Sunday, April 01, 2012

Top 25 Political Moms Of 2012

UPDATE-The voting is now over, and Zilla unfortunately fell down to sixth place. But hey, at least she made the top ten. Congratulations to The Lonely Conservative who won first place quite handily. Always next year Zilla. Get your asses over here and vote for my friend Zilla Of The Resistance, and do it every day up to April 4th, when the contest comes to a close. You can vote for each contestant once each day, so while you're at it also vote once each day for The Lonely Conservative, who as I write this is hanging on to a slim lead over uber-leftist blogger Monologues of Dissent, to whom I will not link out of spite (plus well I'm just too lazy to copy and paste more links than necessary). It would be nice to see a conservative mommy blogger win, so I intend to vote for The Lonely Conservative, although I am still holding out hope for Zilla to win it. In fact, Zilla is now in fourth place, ahead (though barely) of Pam Gellar and not that far behind Michelle Malkin. Nothing against those two fine ladies, but I'm limiting my vote to Zilla, who deserves the win.