Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama May Be A Warmonger-But Hey, At Least His Heart Is In The Right Place

That's right, according to Michael Moore, when Obama wants to engage in war hostilities in Libya its different than when Bush went to Iraq. Obama wanted to prevent the slaughter of innocent civilians, but Bush, well he was just determined to get Saddam and made the CIA "find" the evidence he needed to justify it.

Missing from the discussion is the fact that Saddam murdered tens of thousands, at least, of his own civilian population and was a financial supporter of global terrorism, including Palestinian terrorists. By contrast, Libya's Colonel Qaddafi had actually disavowed terrorism, going so far as to voluntarily dismantle his own nuclear program and was aiming to improve relations with the West.

But hey-why let facts get in the way of making excuses for Obama on Keith Olberfaggot's premiere broadcast of Countdown With Keith Olbermann on Current TV?