Saturday, August 28, 2010


Computer still down, still posting from the library, just stopped by to check things out. Should have things squared aqay in another two or three weeks, hopefully.

In the meantime, here's some thoughts about the so-called Cordoba Mosque project slated for Manhatten near the site of 9/11.

1. The Muslims who own the land certainly have the right to build the Islamic Center and Mosque at the site.

2. It's still a pretty shitty idea.

3. That being said, I think well over half the controversy would be put to rest if they named it something other than after the area of an Islamic conquest.

Any thoughts?

Friday, August 06, 2010

Bear Attack-In The Red River Gorge

Still posting from the library, and probably will be for some time (and rarely) but I wanted to do more now than just check in. I had intended to go into some detail about the recent bear attack that necessitated the closing of Red River Gorge. Here we go with what amounts to another Democratic Party boondoggle. Bears are put on the endangered species list. Fine. It is decided that we need to preserve the species and we need to keep their numbers up to sufficient levels in order to do what we can to help preserve the "balance of nature". That's fine too.

But when it gets to the point that a man is prosecuted for killing a bear who has tried to break into his own home, which he did in an effort to protect his beloved pet dog, I say its time to start taking out Democrats. Don't get excited now, I'm talking about at the polling stations during elections now (ie, that's what I'll say if the law asks me what I meant).

I didn't just not provide a link to that story, by the way, because I'm lazy or because I'm pressed for time. I challenge you to find the story on-line anywhere. It's been removed from any web-site, I assume, because its an embarrassment to Kentucky politicians and to the environmental lobby, which is pretty strong in Kentucky. Since most journalists in Kentucky are somewhat to the left of Leon Trotsky, its easy enough for me to see why they would obligingly agree to install this cone of silence on a story they once jumped all over themselves to report, probably on the assumption that most Kentuckians would support the bear, and the environmentalists story, that particular year being a Democratically trending one and all.

Now, you won't find any mention of the story, but then again, there's hardly a week that goes by that you won't hear of a bear being hit by a car on a highway, or rummaging through someone's trash can, etc. In Rockcastle County, one woman chased off a young black bear with a broom.

You are never advised to do that, of course, nor are you encouraged to shoot them. There are limited hunting seasons for that, and even then, the environmentalists fought tooth-and-claw to insert terms favorable to the bear, such as limitations on types of weapons. During the one period of time that was mandated as "bear hunting season", the weather was so bad, near blizzard conditions, the hunt produced not one bear casualty.

Then came the recent Red River Gorge incident, which necessitated the closing of the Gorge, a state park and major tourist attraction, for close to a week. Since then, the park has opened and the bear finally caught, and relocated.

The best part of this story, though-and yes, it is a bright spot-is that the man who was attacked was himself an environmentalist whack job, and actually defended the bear who attacked himn while he stood there filming the damn thing.

That would be a dream scenario for me. Here I go walking through the forest with my camcorder or video camera, and I hear the horrified screams of what turns out to be a rabid environmentalist in the process of being mauled by an angry, or hungry, black bear, the very kind he was worked hard to make sure I can kill only under the most limited circumstances.

"Hellllp, Oh God, Pleeeasaaase Helllllp!"

"Wish I could help you pout there buddy," I'd shout while holding up my trusty rifle. "But there's really nothing I could do. I would shoot him with this gun, but damn, that would be against the law".

Then from a safe distance, I'd film the event for posterity, maybe post it to YouTube under a suitable title. "Just Desserts", or something equally clever.

Is that wrong? Not in the least. These people are creating an environment where bears are going to lose their natural fear of humans, and the more of them there are, the hungrier they will be, and the more widespread will become their range. After so long of people going out of their way to avoid them, even when they intrude upon a human habitation, they are only going to get even more bold. Eventually, they will go from killing pets and livestock, to killing people, including children. It is so obviously going to happen one of these days, its a matter of when, not if, And when it does happen, Democrats and their environmentalist owners will be the ones who helped make it happen.

So no, if any of them, or their families, end up reaping the results of what they helped bring about-like almost happened to one environmentalist loon in Kentucky's Red River Gorge-not only do I not care, I hope it happens to one sooner rather than later. After all, if bad consequences only happened to those who pass bad laws, well, there wouldn't be very many bad laws for very long.

For now, they've just succeeded in making people think twice before going to Red Rover Gorge, one of the most beautiful areas of Kentucky. I'd like to think the economic ramifications of that alone might be enough to make Kentucky legislators revisit the issue in a more comprehensively SANE manner. But I'm not counting on that either.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Not Much To Say, Except ^*#&^@T#*()!!!

I won't be posting for a while, because my computer crashed on me. I think its finished, but if not, it will still take some time to get it repaired, or to get a new one. I have a major auto repair coming up that must come first, and its a doozy too. I'm lucky its in good enough shape for me to be able to drive up here to my local library and post this. I'll be checking in maybe once or twice a week, but I won't be posting to nearly as great an extent as usual, nor will I be commenting very much on any of your blogs for some time to come.

Anyway, for those of you who follow Kentucky politics, particularly those who are interested in the up-coming Senate race between Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Jeff Conway, be aware that this coming weekend is the annual Fancy Farm Picnic in Western Kentucky, which traditionally kicks off the start of the Kentucky political season.

I won't be attending, but I'll be keeping my ear to the ground for any interesting information that comes out and will try to post my thoughts on the festivities sometime next week, if at all possible. This is an important race, because its by no means in the bag for Paul, whose libertarian ideology trumped his common sense and caused him to stumble coming out of the starting gate. If Conway pulls it out, it might well be the one single pick up for the Democrats in the Senate. It won't be that easy though, because Conway has still failed to pick up an endorsement from former Democrat primary rival Daniel Mongiardo. This will be what I will be looking for from Fancy Farm. If Mongiardo appears and makes a surprise endorsement, it oould be ther shot in the arm needed for Conway to win Eastern Kentucky, and Western Kentucky as well.

If Mongiardo doesn't endosre Conway, then Paul will more than likely win.

I would love to go to the Fancy Farm Picnic, not just for the political theater, but for the overall event. But that's just not a realistic part of my planned schedule. I'm doing good to be able to have a good Lughnasadh.

For now, I'll just wish all a Blessed Lughnasadh. Even if you're not a pagan, get out and about and try to enjoy nature's beauty and bounty. Try to see the ghod things in lifel. It will help you think right.