Monday, March 28, 2011

Rand Paul's Response To Obama's Libya Address

Some murmurings lately have suggested that Paul might be planning to run for President. I hope he doesn't, not because I don't think he'd be a good, maybe even a great president. I would definitely vote for him if he won the nomination. But Kentucky would be deprived of somebody who is shaping up to be one of its all time great Senators. They have been few and far between. 

As for this response to Obama's speech earlier tonight, I agree with him one hundred percent, and I would like to point out that I, for one, have had grave misgivings about our role not just in the Libyan conflict, now a full blown civil war, but with the unrest that has been enveloping the Middle East in general. I agree with those who suggest that Obama has been supportive of the uprisings while keeping relatively in the background. My own view is that he, at the instigation of many in the State Department, as well as influential people in the EU and the UN, to say nothing of non-official influences such as Workers Of The World, Code Pink, the AFL-CIO, and the SEIU, to name a few, are manipulating these events with a goal of reshaping the Middle East.

I suspect they hope to remold it along the line of a European model, a region of quasi-socialist democratic states that might be more peaceful, prosperous, and progressive. If so, its a dangerous game, almost a fool's errand fueled in part by ideology and in some cases a desperate hope for peace couple with an insatiable lust for expanded profit and, in the case of Europe at least, access to a more and desperately needed supply of oil-possibly at the expense of the US, actually.

Yet, American inside-the-beltway politicians of both parties share much of the same goals, and I would like to point out that in the face of ever greater demands for budgetary restraint among mainly freshmen members of Congress, and from ever growing sections of the American population, there is much insistence, and rightly so, of concurrent demands for cuts in defense spending, which is through the roof-to the point where it has become an entitlement in its own right.

What better way to nip those demands in the bud than by throwing yet another splendid little war?