Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yule-And The Coming God

As Yule begins tomorrow, I might take some time off for meditation. It is quite possible I might not be back until January, though hopefully I will be back well before then, if for no other purpose than to answer comments which I hope to have. But I may not post any new blogposts for a week or two, just so you'll know in advance. Also, I'm in the process hopefully of making some changes. Once these changes come about, hopefully I will be enabled to improve the quality of this Blog somewhat, as I will have more time to devote to it. But, we'll see. Nothing is for sure as of yet (is it ever?) but I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of some big, positive changes on the horizon.

But before I sign off, for the time being, I will leave with the following astrological aspects. To those of you interested in ever new ways of attunning with the deites, this may give you an invaluable guide to starting out with the beginning of the Wheel of the Year. What could be more appropriate than by attuning with the newly born God by way of his own astrological chart drawn up to coincide with his birth? Of course, I don't have the tools to draw up a chart, but at least I have here the pertinent planetary positions and aspects.

Sun enters Capricorn at 8:34 p.m. This marks the exact time of the birth of the God, and will give you a clue in establsihing his ascendant, or rising sign. I don't have an ascendant chart with me handy, unfortunately, but I think it is probably either Leo or Virgo. Either one is important, but especially Virgo, as this might well put it (ascendant) in conjunction with the moon for the day.

The Moon incidentally enters Virgo at 2:38 a.m. It so happens that the Sun and the moon are trine throughout most of the day, and maintain a slight trine, which is a beneficent aspect, at the exact time of the solstice (sun enters capricorn).

ALso, again through most of the day, the moon is in trine with the planet Mars in Taurus (8th degree), and in fact the Sun, Moon, and Mars form what is known as a Grand Trine, which is a greatly positive aspect.

Unfortunately, there is also in the chart of this new born God a Grand Cross, which is as follows

Jupiter-Scorpio, 11th degree
Saturn-Leo, tenth degree (retrograde)
Neptune-Aquarius(15th degree)
Mars-Taurus-eighth degree

Note that Mars, in addition to being involved in the Grand Trine, is also a part of the Grand Cross. A cross is a multiple square aspect, and is considered adverse. It can be a source of strength, however, if handled positively.

Another aspect that is noteworthy is the one between Uranus (Pisces, 7th degree) and the Moon is Virgo. This aspect is called an oppossition and is very powerful. In addition, Uranus is sextile Mars, which is a positive aspect. It is not however sextile to the sun as there are too many degrees of seperation between the two.

Jupiter, I should add, is trine Uranus. This too is of course a greatly beneficient aspect.

Mercury is in the ninth degree of Saggittarius, forming a square with Uranus, yet also forming a trine with Saturn.

Pluto in the 24th degree of Saggitarius seems to be unaspected.

Venus is stationary in the first degree of Aquarius. It will soon be going into retrograde motion.

The Northern Lunar Node is to be found in the ninth degree of Ares, the Southern one being therefore in the ninth degree of Libra. These lunar nodes are important as they determine the dates of the eclipses. They will move slowly, in the oppossite direction of the planetary movements.

I will have to do more research in order to ascetain the ascendant of the God. And when I can be certain, I will post accordingly. But if you wish to use this system, it definitely has it's advantages, as it can provide a uniuely individual way in which a person can detemine which deity might be more conducive to attunning with in this coming year.

It may vary from person to person. A lot will have to do with your own astrological chart, and how compatible this chart would be with yours. Of course, it requires some rudimentary knowledge of astrology (which unfortunately is an apt description of my own) but a basic knowledge of your chart in relation to this "chart of the God" can help you in a divinatory way attune with the diety that is most proper for you.

Anyway, until the next time, Blessed Be-and damn, I'm dizzy.


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The Pagan Temple said...

Oh, almost forgot, Meowcat, happy Yule to you as well.