Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joe McGinness, Democrats, And Other Passive Aggressive Racists

Joe McGinness has written an allegedly tell-all book about the life and times of Sara Palin that is hard to take seriously as anything but a slander tome, but on the other hand, what if it is true? What if Sara Palin did have some kind of brief fling with a black college basketball star between twenty and thirty years ago? What if she, Todd and some friends really did snort coke in the woods from the bottom of an oil drum? What if she wasn't the best of mothers in the early days of her marriage, and was in fact such a lousy cook she could "burn water"?

The point seems to be, in part, that Sara Palin is a hypocrite, and we can't overlook the obvious inference that Republican conservatives, especially Christians and members of the Tea Party, should be especially aghast at such sordid tales of her past. Naturally, we might all want to rethink her standing in the movement, and by no means should we want her to be the standard bearer for the Republican Party in 2012. That much is pretty obvious.

Conservatives are of course up in arms over what they consider slander, and Robert Stacy McCain has gone to the point of posting a tongue-in-cheek drive for his readers to contribute to what he calls the Todd Palin Defense Fund, in the event Todd gives McGinness one, or more, maybe several well-deserved ass-whuppins.

It was a joke, of course, but that didn't prevent humorless liberals from disingenuously deeming it a serious threat. This was the reaction from such stalwart liberal sites as Slate, as well as penultimate Palin basher and Trig Truther Andrew Sullivan.

In reality, the Todd Palin Defense Fund was a cleverly and satirically disguised yet open call to contribute to SaraPac, which as the name implies is a PAC set up by Sara Palin to promote conservative causes, issues, and candidates.

Lost in all the hullabaloo is the question, who cares if all this is true? I for one could care less if Palin had an affair with Rice, the black college basketball player in question, or a one night stand, or for that matter ten minutes in a locked stall in a public bathroom. As for the cocaine use, how is that different from Obama's own admitted use of cocaine and marijuana?

Liberals would answer that it demonstrates that Palin is a hypocrite, but that is true only if these things are on-going. Anybody can change their lifestyle, and adopt a set of values that are a complete turnaround from their old life. All that proves is that they have grown up and matured, and want to live a more positive life. Being married and having children tend to do that to people, at least in some cases, especially if you come to realize your old lifestyle amounted to a road to nowhere.

McGinness and his defenders say more about themselves than they do the Tea Party or for that matter about Palin. Why should they assume conservatives should be so up in arms at the idea Palin might have had a brief fling with a black man? This is the most obvious sign of racist projection I have ever seen, and for Democrats that's saying something.

This is a party that promoted and defended slavery, and then Jim Crow, and who to this day think of the black race as a group of people who are so inferior they require the beneficence of the federal government to protect them and even to support them. Taken to its natural extreme, it won't be long before the feds start sending government employees out to all the government housing projects to cook their meals, clean their houses, and wash their clothes, with the taxpayer picking up the tab.

On the other hand, suppose some conservatives are offended at the alleged relationship between Palin and Rice. How does it follow they would vote for a man who is the product of a mixed race relationship? A man whose mother was a noted white commie bitch, and whose father was a black commie Muslim. A man who has been mentored by commies and anarchists all his life and who has the audacity to hope that he can fundamentally transform America into what would possibly amount to a third world commie hell hole if he could have his way, or at the very best, a second rate quasi-socialist European style nanny-state.

I don't know about anybody else, but methinks I'll stick with the white chick in this case. Ironically, if Palin does decide to run, and wins the Republican nomination, she might have Joe McGinness to thank for netting her an extra three or four percent of the black vote over and above the roughly ten percent that typically vote Republican.

You know. The ones Democrats insist are "Uncle Toms". You see, back in the old days, Democrats used to force black folks in the South to vote Democrat. Then, they threatened them with the rope and the whip.

Now they merely bribe them with welfare, food stamps, drugs, and rat infested tenements while making sure the general black population is disarmed and at the relative mercy of black thug gangs, and by ratcheting up the rhetoric to make it impossible for big city police departments to do their jobs in such a way as might interfere with this national protection racket. All the while of course making sure black folks understand they just can't make it in life without the "help" of Democrats and their appointed straw bosses and house Negroes. You know, like Obama.

No, Democrats sure don't mind fucking black people. They've been doing that for going on two hundred years. Here for the last forty years or so, they've just been kissing them first.