Monday, December 21, 2009

Pagans Against Child Abuse

blogger Rob Taylor of Red Alerts is a member of a group called Pagans Against Child Abuse, which works to prevent child exploitation and abuse, both on-line and out in "the real world". It should be noted here that, if you wish to join the group, which has an on-line chat function, forums, and a wide-ranging diversity of topics as well as members, you do not have to be a pagan to join. All are welcome.

They are currently involved in the circulation of a petition against the gay-activist group GLSEN, but it is incumbent on me to point out that this is in no way, shape, or fashion, an anti-gay agenda. I've known Rob long enough to know that he is a staunch supporter of gay rights, as is his wife, who blogs under the name Jenn Q. Public. He is actually much more pro-gay rights than I am, and in fact sometimes when I read his posts I think, when the fuck did he get bit by the PC mosquito? But that's just Rob, who is actually pretty conservative, maybe more so than me on some things. The point is, the reason for the petition is not anti-gay, it is basically aimed at a reading list GLSEN has endorsed that includes books that seem to encourage child-adult sex.

Check out the link I provided and, if you are in agreement, join the group and/or sign the petition.


Jenn Q. Public said...

Ha! I've never know of anyone to even consider suggesting that Rob was PC. Too funny!

The Pagan Temple said...


Yeah, I actually had a good laugh writing that line. Still, you know how some people are. Many people think in very simple ways, so I thought it would serve to make the point that just because somebody might object to or oppose GLSEN doesn't necessarily make them anti-gay.

And of course, having pointed out how pro-gay rights he was, I thought it equally incumbent that I should point out that Rob is also married to you-you know, a woman?

I know, I probably don't give people enough credit, but then again, believe me, I come by it honestly.

Tyciol said...

"If you bothered to go check out PACA, you'd see that it's now open to anyone who is against all forms of child abuse and wishes to spread awareness and prevention, regardless of their spiritual path/religious affiliation."

"All are welcome"


DodiaFae said...

But not you, Ty...

To The Pagan Temple,
Thank you for this.
Is it OK with you if I post updated links?