Friday, November 30, 2007

Fascism-It's Not Just For The Right Anymore

A scheduled debate at the Oxford Union had to be canceled in the face of violent protests by those determined to not allow a free speech forum for David Irving, author and Holocaust denier, and BNP leader Nick Griffin, who advocates the deportation from the UK of those he feels are not British.

So much for the left being such vociferous advocates of free speech. This kind of thing happens more and more at American universities as well. Mel Gibson was shouted down during an appearance at a California university by an assistant professor of humanities who insisted that he owed the Maya "an apology" for his portrayal of them in his last film Apocalypto. Never mind the fact that the portrayal was generally an accurate one in all but perhaps the time line portrayed in the movie. He just should have kept his mouth shut, presumably on the grounds of cultural sensitivity.

When this kind of stuff happens in Britain, or other places in Europe whose true history of legitimate democracy and equal protection under law is about as long as my dick, I just figure it's just another day in that fucking nursing home we've been subsidizing for the last sixty years.

When it happens here it pisses me the fuck off, and scares me at the same time. Look for it to become more and more commonplace, though-unfortunately.

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sonia said...

The only real inaccuracy in "Apocalypto" was geographical. At the time the film is set (around 1500 AD), the only Maya cities still inhabited were in northern Yukatan, where there isn't a single river, much less a waterfall.

Of course, there are plenty of rivers and waterfalls near ancient Mayan cities in Chiapas and elsewhere, but those cities were abandoned around 900 AD.

But I don't think that stupid professor was angry with Mel Gibson because of that geographical inaccuracy. He was angry because Gibson refused to present all the Mayas as happy-go-lucky noble savages with pure hearts. He was angry with Gibson because Gibson dared to tell tjhe truth about humanity. A truth the leftists don't want to hear.