Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I Love A Tattoo

I would never get a tatoo my own self, but for some reason almost nothing turns me on like the site of a woman with a well placed tatoo. Whether it’s a snake coiling around an ankle and slithering coyly up a well shaped inner thigh,or a colorful hummingbird or butterfly on a flat and tight abdomen, or flowers or a fountain that spring up from, well, wherever. Darker, more ominous symbols are not unbecomming either.

Add to this the technique of piercing and you have a double turn on. It started out with nose piercings, in addition to multiple piercings of earlobes and upper ears, in rows, then came the tonque piercings, the nipples, and the navels, and I said to myself, okay now they’ve gone too fucking far. This is sado-masochistic to an unfathomable degree, and painful to look at, let alone what it must be to endure. Not for me. What about the threat, the very real danger, of infection of these most sensitive areas?

I will admit I did once entertain the notion, and sometimes I still do, of having my tonque split in two,up to about the halfway point of my inner mouth, between the lips and the tonsils. Not pierced,mind you, but split. Yes, like a snake. I wouldn’t do this just for the looks, mind you, but for the – well, put it this way, split tonques have an inherent functionality that can’t be matched in certain areas. I’ll leave it at that.

Nevertheless, I changed my mind. What if I lost my tongue due to a raging out of control infection that couldn’t heal? What of the inherent dangers of infection that might present themselves to perhaps some people more than others in any of the more unorthodox areas favored by the piercing faddists that abound to ever greater numbers?

It has always been at the backof my mind-what are they going to start piercing next? Their pussies? Wellll, make a long story short, the included picture is just one of a number that you can see in the link provided in the title of this post. It is by far the most atractive example of the photos therein, which includes more specific examples of piercings of the inner labia, the outer labia, the clitoral hood, and, yes, even the clitoris itself. Not for the feint hearted.

I have to admit though, if a woman were to present to me in real life a pussy as attractively tattooed and pierced as the one in the photo above, I would doubtless be unable to resist, after staring some time in appreciation, jumping all over it like a –like a-oh hell, never mind.


autogato said...

Ah, funny I should visit your blog is this be the first thing I see. I'm very interested in such things. I must say, that is a very lovely photograph and my compliments to the artist! I recommend checking out Angel is shut the business down to move to Mexico and open a business there. If you're ever in that neck of the woods, I highly recommend her services.

While it may seem unfathomable to some to have this kind of work done, to others it is beautiful and symbolic. I, myself, as well as some clients I work with, have used these types of body modifications therapeutically - to symbolize important events or transitions or to memorialize lost loved ones. It can be very beautiful, yet easily misunderstood. If one goes to the literature and searches for empirical articles on body modification, one will find articles on the psychopathological correlates of the practice. Unfortunately, there is very little available on the positive aspects of the practice - how healthy people can do it for healthy reasons. I think that some of the new outlets about the practice in the media are helping to change the tide.

I'm glad to find that you are able to find this lovely now! Congratulations! Welcome!

And thanks for dropping by the blog. I enjoyed your post. Big time.

Coincidence? No, I don't think so. There was some meaning in this timing!

The Pagan Temple said...

Synchronicity, maybe? Could very well be. Glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks for the link.

Another aspect of body art, both piercing and tattooing, is the utilization of various techniques as a ritualistic tool. For spiritual, ritualistic, and even for magical practices.

The magical implications of vaginal modification-oh hell,I hate that sterile term-of tatooed and/or pierced pussies, then,would be obvious-fertility, sexuality, love, etc. Still, it's a subject that is rarely addressed. In fact, I didn't address it myself, but I may well do so in a later post.

Now, it turns out that you are into it too. Yes, that is interesting. I'm very glad you stopped by, and hope to see more of you. Yes, I am being a smart ass, but I do mean that in a good way as well. Just to let you know, I am at this point only updating once a week, for now, it's a way I have of being able to devote more time to other projects and at the same time I still end up posting about the same amount of posts per week as I do when posting every day.

Also, I am in the process of putting together a Blog Roll, and yours will definitely be on it. I have been planning it for some time but I have had a hard time finding enough blogs that are of consistent quality and regular updating. Yours is one of the few I found that fits the bill, but I have found enough that it should be ready before too long.

Anyway, talk to you later, I hope.

Rufus said...

The pictures are fascinating. You rarely notice how expressive vaginas can be. They're quite lovely.

The Pagan Temple said...

I really don't see that much attractive about them, except for the one that I downloaded for the beginning of the post. In fact, they are actually painful to look at, but I have a more squeamish nature than I would sometimes like to admit. Mainly, though, I would worry about the threat of infection.

autogato said...

Infection is not much of an issue in this area. There are certain rules that one must follow: wise to wear underwear or sit on a towel when sitting on furniture where pets are, don't swim in dirty lake water during healing, cleaning twice daily, avoiding contact with other people's bodily fluids during healing time, wear clean underwear, laundry your clothing and sheets frequently, etc. The placement of the piercing is actually an assert - it is in an area that is rich in blood flow, so it actually heals much faster than other piercings on the body. Also, since it is going through a flap of skin, rather than just being a surface piercing, this also helps. Additionally, these piercings generally stay well protected during their healing time (provided that you wear clothing). So infection is of little issue with some minor precautions. In fact, if the pierced person is feeling up to it (and proper precautions are taken), sexual activity can be engaged in the day the piercing is received. I have not done this myself, so I cannot attest to it, though.