Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

That's a wish, not an observation. The way I see it, there's only one of two ways to see this one in. The choice is yours, of course, but unfortunately there's no in between. You either get shitfaced hammered, or you don't drink a drop. I would prefer you did the latter, but that's up to you.

Personally, I'm going to step outside for a few minutes, out in the cold dark night air, and take a few deep breaths. I want to breathe in the new year, and hope like hell it's not like the last one.

Cold, harsh reality. It's not going to be easy, so why pretty it up and pretend it might turn out pretty good if you don't really believe it? There's a time to party and live it up. I can't see this as one of those times. Sure, I've got plenty to be thankful for as well, and I want to express thanks for that, and determine to hold on to it. All the more reason not to drink or get high. Stay in control, and look reality square in the eyes. Fantasy during hard times can be helpful to a point, but after so long it can become a false friend and a hollow dream.

See, we've all got plenty to be pissed off about too, and the right to express that. We might even have the duty to do so. Making merry just might be a little bit inappropriate.


Renegade Eye said...

Happy New year.

I add no editorial.

The Pagan Temple said...

Happy New Year, Ren

beakerkin said...

It was a rough year for many. I will
not forget 2009 and hope those who are lost in the downturn find a better 2010.

The Pagan Temple said...

Best wishes, Beak. I hope this year's better for everyone.

beamish said...

Well, for New Year's Eve, I drank. Tied on a buzz. I wasn't shitfaced or slurred, just not tee-total sober, as I usually am.

2009 was a year the meanings of the words love, hatred, friendship, and enemies took a more concrete form in my life.

I needed a drink reflecting on that, not to dodge reality, but to greet it. Sort of a toast to reality. If reality didn't drink with me, it's not because I didn't pour it a shot. ;)

The Pagan Temple said...


I guess it's just me. I don't even enjoy drinking anymore. Just too much shit nagging at me these days for me to be able to enjoy it, and if you can't enjoy it, why do it?

I hope this year turns out good for you.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

Well, I can't enjoy drinking everyday. I drink maybe 2-4 times a year, these days, and only once a year risks to being to in excess.

I had to stop myself from becoming an alcoholic around 18 years ago. So I only drink on rare occasions and ever rarer socially.

New Year Eve saw me tempted by the bottle, but not mastered by it :)