Friday, June 17, 2011

The Casey Anothony Murder Trial-A New Look

The Casey Anthony trial in Florida has attracted so much media attention its surprising that spectators haven't been barred. Many more incidents like the below free-for-all that transpired after two men tried to jump line (and got their asses kicked by some women waiting in line) and it could result in everybody that isn't directly involved being banned from future proceedings if they don't have a vested or legitimate public interest, such as the media.

Yeah, its been a real circus. Worse, its been like going to Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

Fists fly at court house as people wait for Casey Anthony trial tickets:

In the meantime, the trial itself seems so open and shut its a wonder anybody is interested enough to want to sit it out. After all, its not like there's any big mystery to be solved. While some defend Casey Anthony and insist she is innocent, most people are convinced the woman killed her daughter, end of story. The only real question seems to be, was it intentional or accidental? And how exactly was she killed?

But is it really all that cut-and-dried? The prosecution in the case seems to think so, otherwise they wouldn't be so adamant about seeking the death penalty.

I do have one question though. And that is, if Casey Anthony did murder her daughter Caylee-either intentionally or accidentally-why did she leave the body in her car long enough to leave such a strong, horrible odor, before she finally got around to disposing of the body?

I have an idea that would probably be impossible to prove, but I think the timeline of events might well bear me out. Casey allegedly was so hooked on the party life, the sex and probably drugs that go along with it, that she used chloroform to knock her daughter out long enough for her to go party down.

Now for some reason, Casey decided she couldn't take the risk of leaving her alone in their apartment. Maybe Caylee was adjusting to the chloroform and waking up earlier. It might have required stronger doses to keep her out longer with repeated use, and this could well be what killed her. But remember, there had been a problem between Casey and her mother, probably over the party lifestyle. So for whatever reason, she could not leave the kid with her parents. This is where my theory comes into play.

Not being able to find a baby-sitter, what if Casey Anthony doused the kid in chloroform one night and took her to the party, locking her in the trunk of the car? It was night, she had enough air in the trunk, so as long as she stayed asleep all would be well. And if she woke up early, the duct-tape over her mouth would prevent her from attracting attention by screaming and crying out for help.

Let's move on into the club with Casey, say two or three hours later. Casey is stoned to the gills. Who knows, maybe she's even been drugged. Maybe she has even left the club with one or more men. She is brought back to the club a few hours later, possibly mid-morning, only to see her car is gone. Maybe its been stolen. Or maybe in her drunken state of mind, she has actually loaned the car to somebody, possibly someone she barely knows, having forgotten all about the kid in the trunk. The car is gone. And so is Caylee.

When it occurs to her what she's done, and what has happened, she goes completely nuts. She doesn't even know who has her car. Or maybe she knows them vaguely but doesn't know how to get in touch with them. Days go by, maybe one or two weeks, before the car is abandoned. It is very conceivable that the people who had the car for one or two weeks never knew Caylee was in the trunk. It is also very understandable that by the time Casey Anthony found her car, where it had been towed in after it was abandoned by whoever might have had it, the poor kid Caylee was long dead and in at least the intermediate stages of decomposition.

There could be another explanation, but this makes sense and explains why the body was in the car for so long. Granted, its conceivable Casey herself could have abandoned the car, with the body in the trunk, possibly to lay the groundwork for claiming the car was stolen and Caylee kidnapped. But it sounds to me more like she freaked when she realized her car was gone with Caylee in the trunk and was terrified of calling the police and the truth coming out about her locking the kid in the trunk after knocking her out with chloroform. All so she could just go out and party, and maybe get laid.

The child wouldn't have lasted long. One day in that hot Florida sun-remember, this was the middle of June-bearing down on the trunk of that car and its doubtful she would have lived through the first day. Ironically, she might have been afraid to make a noise in the trunk of the car when it might have done her the most good. Who knows what she might have heard in that car from whoever the people were who were driving it?

Another irony-these people might not even realize what they done. By the time this became news, Cassey Anthony might have been a vague, drunken memory. Who even knows if that was even the name they knew her by.

All Casey could do at that point was make up some crazy story that might get her off the hook. After she disposed of the body, of course.

The only question is, did anybody help her after the fact. Even though it is known now that Caylee's father was not Cassey's father, or Casey's brother, whose to say she didn't threaten one or both of them by threatening to reveal the secret knowledge of past sexual abuse, possibly even telling her own brother that he was the father even though she knew he was not. This might explain why the body ended up so close to the Anthony home. It also explains why in the opening day of the defense case, the jury was informed that there were allegations that Casey's brother had fathered the child. It might have been simply laying the groundwork for strengthening their case that the death was accidental, and that Casey's brother had helped cover it up. The reason? He was afraid DNA testing would reveal he was the father.

There are a lot of things in this case that don't add up. Chief among these is the length of time the body was in the car. If the truth ever does come out it probably won't be enough to keep Casey Anthony out of prison for the rest of her life. But it might keep her off death row.

If I were her I don't know that I'd care that much about that.