Monday, December 19, 2005

God Of The Year

This was an easy one. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Floods. Who else?

Poseidon. What the hell got into this God this year? Now it's easy to imagine a Christian would hop on this, and tell me, "this is not a god fit for worship". They would point out how angry and destructive would be such a force, more in keeping with the temperament of a demon than a god. They would assure me that Poseidon actually does not exist, perhaps. Eventually, of course, a good many of them would turn right around and say that the natural disasters that have afflcited our planet this year is "the will of God"-theirs, of course.

My only reply to all this would be that, well, what is reality, and what is a God? To me, a God is pure energy, a force of nature, one that permeates the universe, including mankind, and thus a good deal of the gods make-up goes into the make-up of humankind, and indeed all of life. So to that degree the deities are all very real. They are a part of us, of the world, of the universe, and in my opinion you ignore them at your peril. Not that they expect you to worship them in the traditional meaning of the word worship-in fact I would submit they have no real desire or need for this. But attunning with them can be beneficial in getting in touch with our own lives and true selves. Attunning with the energies of the deities therefore can help us achieve our goals in life and become the kinds of peoples we truly want to be. It takes work, and self-discipline, and practice, but it is worth it.

Sometimes it requires a sacrifice, and here I don't mean to imply any kind of a blood sacrifice, but simply a sacrifice of giving up something we might want, for our own good, to stop smoking, stop drinking-or to stop some other bad, destructive habit, such as, for example-


Now of course, the negative aspects of years and years of pollution can't be undone overnight, or even in the course of a decade or two, or three. But the evidence of global warming is becomming more explicit every year, and now perhaps has manifested in ways that augurs ill for the next following years. Some say this could be the start of a cycle that happens every now and then, and that industrial pollution and all the other human caused ills that afflict our planets environmental health, add very little to the process, if at all.

Excuses. Nothing but rationalizations, the same that have threatened forrests and added to Mercury in drinking water, all in the name of keeping the economy srong and vital, a Hobsons Choice which is actually unnecessary. Reducing emissions from autos and industrial plants, for example, can actually add to the economy by providing opportunities for growth and expansion of businesses into these new frontier areas of science and technology. It would be a simple matter to subsidize industries in order to offset the costs of research, and tax breaks for this purpose, provided those breaks were legitimately used for these reasons, would be fine and appropriate.

The problem is, it would interfere with the immediate bottom line, and would interfere with meeting the immediate concerns of investors. It would make us less competitive. Of course, this is nonsense, and if there were any legitimacy to these concerns, they could certainly be worked out. But that's not the problem. The problem is greed.

Therefore, the poisons of our industrial and other wastes are continually dumped into the air, into the water, and there seems to be no let up in sight. Even if the naysayers are correct, that all this pollution doesnt add anything substantial to the cycle of warming which has evidently given rise to these natural disasters, it is obviously not good for the health of the planet, and those of us who live thereon, to be continually subjected to the posioning of our environment.

And if they are wrong, the implications are obvious. The trend is going to be reversed over a period of years, but only if there is a reduction-not an increase-in industrial pollutions and auto exhaust emissions and other culprits. As for Poseidon, you can expect him to throw these kinds of tantrums I fear for quite some time to come. The disasters of this preceeding year was just a slight warning compared to what could be ahead.

No, that's not a positive way for a deity to act. No, it is not compassionate and loving. But hey, he's a God. What do you expect-miracles?

Garbage In-Garbage Out