Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Real Brother, A Twitter Account, And A Schtick

That's the only sense I can make of Theron K Cal who a few years back made a documentary movie called The Sell-Out Diaries. The premise of the book is about how black culture is undermined by African American men and women who would rather be enmeshed in the white culture-associating, dating, and marrying whites, than stick with their own race. Sound familiar?

Theron insists these African American individuals are self-hating folks who can't comprehend that blacks are considered inferior by the whites they so worship.

It gets worse. Everything in his world view revolves around racism of whites against blacks. If you oppose Obama, for any reason whatsoever, you hate him because he's black. He will accept no alternative explanation. You say Obama is a progressive and a Democrat, and you are a conservative or a Republican, therefore your opposition to Obama is ideological?

Nope, he's not buying that argument. To him, conservative is nothing more nor less than a code word for "racist" and the vast majority if not all Republicans are either white racists or, in the sense of Herman Cain, Allen West, etc., they are self-hating sell-outs.

Before long you have descended into a frenzied world of sheer lunacy, a world in which 80% of black women are black man hating lesbians due to some ingenious plot by black lesbians-in the nineteen fifties, no less-to indoctrinate black women into black man hating lesbianism on college campuses. Again, I can't stress enough this was supposed to have transpired in the nineteen fifties when the percentage of black women on college campuses was probably miniscule in relative terms to today. You almost wonder if Theron K Cal is going out of his way to make black people look bad. Even if he might be a potential stalking horse for Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann or even the self-loathing sellout Herman Cain.

He was recently banned from the Huffington Post of all places for an extended diatribe against the physicist Steven Hawking, who recently posited about the likely outcome of an encounter with an advanced race of space aliens. Hawking said it would likely lead to our enslavement, which Theron resented greatly. Hawking he claimed was a white supremacist who was projecting the white racist mindset onto an advanced race of aliens who, according to Cal, would more than likely be like blacks or oriental. In other words, they would more likely be peace loving people who would have never survived, let alone advanced enough to conduct interstellar travel if they were white people.

So what's this all about? Is it a schtick meant to increase sells of his DVD or otherwise further his career? Or is he truly as loony, as deranged as he sounds? Read his blog, and make sure to read an excerpt from his novel (note to Cal, I hope for your sake this is a first draft. A hint-needs work), and once you are through there be sure you read his Twitter feed.

Fair warning though, if you do engage him out of the naive hope you might make some kind of breakthrough you will probably be wasting your time. Moreover if you aren't a racist now there's a good chance you might find yourself becoming one. Which is probably why none other than Oliver Willis, of all people, banned him from following him on Twitter and probably on his blog or anywhere else Willis holds any kind of sway. After a few rounds of engaging with Theron, Willis probably said to himself "Got Damn if I ain't starting to hate fucking black people". Seriously, Real Brother, as he likes to call himself, is that exasperating.

That in fact is what the fine folks on BET found out when they made the mistake of having him on as a guest once on Oh Drama. Following is the first of three parts as uploaded to YouTube. Warning-watching and listening to Theron K. Cal, like engaging him on Twitter, might be damaging to your brain cells. I know I feel several orders of magnitude dumber having interacted with the man. You've been duly warned.