Sunday, May 10, 2009

Who Should Replace Souter-The Supreme Court Riddle

Now that Justice David Souter has announced his imminent retirement from the Supreme Court, it looks like President Obama will get a chance to make good on one of his major campaign promises, which is to appoint a Supreme Court Justice who is not only a brilliant legal mind, but one who has empathy with the needs and concerns of Americans, particularly those who are all too often left out in the cold.

Already various special interest groups are pushing for specific appointments. Some of course want another woman, or another African American, or the first Latino, or some weird combination of two, or all three, or some other minority.

While I understand their desires, I think it is incumbent on Obama to put aside racial quotas and other such considerations and concentrate on picking the type of man or woman, from whatever race or ethnic background, who will best do the job at hand. If that turns out to be an old white man, so be it.

For that matter, why pick a judge at all? If you really want someone who is empathetic to the needs of average Americans, as Obama has expressed, maybe this would be a good opportunity to think outside the box, as in fact many others have indeed also suggested.

My own personal pick for Souter's replacement would be tailor made for the job at hand given the current set of economic conditions, and would be perfect for a position in Obama's hand-picked judiciary. He understands economic matters, and has a keen interest in helping people in their desires to receive much needed help from their government.

I originally had him pegged as a sure thing for a cabinet post in Obama's Treasury Department, maybe even in the post of Treasury Secretary. But since that post has now been filled by the hapless Timothy Geitner, there is no need in letting this mans's knowledge, raw talent, and empathetic understanding of the economic concerns of the American people go unused and unsung.

Naturally, he will need judical training, but on a personal level, in the face of the inevitable onslaughts of court challenges as to the constitutionality and practicality of many of the Obama Administrations far-reaching economic proposals, who better to answer on behalf of the American people than-

In searching for the properly qualified individual to promote or look after his economic policies, be it in the judiciary or elsewhere, this president could not possibly pick a more appropriate individual than Mr. Matthew Lesko.

I have heard, unfortunately, that going to his web-site might lead to one's computer being infected with spy-ware, so I will refrain from linking to him. This is unfortunate, but as this is a man whose counsel and expert economic advice is sought after by such a large number of average Americans, perhaps it is understandable.


Renegade Eye said...

Look up on Google Neil Hamburger + jokes.

The Pagan Temple said...

Why, did somebody beat me to this? If so, it figures. It's almost too obvious to not pick up on. I'll check it out sometime tomorrow.

Renegade Eye said...

Neil Hamburger for Souter's replacement.

beamish said...

Why not Judge Judy?

The Pagan Temple said...

I thought of that one too. I was originally going to make this a long list, but I decided I didn't want to do a long drawn out blog post about it. But she was going to be on it. I was going to start out relatively sane and make it more and more absurd the further along I got. I was going to have Ron Jeremy on it too.

beamish said...

Oh of course Ron Jeremy is a far better choice than Judge Judy, as Judge Judy does have some experience in law and has been on TV more than Obama - two strikes right there.

I'm not sure if Ron Jeremy has ever done gay porn, which might give pause to Obama's special interest lobbies, as they expect a Supreme Court justice that empathizes with them.

The Pagan Temple said...

I was originally going to do a post about the ideal Obama appointed Supreme Court. Ron Jeremy would have empathized with the needs of women. He's also Jewish.

There would have been another for gays, maybe Perez Hilton. I had Richard Simmons picked too, and that weird little chick that married Gary Coleman.

The idea was every racial, ethnic, and special interest group would be represented, but I just didn't have the time to really put into it. I might do it later.