Friday, November 30, 2007

Clinton Campaign Hostage Situation

According to this report from the BBC, a man claiming to have a bomb has entered the New Hampshire offices of Hillary Clinton and has taken hostages. He did release a woman with a child, but as of now still holds two volunteers as hostages.

Clinton herself is not present, but is currently appearing at a campaign function in Virginia. The Edwards and Obama campaign headquarters in New Hampshire have also been evacuated.

No doubt the Clinton campaign will play this for all it's worth, probably as yet more evidence of the "vast right-wing conspiracy". I have an idea though the guy might turn out to be some far-leftist Iraq war protester-a peace activist with a bomb.

Well, the bomb squad is there, as well as hostage negotiators. I wonder what the guy will demand. Since it is the Clinton headquarters he's taken over, I assume it won't be a piece of ass. On the other hand-well, the guy is obviously crazy as hell.

If on the other hand his demands are that Clinton withdraw from the race for whatever reason, I hope those volunteers get a chance to say one last goodbye to their loved ones. Well, everybody is expendable you know, and we sure can't be giving in to terrorists, can we?

Hey, what if he is a Muslim? Oops. I bet Hillary's speech writers are busy even as we speak. Don't look for cleavage.

I receive updates from a variety of news sources, and the BBC deserves kudos for being the first out with this.