Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Truth Is Not Racist, It's Just Reality

Leave it to a Democrat to want to raise taxes for programs that benefit criminal gangs, which seems to be the unintended(?) effect of Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn's gang intervention program. It was supposed to go toward hiring convicted criminals as "gang specialists". Instead, the money was used to actually subsidize gang activities. The truth came out in 2009, along with federal indictments.

Even the New York Times took notice-

Federal agents announced criminal indictments for 24 high-ranking gang members, along with a prominent gang intervention specialist who associated with city politicians and routinely raised money from Hollywood’s elite.
The specialist, Alex Sanchez, director of Homies Unidos, a gang outreach organization in Los Angeles for more than a decade, was arrested and charged with a federal racketeering count for his alleged role in the assassination of a man in El Salvador in 2006.

Now Hahn is running for Congress, to replace the retiring Jane Harmon, and is opposed by Republican Craig Huey. In opposition to Hahn's campaign an independent political group has produced the following video.

The Daily Caller calls it the most offensive ad ever, but let's face it-sometimes the truth is offensive. And when a US Congresswoman funnels taxpayer funds to a criminal street gang, the truth is something that's hard to sugarcoat when that truth involves the use of said funds in the furtherance of the same criminal activities they were ostensibly meant to combat.

The Other McCain has the video and a different take on it, while providing an explanation from the video's director which makes use of the Congresswoman's own words, to wit-

Before you charge racism at the ad, consider her one line in the video: “It takes a different kind of person to speak the language.” By that she means, it takes black people to talk to black people. It takes gang members to talk to gang members. They have their own language, we should coddle them. They’re not responsible for their actions if they murder someone, rape someone. They’re a minority.

Spot on. Democrats take a passive aggressive stance towards the minority groups they keep down and under their thumb while yelling racism at everybody that opposes their lunacy. Same story different day. The only thing missing is the Klan robes. The Democrats haven't changed, they've just substituted the rope for a welfare check.

The video was funded by Turn Right USA which is an independent political action group not affiliated with Democrat Janice Hahn's Republican opponent Craig Huey. Here is their mission statement-

Turn Right USA is a Federal Non-connected, Expenditure Only Political Action Committee (SuperPAC) organized to execute Independent Expenditure campaigns by a group of American citizens who are:

unrepresented by the political class of this Country;
nauseated by the laughable stupidity of professional politicians;
outraged by their liberal benefactors like George Soros, and
angered that their opposition is too cowardly to fight back!

Turn Right USA’s mission is to expose and lampoon the typical politico’s microscopic brain through cutting-edge viral videos with guts and humor!

Unfortunately for Hahn's defenders, the fact that the gang receiving her taxpayer-funded largesse is black is not a reflection on the overall African-American community, who in fact are the community that suffers the most from the influence of these kinds of criminal gangs-and the Democratic Party and its members who support and enable them.