Friday, April 28, 2006

A Change Of Heart

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I have gotten so tired of extreme leftists trying to dominate liberal politics, and largely suceeding in doing so, I have finally come to the conclusion that the only hope for the Democratic Party in making any kind of a comeback as a viable option in American politics is if they have their asses handed to them one or two more times, maybe even three or four. Whatever it takes, I am game. Of course, it means the Republicans will further wreck the county, but hell, they are doing it anyway, why spoil the fun? Until the Democrats stop allowing themselves to be manipulated and influenced by the Far Left, it is a far gone conclusion, at any rate.

The Far left seems to have the attitude, the arrogant idea, that because things are going ever so badly now, the American people have no choice but to allow them to push their own whacky ideas down their throats. And they are wrong. But far be it for me to resist them, not any more.

And so, in that spirit, I present the first of many revisions of my offical position. The Far Left insists that we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately, well, so do I. And, like them, I insist that any Democratic candidate who gets my vote will have to take the position as well. Therefore, I must join in the efffort to insure that the man or woman who gets the Democratic nomination for president in ’08 is the one that will take that position. Having insured the nomination by taking this position, he or she will be then stuck with it for the remainder of the election cycle. That person will not be allowed to modify his position in the general election in order to “play to the center”.

No waiting around, we want out this minute, regardless of what the overall results will be on the country of Iraq. Bring our boys home now, immediately, none of this phasing out nonense.

In the meantime, I will join my new found far Leftist allies in pushing for the impeachment of George W. Bush. That is what the American people really want the Democrats to devote their time to. The American public doesn’t care about things like the environment, health care, minimum wage increases, education, strengthening social security, or any of those other things, and they don’t want their representatives in Washington wasting their time on them either. They want them to devote all their time and energies to impeaching the President of The United States, even if it means the nations business is otherwise ground to a completely halt.

After all, everybody knows that George W. Bush was the actual perpetrator of 9/11. The whole thing was a psy-ops operation. Those supposed “Live” shots of those planes flying into those buildings were a bit of Holywood trickery, an illussion. The buildings were actualy imploded by well placed explosive charges, the work of a highly trained demolition crew disguised as maintenance workers.

Was the news media fooled? Hell no, they were in on it, in fact, an integral part of the deception. Even the highly esteemed CNN was in on it. Why do you suppose Paula Zahn had just recently left Fox News for CNN? This was all part of the show, just more evidence of the culpability of the mass media, who are actually all controlled by the same corporatist capitalists, known collectively as Neo-Cons. That is why Ted Turner was pushed out of CNN. The one man who could not be bought and sold, so he had to be gotten rid of, as he could not be allowed to catch on to this devious plot. They knew he would never stand for it, and would spill the beans.

And so, our own government committed mass murder against it’s own citizens, and tried to blame an innocent bunch of Arab Muslims. They even invented a fictitous figurehead known as Osama Bin Laden-obviously a Right Wing conservative Hollywood actor.

The next time you see him, take a real good look at him. His height, the obvious fake beard, the hair dye and otherwise to make him look younger, much younger, than he actually is. Yes, Osama Bin Lade is none other than that god damned Charlton Heston. Who better to play a religious figure? What do you think he’s been doing all this time since making that faked announcement that he had come down with “Alzheimers”? Haven’t seen him around muc since then, ave you now? Uh huh. See?

I’m so glad I have finally opened my eyes and seen clearly the truth of what the Far Left has been saying for all these years. If only I had listned to them sooner. But it is hopefully never too late to make amends.


Rufus said...

This is very amusing, don't get me wrong. But the thing is the establishment left avoids these people at all costs. Hilary Clinton does exactly what her husband did- she takes the conservative position on nearly every issue in order to win votes. So, sure you have the Far Left, but their influence is not even close to what it is alleged to be by the right.

Meanwhile, people who believe that giving young people the HPV vaccine will only encourage pre-marital sex, that God created the earth in 7 days a few thousand years ago, that gays are destroying their culture and Christmas to boot, and global warming is only a myth that matters little anyway because Jesus is on his way back actually have a huge influence on the current government.

The Far Left is cultish and annoying, but it's getting hard to worry about what the Democrats may (and probably won't) do if they ever get elected when we know exactly what the Far Right will continue to do.

The Pagan Temple said...

Glad you enjoyed my little rant. Sometimes it helps just to let off a little steam. Yes, they are annoying, and I really need to stay away from them, on line and off.

On the other hand, that was fun, hell, maybe I will make that a semi-regular feature.