Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zorro With A Box Cutter

This is not a joke, some perv in Fairfax Virginia has for going on almost half a year now been terrorizing malls and shopping centers by slashing girl's asses with either a razor or, more likely, a box-cutter.

They've got the suspect on the below video, and though you don't get a really good view of him, he is described as a short, fat Hispanic man. According to the report below, the police assume he is acting from some kind of sexual dysfunction. That is more than likely true. The perv could be impotent, maybe even a castrati. In any event this could be not only a release for him, but a way of "making his mark" so to speak. The Zorro of teenage asses.

I would also caution that, although probably unlikely, this could be some kind of Latino gang initiation ritual involving more than one suspect. There is one particularly violent Salvadoran gang that conducts hits by slashing the throats of victims, and they are becoming more widespread with every passing year.

Or, there is a possibility that is more likely. Whether he is or is not Hispanic, he could also be a Muslim. A significantly large percentage of that population (maybe the majority of them) go bat-shit insane at the sight of a woman's ankle or calf. A hint of breast or thigh could turn them into murderous savages, ie bring out their true natures.

The sight of a pretty young girls ass, even if seen only through the outline of tight, skimpy shorts, is probably enough to send some of them into the stratosphere. They have been known to toss acid into the faces of pretty girls who aren't considered sufficiently modest in their dress. In most countries where they are the majority they commit such acts with little if any fear of reprisals, legal or otherwise.

It's almost like they think a pretty young girl who dresses in such a manner as to arouse a man in public is worthy of disfigurement, and humiliation, if not outright death.

And there's the rub. This perpetrator could eventually escalate into ever more violent acts. He needs to be caught and prosecuted, and locked away before he possibly causes serious, perhaps permanent damage, no matter who or what he is.

H/T Always On Watch