Thursday, January 24, 2008

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Heath Ledger Funeral

I don't know who this pisses off more, God or the Kansas City Royals, but it's a moot point. It pisses off a lot of people, and the people of Westboro Baptist Church seem to be fine with that. They are now planning to violate the funeral of recently deceased actor Heath Ledger by protesting it. The reason-Ledger's role in the recent "gay cowboy" film "Brokeback Mountain", a scene from which is pictured below.

Of course, Ledger was not really gay, he was merely an actor portraying a gay character, but that is all lost on this Christian cult that fancies itself a "primitive" Baptist Church. According to them, "God hates fags", and since America has become increasingly tolerant of the gay lifestyle, then it naturally follows that "God Hates America".

They therefore insist that all soldiers killed or injured in the Iraq War is due to God's wrath, hence the picketing at military funerals. They have even gone so far as to picket the funerals of a family that died in a house fire in Kentucky, which contained many innocent children, as young as two years old, but so far as I am aware, no homosexuals.

I guess it stands to reason they would protest Ledger's funeral. Here is the release of their announcement to do so in pdf format. I strongly encourage that you read this.

As if that were not enough, they also have, on their blog section, a blog post that goes into extraordinary detail as to what they perceive to be the final, ultimate, eternal fate of Heath Ledger-complete with random little smiley faces tossed in here and there, just for good measure.

All of this reads almost like a parody. Sometimes I wonder if Westboro receives financing from some far leftist group that wants to make all socially conservative Christians look like schmucks.

You might also want to read this web site, which contains a lot of background information on Fred Phelps and his family, who comprise the vast majority of the Westboro Baptist Church members. As of now, I can't vouch for it's accuracy, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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Renegade Eye said...

That is the position of mainstream conservatism. John Gibson said the same thing.

Zanthera said...

Ugh just makes me sick they wait for his funeral to start this crap.

Graeme said...

since when is america so gay friendly?

QcontinumEscapee said...

The indecent people of Westboro would protest their own funerals if they though it would garner the media attention they feast upon.

As for Heath Ledger, its sad, but let him find a small measure of peace now and leave his surviving family alone.

Paparazzi and Westboro; illegitimate children of the same cur.

Danielle said...

"All of this reads almost like a parody. Sometimes I wonder if Westboro receives financing from some far leftist group that wants to make all socially conservative Christians look like schmucks."

I was wondering this myself.

The Pagan Temple said...

Ren-Not really. It's the position of religious social conservatives, and even then only up to a point. Most of them denounce Phelps tactics, even if they agree with some or even most of his philosophy.

Even those religious social conservatives are not really mainstream conservatives. Most true conservatives feel that such issues are best left to the states to decide, and the federal government should not be involved. If you read more Republican blogs, you'd have a better idea what they stand for.

Outside of the religious crowd, conservatives have no problem with gays, per se, they just oppose certain elements and policy agendas of the far left, including but not limited to the gay faction.

Zanthera-It's no big surprise to me that they protested his funeral, that is their modus operandi. They get more attention that way than if they just made statements against the gay lifestyle. If they did that, no one would pay any attention to them.

Graeme-it's a matter of perspective. All things being equal, America is much more tolerant towards gays than it was, say, fifty years ago, so much progress has been made. But to Phelps and people like him, such progress is not positive, but is of demonic inspiration. To his way of thinking, the fact that we aren't forcing gays back into the closet, or otherwise burning them at the stake or imprisoning them-as a matter of public policy, mind you-is a sure sign of America falling under Satanic influence and heading down the road to ruin.

Me and you see a movie like Brokeback Mountain, and we think well, what's all the fuss about, or well that's a pretty good flick, or whatever. With people like Phelps, it's like rubbing salt in the wound. When he sees it getting Oscar Awards, and recommended by critics in the press, it's like adding a good dose of acid. To his way of thinking, such movies should never be allowed to be produced.

gcontinumescapee-Quite a moniker you got there. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I think you hit a very important nail on the head. It;s the press that enables guys like Phelps. In a way, they are newsworthy, but by the same token, they thrive on such attention, sort of like the way maggots thrive on shit.

Danielle-I've actually been wondering about this for some time now. In fact, I frequently confuse Westboro Baptist Church with Landover Baptist Church, an internet parody site.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The Phelps family cult are demented. I don't know if it's an act. I know Christians that are opposed to homosexual behavior, even war, but do not act so disgracefully. I'm not a homophobe. I do hate fags though.

The Phelps are going to be shocked on Judgement Day. Maybe I will be too.

Why doesn't the media ever talk about the fact that Fred Phelps ran as a Democrat candidate when he was involved in local politics?

Look at the media explanation for John Kerry's loss in the last election. "Jesusland" was the term for red states. As if it had nothing to do with Kerry's disgusting anti-war activities and antics. As if it had nothing to do with his campaign and debate announcements that he'd give Iran highly enriched uranium to "test their intentions." As if he didn't regard this "plan" as the ultimate in "gotcha" diplomacy - he's freakin' genius John Kerry, right - and Iranian-occupied Persia doesn't watch CNN. They'll never know what John Kerry's got planned for them. HeeHaw HeeHaw. Jackass.

My primary problem with Democrats, from Andy Jackson to today, is that none of them, none, have the brainpower God gave a glob of Spam gristle.

Republicans aren't faring well on my current analysis either.