Thursday, June 24, 2010

Those Bygone Days Of Gore

After all this time we learn Al is a a pervert. Is this why Tipper left him? Will the allegations of his sexual assault of a Portland Oregon masseuse eventually become a part of the official record? Will Al soon be obliged to register as a sex offender, or will he skate, like his former boss BJ Billy?

Do any of you have a little girl in the Girl Scouts who might be eager to experience natures wonders? Be advised that, somewhere in the woods of Tennessee, a strange man with a deep boring drawl and glassy, dull gaze may soon be waiting to show her his woody, possibly on a slide projector, but then again-

Yet, whatever the future holds, we should always remember the days of Gore, when Al (so far as we know) limited his sexual escapades to the floor of Democratic conventions, and to fucking crowds of Global Warming true believers, sometimes without so much as a kiss, and when Tipper tried to censor those dirty song lyrics and violent video games, and together, they came close to ruling the world.

Yes indeed, those were the days.