Friday, September 23, 2011

Bristol Palin Versus The Queen Of The Rodeo

This altercation between Bristol Palin and some homosexual at a bar would probably be blamed on Bristol, for approaching the guy to begin with, if the entire video hadn't captured the entire incident in context. Bristol was out with the film crew and staff of her new reality series. She took a turn on the mechanical bull, when the homo shouted "your mother's a whore" and "did you ride Levi like that" and something else equally stupid and banal. Bristol confronted the guy afterward and made him look like the stammering, spitting, bigoted fool most progressives really are deep down, and not so deep down.

My advice to the Queen of the Rodeo-It gets better. Who knows, maybe soon they'll invent a mechanical bull with a dick it can cram up your ass. Until such time, stay in the closet, fag. You're an embarrassment to the human species.

H/T Billy Hallowell of The Blaze

UPDATE-According to The Other McCain this jizz-gurgling faggot is a Trig-Truther who is a fan of Levi Johnston. Moreover, his name is Stephen Hanks and he owns a talent agency called Stephen Hanks Management Inc, and he represents Michael Vartan, who has appeared in the recently cancelled series "Hawthorne" with Jada Pinkett Smith. The number of the agency is 323-656-1884.

Not only does McCain have a picture of Hanks with Levi Johnston, a commenter produced his Lockerz account where he expresses his, uh, fondness for ol' Levi, who I'm sure reciprocates that fondness, in every possible way.