Friday, August 26, 2005

The Artist Kurtz

I came across this artist on a Satanist web-site recently, and though to tell you the truth his art is not exactly my cup of tea, I recognize my rantings and other such artistic endeavors may be considered by some to be as macabre as the artist Kurtz-whose talent is indisputable. He puts me in mind of the artist Walter Sickert, inso far as the subject matter of his art goes. Yet, where Sickert was a Post Impressionist, Kurtz seems to be more of a surrealist. Also, Sickert looked for the grotesque in eveyday life. Kurtz deals with the openly bizarre.

His art will be on display, as I think it is on a regular basis, at JR's Bar & Grill, at 3923 Cedar Springs in Dallas Texas. The next public viewing is I think September 23rd. I'm not sure of the exact date, but it will be easily discovered by clicking on the link I have provided here

Hopefully, I will not have to edit that, as I am sure that is the correct URL, which I have unfortunately misplaced for now. As for why I am doing this, let's just say I am full of my own importance and like to imagine that by recommending this artist to the readers of my Blog, his career will be the better for it. You readers can prove me right by forwarding this Blog post, with attached URL to all and sundry, and tellinghtem to do likewise.

We should all do our parts to encourage and further the arts, and I intend to continue to do so, when the opportunity arises.

Oh, as for my personal favorite of his paintings, I would have to say the lady with the three big titties.


meowkaat said...

Come on now, Patrick, this artist doesn't strike you as just a weeeee bit pretentious? Of ocurse, maybe that's why you like him, and in that case, great. ;)

The Pagan Temple said...

He may be a tad pretentous, but I think he's got great potential.