Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One Hundred Years-A Lot Could Happen Yet

It has been one hundred years and a day since the great San Francisco earthquake that destroyed the city in the year 1906. According to official estimates, a similar quake today would result in property losses of hundreds of billions of dollars, though loss of lives might not be so great as one might expect, numbering potentially in the thousands, though not the tens of thousands. This is due in part to the stuctural improvements mandated by strict building codes, and even many of the older buildings have been refitted to meet these codes. Yet, a good many of them are behind, and so are vulnerable. Many more that have been “retrofitted” would doubltess still be damaged,some severely, and others doubtless yet destroyed, depending on the severity and the exact locsation of the quake. Then, of course, there are power lines, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, roads, bridges, tunels, railroads, etc., wich would doubltess be impacted. Thankfully, due to improvements in the abilities of seismic measuring instruments to predict the onset of a quake, there is a better than just a good chance, I am guessing, that the Golden Gate Bridge could be cordoned off, and hopefuly emptied of traffic, befor the coming quake might well send it collapsing into the Pacific.

And when I say coming quake, make no mistake about it. It is coming. Acording to experts, it is not a matter of if,it is a matter of when.

I wish that I had the pwer to turn myself,just for tonight,into a million different people. I would send all one million different copies of myself out to all the various church denominations that meet on Wednesday nights, especially themor conservative churches. It would be interesting to hear just how many frothing at the mouth preachers would be preaching the words I know that at least a large percentage are going to speak.

San Francisco, that modern day Sodom, will one day be doomed, just as that great anient city was destoryed by fire,so too will San Fancisco, when all it’s gas lines erupt into a blazing inferno, burning people who are trapped inside their crumbling buildings, which cannot withstand the wrath of God’s holy judgement, no matter how well buildt they are, before they finally join all San Francisco as it tumbles into the ocean.

The only thing missing will probably be Lot’s wife, and who knows, she may end up in the scenario as well. But even if she does not, even if there are no angels for the evil denizens of San Francisco to attempt to rape, doubtless the Far Right Cristians can coneive of no other punsihment than for San Francisco to collapse, erupt into flames and burn, then slide into the ocean, completely destroyed with, as Sodom, no hope of ever being recovered, left with nothing whatsoever.

Of course, it just has to happen before Bush leaves office.