Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Killing-Who Killed Rosie Larsen

Tonight's the season finale of the AMC series The Killing, without a doubt the best show on television right now. It follows the investigation of the murder of a young girl. If you've been following the series then you might want to add your two cents as to who killed Rosie Larsen.

I decided to put forth my own theory but ran into a snag when I looked over the list of suspects. My rather suspicious problem is, my suspect isn't listed in the cast of characters, even though he is a fairly important character and presence in the show.

He's the Chief of Police, and rather than repeat myself, I'll just copy and paste my post from the website forum linked above.

I think its the Chief-Of-Police, can't think of his name. But he was the one who put Sarah on the case to begin with and insisted she put off going away for her wedding until she was finished. Then, suddenly, sometime after mid-season, he's pushing her to finish it up and to get on with her plans, a complete 180 degree turnaround. I thought that was suspicious, as well as his adversarial attitude towards Stephen, even though Stephen had uncovered a lot of clues. Or maybe that was the reason for his attitude?

As far as why, it could have something to do with him wanting to derail Richmond. Maybe he's afraid Richmond as Mayor will dig up some crooked stuff in the Department he doesn't want brought out. It could have something to do with an association with Janek, or Drexler, etc. If he was having Richmond spied on and somehow Rosie kept turning up he could have taken advantage of the opportunities that presented. If he had simply exposed Richmond's flings with the "escorts" he might have risked exposing some of his own shady partnerships and activities, so he just killed Rosie. The only thing left to explain is how he got hold of one of the campaign vehicles, but that could be explained by him having a mole working for the Richmond campaign. By the way, why is the Chief not listed as a character?

Well, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. The series finale airs tonight on AMC at 10:00 pm.

UPDATE-LAME! Continued to next season. Boy are they ever going to be hearing it! This story should have been resolved and a new one started next season. But no, AMC has to milk the shit for all it's (they think) worth. I can almost promise you, when it returns, Belko will not kill Richmond, more than likely won't even shoot him, and the newly revealed corrupt cop wasn't really a surprise either.

If they're going to keep this shit going until next season the least they could do is have a demoniac entity to keep things interesting.