Monday, June 20, 2011

In Defense Of Mitt Romney And Herman Cain-Aborting Future Democrats In The Womb Just Makes Good Business Sense

Mitt shows good business sense. So does former CEO Chairman Herman Cain. These men are entrepreneurs who deserve the appellation "Captains of Industry". And when they speak out on economic matters, regardless of how you feel about their overall political stance, you know they deserve to be heard.

As such, I feel it is very unfair that men such as these have been criticized just because Romney and Cain refuse to sign the Pro-Life Pledge. These men, men who have headed corporations which employ tens of thousands of people, men who have been responsible for turning around failing and anemic companies and making them successful, certainly understand the economic impact of a country with too many progressives.

As such, they are more than aware of the fact that, the more future democrats you abort the better off the country will be. It's just too bad that Michelle Bachmann, a successful businesswoman in her own right, can't see the wisdom of that. But I guess that's just the difference between a person who is or has been a small business owner as opposed to an executive of a large corporation. When you're in the position of a Romney or a Cain, you learn to put less stock in sentimentality and in doing so you are more likely to see and appreciate the big picture.

Taxpayer funding of abortion might well be unconstitutional from a conservative or from a federalist perspective. But from a purely business or economic standpoint, its money well spent.