Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour is the present day governor of the state of Mississippi. Formerly, he had been the head of the republican National Committee. Prior to that, I think he might have been a Congressman, but I'm not too sure about that. What I am sure of is that he has increased his profile the last couple of days in the midst of the disaster that has engulfed Mississippi, and thus his overall political profile has jumped quite a few notches. He was obviously dismayed, distraught, and seemingly near to tears when he told a group of reporters when questioned as to what he expected, that he expected to see a bunch of "dead people".

Yet, he seemed to harden at the prospect of the looting which seems to be quite widespread along the Gulf Coast states, including the hardest hit areas of his own. This would include Gulfsport and Biloxi. In fact, the heaviest of all death tolls seems to so far center around this region, as at least 100 people are now believed dead in this area alone. As many more are as yet unnaccounted for it seems obvious that the toll will go even higher. At least 30 people are believed dead from just one apartment complex.

As to the looters, Haley assurred reporters that he intended to be "ruthless" in how he dealth with them. Tough, decisive, yet compassionate. With his standing with the Republicans, and his current increased visibility, I believe I have discovered the potential running mate of Arizona Senator John McCain, should that maverick more or less independant Senator acquire the GOP nomination fo rPresident in 2008. McCain would need someone wiht his stalwart party credentials to keep the party faithful in line-somewhat.

At any rate, I have discerned the potential Republican teams to be as follows:

Vice-President Dick Cheney---------------Condoleeza Rice
Senator John McCain ------------------Haley Barbour
Rudy Giuliani-----------------------------Senator Rick Santorum

Of course, there are other potential match-ups, but these I would have to put at my list as being the top three. Time will tell.

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autogato said...

Being from Louisiana, and having formerly lived in South Louisiana, and now being a resident of Mississippi, and riding out the Bitch Katrina here, I gotta give props to Haley boy. He has certainly handled things (then and now) with a much greater deal of authority and confidence than the botch-it-to-the-max leaders of my home state. While I am exceptionally proud to be from Louisiana, I was a bit disappointed in some of their performance before and after the storm.

That was some messed up shit.

By going and doing work on the coast of MS, I can see how we're coming back together. I can also see it as I look around my town. We've got a long way, but it's getting better.