Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Than A Gaffe-The Real Reason The Romneylan Supports Global Climate Change Alarmism

If you ever wondered why Mitt Romney believes in Man-Made Global Climate Change, wonder no more. He stands to make millions off green technology through his consulting firm Bain & Company or through its spin-off company Bain Capital. Here's the entire story.

Granted, this probably comes from a source that probably is a supporter of another candidate, maybe Pawlenty, or possibly Bachmann. But that does not in and of itself negate the validity of the charge.

And doubtless, Romeny will try to downplay the significance of the story. He'll spin it. He will say something to the effect that of course he and his company have a perfect right to make money off of green technology, but if anything the fact that they are willing to invest in it proves the sincerity of Romney's stated beliefs.

But of course this would be an obfuscation of the fact that, in all of Romney's written and oral statements in support of the alleged science of Man-Made Climate Change, he has never once issued any kind of qualifying statement of full disclosure as to his potential financial interests in green energy technology.

Look for him also to come out strongly against any of the Cap And Trade Legislation which has ever been considered in the past, and especially look for him to lambast the Administrations enforcement of environmental Cap And Trade Laws through the EPA without Congressional authorization.

But no matter what he says or does, no matter how he obfuscates, or denies, that doesn't change one simple fact-the Romneylan has some 'splainin' to do.