Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who Is Chaim Witz And Why Is He So Angry?

Chaim Witz is an Israeli born immigrant to America who is angry-very, very angry at the American rock musicians who have recently called for a boycott on performing in Israel, as well as calling for boycotts of Israeli products, over Israeli treatment of Palestinians. This angers Chaim deeply, as he is himself very proud of his Israeli heritage. That is just who Chaim is.

Chaim Witz is also this guy-

Nice to know Gene Simmons isn't a PC tool, unlike it seems most major American entertainment figures. Well, not all the time anyway. He is one of these, unfortunately, who mistakenly has it in his head that the recent round of unrest in the Middle East is all about people wanting freedom and democracy. I guess anybody that goes around in get-up like this can't help but engage in some wishful thinking. We'll work with him on that.