Saturday, February 25, 2006

Orlando-A Show Of Asses

Give people an inch and they’ll want a mile every time. That’s true of a great many if not most people, and I guess it can be said that the same is true of White Nationalists. Not content with having the same rights to protest and Freedom of Assembly as do the rest of us in this country, they have taken it on themselves to extend this right in the city of Orlando Florida by attempting to demonstrate in a predominantly black neighborhood. These seem to be the same peole who have stirred such a hornests nest by demonstrating in Toldedo Ohio, an action which resulted in the burning and looting of busineses in a predominantly minority neighborhood, by anti-racist protestors made up largely of minorites, and egged on, reportedly, by anarchists and other outsiders.

Things came to a head in Orlando, however, and a number of fights broke out between the two factions, resulting in five arrests. Now, there comes a time when common sense should prevail,though it rarely does, and, regardless of Constitutional rights, the major concern of local authorities will always, and should always, come down on the side of public safety. There is absolutely no reason for white racialists to conduct a march in a predominantly black, or other minority, neighborhoods.

Their message will just as easily get out if it were held in an atmosphere less inflammatory. And, by the way, it will still draw counter protests. There is still plenty of reason therefore to insure public safety by police presence even in these instances. But it would seem that the White Nationalist movement is aiming for more than just a demonstration, march,and rally to get their message out. The only explanation is that they are hoping for this kind of response as a way of demonstrating, for the world to see, just how animalistic, how savage, are the racial minorities whose presence they wish to protest, or , if not their presence, at the very least the “special rights” they complain the minorities seek- which to be fair perhaps all too many do.

After all, the major focus of the demonstrations is a protest against the crime that is so pervasive in minority neighborhoods, according to the white racialists, compared to that which exists in white majority neighborhoods. Doubtless they feel that the counter protestors will always play into their hands by proving their point for them. The fact that it is a very small but vocal segment of the minority popuation that does this is besides the point. And the racialists have a point that these neighborhoods are to a great extent controlled by drug gangs.

But this is pretty much common knowldege anyway, and their insinuations that this is the typical minority attitude and lifestyle is disingenous. I’m all for cracking down on the drug gangs, in the harshest terms imaginable. But residents of all neighborhoods deserve to live in an atmosphere that is not only free of crime, but free of unnecessary provocation that could inadverdantly lead to violence, destruction of private property, and the potential loss of lives of innocent-and law abiding-American citizens.