Friday, July 22, 2011

When Public Servants Become Public Tyrants

Cops as a general rule don't really seem to like the idea of gun rights for citizens, especially so-called concealed carry laws such as have recently been enacted in various states, including OH, where the video below was shot.

People might be tempted to think this is understandable, and based wholly on the rigors, demands, and dangers of their job. No doubt that is a part of it, especially in some areas, but there's a lot more to it than that.

There is in fact another aspect that is greatly overlooked. Let's just call a spade a spade here. If you have an armed citizenry, a professional police force is nowhere near as vital or necessary. You will still need a minimum number of uniformed police officers at the state and local levels, of course. That will always be the case.

However, there can be no doubt that if you legally arms all honest citizens, those that wish to be armed, the ultimate long-term result will be that in most places you can cut your police force substantially.

Police unions, like the Fraternal Order of Police, don't like the idea of gun rights for the average citizens. After all, the more cops on the nation's city and state police forces there are, the more members thus the more clout for the police unions and organizations, and the more appropriations they can get for their respective police forces. And of course the more they can get in the way of union dues. If you have ever wondered why certain police unions like the FOP have come out in support of Democrat candidates, wonder no more.

Cops like this are actually a greater argument for gun rights than criminals are. Watch the below video carefully and ask yourself, even if you didn't have a gun or any other means of self-defense, would you trust this cop in a situation where you needed assistance? I damn sure wouldn't. Nor am I going to go on record as saying that the majority of cops are "not like this". The point is, how can you know what the majority are like, or, more importantly, what they would be like in the future, in a world where the 2nd Amendment has been interpreted in such a manner as to mean it does not apply to private citizens?

But if private citizens are allowed to have weapons, crime will drop exponentially. Sure there will be unfortunate incidents, accidents, some involving children of careless or irresponsible parents, some involving criminals stealing unsecured weapons, etc., but in the overall greater picture, crime will drop and it will drop substantially. You have empowered honest, law-abiding citizens, and the criminal element knows they have to proceed with a great deal more caution. Some might even find a new line of work. We all benefit, for the most part with a few exception. One of these exceptions is the nation's police forces.

So you should watch this video. It's a long one, but worth your time. When you watch, think of how a barber might feel towards a person who cuts their own hair. Or an auto mechanic, plumber, electrician, etc, towards someone who knows how to do their own installations and repairs.

And then ask yourself-was this cop really that worried about this civilian possibly shooting him?

H/T The Blaze

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