Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Open And Shut Case

John Michael Montgoemry might get a reprieve on his coming day on court, despite the fact that, after leaving a lexington area bar, he war arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated, and had in his possession, in addition to a concealed handgun, some prescription drugs out of their proper containers.

So why might he get off? Is it because he is a celebrity, a well known and admired Kentucky native, and so the prosecutors are inclined to give him a break?

No, it is because of five different Lexington police officers who made the mistake of posting jourals, some with photos, on the popular internet site MySpace. Not just personal stuff, either, but work related information as well. A good many of their posts contained derogatory views as to a lot of their suspects, in partcular noted was insulting comments relating to gays and the handicapped.

One of these officers, a Joshua Cromer, was the arressting officer of John Michael Montgomery, and he and his fellow officers openly discussed the case on Cromers journal, with the others congratulating him on such a high profile arrest.

Yet another officer, Gene Haynes, on his own journal, posted a photo of John Michael Montgomery, which had been altered by Cromers face being superimposed on the body of a fan in the picture.

As a result of these antics, Montgomery’s attorneys have stated that this could have a tremendous impact on the case, as the motives for arresting Montgomery appear to be questionable.

Haynes forrhis part has since apologized for the affair, though he and all the other five have been placed on leave and have been administratively charged.