Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Guilty Rant When None Accusseth

Bill can rest a little easier tonight. Hillary won a clear if not too convincing victory over Barak Obama in the Nevada primary today, garnering more than half of the vote at 51 percent. Unfortunately, through some arcane reasoning I'm not sure I understand yet, Obama might yet get a majority of the states delegates. This might well have Bill in an uproar after all. He has been kind of ill-tempered over the last couple of weeks, hasn't he?

He got pretty agitated when it looked like Hillary would lose the New Hampshire primary, demanding "give me a break" while calling Obama's candidacy a "fairy tale".

He almost lost it again when a court challenge to the rules set up by the Nevada State Democratic Party to allow casino workers to caucus at their work sites was thrown out. He seemed to think this gave the casino workers an unfair advantage-especially after their unions supported Obama.

Some people think Bill is losing it, that he can't deal with the prospect of losing the White House-er, his wife losing the White house, I meant to say, of course. Actually, I think there's another factor in his recent displays of bad temperament. This factor has not gone unnoticed or unmentioned. Yet, no one seems to have made the correlation. When you stop to think about it, it certainly has to be bearing heavily on his mind-especially as it also involves his wife, and is transpiring at a pivotal point in her run for the presidency.

This week, in fact, happens to be the tenth year anniversary of-

Seriously, is it possible that he has been expecting somebody to bring this up to him? Well, actually, Hillary has been questioned about it on at least one occasion, on a network interview program. Will somebody now please ask Bill, so he can go on a good rant and get it out of his system?

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You are not being bossy, if I don't know, I can't fix it. :)
I found you while I was doing some research on G&Y Frost about the Witches Bible. Our coven brought it up as a book to read and I just wanted to point out some important points. So needless to say you are on most the coven members blogs :)

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