Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Christie Curse

There are at least five good reasons to dislike Chris Christie but he added icing to the cake last night in his address from the Reagan Library when he spoke the ineffable words "compromise". Those words which should never be spoken by any Republican who wishes to be taken seriously by the base, especially when spoken in connection with the terms "Democrats" and "Congress".

It bodes ill for the future of the nation when its leaders can't learn from the mistakes of the past. If you loved John McCain, you should love Chris Christie. On the other hand, maybe not. McCain was probably on balance more conservative. Of all the current aspirants for the Republican nomination, none are as liberal as Chris Christie. That includes Jon Huntsman, who at least opposes gun control.

Yet, the GOP establishment loves this guy. They won't leave him alone. I wouldn't swear to this, but I think they've even threatened him. They are that convinced that he is some sort of savior. But he's their savior, not the savior of the country, or the constitution. They want somebody to watch their own backs and guard their own asses. They want one of their own.

I want to make it clear, I admire Chris Christie, to a point, as governor of New Jersey. But that's where he should stay, where he can do the most good. Continue to put New Jersey on a sane fiscal setting, in a way that will last way past his tenure. Continue to take on the unions, fight for sane fiscal policies. Reform the state pension system and the schools. Do all those things that have made him a household word.

And then he should retire. He should avoid national office at any level. The last thing the nation needs is another national republican who supports gun control, is a believer in anthropogenic climate change, a support in comprehensive immigration reform, and is politically correct when dealing with matters pertaining to the encroaches of Islam in our society.

Whoever wins the nomination will automatically be beset with pleas-make that demands-to put Christie on the ticket. He or she should avoid doing so. Not just avoid, they should flat out refuse.

Its time for the Republican voters to take control of the Republican Party. If we can't do that, or won't do that, then nothing is ever going to change. It will just be one moderate squish after another, and year after year of Democrats demanding twice what they really want and then "compromising" to get everything they really do want. Before long, there won't be anything left worth compromising over.