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Well, since this is, by the way, Post Number 666-

(Pictured above is Lucius Domitius Ahenobar, adopted son and heir of Roman Emperor Claudius, who gave him the adoptive name by which we have come to know him-Nero)

Who is he, this "Great Beast" represented by the number 666? Or, who will he be? Will he be the ruler of a one-world empire, as the Bible intimates? Will he have what is known as a “False Prophet” who is himself quite formidable, and who will be instrumental in rallying the world behind the worship of this “Antichrist”?

Is he even, as some have suggested, the “Son of Satan” himself?

Some have suggested that the Antichrist or “Great Beast” will be a counterfeit Christ, and will “deceive the very elect” by reason of those miracles which he will have power to perform in the sight of men. Utilizing this ancient prophecy, the late Jerry Falwell claimed that the Antichrist will probably be a Jew, as Christ himself was a Jew.

As ruler of a world empire, prophecies concerning him in this regard are based on the observation that, over the centuries, one empire would arise and in time would fall, only to be swallowed up and absorbed by a successive empire, which would be bigger than the one that preceded it.

It seemed a logical assumption that were this trend to continue, eventually the entire world would be swallowed up by one vast, overriding empire, which would then of course be all-powerful in a secular sense.

The Book of Revelations, the last book of the Bible, and which is revolved chiefly around events leading up to and including the end of time, was composed during the reign of the Emperor Domitian. He was a vicious persecutor of Christians and the Christian faith, and was himself seen to be a satanically inspired “rebirth” in a sense of the first great ant-Christian despot, the Emperor Nero. Prior to him, and between him and Domitian, the Christians were also persecuted, but not to the degree perpetrated by these two.

(Pictured above is Domitian, Emperor of Rome at the time of the writing of the Book Of Revelations)

The New Testament author observed that Domitian as well would eventually fall, but others would nevertheless replace him, just as he himself had replaced Nero, under that time of the aforementioned world empire, in which the devil by this time would have the entire world within his grasp.

So when is this going to come about? Perhaps the clue to this can be found in the symbol for which he is most well known-the number 666. According to the Bible, this is “the number of a man”. As such, we are advised to count this number.

Could this possibly mean not so much that the number is that of a man, but of instead the generation of men that will produce him?

If this is the case, then let us consider the Biblical assertion that the world is 6000 years old, including the creation of Adam, who was created on the “sixth day”. Then consider the meaning of the term “generation”. Let us agree that a new generation arises once every twenty years, more or less. Let’s just use that as an average.

If that were the case, then this would mean that the Beast would arise sometime during the predominance of the 666th generation of men.

In other words, you can start to breathe a little easier. The Antichrist will not arise until sometime after the year 9300 AD. (CE).

Even if you use a more liberal assessment for the counting of generations, it is quite a ways off. Say for example that you use every thirteenth year for each successive generation, thirteen being the general age at which a young Jewish boy celebrates his Bar Mitzvah. Going by this criterion, you still have quite a few centuries before the onset of the Antichrist, whoever he turns out to be. We will all be long dead and gone by then, whatever the case-assuming it’s real to begin with.

Which it could well be. Fundamentalist Christians might well want to consider shutting up about this. Every time they give an opinion on the matter, it’s almost like somebody somewhere says, “hey, you know, that’s not a bad idea”. It’s almost like that old idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy, only in this context on a massively grand world scale.

They also point to the revival of the State of Israel as a fulfillment of conditions leading up to the advent of the Antichrist as being within this present generation. Unfortunately, what they do not seem to realize is that the State of “Israel” is a massive fraud in the sense of the Biblical identity of that name. The people who currently claim that identity are actually descendants of the ancient nation of Judea, or Judah. The original State of Israel, which split off from Judea following the reign of Solomon, has long since vanished. Their descendants, whoever they might be, are unknown to us. True, the Judeans are a portion of that ancient heritage, but only a very small portion of it. The prophecy relating to the revived state of Israel by its nature must of necessity include the descendants of ALL TWELVE STATES, WHICH THE PRESENT STATE DOES NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO DOING.

On the other hand, the current proponents of the present age being the pivotal one in question have other aspects that they point to as signs that our modern times are the “end of days”.

Social Security, Medicaire, computers, computer tracking chips, bar code scanners, and health records database- again on computer chips. Every one of these things has been given as examples of things or ideas that are either foreshadowings of the “number of the beast”, or are those things themselves. Constantly they are retooled and perfected, until they can be implanted in our brains, sapping our wills, and turning us all into willing, expedient, and dispensable brain dead sheep.

Hey, wait a minute! Most people are already like that anyway! It’s already happening!


Whatever the case, it is interesting to note that most fundamentalist Christians consider the present age to be the final one and that the Antichrist will be a person who will pass himself off as a kind of Christ like figure. Perhaps they are right. Maybe the Antichrist will not be so bold as to actually claim outright to be Christ. At least, not right in the beginning. Yet, perhaps he will be some person who has, shall we say, messianic tendencies. Perhaps deep down he is a person who will subconsciously-or consciously for that matter-try to manipulate Christian sentiments and concerns over these end times beliefs to his own best advantage. Perhaps he will in this manner portray himself as a kind of “Second Coming of Christ”

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times-be careful what you wish for.


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Secret Rapture-That is actually quite fucking hilarious. I've broken your "great taboo" more times in my mind than in reality though.

Great stuff. Keep it going.

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Thanks, but quoting myself:

'You may feel this is a spoof or hoax and laugh. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not!'