Monday, December 28, 2009

Max Baucus Expounds The Basic Points Of Democratic Party Philosophy

Listen to this drunken old fool on the floor of the Senate, and tell me why I'm not right in insisting the worse thing the Republican Party ever did was oppose the procedure of abortion that is guaranteed to end the life of at least three Democrats for every one Republican before they ever get started.

As if that is not enough, you have this imbecile denying Baucus is drunk for the simple fact he is, according to this apparatchik at least, right on the issue in question. He is just revved up and excited, you see. The fact that every single commenter to this incredibly stupid post has lambasted this guy in the strongest terms imaginable should serve to tell you which way the wind is blowing, especially since this is a San Francisco Chronicles blog.

And that really brings me to my main point. The fact that Baucus seems to be shit-faced drunk is really secondary in importance to the spectacle that has been unfolding in the US Senate now for the past few months, which only gets worse as time goes on.

The simple fact is, the Democrats don't give a shit about the will of the voters, and the fact that the Republicans so seem to care about the wishes of the people who did, after all, put all members of both parties into office, is viewed as an act of cowardice.

Think about that. I don't know how I could possibly stress that enough, or too much. Baucus lays it all out in no uncertain terms in the YouTube video above. Yes, you drunken old corrupt fucking fool, it takes courage to flaunt the will of the voters, if you consider arrogance, corruption, and power-madness courage.

So is he right? Are the Republicans cowards? Are they afraid of the people? I sure as hell hope so, because god damn you, you steaming, stinking pile of shit, they're supposed to be, and so are you. And if you are not, you had damned well better start learning to be.


Anonymous said...

If hes drunk hes not having much fun just going on about politics and shit...

The Pagan Temple said...

Hi, Mutley-

No, he's certainly not a happy drunk. Except for maybe when he's screwing staff members and trying to get them cushy appointments in the Justice Department.

Rufus said...

Oh, alright Patrick, what is the will of the people here?

The Pagan Temple said...


There's probably no such thing as that in a country this large, populous, and complex, but Senators are supposed to at least attempt to accommodate the will of the people that put them in office, and represent their states. Or in the case of the House of Representatives members, their districts.

For somebody like Baucus to engage in such a rant against people that are really just doing the jobs they were sent there to do (at least for the most part) is beyond the pale.

They should have known going in this was going to be a hard nut to crack. They shouldn't expect any different than that every Senator isn't just going to fold and go along with what they want, regardless of what their voters tell them.

Even some of the Democrats had to be bribed to go along with this bill. So if the Republicans are cowards, what does that make them?

beamish said...

I blogged this too, but more as an observation to be on the lookout for the guy that can't handle his boozing at this week's New Year's Eve parties.

I just thought it funny that the drunken fool is ranting about Republicans "not having the courage to buck their party leadership and corporate lobbyists" to support his party leadership's trillion-dollar boondoggle entitlement program from their party's leader that hands billions to lawyers and insurance companies.

Renegade Eye said...

All of the left in the Democratic Party hates him. He wouldn't have had so much say on the healthcare debate, if Obama didn't let him.

No administration in history is as up to its neck, in finance capital as Obama's.

Whatever the liberals wanted to impeach Bush for, it applies to Obama.

Somebody reading this comment, could take it as coming from the right.

beamish said...

Just because Obama hasn't set up labor camps and started pushing Jews into ovens doesn't mean he's not a leftist. Give him time, he's only had a year.

The Pagan Temple said...


Obama didn't "let" Baucus do anything, he's the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which gives him plenty of clout without any input from Obama. I know Obama has a cult of personality, but it's not as advanced as Stalin's yet. Baby steps. Remember, we do have separation of powers in the US, at least in theory.

You are correct that the leftists of the Democratic Party, especially the rank-and-file, hate Baucus, and now so do many of his own constituents. His poll numbers are sliding, as are Tester's.

People are tired of politicians, mostly Democrats, who disregard their wishes and then try to smooth things over later with sops, rhetoric, and pork. It might not work this time out. This guy is only one Democrat who might be writing his political epitaph. Harry Reid and Chris Dodd are two more, among others.

People might have gotten over the TARP fiasco. They might have even gotten over Cap-And-Trade. But both of them, and now this, might well kill them, and I hope they stay buried this time.

My only fear is the Republicans will turn around and get arrogant like they did before and get the ball rolling back all over again.

The Pagan Temple said...


Obama doesn't have to send the Jews to the ovens, he already has the UN working feverishly to turn all Israel into one big giant overgrown Auschwitz even as we speak.