Friday, April 28, 2006

Those Fat Ass Bulgarians

Condoleeza Rice has just made a deal whreby the great American Empre has been extended to the nation of Bulgaria. Is this what the great so-called Cold War was really all about after all? I remember back during the height of tensions between America and it’s allies with the former Soviet Union, Bulgaria was easily one of the most, if not the most, hardened and ardent communist dieards within the entire Soviet dominated Eastern European Gulag of Nations, known as the Warsaw Pact. Now, they are an erstwhile American ally, it seems. Rice has just signed a treaty that will make Bulgarian military bases accessible to American and NATO troops.

So that’s what all those billions of dollars were for. Funny, I was always of the hopes that after the fall of the Soviet Union, American troops could return from Europe, and from most if not all other places they are stationed. Well, you can just knock me over with a bowl of borscht right now, as it seems we are there to stay.

Yet, it may turn out that this policy of coca colonization may hide a wisdom heretofore unknown to me. Who knows, seeing as how billions of dollars of American money is now going to hopefully insure, through our military, the dominance of American capitalism througout at least the Euopean world, maybe it is in the hopes that Eastern European children, and others througout Europe and Asia, become eventually no more healthy than our own American children. We just have to make sure they all have the opportunity to waddle their fat asses down to their local neighborhood MacDonalds every day, so that eventually they, too, can be lifted by cranes in and out of their desks at school.


Rufus said...

It's just a wave at this point- there is no us or them, just capital. I don't even think America has a say in it anymore- we'll just ride the wave until it crashes.

The Pagan Temple said...

That's right. The arroagant fucks in Wasington from both parties will just get on all the Sunday morning talk shows with their talking points, all the rest of us are suppossed to try and understand and otherwise accept it, while they try to placate us with bread and circuses.