Monday, February 20, 2006

Kid Rock And Scott Stapp Sex Tape

Soon, very soon, rock fans the world over will be able to thrill to the duo performance of Scott Stapp, formerly of the pop/grunge band Creed, and Kid Rock, together for the first and possibly the last time. However, the performance has nothing to do with music. It seems that it is an old performance as well, filmed sometime in 1999, and features the two engaging in a sexual orgy with four female fans.

According to David Joseph, President of Red Light District, the company the previously brought you "One Night In Paris", the film was puchased from an individual who had originally planned on putting the film on the Internet free of charge. It was filmed by more than one person, according to Joseph, and there is no need for either Kid Rock or Stapp to sign off on it. Nevertheless, apparently as a courtesy, Joseph attmpoted to contact the two, neither of which bothered to respond to the messages.

"It's really good", said Joseph. "I wish I was a rock star, I tell you. I'm in the wrong business."

Stapp earlier made headlines after being arrested in an airport for being stinking drunk. It would seem that his career has gone down the shitter since Creed dissolved. Though I thought the bank was good, it was heavily criticized for it's commecial approach to the Grunge movement which spawned such acclaimed groups as Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Pearl Jam, this last of which Creed, and Stapp in particular, was unfavorably compared.Particularly, Stapp himself was accussed of mimicking the vocal style of the groups lead singer.

Interestingly, Creed had also been described as a Christian Rock band, which Stapp denied, saying that the band had no agenda as such. This latest internet film, a portion of which might be released in advance of the release of the full product, would seem to put this controversy to rest, at least insofar as Stapp is concerned.

Kid Rock, of course, presents no real surprise, other than, as has been said, he might be the only one of Pamela Anderson's ex-boyfriends to have not been featured in a sex tape-until now.

No word as of yet as to whether the two of them engage in any kind of sexual act with each other. Probably not. After all, these guys have their image to think of.


Anonymous said...

The lead singer of Creed was Scott Stapp.


The Pagan Temple said...

So I fucked up, no big surprise, I thought sosmething didn't seem right. Thanks for setting me straight.

Anonymous said...

No problem, glad to help. :-)