Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farrakhan Rants And Raves About Obama's Libya Policy

Please bear in mind that if Louis Farrakhan were not an American citizen, but were instead a citizen of a Middle Eastern, Asian, or African Muslim nation, he would probably not be considered a radical at all, but probably relatively moderate. Once you absorb that, you start to see how Obama's policies now are only going to make a bad matter much worse. And its already happened. The Arab League, at one point staunch advocates of the imposition of a No-Fly Zone over Libyan airspace by the Western nations, recanted their support almost as soon as the policy was implemented. There is no pleasing these people.

Farrakhan actually makes some good points, but he ruined them with his not unexpected diatribe against the IDF on behalf of what he calls the "innocent" citizens of Gaza. Taking that off to the side it is true our concerns over Rwanda, Darfur, and similar areas all over the world are on the order of cheap talk, rhetoric of concern with nothing to back them up. Why then Libya? What is the justification? The Lockerbie  bombing. The Berlin nightclub attack? Okay, but why now, after all this time, and after Qaddafi had moved steadily towards a more responsible position? He had even, during Bush's presidency, dismantled his nuclear program. He himself had earlier expressed concerns about terrorists and Islamic radicals. He had moved tentatively towards a position of support and cooperation with the West.

DING DING DING!!! I think we have the answer. Having said that, I do not condone nor forgive Qaddafi's past actions. If I had my way about it he would have been killed three decades ago. But that was then. As for Farrakhan, I think the man is running the so-called Nation of Islam along the lines of a criminal conspiracy, not unlike Cosa Nostra. There is credible circumstantial evidence that he was involved with, and possibly the mastermind of, the assassination of Malcolm X.

But he does speak for a broad section of American Muslims, especially, of course, the African American Muslim community. Obama would do well to take his warnings seriously. Personally, I myself, taking into consideration Farrakhan's past history, sense the vague aura of a death threat in his words.

Bearing in mind that this is a man who likes to speak in riddles and allegory, listen to him carefully. It would be well-advised to wonder if his words might well have a double meaning, maybe even an implied order.