Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roe v Wade-25th Anniversary Reflections

This year is the twenty fifth-year anniversary of Roe v Wade. In the twenty-five years since the decision came down, there have been a series of laws before the courts challenging some aspect of state abortion laws, which you can view here. You might also want to read the original decision along with the majority and dissenting opinions.

In the meantime, I have a few words to say to Republicans, and especially to social conservatives. My advice to you is-don’t do as I do, do as I say.

Now, what do I mean by that. Well, it’s simple. I have thoughtfully concluded that, all things on balance, women have a constitutional right to an abortion, based on the prospect that it is a privacy issue. Most importantly, I hold that no one has the right to force a rape victim to carry a baby. Yes, I know this is a rare occurrence. I am also aware that, in reality, there are few teenage girls who become pregnant because of incest. Well, at least there are few who become pregnant due to incest that comes about against their wills. Bear in mind, not all incest occurs between a sweet innocent young girl and an adult male. Sometimes, your little girl might be doing things with “Cousin Johnny” out in the woods besides picking wildflowers and berries, ya know.

That being said, I agree that most abortions are the result of situations where an unwed woman, for the most part adults, just decide for whatever reason they just aren’t ready to have a child. In some cases, they are married, or engaged, and fear the financial obligations. Perhaps there are legitimate health reasons, some which connote serious consequences, others that might not be so serious. In some cases, the child might not belong to the husband or boyfriend.

How can you sit back and allow our culture to sink down to this level? Yet, that’s what many of you are doing. I have heard rumors to the effect that you might sit this election out, or even worse, vote Democratic, if the Republican Party nominates a man you personally, for whatever reason, feel is not worthy to lead your party into the next presidential election cycle.

Think about what you are going to cause. Think of all the young girls who will be encouraged to have abortions without notifying their parents-those same parents they would be obliged to inform were they decide to get a tattoo or piercing.

Think of the late term abortions. Think of those poor babies, near birth and half born, their skulls pierced with forceps, their brains suctioned out of their skulls. Think of all those fetuses past the four-month stage, and the pain and terror they feel while mercilessly butchered in the womb with their mother’s consent.

Think of how the abortion industry is as we speak making plans to fight against those laws requiring informed consent. They don’t even want a woman to be informed of the facts, or to view an ultrasound of her living, breathing fetus, it’s little heart visibly and audibly beating as it kicks, sucks it’s thumb, in some cases makes tentative attempts to explore it’s surroundings-a sure sign of consciousness.

Yet, you would vote for a woman, or a man, whom you know will appoint judges guaranteed to uphold these laws, or at the very least you would stay home and not vote against them. How are you going to feel when the Supreme Court, due to your obstinance, upholds Roe v Wade for possibly decades to come?

How many babies are you helping to abort? Might it be in the millions? Any baby aborted is not just a single death, you know. You have also aided and abetted the destruction of the many generations of their potential descendants that now-thanks to you-will never come about.

You had better think about what you are doing. What are you going to say to God when you stand before the throne of judgment? Yes, I know, I’m a pagan, and don’t believe in that, but on the other hand-what if you are right? If you are, maybe I’ll be seeing you after the last judgment. I think you are going to have a hard time explaining to God how you refused to vote for Giuliani or McCain, even though they have promised to appoint strict constructionist judges. What will your excuse be?

“Well, God, I thought I should ‘make a statement’”.

I’m just guessing here, but I have an idea his reply might well be somewhere along the lines of-

“Well, you made your statement, and now I will make mine-depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, into the eternal fires of hell and damnation reserved for the devil and his angels.”

Don’t take all this the wrong way. This is not an attempt at humor. I might well be there when you arrive, but as you get there, that laughter you hear will not be mine.


Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Being a sodomite, obviously I'm not a social conservative but I do detest abortion and there seldom is need for it now that we have birth control except for rape and to save the mother's life and then only in the early stages of pregnancy.

You are right: many anti-abortionists are simply "making a statement." The way to end abortion is by education and changing hearts and minds.

But demonizing abortion and gays is still a good way to raise money for right wing groups.

Danielle said...

I think abortion is a necessary evil.

Hellena said...

That is a subject that tares me in two. I see it as a huge negitive as well as a necessity when rape, and life threatening issues come into the picture. I sit and think about what would I do in these situations. My overall conclusion is I will never know till I am there.
I guess that is what is hard about agreeing with laws. Someone making allowences for diffrent situations and temper always ends up more F*^@ed up then it was before.
But then the true victim is the one who ends up never being born.

The Pagan Temple said...

I pretty much agree, Patrick. By the way, you're the first gay man I know of who accepted the moniker "Sodomite".

I guess you figured I'm trying to antagonize you Republicans to vote against the Dems the next election, no matter who your party nominates. I have an idea if you sit back and allow Hillary or Obama to win the election you will regret it, no matter how much you think you dislike Huckabee, McCain, or Giuliani now.

Please, don't destroy your party. You will be ruining my plans to wreck mine. Think, "strict constructionist judges. Strict constructionist judges. Republicans will appoint them. Democrats will not." Repeat that mantra three times a day until election day and you will do the right thing.

Danielle-Long time no see, glad to know you're still around. You're right, abortion is a necessary evil. Sometimes it's necessary, sometimes it's just plain evil.

Hellena-Do you and the Wyrd Sisters have a Yahoo group? I am probably going to put you on my blogroll in a day or two. I usually like to make sure people are going to keep blogging for a while before I put them on. You're off to a good start.

Hellena said...

Yes we do have two yahoo groups, one for the coven and one for the community,which unfortunatly is rarely active. But I would be happy to give you the link :)
Who knows maybe oneday we will get some activity.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Personally, I can't get my head around how there's a "ban on cloning human life" in embryonic stem cell research if life "officially" doesn't begin at conception.

What exactly are they banning then?

Pro-Life conservatives aren't fooled.

Strike down Roe v Wade. Let state legislatures individually decide the matter for themselves.

Seems an awful large ethical issue to entrust to 9 people.