was of such a good reputation, she had been invited to dinner at Buckingham Palace. A typical example of how a good citizen should live.

Of course, it is true that a good many Muslims have at last started to get the message, as just yesterday a delegation of Muslim clerics issued a proclamation declaring their renunciation of violence. All well and good, but it certainly was a long time coming, wasn't it now? Another good cop bad cop routine was how I saw the past Muslim actions. The bad Muslims bomb us, blows us up, chops off our heads with a dull blade on the Internet for all the world to see, and declares they will destroy us beause we are infidels. The good Muslims come along then and assure us that Islam is not really like this, we are a religion of peace. You should join us. Well, that didn't work, so now they have to step up to the plate and issue a Fatwa. Words. Empty, meaningless words. Until, that is, they are followed with actions. If they are sincere, fine, but let them demonstrate their sincerity by turning in anybody they may have reason to suspect is engaging in criminal activity. Instead of delivering proclamations for the benefit of the television cameras, how about a few sermons, a whole bunch of them, denouncing this violence you allegedly deplore so greatly.

And no, I dont hate all Muslims. I greatly respect and even appreciate the efforts of Mushariff in Pakistan, for example, who also just today, announced that all foreign students in the madrassas in his country will have to leave, with no exceptions. Mushariff has gotten the message. He wants to build a good life for the honest people of his country, and wants to encourage an actual civilized lifestyle. He finally figured out the Madrassas were a big drain on his nations reputation.

The same goes for Mubarrek in Egypt, after the recent terror attacks his country suffered, which affected a god many Muslims as well as tourists, he realizes that this will prove to be nothing but a massive drain on Egypts tourist industry, and will accomplish nothing else. As long as these kinds of people are being radicalized by their imams, and their madrassas, they will not be able to be controlled by anybody other than people like Mushariff and Mubarrek, men who know if they don't rule with an iron hand, they will end up getting their own throats slit.

And of course I would hope that most Muslims in this country are good, law-abiding people. But all too many of them are of the calibre of former University of Miami Professor Sami Al Aryan, who is now on trial for raising money for Hamas. He even went so far as to send a letter to a Kuwaiti legislator soliciting money for the families of suicide bombers in Palestine, in order for "this good work" to be enabled to continue.

That's the kind of mind-set we deal with here. The kind of mind that refers to the bombing of innocent children and elderly as an example of "good works".

Frist Crosses Bush

Bill Frist has fired yet another volley in what is now apparently a serious move to plan for the Republican Presidentail nomination, as he has just announced plans to support a bill that would ease current restrictions on stem cell research. True, this is obviously self-serving on his part, and an even more blatant attempt at political calculation than his recent foopah regarding the Terri Schiavo fiasco, for which he among others took a well deserved hit in the public opinion polls. But this is a welcome change, and may bode well for the future of stem cell research, and medical research in general. From what little I understand of the bill, it is designed to support with federal funds research to match adults with stem cells made just from them, and for them. That smacks of cloning. Cool. Maybe Frist can agree to an experiment using his own stem cells, then we can say Bush has been, eh, double-crossed. (Okay, yeah I know it's corny)

The thing I don't understand-(because I haven't yet really gone into detail in studying it) is what this has to do with embryonic stem cells. I'm just guessing here that if an adult has need of a stem cell, for medical reasons, then a frozen egg would be injected with the stem cell, and in much the same procedure as in vitrio fertilization, the adult recipient now has a matching stem cell that a doctor can utilize for the treatment of various illnesses. Hell yeah, that is therapeutic cloning, if that's what it is, the very thing Bush about went apopleptic over when the South Koreans announced they would soon do the exact same thing.

Good for Frist. He's finally done something in the political arena that I like and can actually applaud. I still say his motives are political. But then again, aren't the motives of all politicians, well, political?

Pediatrician Kills Mother

This is an example of how some people never really escape their past. About ten o'clock in the morning of the 27th, pediatrician Balar Balasubramanian of the Blue Ash section of Cincinnati, Ohio, was discovered by a passing motorist on McKinley Road. She was half naked, and seemed to be pretty much out of it when approached by police. She informed them there was somebody in the trunk of a car on Glendale Milford Road that needed help. They found the car, a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrique, and in the trunk they found the body of Balar's mother Saraja. She explained that she had initially tried to suffocate her mother, then fed her a milkshake laced with a lethal dose of medication. When this too failed to accomplish the task, she got her mother down on the floor and strangled her. Once she was dead, Balar dragged her mother to the trunk of the car with a makeshift raft made of bags of mulch she kept in her garage. She did this, she explained, not only for herself, but for her siblings, in order that her mother could no longer "hurt us". She went on to say she was sorry for what she did to her mother, but she had come to realize that she would never be a success because of of her.

Balar was a pediatrician who had in June 2004 finished a residency at the Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh. She had spent the past year as a doctor in India. She woas soon to have moved to St. Louis to begin a cardiology fellowship.

Police had no explanation as to what may have occurred between the time Balar murdered her mother and the time she was found, half-naked and disoriented, at ten in the morning. It was obviously an emotional collapse of the most serious order, and there seemed to have been evidence she may have attempted suicide, due to the presence of a cut on her wrist.

Whatever the case, it's interesting to note that this woman had obviously sufferred some kind of serious traumatic disorder for quite some time, and may have felt, rightly or wrongly, that she was the victim of childhood abuse at the hands of her mother. Interesting also as to how this might have affected her career choices. To become a pediatrician would seem a logical route for one who has sufferred from abuse at the hands of a parent, even if that abuse was simple neglect. However it may have evolved, or how it began, it obviously culminated in the horrific series of events that to all intents and purposes, ended not just one life, but two.

Mexican Workers And Organized Labor

The AFL-CIO has just split up, as of a few days ago, over differences in the direction Organized Labor should take (besides straight down that is). One side, if I understand correctly, seems to feel that there should be more of an emphasis on attracting more members. They even look longingly toward the hordes of Mexican immigrants that stream across the border every day almost with lust in their hearts, it would seem, at the power these workers would provide. Well, they had better start jacking off, because I seriously doubt they will ever get in those pants. Mexican imigrants are here precisely because they are ready, willing, and able to work at menial jobs for far cheaper rates than most Americans are. And they are for the most part even cheerful about it. I remember once a while back, some years ago in fact, I and another white associate got us a temporary job picking oranges. We were driven out to the middle of nowhere, it seems, to a large farm, and were handed each a large burlap sack , and told to start picking. It was piece rate, now mind you, something like ten cents per dozen, or some kind of shit like that. I didn't like the sound of it, but I started picking. Hell, I needed the money, what can I say?

The Mexican workers were up in those trees, laughing and singing in unison as they picked, quickly filling their bags, by the time I was a third of the way through one. It was hot, sticky, stuffy, I was hungry and thirsty. And after a couple of hours of this bullshit, I had more than enough. I left, without pay. My friend stayed on, and I never saw him again. Not that this was unusual or suspicous, we were both transients, living in Phoenix Arizona at the time. We came and went with the winter. Snowbirds, they called us all. The worst thing about it, is those guys never so much as broke a sweat. They kept smiling, they kept singing, they kept talking and joking-all in Mexican-and they kept filling those goddamned bags full of oranges. Unlike me, or my friend, they didn't feel the least bit put out. The only thing that would have bothered them was if they were to be told they couldn't do it. And that's the point of all this. These schmucks actually feel they have a good thing going on down here, and I guess all things considered they do. As long as they keep that attitude, the Republican Party and their business supporters are going to ensure that they are able to come here in substantial numbers. To some, the more the merrier.

But Organized Labor? Believe me, I knew quite a few Mexicans during my time in Arizona, and since, and as a general rule, they are good, simple, humble, honest folks. But they are not stupid, by any means, and they damned sure aren't going to rock the boat that is responsible for their being here, whether by way of the border crossings, or through the dessert, or across the Rio Grande. And that boat is quite frankly the Business Community, in additon to the politicians, mostly Republicans, who look after their interests. True, most people on the Far Left welcome them as well, for different reasons, mainly idiotic ones. But the Far Left isn't paying their salaries. Maybe years down the line, it would eventually be differnet, but we are talking in terms of decades, not in just a few short years.

In the meantime, the quickest way for the Mexican workers to lose the support of the business community that hires them, and the Republican Party that supports and has up to now enabled their continued presence, is to start moving into the ranks of Organized Labor.


The CAFTA Bill recently passed the House Of Representatives by a slim two vote margin. Bush must be really proud of himself, he lobbied extensively for passage of this piece of legislative insanity. So now thanks to the crossover democrats, who should have known better, who overcame the renegade Republicansd who voted agaisnt the Bill, to their credit, we now have more of what should be obvious by now is never going to work. More free trade. Meaning, of course, cheaper goods made from near slave labor overseas, while American companies move their production facilities offshore in order to take advantage of the cheap labor, the less strident if at all existent regulations, and a far friendlier tax structure.

In fact, these crumb bums would have all ready wrecked the country by now were it not for the influx of foreign companies that have taken up the slack in providing American jobs and quality goods. But they can only do so much. And is the situation really that benign after all? In addition to buying up American businesses and properties, they are also in the business now of buying up our debt. Not to worry, most experts say, but who can help it?

And of course, there will soon be more of an influx of cheap foreign labor, which is all ready out of control, to further drive down the labor market in this country, which is all ready on life support. The long term effect of all this is that we may, eventually, become a Third World country. In fact, we are all ready on our way there.

I predict that eventually, the world economy will be dominated by two main competitors. The first of these will doubtless be the EU, the second will be an alliance of India, China, Russia, Brazil, Iran, and probably Japan and possibly a reunified Korea. Our country will by then be dominated by the EU, and we will be a third rate power at best. However, if the trade rivalry ever escalates into a full scale war-and you almost have to assume it eventually would-then it will still be the United States that will be on the front lines, doing the vast majority of the heavy fighting, suffering the heaviest casualties, and bearing the greatest expense. Once it's all over with, the EU, provided it wins the war, will be left over to pick up the pieces. What they hell, by this time they will have longed owned us, remember. Of course, it's possible that we might not win.

But whether we win or we lose-we lose.

Straight Camp

There has been much debate over whether gay folks were born that way due to some aspect of heredity yet to be discovered, or whether it is all a matter of actual lifestyle decisions. The Far Left claims there is some kind of genetic facotr, a gene if you will, and thus some people are just born to be gay. They cite statistics to the efect thatr roughly ten percent of mammals are gay, though I have never yet heard exactly how this poll was conducted. Very carefully, I would imagine. The far Right crowd, conversely, insists that it is all in the mind, that it is due to circumstances of life that encourages a person to gradually become gay, but that that person can change if he or she has the desire. If the truth were known, I have this strong suspicion that they would tend to believe that the devil and his angels are somehow responsible for turning certain people gay, through some kind of Satanic deceit meant to send the person eventually to a fiery hell. Few of them, of coure, will come right out and tell you this, much like they would never have admitted they considered Bill Clinton at the time of his presidency, if not still yet, to have been the Anti-Christ.

I have another strong suspicion that, theories of the devil disregarded totally, the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the two variant philosophies. That cetain enironmental, societal, and family influences might tend to cause certain individuals within a certain genetic framework to become gay. And of course, they have a right to be gay if they so desire. But they also have a right not to be if they desire not to be. As a liberal-a true, honest to Goddess, classical liberal-I am a strong believer in freedom of choice for the indiviual to live his or her life the way they see fit.

But is "Straight Camp" necessary, or even viable? Does a person really need help or encouragement in order to make up their minds what they want their sexual oreintation to be? Yet, there are such camps springing up, which purport to, through hard work and discipline, and counseling (and I bet'cha a heavy dose of praying as well) turn a boy that seems to be showing evidence of being gay, into being on the old straight and narrow path to normalcy, wholesomeness, and happiness. Would this work? Well, yes, possibly, it could. But it could also, I would think, cause a lot of psychic emotional danger to any young boy or girl. Just possibly. A lot of caution needs to be entered into here. For example, what if the boy isn't really gay, his father is just afraid he might be, because he has noted some actions he considers feminine, or he has a disconcerting interest in art. What could be the long term effects here? Or what if the kid truly is gay, and wants to be gay, honestly wants to be, is happy with it? So what? Why should he be singled out for brainwashing? Is it really necessary? If so, why?

Finally, this gives me an idea. Since there are now "straight camps", then what could be more obvious than to establish, just as a counter-balance, "gay camps"? You might laugh at such a notion, but consider the following fun activities a young boy might want to learn about in his efforts to decide if he, too, wants to be gay. You can have different classes for different ones, with a following period of discussion after each class.

Sucking That Dick-Techniques of a master cocksucker.

Swallowing Cum-If you really love him, can you ignore the taste?

Cornholing-When It's Better To Give Than To Receive

Quimby*-Now this is love

Cuddling In Front Of Your Parents

The Joys Of Gerbils

And of course this would be just the beginning, as there could be films that explain, in insightful yet humorous ways, the joys of making that decision to become gay. Imagine the love and camaraderie that could be on display at a camp such as this. Of course, any counselors involved would need to undergo sensitivity training to help them deal compassionately with those poor unfortunate straight kids that just can't seem to get it.

But when all is said and done, I am sure such a "Gay Camp" would be every bit as successful as the so-calld "Straight Camp", and many young boys would gladly make that move over to the gay lifestyle.

That is, if they really wanted to, of course.

*Quimby-Gay male who sucks the extracted semen from the rectum of his lover

The Boy Scouts-A Divine Comedy?

The on-going Boy Scout Jamboree recently gave way to tragedy when four Scout leaders, having pitched their tent under a power line, were electrocuted when the metal pole of their tent inadverdantly made contact with the overhead wire. Prior to this, the President had to cancel a scheduled appearance before the group due to increment weather. He had to cancel yet another appearance just two days ago, following a memorial service for the fallen leaders, at about the same time that two hundred of the Boy Scouts in attendance became seriously ill. It seems that nothing is going right for the organization.

Except that is for the recent vote in the Senate-98 to 0-in favor of allowing the Boy Scouts to make use of certain military bases during training and camping programs, over the steadfast objections of the ACLU. The Conservative Christian crowd that traditionally support the Boy Scouts were overjoyed at this turn of events, as even such stalwart liberals as Edward M. Kennedy and Barbara Boxer voted in their favor. Even the two abstentions, or absentees as the case may have been, could not find it in their hearts to actually vote agaisnt the organization. The ACLU is obviously aghast, as the Boy Scouts promote personal repsonsibility, belief and faith in a "higher power", good citizenship, patriotism. And of course they discourage the homosexual lifestyle, while refusing to allow homosexuals as Scout Leaders, as is their right as a private organization, a right that has been affirmed by the Supreme Court. And here is the problem, that certain groups claim this disqualifies them from using public lands. They have been turned away from certain cities properties for this reason. So this came as a real surprise.

But I think the Christian Conservatives might tend to gloat just a little too much. Maybe their God doesn't like mean-spirited gloating, maybe he decided to have a little fun with them. Here's a poke in the eye, so to speak, ha ha, have a pie in the face, here smell this flower, hahahahahahahha-here, have a seat here, relax a bit-buuuuzzzzzzzzz. What might that mischievous trickster God of the Christians do next?Poisonous snakes amongst the revelers? A featured speaker dies of a massive coronary in the middle of his address? A severed penis is found in the ice cream?

Actually, probably none of the above. And what has happenned up to this point can probably best be summed up by that old tried and true maxim-shit happens. I personally like and admire the Boy Scouts and wish them well, and congratulate them on their well deserved victory. They are a private organization that does much needed good work that benefits children and the community. The radical left should get over it.

On the other hand, it is interesting to speculate on how the Far Right would have reacted had the same set of tragic or similar circumstances afflicted a group with whose values and philosophies they were at odds. And their relative silence now.

Dennis And The Department Of Peace

If Dennis Kucinich had his way about it, I have no doubt the Tigris River would soon all but erupt in flames, much as did the Cuyahoga River when he was the boy mayor of Cleveland in the early seventies. Sure, Dennis means well. In fact, I would say that in a lot of different ways, he was the best candidate running for president during the democratic '04 primaries. He was right on most of the major issues. Civil rights and minority protections, Pro-Choice, Pro-Labor, Pro-environment, Pro comprehensive health care reform, almost everything you want to mention. He was a true democratic liberal, unabashed and unapologetic, which was very refreshing. Unfortunately, like most democrats, he doesnt' seem to have a clue that his party, and most in it, are indeed clueless when it comes to the need for a strong military and a strong national defense and homeland security. Which meant that he had about as good a chance of winning the election as a minnow had of surviving in the Cuyahoga, circa 1972. Then, he seems to have decided, well, "let me go ahead now and cut my damned throat and get it over with" by coming up with the most preposterous proposal I have yet to hear advocated-the Department of Peace.

Yeah, that's what I thought. The Department Of What? To do what? Another bureaucracy, another cabinet level department full of pencil pushers to advocate for world peace, it would seem. Hey, Dennis, a heads up. We seem to have one of those already, I think it's called THE STATE DEPARTMENT, numbnut. I mean, the last time I checked, they seem to function out of the need to try to work out solutions to problems through diplomacy before there is a need to go to war. In fact, they are frequently at odds with the Defense Department due to this very fact. The two serve to balance each other out, which they are supposed to do. Okay, so a great many of the times they don't do that good a job. But would creating yet another carbon copy under a different name really accomplish anything but confusion? I don't think so.

But Dennis failed to learn from his dismal performance at the polls, and now is at it again, this time co-sponsoring legislation in the House of Representatives, bi-partisan at that, to push for an agreed timetable of troop withdrawal from Iraq, which is of course impractical as hell. It won't work, which isn't the problem, the problem is, nobody's going to go along with it. But to be fair, I might have a solution that Dennis and his allies might want to consider.

How about all you guys lobby NATO to join us in earnest in supporting the up-and-coming (hopefully) democratic
government of Iraq, as it goes about the business of drafting a new constitution and setting up a government in which all parties have a voice, and in which certain civil and legal rights are guaranteed, and the rule of law prevails? A government in which there will be free and fair elections? You don't really have to encourage our NATO allies to send troops to Iraq, though that would certainly be nice. Just encourage them to help us in training the Iraqi Army, which can then that much sooner go about the business of defending their own country, with hopefully no need for any help from us or from anyone else.

That way, the Iraqi government can stand on it's own two feet, may be a resounding success, and the American troops can actually come home sooner-much, much sooner-than would otherwise be practical. That is what you realy want, isn't it now? For the troops to come home? And our presence there as occuppiers be ended? Isn't that what the Europeans want, and for that matter, the Iraqi's themselves? Isn't that what everybody wants, in reality? Well, the quicker the government is firmly established, and their military is up to par, the sooner we can do this. Otherwise, were we to leave too quickly, without these conditions being met, the country would doubtless quickly descend into chaos and civil war, eventually followed by a return to dictatorial rule, either by a Saddam style Ba'athist resurgence, or by an Iranian style Islamic fundamentalist theocracy.

Now you wouldn't want that to happen, Dennis, would you now? What kind of Department Of Peace would encourage a scenario like that?

Bigfoot Sighted Again

Contrary to popular belief, Bigfoot is very real. Or is she? Her name is Jane Fonda, and every time she is sighted, she seems to be sticking her Big Foot in her Big Mouth. As with all Bigfoot sightings, her apearrances tend to be very disconcerting. To say nothing of the fact that everything about it seems to stink, to high heaven, and on a bunch of different levels. Take for example her most famous sighting.

This one I saw for myself, and it certainly looked for real. There she was, sitting on a Viet Cong anti-aircraft gun, laughing cheefully, gleefuly, as she clasped her hands together. There it was for all the world to see. Was it for real? Or was it some kind of clever fraud? She was later said to have been sighted at a Vietnamese raio station, and was even heard to have broadcast pleas to American soldiers to refuse to fight, fo rthem to desert, that they were fighting an ilegal, immoral, and unjustified war of aggression. She was further said to have been sighted at a North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp, where she met with seveal POWs. Or did she? A great many of the more unfortunate POWs admitted they never actually saw her, though they believed the accounts of her presence. Very disconcerting. Something about it just didn't pass the smell test.

She was spotted several other times, in movies, in exercise videos, with several different husbands. Finally, she was spotted at a book tour, where she was spat upon by a disgruntled Viet Nam veteran. She had been recently heard to apologize for past actions. But was it for real? Disconcerting. It, yes, stunk to high heaven. She was last seen in yet another movie-Monster-In-Law. Would that be it for Bigfoot?

Evidently not. Now she is said to be about to embark on a bus tour in order to protest yet another war, the present one in Iraq. But is it for real? New Mexico Governor Elliot Richardson, whom she claims will accompany her on the tour, claims he has never heard about it, knows nothing about it. So, we are left to wonder-will Bigfoot soon be spotted in a city or a town near you? Or is it all a bizarre, monstrous fraud?

Disconcerting. And like all Bigfoot sightings, it stinks, on a bunch of levels.

John Roberts Is Catholic-Now We Can Worry

Okay, so now I'm worried, not so much about Roe v Wade, though that is troubling. In fact, my concerns with the Catholic Church began pretty much with the last election, when certain Bishops threatened to withold communion from John Kerry due to his Pro-Choice beliefs. This of course could easily have been interpreted as interference by representatives of a sovereign nation-the Vatican-in the internal affairs of U.S. politics. Thankfully, the various Bishops were divided on this issue, some issuing objections to this policy, and we were never quite sure exactly where the Vatican itself stood. Though there were rumblings.

But even this stance fell fall short of the recent self-serving position recenty advocated by a group of American Bishops as regarding U.S. border policy. They in effect called for an easing of border restrictions, an appeal for amnesty for curent illegals, aid for those illegals who may get in dire straights as a result of flouting our laws, and allowing ever more imigrants to move here legally.

This is self-serving, obviously so, when you consider the statistics. The Catholic Church-and the Vatican-gets the largest share of it's financial contributions from the pockets of American Catholics, more than from any other single group, possibly even more than all others combined. Yet, at the same time, it is a fact that Church conversions are down, as is overall church attendance amongst American Catholics. For the past twenty or thirty years, there has been a troubling shortage of priests and seminarians. If the downward trend continues, it can bode no good for the American Cathoic Church, or the Catholic Church in general, as financial contributions can not for very long fail to also decline, in fact they probably have somewhat all ready done so.

Then, you realize, the majority, if not all, of Mexican immigrants are Catholic, and would add a considerable number of practising members. In time, this would lead to an increase in donations, as well as a much needed boost in seminarians and priests. The Catholic hierarchy aren't just looking at Mexican immigrants and seeing a cash cow, of course. They are seeing a whole damned herd, crossing the desert, swimming the Rio Grande, from California to Texas, and they want them roped and branded. Not only for the reasons I have mentioned, but due to the fact the Mexicans are for the most part socially conservative. Which bring us to the most important, and scariest, reason of all for the Catholic border position. That many faithful, and grateful, practising Catholics, presumably regular church attendees and generous donors, soon to become American citizens, would prove to be one hell of a voting bloc. A socialy conservative, presumably pliant voting bloc that would vote for the candidates who would certainly increase, and perhaps ultimately cement, the Catholic Church in America's power in Washington, possibly to a position of unchallenged control.

This brings us back to the issue of John Roberts. He will doubtless be confirmed in his position on the Supreme Court, though it might turn out to be a nastier struggle than I had envioned. Once this occurs, what would happen if there are tough new immigration laws passed, one for example that might seem fair, yet at the same time seeks to limit immigration to manageable levels, and at the same time adopts a policy aimed at rigidly enforcing current border policies to ensure that the only Mexican immigrants that move here are the ones who do so legally, out in the open? That all others are stopped at the border, and turned away? That those who are caught after sneaking in are immediately sent back, with the admonition they will never be allowed to return? That there will be penalties for employers caught hiring undocumented ilegal aliens, or for anyone else that aids them in such a way as to be intended to assist them in staying here illegally? That cities who allow the presence of illegal aliens as a policy in oppossition to federal laws will be cut off from all future federal funding and other federal aid as a consequence?

Whatever the laws might state, regardless of how well worded and considered, it will no doubt face stiff legal challenges, which would more than likely eventually place it before the Supreme Court. In such an event, how will John Roberts vote? Conservative, Catholic, John Roberts?

No, I don't like the looks of it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Pro-Choice Movement Meltdown-To Make It Clear

Something I should have added in my last post on this subject, was very important, and yet in my haste I neglected to add one very important detail. I asserted that a parent or parents have evry right to be informed when their young daughter attempts to have an abortion. Some people have taken this to mean that I am advocating that the girl should have their parents consent to have the abortion, that she should not be allowed to have one without her parents permission. Nothing could be furhter from the truth. While I wouldn't go so far as to say it is none ofthe parents business, they certainly should have no say in the matter. They simply have the right to be informed. After all, this is certainly a serious procedure being discussed here, much more serious, for example, than having a mole removed, which no respectful medical professional would perform on an underrage person without the knowledge of the parents. In a procedure such as this, indeed, the parents should be required to give their permission.

However, whether or not to have a child is arguably the most life altering decision a person can make. Way too many young girls actually decide to go through with a pregnancy, in fact I have known of young girls who have tried to get pregnant. They just have this desire to have a baby, and for a variety of reasons. Some get it in their heads that there is money they can make through government agencies, some are simply out for the love and nurturing companionship that comes from being a mother, or perhaps they think they can actually become a real adult through this process and possibly even get the "man" of their dreams.

Would any reasonable, sane adult person advocate that this is a matter of privacy, that the girls parents have no right to interfere or even to be informed of such a stupid activity as this on their daughters part? I would most certainly hope not. How, then, does it follow the parents have no right to be informed as to their daughters seeking an abortion? It doesn't make any sense.

I repeat, the parents should be informed, however, they should have no say in the matter, and the girl should be allowed to have the abortion. In fact, I would if I had my way about it take it even farther than that, and say that a young girl, under the legal age of adulthood, should actually not be allowed to go through with a pregnancy-with or without their parents consent and, for that matter, whether or not they themselves want the abortion.

Think about it. When a teenage girl goes through puberty, she is physically capable of becomming pregnant and carrying a baby, and of giving birth. This can happen as early in most cases at the age of twelve, and in some cases even earlier than this. There is just no legitimate reason for allowing this to happen. Seeing as how in most states it would be illegal for a girl that age to even consent to the act of sexual intercourse, then how does it follow that they should be allowed to become mothers, to give birth, to raise a child?

This is a case where religous and social extremism should give way to common sense, and to legitimate concerns for children, as oppossed to the religous claptrap that passes for it. For once, I would like to see both sides of an issue actually work for the benefit of the children they purport to want to protect, as oppossed to merely using them as the typical pawns they all so often become.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Teacher Of The Year-Deborah LeFave

Why would anyone in their right mind want to prosecute this woman, when they should be promoting her, for goodness sake? Now, I'm not going to go into this hackneyed business witht he obvious jokes about wishing I had a teacher like that. Simply put, in my case, it damend sure wouldn't be a joke. Now, before I go further, I will admit that a math teacher should be teaching math, and nothing but math, same with history, English, etc.

But hey, why invest so much damned money in sex education and not even teach sex? I mean, you learn by doing, right? And women teachers like Debbie LeFave could be a real godsend, beuase any red-blooded heterosexual American male would absolutely love to do it with her. So why not take advantage of the situation. I mean, the guys are willing. She is obviously willing, and I would wager plenty of others would be as well.

This would be providing a real service. Of course, young girls shouldn't be taught sex in this manner, as they shouldn't be penetrated by a grown man. It's just different for girls than it is for boys, politically correct claptrap to the contrary. But even they can benefit overall from young boys being brought to sexual maturity by a teacher adept at the subject. For one thing, the guys would only get to fuck the teacher once they passed the requisite social skills tests involved, as a reward. In effect, they would have to learn to treat females in general with the respect that they deserve. How could that be a bad thing?

And if the parents of any young boy did not want their young sons to be included in the program, they would have the right to refuse to give permission for it. And that would be it. Of course, that isn't going to be easily made up by a camping trip or a few extra dollars allowance. But life is a bitch, after all.

A Wicked Spell Troll This Way Cums

This is a magical spell that I would not advise any witch to perform. Howevr I feel I am providing a service by informing you of the type of spells that are possible. Not that you should do them. Just be aware of them. Because spells such as this one are negative,and can backfire. And besides, it is just wrong to manipulate people's free will by using magic to make them do your bidding. However, IF YOU WANTED TO DO ONE, AND ABSOLUTELY FELT YOU HAD TO, THIS WOULD BE AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO :


You will need a large red candle, in the middle of an altar. At the north, you will need an apple. At the east, a censor, or a stick of incense. At the south, a brazier. And at the west, a cup of wine. Invoke the elements as you cast the circle, calling Power Earth at the North, as you ritually empower the apple; Powerair at the est, as you ritually empower the incense and light it; Power Fire at the south as you ritually empower the brazier, which you will light; At west, invoke power water as you ritually empower the wine. Return to the north, and pick up the apple. Carry it to the east, allowing the smoke of the incense to waft over the apple. Carry it to the south, allowing the heat of the brazier's flames (use small bit of alcohol for this flame, and some toilet tissue to extend the life of the flame, but be cautious) to anfuse the apple with it's power. Proceed back to the west, where you will sip the wine, after which you will proceed to the center of the ritual space, and kneel before the candle. Have beside the candle a bowl, in which you should pour the wine into. Using the power of your visualization, see yourself having an affair with your favorite teacher as you push the apple down into the empowered wine. Hold it there as you project the energy of your sexual passion of your visualizations into the apple.

Once you are finished with the visualization to your satisfaction, release the elements, thanking them for their assistance. Wrap the apple in a specially preparee ritual cheeseloth, and place in a safe spot, preferably in your refrigerator, for purpioses of protecting it.

The next time you see your teacher, during class, you will have the apple with you. This is important: do not offer the apple to the teacher, or leave it on his or her desk. Simply carry it on your person through the entirety of the class, ensuring that you participate in class discussions, etc., while maintaining eye contact with your teacher. However, if he or she asks, at the end of class, if the apple is for him or her, simply hand it to the teacher, saying "it's yours if you want it". Then, without another word, simply walk out, pausing just long enough to look back at him or her and smile.

It will only be a matter of time.

Pregos And Their Sex Addict Babies

I've fucked a lot of pregnant chicks in my time. I don't know why, when I was married, I wouldn't fuck my wife when she was pregnant for the life of me. But that was different. Give me a woman who is pregant by another man-especially, most especially, by her husband, and I will fuck her over and over and over again. I get a perverse thrill out of it. What the hell, I can't get her pregnant, right? I used to enjoy telling guys whose wives were pregant that I loved to fuck pregant women that were married to other guys. They would just give me this look. Now, I wouldn't be talking about their wives, of course. Heh, heh, heh.

But recently, I got to wondering, just what am I doing? Am I creating a whole line of sex addicts? I'm serious here. Face it, if a pregnat woman takes drugs, or drinks heavily, or even smokes cigarrettes, while pregant, it is pretty much an establshed fact that their babies are going to be born addicted to whatever substance the mothers were ingesting during their preganancies.

It is also an established fact by now that sex can be an addiction. Sooo, if I fuck a pregant woman, am I possibly going to cause that baby to be a sex addict? And is this possibly the reason there are so many sex addicted people in the world now to begine with? After all, sex during pregnancy was pretty much considered taboo before the nineteen sixties, though I'm sure quite a few pregnant women did engage in the act. But not like nowadays.

Now before anybody ridicules this notion, there is one more pertinent fact to be considered. Not only does a baby ingest whatever substance it's mother ingests while it is being carried by her, but it actually feels the same emotions as the mother. That would include what the mother is feeling when I'm getting her hot as a rocket, the feelings she has while I am fucking her, the emotions she feels when she is having an orgasm.

In conclusion, the question becomes not will these babies be born sex addicts, but rather, how could they not be?

Mercury And Autism-Part III

There was recently a protest in Washington, D.C., that got precous little press coverage, as it involves families who have very serious reservations pertaining to the latest pronouncements of the Centers For Disease Control, and other organs of government. In effect, concerning the effects of the use of mercury in childhood vacinnes, and the potential link to the recent escalation in cases of autism in children, which they would have us believe is non-existent. There is no scientific evidence to establish any such link, they say.

So why was the use of mercury discontinued, if that were the case? Just to be on the safe side? Just in case? Seems unlikely, as the properties of mecury would otherwise make it amenable for continued use, otherwise it would not have been utilized to begin with. And, indeed, it is still being used in a number of booster shots, and in some flu vaccines. Why is this the case? Does common sense not dictate the use of caution? Why take such a chance? Or is this the reason for the CDC's denials? Again, is it a matter of money overriding the true public interest, even that of the health of the nations children?

Then, there is the issue of overseas sending of these vaccines to foreign countries that are expriencing epidemics. This could indeed cause a real diplomatic nightmare for the U.S. in the future. And it could also cause a future settlement in the hundreds of billions of dollars to be appropriate, possibly necessitating a government bail out of the entire pharmaceutical industry. The only other option might be seeing our pharmaceutical industry giants being forced to sell out, possibly to foreign companies, whose hands the nations health might then be in the grip of.
But even if the pharmaceutical companies survive, or are replaced with other domestic companies, this will not make up for the lives of thousands, possibly tens of thousands of families, both here and abroad,whose lives may have been ruined forever by this gross neglect and abuse.

If it is the truth, that is. But the concerns of these parents should be heard, and given all due consideration. The claims should be investigated, not by the CDC, or the FDA, or any other such agency which is little more than a wholly owned subsidiarie of the pharmaceuatcal industry. But by the Justice Department itself. Nor would live hearings before Congress be wholly inappropriate.

The Pro Choice Movement Meltdown

While the recent protests in Washington, over the denial of links of Mercury in childhood vaccines to autism, were going on and getting precous little coverage, the media chose instead to focus on the on-going protests and dire warnings of doom issued by various Pro-Choice groups concerned over the reent nomination of John Roberts, of the Fifth U.S. District Curt of Washington, D.C., to the U.S. Supreme Court.

They just aren't going to give up, it seems, until Bush relents and nominates somebody that everyone knows for a fact is a rabid anti-abortion judge who will most definitely, without question, vote eventually to overturn Roe v. Wade. Unlike Roberts, whose only pronouncements ont he subject were as an attorney while in the porocess of representing his client. Yet, Roberts has as well, it turns out, had clients that required him to advocate from a liberal position. In one case, he advocated agaisnt a business consortium that wanted to take over an area made up of private home owners, in order to promote some kind of business development. There simply is no way of knowing where he stands onthe abortion issue. If I had to guess I would imagne that he is probably aganst it. But does it follow he is going to agitate for an excuse to overturn an established court precedent. I hardly think that is likely. Courts do not in general like to overturn precedents, as they would not like their own to one day be overturned. The few exceptions to these have certainly been understandable and appropriate. Brown v. Board of Eduacation was one such decison to overturn precedent.

So what are the extremists in the Pro-Choice crowd so worried about? The possible answer to this lies in the recent controversy involving the rights of parental notification. In other words if a teenage girl decides to get an abortion. They are against any such laws, on privacy grounds. The old canard they usualy float is that some parents may have molested their daughters, neices, and therefore they have a right to hide the abortion from these abusers. I am ashamed to admit it, but I at first bought this argment, actually took it at face value. But it's a stupid argument. To begin with, if a man impregnated his own dauhgter, I would imagine he would be more than happy to agree to her getting an abortion. Furthermore, the minute the paper work is made out, and they find out this is the reason the girl has not as yet gotten parental consent to have the abortion, they will certainly take care of that problem, with all it's potential consequences.

So what's the problem here? A young girl, or boy, who is under age, can not get any kind of medical procedure without parental consent. Why should an abortion be any different? It is just unreasonable to promote such a right, or to fight any law that is meant actually to insure the protection of the young and vulnerable from the dangers of abuse. Some of these people have never seen an abortion they didn't like or couldn't approve of, it seems, and they will brook no interference from anyone.

So then that brings up the question, what is the real problem with Roberts, other than his potential support of parental notification, and his probable readiness to support limits on third trimester abortions? Is this nothing, when all is said and done, but a massive fund raising effort on the part of the Pro-Choice groups? Would they make even more in the way of contributions if they could force Bush to nominate another Clarence Thomas? If so, then that is pretty pathetic, and would reveal the truth to something that I have suspected for some time now. That the movers and shakers, the leaders, of the Pro-Choice Movement, have taken it to the point that it really isn't about women's reproductive freedom and privacy rights anymore. It's just another big business with fiscal targets projections.

Eric Rudolph

The anti-abortion movement, the so-called Pro-Life movement, have always struck me as being anything but. The most radical ones are against stem cell research, they are against birth control, or sex education in public schools, with the exception of abstinence only education, and finally, they are against public assistance for unwed mothers. Yet, they insist that all abortion is evil, and murder, and should not be allowed under any circumstances. Small wonder that the movement would from time to time produce such monsters as Eric Rudolph, who was recently sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for his role in several abortion clinic bombings, the results of which included the death of a police officer who worked off duty as a guard at the clinic, as well as the partial blinding and disfigurement of a nursewho worked there.

This same nurse, at Rudolph's sentencing, was given the opportunity to question the monster, and did so with the following question: "who appointed you to rule over the lives of all women?"

I could answer that question for her. He receives his comands from such notables as "Doctor" James Dobson, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and finally, dare I say it, the last two recent Popes. Yes, I include John Paul II as being one of this sick and deluded man's enablers. Listen closely to the words they speak on this issue. It is not what they say, or even how they say it, so much as it is the medium in which it is presented, and to whom. These are people to whom their religous beliefs are everything, and if you do not agree with them, you are of the devil. Satan. Demon Possessed. It doesn't take a whole lot of effort, even if it is honestly not your intention, when you are dealing with this kind of mind-set, to ignite the fuse of hatred and religous intolerance.

With these people, we have our own set of homegrown terrorists, and they are every bit as fanatical, as evil, as determined, as the Muslims of the Middle East who engage in their own perverted version of Islam in much the same fashion. And if you get on their wrong side, they will kill you just as quickly, and just as gleefully. After all, they are doing it for the greater glory of God.

Living Hell

A lot of pagans, and others as well, are of the opinion that hell does not truly exist, that it is a fantasy place invented by religous leaders in order to frighten the gullible masses into compliance with their social order they would seek to impose, and in fact have done so pretty sucessfully. There is certainly some validity to this idea, and relifgous leaders have prety mcuh used the threat of hell for exactly this purpose.

However, as a Hellenic pagan, I am not so sure this is the entire story. Hell fits into my mythology, and many others as well. So I have always wondered, if hell does exist, just what exactly is it, and where? Why was it created? And by whom?

I have come to the conclusion that if hell exists, we are ourselves the creators of it. Hell is the make-up of our deepest fears, and if we let those fears, and all our negative aspects, gain control of our lives, we are literally building our own hell one day at a time. With our greed, our envy, our hatred, our anger, our arrogance,al the negativity with which the human race has been afflicted fromt he beginning of it's existence. After all, since all energy can neither be created or destroyed, but only changes form, then what becomes of the energy of our negative emotions when we die? What if we become sobound up in that negativity, are controlled by it to such an extent, that our very life essence becomes entrapped within it, and contains us therefore after our death?

I used to wonder, if there is a hell, who would go there? What about Hitler? Surely he would qualify, if anyone would. I acaully saw a vision pertaining to this, in a dream. Hitler was standing in a desolate landscape, surrounded by mud as far as the eye could see. To his left was a very steep embankment, also muddy, up which he desperately yet futilly tred to climb, always sliding back down to the level muddy ground beneath him, as a raging leopard, it looked to be, stalked him relentlessly. After some time, the leopard pounced Hitler, and began thrashing and gnawing mercillessly at him, tearing into him, while he screamed in pain and agony, yet aware of the hopelessness of his situation. For this was to be his eternal fate, from now on, throughout eternity, without any let-up, save when the beast let up long enough to allow him to make still another useless run up the steep muddy hill,at which point he would slide down yet again, to be mauled all over again. What a fate, I thought when I awoke. Yet, fitting.

The leopard was obviously, to my way of thinking, Hitler's own cruelty and unreasoning hatred, projected right back at him. While the landscape itself could have been Hitlers' own bleak outlook for the world that he himself had once so mercilessly ravaged. A hell that he, not any deity, had created. And one that he is apparrently stuck with. It would almost be cruel to taunt him by saying somehting like, "make the most of it", becuae that is what in a sense he has all ready done.

No wonder people prefer the thought of reincarnation to that of hell, when you stop to think about it. Not that this, if true, necessarilly negates the possibility of reincarnation, or any other type of aftelife philosophy. Remember, we make our own way. That could to a great many people indeed be some form of reincarnation. And remember, if you make your own hell, it only stands to reason that you can also make your own heaven. It's just how you live your life today that paves the way to one or the other.

Andrea Mitchell And The Sudan Affair

Ms. Mitchell has been livid the last few days over recent events in the African nation of The Sudan, where instead of reporting the story of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rices meeting with the dictator ofthat nation, she became in fact what would appear to be the most important element of that story. She had tried to ask the leader of the coutnry a question pertaining to his efforts, or more acurately the lack thereof, to put an end to the recent murders in the Darfur region, where entire villags have been destroyed, while the inhabitants have been left homeless and destitute-or savagely murdered. When she asked this question, she was gruffly grabbed by the Sudanese security guars present, and carried by force out of the chambers. This was recorded by the cameras present. Rice's assistant Secretaryof State was also made to leave, as was Rice's translator. Soon, there was no one capable of carrying on a conversation, so they just sat there and smiled at each other. Rice later complained that this type of thing wasn't appropriate for a free press, whereupon she was informed that there was no free press in the Sudan.

Yet, this Third World thug expects aid from the United States, and expects his country to be taken off the list of nations that sponsor terrorism. He actually wants to re-establish diplomatic and trade relations, and in the meantime, what aid he has in the past received, has all but disappearred, probably into a Swiss bank account. What arrogance!

The United Stats should outright refuse any further aid to this megalomaniac. After all, this is our tax money which is being grossly missappropriated, or will be if aid is granted. In the meantime, it should be pointed out to him, quietly though in no uncertain terms, that were he and his regime to disappear tomorrow, whatever might eventually rise to take it's place couldn't be any worse, even if it tried to be.

Bush Assassination Plot

It turns out that Bush has recently been given yet another reason to imagine that he has been divinely pre-ordained to lead not only the nation, but indeed the world, in his efforts to spread democracy throughout the world. In other words, to translate, in his efforts to make the world safe for multi-national corporations to produce cheap goods with cheap labor paid with slave wages, and in the meantime to force the reduction of wages here in this country on the grounds of keeping America "competitive".

But he may have overstepped the bounds of propriety by involving himself in the recent elections in the Eastern European nation of Georgia, formerly a Socialist Republic of the old Soviet Union. While he was going for a friendly little drive with Vladimir Putin in the latters car in Russia, in what has to have been one of the silliest photo ops ever devised, he was chomping at the bits to ensure fair elections in the former Soviet republic, which Putin would dearly love to see fall back into the Russian sphere of influence.

After a speech before a crowd thousands of people in Georgia, folowing his meeting with Putin, a former Soviet officer lobbed a grenade in Bush's presence. The explosive failed to detonate, but even if it had, at one hundred feet distance from Bush with peope standing all around him and between him and the grenade, it is unlikely to have even injured Bush, at least not seriously. Yet, the attempt was made. Had it succeeded, it would have marked the first time a U.S. President would have ever been assinated on foreign soil. And the fall-out would have been devastating. Actually, it still might be. Just a few days ago, the former Soviet soldier, who had been identified thanks to the aid of surveillance cameras, had been taken into custody. As of yet, no word on his motivations.

I seriously doubt that Putin was involved in this business, though others somewhere within the Byzantine maze of the Russian bureaucracy may well have been. More than likely, the man acted on his own. It's hard to say. But even if this turns out to be the case, it says a lot for the poisonous state of our relations globally, that this type of bitterness could erupt. Things like this rarely happen in a vacuum.

Nor do I think Bush was wrong to encourage free elections in the new nation of Georgia, and to discourage Russian interference. However, he should realize that his recent policies have flayed a lot of nerves, in a lot of different ways, and it doesn't take a whole lot of input to have pretty much the effect of salt rubbed into a very raw wound.

Meth,Oxycontin, And Other Kentucky Recreations

Kentucky is really being hit hard by the various scourges of illicit drug use, especialy the eastern and southeastern sections. Meth, Oxycontin,crack cocaine, you name it, the state is really being hit hard, and there seems to be no end in sight. A few months ago, a man who is a cousin of one set of cousins of mine, though he is no relation actually to me, was murdered after he was robbed while delivering a pizza to the home of the girlfriend of an Oxycontin abuser, who beat him to death with a baseball bat. Just the other day, two women were arressted for maintaining a meth lab in their homes. They had just recently gotten out of prison, on parole, after serving only a couple of years of a sentence for his very crime, having been arrested in this first instance when poice responded to a domestic violence call to their home. On the same day, police announced the arrest of a man awaiting trial on charges of selling Oxycontin, when they found a large stash in his home in Laurel County, in addition to finding fifty thousand dollars cash sewed into a pilow cover. He insisted he didn't know where any of that stuff came from. Oh, really? Now, I've heard stories of police busting targets by planting evidence on them, such as a joint or a bag of cocaine, etc. But fifty thousand dollars, now that would be different.

But this brings up an interesting point. The fact that this guy was out on bond to begin with, the idea that two women would be paroled after only a couple of years for producing in their homes such as volatile and explosive a concoction as Methamphetamine, the mere presence of which is a safety hazard to an entire neighborhood,to say nothing of the dangers of ingesting it. Indeed, the man responsible for the murder of my cousins relative had himself been recently paroled after serving just a portion of his sentence. And it goes on and on.

In the meantime, there are numerous doctors and pharmacies who turn a blind eye to the abuse of Oxycontin and other prescription drugs, and continue to prescribe them, knowing full well what the devastating results are not only possible, but probable, to be. The money is just too damned good. That's why they are prescribd to begin with, even in cases where they are not really necessary.

And law enforcement is just way behind the times, as courts hand out too light sentences, and parole boards release potentialy violent offenders, knowing fullwell they are likely to reoffend, and what the many times violent implications of that actually are.

True, efforts are being made to improve the siutuation, to raise awareness therough public education measures and stepping up of law enfocement and encouraging stiffer penalites for repeat offenders, and first time ones, with the requirement for enhanced rehabilitation requirements and follow up. Congressman Hal Rogers, of the Fifth District, has been instrumental in his ground breaking efforts in establishing these much needed programs and policies. I only hope it's not way too little way too late.

Livingston Kentucky

The town of Livingston is a small little town in Rockcastle County Kentucky that was founded in the late 1800's as a railroad town, when the old L&N railroad was buildt. It ws never a large town, I don't think it ever went past a thousand person population, but it was at one time a thriving little community. Hey, it had a whore house at one time, if that's not thriving nothing is. Of course, as time went on, and the railroads became of less and less importance, the town declined, until now it looks like something that never quite crawled it's way out of the Great Depression. I blame it to begin with on being another example of the evils of the anti- alcohol fanatics, which has infested so many rural Bible belt towns like a malignant cnacer, and utterly wasted their economies. But Livingston's problems go deeper than that.

The people of Livingston have quite a bit of community pride, and rightly so, and every year there is a Homecoming in the town, which draws present and former residents from far and wide, despite the fact that the towns old school has been closed now for going on thirty years, due to county school consolidation. Yet, despite this apparrent hometown pride, the school was in a shambles, falling in, windows broken, graffiti eeverywhere, etc., until funds were established to renovate the school. This was to be done using prisoners of the Rockcastle County jail in a work release program. It had been tentatively decided to use the school as extra space for the jail, for certain types of offenders, the non-violent ones though.

It looked as though Livingston, which had become almost a ghost town, the only business being a restaurant and a garage, was about to undergo a renaissance, as the renovation of the school would have provided additional employees for the city, and extra revenues, etc. Then, just the other day, the shit hit the fan. The mayor, J.C. Griffin, resigned amid charges that he was being hampered in his efforts to improve the city's finances, by none other than the Livingston City Commission itself. They fought him tooth and nail in his efforts to "change things" as one member put it (saying he would fight the mayor tooth and nail to keep him from doing so).

Among their alleged wrondoings:

*they have reneged on paying federal taxes on taxes they had collected. When arrangements were made to pay off the interest of the debt they had accrued, and to further pay off the back taxes themselves, in a very fair manner which had been arranged by Republican Fifth District Congressman Hal Rogers-they reneged on that as well.

*They had reneged on paying the bill to the city's water supplier, and were far behind on that as well, to the point they were threatened with having the city's water paid off.

*Documentation of former elected officials paying themselves high salaries and bonuses, and of hiring a full time clerk that was not needed, in addition to the one legitimate employee.

*Cancelled Livingstons insurance with the state, on the false grounds of the mayor's illegal use of city vehicles to transport prisoners to work release, when the mayor actually had used his own vehicle.

*When given a 4000 dollar grant for a fire truck, they paid two thousand of it, but renenged on paying the other two thousand, which now can not be accounted for. This has resulted in the County Judges decision to no longer grant any municipality money for fire equipment, and presumably any other purpose.

*Numerous city employees were paid high salaries to pretty much comeand go as they pleased.

*Commissioners voted themselves free water. When the mayor informed them they would have to start paying like everybody else, they balked, on the grounds that they are "friends of Livingston".

Yeah, some motherfucking friends. After all is said and done (including the destruction of innummerable city records in a blatant attempt to prevent no telling what else from being found out) Livingston is now a town in the grips of foreclosure. All the assets of the town had at one point been seized.

The good news in all this turmoil, that puts me in mind of the shenanigans you would expect to see in a Third World nation along ther lines of the Sudan, is that there is a perfect opportunity here for somebody to step in and take over, and I'm talking here about a consortium of business developers who might recognize the potential of the city of Livington. Livingston is a beautiful place, surrounded by thick, lush, green rollinghills,and it has an interesting history as a one time vital railroad town of the late eighteen hundreds. It has resort town written all over it. The development of a good sized lakeis foreseeable, in additon to hunting lodges, fishing cabins, a good hotel.

Before anything like this can come about, however, which would be good not only for Livingston but the entirety of Rockcastle County, sombody is going to have to break the stranglehold of the mind-set that has kept Livingston, like the rest of Rockcastle County, mired in the nineteen thirties. And if someone were going to invest their money, time, and resources in the area, then they certainly have a right to expect cooperation in this regard. Otherwise, they should simply invest elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I don't expect to see many changes.

On The Road Again Soon

The last few days have been hectic, what with all the time I've had to spend into making arrangements to get this new car, the lack of which has been a real drag. On the other hand, being without one was making me realize how badly out of shape I've gotten, so I plan to continue walking whenever I can. But it sure will be nice to have a vehicle back for those occassions when you really shouldn't have to do without one. It's a drag having to depend on neighbors and relatives to take you shopping, etc.

On a somewhat related note, I'm going to have to make a real concerted effort to really make myself work on my novel about thge Ku Klux Klan. By the time I get around to finishing the thing, they'll be taking black members. Well, I doubt they'll advance that much, but still. Unfortunately, that means I'm going to have to hold to my schedule of up-dating my Blog on a once a week basis. So, after today, I'm going to this Blog probably on a Thursday. That way, it will be availiable for people to read over the weekend, by the time the weekend starts. Plus, there won't be that much difference, there will still be roughly the same amount of Blog items over a weeks period. The only difference is, they'll all be there in one days time, as oppossed to one or two or three every so many days. Actually, when you stoip to think about it, that will make it more worth a persons time to log onto the site, as there will be more to read at one time. Hopefully, I will be able to make it worth the wait. Plus, I wouldn't be adverse to bending the rules to allow for a special update on a Friday or a Saturday, on those cases where newsmakers try that tired old tactic of releasing important and controversial news items and information over the weekend, thinking that people are too dense to notice it.

Until the next time, have a good weekend, a good up and coming week, and hope to have something of interest for you by next Thursday. In the meantime, keep an eye out for those nasty spell trolls.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mushariff Cracks Down On Madrassas

It's about goddamned time. Thanks to the discovery that three of the four bombers involved in the recent London attacks were of Pakistani descent, and had made recent trips to Pakistan, I guess Mushariff has finally gotten the message. These Madrassas are a big problem, to say the least. These are the places where young children are taught hatred toward western civilization, and especially America, as a part of their Islamic education. And from all indications, it is an education of the most perversely virulent and violent kind. Where jihad in the form of assault on civilians, even innocent children, is not only justified, it is encouraged. It is the worse kind of brainwashing cult imaginable. It has been funded for the msot part with money from wealthy Saudis, including members of the Saudi royal family, and according to some reports, from the Saudi government itself. This has been explained as a means of gaining acceptance for the Saudi Royals with the fundamentalist Islamic Whahabi Sect. A way of buying time through a process not unlike that of keeping a tight lid on a boiling stew, which threaens to blow up more and more with every passing day.

In the meantime, the Wahabi instructors of these Madrassas continue to spew their venomous philosophies to the young and the impressionable, the immature young Arab and Muslim child, who are taught hatred and prejudice with the same intensity and passion they are taught reading and writing and mathmatics, only probably more so. And where are the most of these madrassas located? Of course, Pakistan is not the only place, but it seems to be one of the major centers of the practice, in fact the most important center.

Now, finally, after years of diplomacy and complaints from the U.S. State Department, which has done little if any good, Mushariff has finally cracked down, in the aftermath of the London bombings. 100 suspected extremists have been arrested. Of course, Mushariff will be the object of criticism in his own country for this, but his life is in danger everyday anyway, due to what little he has done on our behalf, which up till now has been vital, and appreciated, but still nowhere nearly enough. Will this continue, or is this only a temporary reaction? Time will tell, but I sincerely hope that he is serious, and that he cracks down on Madrassas everywhere in hs country, to the extent that he executes every teacher guilty of teaching this virulent strain of Islam. After all, these people only want to teach young children to be suicide bombers and murderers. They aren't so willing, I would wager, to put their own lives on the line, at least not for the most part. And if they are, they should certainly be obliged. At least there would soon be nobody to teach this evil scourge of a perverted religion.

As far as Mushariff's own dictatorial tendencies, of which he has been the object of criticism, not only in Pakistan, but in Western countries, I have learned the hard way, don't look a gift goat in the mouth. Some people, I am afraid, simply do not deserve democracy, or freedom. That is just a cold, hard fact. If they did appreciate democracy, or the prospect of freedom, they certainly wouldn't hand power over to groups of people that would lead them straight down the proverbial primrose path to destruction. And they certainly would not approve of their children being sent to madrassas, where they are taught, more than anything, the hatred they are taught and brainwashed with there everyday

Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts

Time will tell how accurrate my last Tarot Card Reading turns out to be, but some aspects of it at least for now turn out to be dead on, beginning with the very first card, the Three Of Pentacles as Significator. It so happens that John Roberts was on the Fifth Circuit Appellate Court for Washington D.C., which upheld the validity of Bush's action in the war on terror, I believe, pertaining to the process of holding suspected terrorists for potential trial by military tribunal, and upholding the whole controversial aspect of the Guantanamo detentions. So this appointment could indeed be pay-off. Not that I necessarilly have a problem with that as such.

Also, the Two of Wands covering card that hinted this man really wanted this appointment. Turns out he loves the Supreme Court, has argued 39, I think, cases before them, and has won 25 of those arguments. He is a conservative, yes (he was appointed by Bush-duh)so again, a possible pay-off to a loyal conservative team player. This might be his main problem going into confirmation, as suggested by the Crossing Card of the Six of Wands.

However, not much is known about his stands on the more controversial issues of the day, in fact next to nothing is known. As is suggeted by the card of the Hermit at the position of Base of The Matter. Remember, he has basically been an attorney, so his arguments on behalf of his clients is just a matter of him being a good advocate for his client. A good lawyer can advocate for either side.

Yet, this man has little judicial experience. He is a brilliant lawyer, but that is almost the extent of his experience. He has been a judge for all of two years, on the Fifth Circuit Appelate Court. And this is where the Final Outcome Two Of Pentacles comes in. He will pretty much be not only a Supreme Court Associate Justice in training, but when you get right down to it, will be a judge-period-in training. Asumming he is confirmed, of course, which I feel confident he will be.

Stay tuned. The democrats had better go along with this one. He may turn out to be conservative as Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia, or Rehnquist, true enough. On the other hand, with an unknown quantity, there's a chance he might be moderate, or slightly right to center, as oppossed to being a hard-core right winger. With most other nominees, there's little chance that his or her views would be so unknown, and those known views are likely to be conservative. And of course Bush will nominate a conservative, as is his right. Remember, he won the election. If democrats and the far left don't like that, then that simply means they should go about adopting raional policy positions and undertaking sensible campaign strategies so that they can win the elections necessary to appoint the judges they would prefer. Of course, they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to this way of thinking, as they seem as of yet to have far from tired of loosing elections, of out and out blowing elections, in fact. It's one of those facts of life in American politics, when you lose elections, you lose the agenda. And that includes judicial nominations.

And face it, the conservatives are right on some issues. And by right I mean correct. Most of the time they are wrong, granted, and on a lot of different levels. But I do take some comfort in those areas where they are correct. Such as in adopting sensible strategies to combat the war on terror, or at least they are better than the democrats on this issue. They also are better, for the most part, on issues of overall national security and defense. To deny this, you would have to not only be a 24 hour a day BlueKool Aid drinker, you would have to be snorkeling in the shit.

I won't go into the other areas where they are correct, not in this post. But the democrats had better start to come to grips with their heads and their hearts, and come to the realization of one hard truth. After some fifty years of dominating the Congress, both the House Of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the Courts, and of maintaining more or less overall support by way of the media, they have lost in a big way for going on eleven years now. They started to feel complacent, even, I am afraid, entitled. And they just haven't learned to cope with reality in a logical, rational, and more importantly, a strategically sound and sensible way. Until they do, look for more and more democratic losses, in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and in the Presidency.

And if it keeps on long enough, you can expect a Supreme Court of nine-and maybe eventualy more-conservatives. We might be lucky with John Roberts, who knows? But a long enough stretch of Republican judicial appointments, to the Supreme Court, eventually can not help but infuse it with a series of nothing but those types of nominees Bush stated in an interview some time back he considered the models-justices along the lines of Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.

Does that sound like a horrible thought? Yeah, it does to me to. But if the Republicans continue to win election after election, and nominate such people, and suceed in having them confirmed due to the inability of democrats to win elections, don't blame the Republicans. After all, they are only being true to their own for the most part sincerely held phiosophies of law and government. No, the people you should place the blame on are the democrats. Be kind to them, though. Give them a little time. They'll have to stop whining and ranting, after all, before they can hear you good.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Tarot Reading-Bush's Coming Supreme Court Nominee

I couldn't resist giving this a try. This of course is tentative, and it's accurracy is dependant on whether or not Bush has all ready made his decision, or on whether he is leaning toward a specific individual, and events are now in motion which is leading toward the announcement of said individual. This reading then would be pertaining to that person. And it starts out interesting from the get-go.

The SIGNIFICATOR for the Celtic Cross Tarot reading of our potential nominee is the THREE OF PENTACLES. In other words, there is every indication just from this one opening card that the person is somebody who might well be offerrd the position as a kind of reward for that person's loyalty to Bush and to his administration. Interesting, indeed. Moreover the COVERING CARD is the TWO OF WANDS- in other words, this is a person who wants the position, and has made his availiablility for the position known. However, the CROSSING CARD is the SIX OF WANDS. This seems to indicate that it might be a little too obvious that the position is being offerred to the person out of political considerations, and as a reward. THE CROWNING CARD in this reading is expressed by the card of the QUEEN OF PENTACLES, and she is reversed, which could signify an oppossition to the appointment by a person of influence, or that that person, probably a woman, is pushing the nomination. Or that the nominee is a woman, and that this is a major consideration in making the nomination of this person. At the position of the BASE OF THE MATTER we see the card of THE HERMIT, which is also reversed. This might be an indication that the person is a relative unknown, and/or that the persons views on certain controversial matters are unknown, which might be another attraction for the nominee, and yet at the same time a drawback to certain pesons of interest. It coudl be that the person is a big privacy advocate, also. Or that the person is seen as an independant type of thinker, not prone to party line thinking. In the position of PASSING INFLUENCES, we see the card of STRENGTH, which means the person will initially encounter some opposition due to the fact that he or she is such an unknown quantity, yet will in time make it out of committee, to be voted on by the full floor of the Senate. UP-AND-COMING INFLUENCES, however, bodes ill in the form of the TEN OF WANDS, which is reversed, and could mean the person could be subjected to a long drawn out Senatorial debate, and his patience will be sorely tested, a la Clarence Thomas. However, the card of WHERE YOU FIND YOURSELF reveals the card of the KING OF CUPS, which means that due to the influence and persistence of Bush, and other allies and supporters, the person will be handily confirmed, if not overwhelmingly. However, this King of Cups is also reversed, which means probably that this person will have to undergo a lot of questioning on the floor of the Senate, as regards his or her basic judicial philosophy. He or she will be questioned, doubtless, on specific views, but will resist elucidating on these, other than to assure that the person believes in fully interpreting the law and the constitution and does not believe in judicial activism. Which is of course not an answer at all, as judical activism is in the eye of the beholder. However, this assurance not to allow personal beliefs to interfere in the interpretation of the law is expressed in this reading by the card of THE HANGED MAN, which is also reversed, in the position of VIEW OF OTHERS. In other words, this is the manner in which the person will project him or herself. We now get to the card and position of HOPES AND FEARS, which is here represented by the card of the FIVE OF CUPS. And this is another reversed card, and seems to indicate that the person will be divided as to betraying the persons own personal set of ethics, but at the same time the individual will be torn by the prospect of betraying those from whom he derived his influence, and his ultimate position. In other words, he might feel inclined to make decisions based more on political considerations on the one hand, and out of personal opinions on the other.

The card of the FINAL OUTCOME then, is represented by the TWO OF PENTACLES, which will come to pass within the next six months to a year. This seems to hint that the person will actually be in the process of growing into the job, as though he or she were not truly qualified to be nominated to begin with. Actually, the card seems to imply that the person will not have a fully formed judicial philosophy as of yet, strange as that sounds, which could be an indication of a relatively young nominee. Whatever the case, the person will actually prove to be a perfect replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor-a swing vote-and this will be to the consternation of Bush and conservative activists far and wide.