Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All

Ramsey’s Diner, on Brian Station Road in Lexington Kentucky will no longer be holding happy hours at it’s restaurant, though owner Bob Ramsey promises the tradition will continue at the other four restaurants owned by him. His reasons for stopping the practice at the Brian Station diner are due mainly to liability concerns. According to him, happy hour drew a large crowd, especially on Friday nights, that was becoming increasingly boisterous. Additionally, though the diner was conceived primarily as a famiy type restaurant, it was, according to Ramsey, becoming more like a bar.

Before finally taking the step of ending Happy Hour for good, Ramsey had over the previous weeks barred a good many patorns from his establishemnt based on their conduct. A lot of these customers were black, though according to Ramsey, a good many of them were white as well.

So,naturally, as you might have guessed, Ramsey has been accussed-of course-of racism. “You could just tell it was a racial thing”,opined one black former patron. No word on any lawsuits, as of yet, due to the previous barring or for any other discriminatory policy, real or imagined. Still,of course, this story went public doubtless due to bitterness from former patrons who evidently have elected to play the race card.

Ramsey seems generaly unperturbed about this. He knows he will lose out on the licquor sales, but insists the liaility concerns were never worth it, to say nothing of the trouble it was causing. Moreover, he expects the restaurant buisness will pick back up. And, as stated, his other four establishments will continue the practice of Happy Hour.

Funny, I must have missed that part of the Constitution that made Happy Hour a constitutional and a civil right.