Friday, April 28, 2006

Blush, War Geek Ogre

Here’s a bit of fun you can have if you are bored, and actually this can be quite addicting. Take a phrase or any persons name, and see how many annagrams you can find. Ahh, but now comes the tricky part. You have to find an anagram that is descriptive of the person or phrase, as much as is possible.

For example, the phrase, “Blush, War Geek Ogre” is itself, as you mght guessed by now, an anagram-for George Walker Bush.

For William Jefferson Clinton you have “Jilts nice women. In for fall.”

For Ronald Wilson Reagan you get “No darling, no ERA law”

Richard Milhouse Nixon? What better than “His climax-ruined honor”

Not everything you get of course will be so descriptive, but a good lot of it will be eerily so. You can play around with them a bit as well. For example the phrase “President Clinton of the USA” will yield, in anagram form, the phrase “To copulate he finds interns”.

All this makes me wonder if you might be able to predict the future of a person by way of anagrams. Might there be some subconscous effect that certain letters in combination will have that is inherent in their overall structure, regardless of how they are arranged, which will manifest itself in a persons life. For the hell of it, I elected to do a prediction on the girls in the Aryan music band Prussian Blue. Their mother April, as well, who seems to be like an eagle, protective of her daughters, and aggressive in her desire to promote them, and through them herself, as a leader in the Aryan movement.

As for the girls themselves- Lamb will eventually come to have growing doubts about the Aryan movement, maybe even some regrets. Lynx, it seems, will eventually marry a man, possibly the former husband of a friend, who will turn out to be gay.

Of course, you can do all this the lazy way, as I did, and prefer to do everything, by clicking on the link in the post title. Many words contain thousands of anagrams, of course, but the site here will only give you one anagram per person or phrase. More than that, you have to pay for an account. But it is still hours of potential fun, and who knows, you might gain some insights into a persons nature. Some things just can’t be explained away as coincidence.


autogato said...

Ah, my anagram referred to me being "wifeless." Hm. Is it trying to tell me something? Headed toward 30, still in school, no marriage in cite. Crap, maybe you're right. Maybe anagrams do have some sort of hidden insight. Grrrr!

The Pagan Temple said...

Good reason to think they might, as the subconscous mind picks up signals the conscous mind does not, and influences the conscous mind. Direction, like time, is meaningless to the subconscous mind. When you hear a spoken word in a dream, the subconscous mind is actually forming that word backwards, yet your conscous mind hears it in the oppossite way-the way you are used to hearing it.

In other words, if you hear a word or phrase spoken in a dream-anagram it, you might learn something interesting.