Monday, December 21, 2009

Yule Tarot

You just can't make this stuff up. On top of that, a second drawing netted me the King of Pentacles, which I did out of concern I might not have been focused enough the first time. Still, it does indeed fit, especially since I drew it reversed. Hard times and all. Well, make the most of that lump of coal, if you can.

Plus, we have Mars getting ready to go retrograde, which can be troublesome, seeing as how it is currently in Leo, thus in opposition to both Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, while Saturn is in Libra, this in an off-centered opposition to Uranus in Pisces. The Sun of course is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and sextile the Moon in Pisces. Mercury? He's in Capricorn (never far from the sun) but way up a bit, sextile to Uranus, while the lovely Venus is back a ways, back in Sagittarius in fact, in a sextile to Jupiter and Neptune, and squared Uranus. And oh yeah, trine Mars.

Cold weather we're having, huh?


Anonymous said...

Happy Winter Solstice, from your friends at Monica Memo. Stop by and say hello.

From M/M

The Pagan Temple said...

Hey M/M been a while, good to hear from you. Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

Quim said...

bloody hell - I got the same damn card. But not inverted.
I think it's lyin', tho. :-)

The Pagan Temple said...


Damn that reminds me, I meant to post that video of the German Christmas demon you posted last year. I just got so wrapped up trying to get all these videos posted by a certain time I ended up forgetting about it. Hell, maybe next year.

I tell you what this card sorta puts me in mind of in a Christmas/Yule context, is the Salvation Army, what with the economy being what it is and all.

In a general sense it's supposed to stand for being in a position to render aid to the needy, or being that needy person in need of aid and finding it, maybe in the form of a job, or maybe more temporary, like charity or something. That's why I thought it might seem a little obvious. I scare myself sometimes.

Zanthera Degore said...

Happy Solstice my dear friend!!

The Pagan Temple said...

Hey Zanthera, Happy Solstice to you too. Glad to see you finally got you a Blogspot blog. I just put you on my blogroll.