Monday, April 09, 2012

Justified-Season Finale Predictions

My Death Guess List-

Duffy-killed by Quarles, along with, maybe, his ever-present, seldom speaking hired gun. Even though Quarles is quickly losing his grip on reality, it will not have eluded him that Duffy was behind the failed attempt on his own life.

Erroll-played by an actor who next year will be a co-star on a new series on Cinemax. He will be killed, probably by Limehouse for going too far off the reservation once too often, and maybe for spilling the beans about Mag's money to Dickie. Besides, Limehouse has got to use that damn meat cleaver on somebody at least once;

Trooper Tom-presumably shot by Quarles at the end of episode twelve last week, but we never saw this. There is a theory that he was actually shot by Boyd, but I'm predicting it will actually turn out to be Arlo, who thought he was shooting Raylan, his own son. Remember, prior to this Arlo was hallucinating about the dead Helen, and locked Ava up in a room, and then made off into the night, determined to take part in a bank heist which never happened, and which was a set up by Limehouse in an attempt to get rid of all the players he thought represented a threat to him and to his beloved Noble's Holler.

Limehouse himself, I'm guessing at the end in an explosion (Mykelti Williamson said the finale would be a cliffhanger that would leave some things "up in the air"), in which Boyd and Raylan will also be present, and in which Limehouse lays out a truth about their shared past.

This has to do with an advertised surprise about Boyd, which will have nothing to do with shooting Trooper Tom. Instead it will come when Limehouse reveals to Raylan and Boyd that they are in fact half-brothers.

Though I think its an obvious assumption Quarles will be killed, I think there's a decent chance he is taken by Tonin back to Detroit, where he goes back to being a male prostitute not just as a punishment but to make amends for his prior misdeeds. Of course, he could also be killed by Arlo in the act of saving son Rayland. And I know that sounds contradictory in the face of the previous prediction involving Trooper Tom, but remember-Arlo is dealing with an advancing case of dementia and is off his meds. As such, he is very unpredictable.

Well, there you have it. I'll probably be wrong about every damn bit of it, but I guess we'll see tonight. Tuesday 10:00 pm on FX.

UPDATE: I forgot to add, about the money Limehouse is seen in the previews trying to give Boyd ('there's even a little interest"), this might be the same money, "46,000 dollars and change", with which Limehouse twice earlier in the season tried to placate Dickie. (CORRECTION-I forgot that money was confiscated by Tim and Rachel in episode eleven) My guess is it will turn out to be marked money, maybe from a robbery someone "deposited" in Limehouse's "bank", and is just another way he has of getting Boyd out of his hair, like Dickie before him. Of course the minute anybody tried to spend any such money, they would be busted, or eventually would.

UPDATE: Much has been said about the finale ending in a "heart-wrenching" way for Raylan. This will probably have a connection to the time his mother, in an attempt to get away from Arlo, left him (and by extension her young son, Raylan) to seek refuge at Noble's Holler. We'll learn the full story behind this, which is where I'm guessing Raylan might find out he and Boyd are half-brothers.

At the same time, wouldn't it be something if it turned out she's been alive all this time, a decrepit old woman, as riddled by dementia as Arlo, or worse-and still in Noble's Holler? Granted, I never saw the first season of Justified, so I might have missed something, but in these last two seasons I've never heard her death explained or for that matter stated, nor have I seen a grave.

UPDATE: It's starting up here in about ten minutes, and I've been wondering. What if Raylan is forced to kill Arlo in a gun battle, and right before taking his last breath, Arlo repeats the same thing he said earlier to Boyd? "I'm proud of you, son."

Yep, that would be a tearjerker for Raylan all right.

At any rate it all starts to unravel here in a few.

HOW IT TURNED OUT: Well I was wrong about most things, but I called it on Erroll getting killed (though by Quarles, not Limehouse, though I was right about Limehouse deciding to rid himself of Erroll. He just told him to leave the Holler).

Most importantly, I was right about Arlo being the one who killed Trooper Tom, which seemed so obvious to me I'm surprised nobody else figured it out, at least no one that I know about.

Oh, and Limehouse did finally use that damn meat cleaver on somebody. He divested Quarrels of his left forearm with it. And it was right after this, in fact, that Quarrels told Raylan it was Arlo, not himself, that killed the Trooper.

The supposedly heart-wrenching finale was overblown. It was just Raylan realizing Arlo thought he was shooting at him when he killed Trooper Tom. Because of the hat Tom wore. That and he did it to save Boyd, who told Raylan that Arlo was not part of his crew, he was like family.

So much so that not only did Arlo admit to killing Tom, he took the rap for the murder of Devil in episode four, also to protect Boyd. Yeah, all this might appear heart-wrenching, but not necessarily to Raylan, who while disgusted with his old man, and with Boyd, was not surprised enough to be truly hurt. Other than of course by the death of Tom, a good friend.

As for the rumored big surprise about Boyd, the only thing I can think of is it turning out his cousin Johnny has been a snake in the grass the whole time, was in fact the one who plotted with Limehouse to destroy Boyd, in part by informing him of the murder of Devil, and the location of the body, which Limehouse finally revealed to Raylan in another attempt to placate the Marshall.

But hey-at least I got some things right, for once.