Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guess Who Is Probably Running For President?

At least, according to Human Events, who claims that she will be. Well, technically, Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is starting an exploratory committee that will evidently test the waters in New Hampshire and South Carolina. That is not a distinction without a difference, but it is the road must travelled to a run for the presidency. If all goes well, she will likely declare her candidacy in June, or maybe even sooner, according to this report which actually originated from CNN.

Yep, she would be one of my top picks. But you can almost count on media comparisons to Dennis Kucinich, who will almost inevitably be named as her Democratic counterpart in the coming primaries if Kucinich runs. My guess is though that those comparisons will be quickly forgotten once Bachmann starts out pulling ten or twenty percent of the vote, if not more.